I’m so excited to feature the third guest blog from Jenny Dixon, crafting extraordinaire. So far, she’s schooled us in Spray Paint and DIY Yarn Letters, and today she’s teaching us to make mailbox fun for our little ones – enjoy! Take it away Jenny…

Need a superhero telephone booth, pirate ship, or princess castle? With a little imagination and lots of tape, all of these can be made from cardboard. Yes,even a working mailbox.



My youngest son just celebrated his 4th birthday with a First Class Mail Party. No mail party is complete without a mailbox, so we got crafting. I did the cutting and my kids did the painting and decorating. Today I am going to show you how to make your own mailbox. The kids will enjoy crafting with you and you will enjoy the countless (hopefully quiet) hours of mail-centered play!


Materials Needed:

• 2 large boxes of the same width (they can be different heights)
• Scissors or box cutters
• Masking tape or duct tape
• Blue paint (a sample size from the hardware store)
• Paint brush
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Stickers if desired


1. Find 2 boxes that are the same width, they do not have to be the same height. The first box will act as the base of the mailbox. The second box will be cut apart for pieces.

2. Use the smaller flaps from the second box to cut out 2 semi-circle pieces.


3. Turn up the top flaps on your base box and tape the 4 sides together. Then tape a semi-circle to each side of the mailbox.

4. Using a ruler, trace 2 lines (stop at the crease of the flap) on the front of the mailbox to create area for a mail slot.

5. Cut 2slits for the front mail slot.

6. Cut out a large piece of the second box to fit the top of the mailbox. Bend and mold the piece of cardboard until it begins to form an arc.


7. Cover the top of the mailbox with the molded top piece and secure to the box with tape.

8. Since you are adding another layer of cardboard over the slits we just cut for the mail slot, line up the cut slits and cut 2 more slits, taping the extra flap up. You will not need that layer showing.

9. Cut ahandle out of the extra cardboard. Wrap in tape.

10. Markwhere you would like the handles to be on the mail slot.


11. Cut small slits on the marks and push handles through, leave an inch extra on the back of the mail slot to tape down and secure handle.

12. Trace out a door at the bottom of the mailbox, then cut 3 sides (top, right side,bottom). Do not cut the left side, this is where the door will swing open and closed.

13. Trace a rectangular opening at the top for a second mail slot.

14. Cut out and line opening with tape.


15. Cut out 2 triangles and attach with tape to the sides of the front mail slot.

16. Leave as is, or paint and embellish as desired.


Jenny is the official party planner of two energetic boys, ages 4 (Noah) and 6 (Jack). She spends her precious free time crafting, planning parties, and blogging on her site Crossing The Bugger-Dixon Line. Jenny is also a contributing writer for Piggy Bank Parties, Bird’s Party, and Whisker Graphics. Jenny’s favorite things include cake plates, the color navy, ruffles, and spending time on Cape Cod. Her work has been featured on TLC Parentables, Amy Atlas, and Bird’s Party Magazine. You can find Jenny on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Thank you for sharing this fun activity, Jenny! I can’t wait to try this with Liam and Stella!

Have you done any crafting with your little ones lately?

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