Liam recently put a dark colored piece of square cardboard on his head and said, “Look at me mama. Take a picture. I’m in college!”

He had seen a graduation cap before on TV and thought that meant college.

I said “Yes, you will wear that when you graduate college. Do you know what college is?”

Liam responded confidently, “Yes mama… It’s where big kids become adults.”

I smiled and loved his enthusiasm and interest. So in simple terms I talked him through the important educational journey of kindergarten, elementary school, high school and then college. He listened very closely. Then I asked him if he knew what he wanted to be in life (hey- he’s a smart kid. He could handle the question).

He quickly replied, “A skateboarder!”

I said, “That’s a great hobby and profitable for some but if you decide to just do that for fun what job will you do to make money?”

Without missing a beat he quickly and enthusiastically replied, “Insurance company!”

Ha ha! Time will tell. At what age do you start to ask your kids what interests them and what they want to do with their lives?

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