With Memorial Day just a few days away, I’m all about the notion of breaking out my bikini, whipping up a batch of cocktails, and firing up the grill. Now while that sounds totally BBQ chic, it’s just not gonna happen at our house. Simply because grilling to me is as foreign is it comes.

Now being an avid hostess who looks for any occasion to entertain, I know this may sound odd. But, the truth is, Dean is the resident grill master. Pupu platter for 20 peeps? No problem, I’ve got it covered. However, the sheer thought of grilling a simple burger leaves me a quivering mess. I guess I’ve always associated grilling with the word DUDE. Silly me! Plus my husband never looks hotter (literally) than he does while slaving away over burgers on the grill, while I kick back and sip my margarita (faux-hita nowadays).

That said, I always want to be a team player – and as you know, I’m a girl that’s all about accessorizing, so that was my IN into the grilling world. So I did some research and found some fun grilling tools. Here are a few of my favorite, and later today, I’ll tell you about some yummy and easy grilling recipes:

Monogrammed Forged Steak Brand from Williams-Sonoma:


So everyone knows whose skillful hand made that juicy steak!

Quesadilla Grill Basket from Williams-Sonoma:


Great way to spice it up!

Gingham Spatulas from Sur La Table:


I am just mad about these adorable spatulas

Steak Button Thermometers from Sur La Table:


These little guys will make grilling the perfect steak foolproof (even for a beginner like me)

Flex Slotter Turners from Kuhn Rikon:


Add a little pop of color to your cookout with these

Stuffed Hamburger Press with Lifter from Williams-Sonoma:


Whip up the perfect burger with this bad boy

Square Mini Pizza Tiles from Williams-Sonoma:


For the perfect pizza

Turquoise Galvanized Steel Bucket Grill from World Market:


The color alone makes me want to grill…

Barbecue Utensils Basket from Anthropologie:


This one is a splurge, but is super chic!

And there we have it! Happy Memorial Day weekend from my family to yours… and I’m curious, which grilling accessory is your fav?

Make sure to check back later today for some mouthwatering cookout recipes.


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