I am so excited about my new TLC series Craft Wars which premieres tonight, so I wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes picTORIal to get you excited too! Here are some of my favorite highlight photos I took while we filmed the first 9 episodes:



Doing my promo shoot for Craft Wars! Love the red door campaign!

Here’s a picture of the camera monitor while we film – Liam and Stella guest star on our premiere episode of Craft Wars!

One of our hilarious and fun judges, Stephen Brown of Glitterville fame – he NEVER runs out of puns!

Stephen crafting with Liam and Stella backstage.

Stella wearing her Easter DIY jewelry.

On lunch breaks we all like to go on field trips! On this day, we headed down to Chinatown.

Those shoes aren’t made for walking but they are super HOT as worn by Erica of PS I Made This fame! One of the most creative chicks I’ve ever met.

Erica is my sister from another glue gun! Ok, that’s a bad one- but we are such crafty soul mates on so many levels. Glad she came into my life and we get to inspire each other and play every day! #DreamJob

Just a normal day… Me in a box of stuffed animals! You can’t miss this Halloween-inspired episode!

Loving my DIY Pantone pencil necklace!

A field trip to Santee Alley in downtown LA with all 3 of our Craft Wars judges! Stephen, Erica, and the fabulous Jo Pearson of Michaels Craft Store fame!

Couldn’t resist buying this for Dean from a street vendor… I’m stuck on you babe!

Erica, me, and my hair stylist Lindsey kissing our blessings from “Craft” service! In TV lingo, that’s the table that provides yummy snacks all day long for the crew while filming.

We all get crafty on the set and love trying our own versions of the contestants’ challenges! Jewelry crafting with boob box wires! TLC.com will have some footage of me demonstrating my crafty take on some of the weekly challenges so be sure to check that out.

Here’s my beachy summer take on a birdhouse. This is just brainstorming. The end result was pretty awesome – you can find it exclusively on TLC.com.

Oh yeah! That’s right… Coco my chicken guest starts on an episode! And yes, I made her a matching scarf to my Rachel Zoe dress!

Erica brings sweet treats to set often. Love and hate her for it!

Erica can agree that this is one of my finest DIY Projects!

Erica and Stephen brave the rain to film our final episode!

As you can see, we had a lot of fun working on Craft Wars and I think you’re going to have a blast watching it. Check out the first episode tonight, Tuesday, June 26th at 10pm/9pm central on TLC!

Also, make sure to check back tonight after the episode airs, because I’ll be posting the questions for my very first Craftista Hunt Contest! Here’s how it’ll work: I’ll post 10 questions about tonight’s episode, so make sure to watch Craft Wars tonight, and pay extra close attention… and then leave me your answers in the comments tomorrow. The winner will receive a {styled} by Tori Spelling DIY Jewelry set and a personalized copy of my party planning DIY book celebraTORI. And the best part? There will be a Craftista Hunt Contest every week, for the next four weeks (which means 4 opportunities to win!).

If you were to create your own crafting challenge, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below. And enjoy the premiere of Craft Wars!!


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