Liam walked into our bathroom this past week and said to Dean, “Dad, do I have a healthy colon?” Dean did a double take; did he hear him correctly? Did our five-year-old just inquire about the state of his lower intestine? Yep. Dean heard him right the first time, as Liam inquisitively asked again, “Dad? Do I have a healthy colon?”

Dean asked him where he heard about healthy colons, and Liam replied, “On TV, from Phineas and Ferb.” This, as you moms know, is a super popular kids’ cartoon series. One, I might add, that I personally love watching because I think it’s really smart.

However, Liam’s colon concerns got me wondering… are kids’ cartoons getting too smart these days? Should my five year old really have to worry whether or not his colon is healthy? Or is it good to get a healthy (no pun intended) dialogue going in your household about the things that will matter to them later in life, or that could impact the adults around them?

In our home, we believe in being very open and addressing any and all questions and topics that come up. What’s your take on conversations with the kids about adult issues?

And do you think that cartoons are getting too adult? Let me know in the comments below!


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