It’s My Birthday But The Gift’s For You!



So first off I need to say – I mean write aloud – that I’m 39 today! Okay, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Besides, they say it’s just a number! Hogwash (yes, 39-year-olds say “hogwashҀ). There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of myself as 28. I think my internal clock stopped there. But the realist in me says, “Hey, I’ve earned those 39 years. Own ’em!” And, its true! I couldn’t be happier with the woman, wife, and mom I’ve become. I feel truly blessed with the life and love I’ve created. So, for my birthday I’d like to give myself a pat on the back, a big hug, and a high five all in one!

And then I’d like to give one lucky ediTORIal reader a gift of a personalized autographed copy of my new book, celebraTORI, plus a $50 gift certificate to InvenTORI. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me what’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received.

And since I want today to be a celebration for everyone, I’m also giving all my readers 10% off at InvenTORI when you use the code TORIBIRTHDAY. Of course you can use the discount for whatever you like, but while they last (because they are one-of-a-kind and amazeballs) I have a special treat for you…


Today we are debuting these amazing Evolution Rewind Rings exclusively at InvenTORI. They are all vintage re-styled cocktail rings that I hand-selected from this outstanding collection created by my friend Lisa of Evolution Vintage. Each ring is unique and one-of-a-kind.



They’re all made from vintage brooches mounted onto a brass ring with 24k gold or silver plate. Each mount is adjustable so you can customize the fit just for you – and with today’s code, you can scoop one up for a total steal. There are lots more on the site so be sure to check them out!

And, of course, don’t forget to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below telling me about your favorite birthday present.

Update – We have our winner! My birthday gift goes to ediTORIal reader Melissa Nowak – check out her favorite birthday gift:

My best birthday gift has always been quality time with my family. We are all getting older and don’t get to spend a lot of quality time together so being with my family is the best gift I can get each year. I don’t expect anything except that and of course a cake, cause its bad luck to not eat a piece of birthday cake, but family time is the best gift, and another year at life :)

There were so many thoughtful, touching stories – it was hard to choose just one winner, but I think Melissa’s story hits the nail on the head. Congratulations, Melissa!

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Photo Credit: Hayley Marie Photography

  • Sakura B.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!!!! Enjoy your day!!

    My best ever birthday gift was a neclace my children gave me. It had my 3 sons names on it, my name and my husbands name. Also all our birthstones are on it. I wear it every day so that I can keep them close to my heart. :)

  • Emily Goodman

    Best present I ever recieve was feeling my daughter kick for the first time on my birthday!

  • acechikita

    Happy Bitthday Tori! My 39th is next Wednesday so I know EXACTLY what you’re headspace you’re in!

    My best birthday gift was last year…A great pair of Tahari two-toned, t-strap shoes (from my then BF – now my husband), great dinner, and a semi-private Victoria Day fireworks extravaganza. It was picture-perfect! Let’s see what this year brings πŸ˜‰

  • Cynde Green

    My first grandchild!! She is the light of my life :)

    Cynde Green

  • Lauren Nevanen

    Happy birthday Tori! Looking cute as ever these days…definitely not like a 39 year old.

    Best birthday gift I ever got was a ticket to Italy, thanks to my parents. The gift of being able to travel and experience a new culture for two weeks is irreplacable.

  • Carolyn Swick

    my best birthday present was a card that my 3 kids made for me with there handprints on them and them writing bday wishes,it was so special to me

  • jazimom3

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best birthday gift is always just to spend the day with my 3 kids and wonderful hubby. They always make it special with hand made cards and making me a cake. Its the little things :)

  • Denine Del Priore

    Happy Birthday!…..The best present by far are my baby boy Alessandro and Baby girl Giuliana!

  • Amanda C

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday gift i’ve ever received was a surprise party that my family and friends planned for me. It was so thoughtful :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Kristen R

    Happy Birthday!! My best birthday present was the day Taylor was born, my cousin’s daughter. My birthday is Jan 7, but she came Jan 18, and I’m a firm believer in birthday months. Taylor’s parents are the cousins I am closest to in my family and I went to school for retail management and it wasn’t until Taylor was born did I realize my true passion: to own my own children’s clothing boutique. I graduated with a degree in September, and Taylor just turned 4. I landed my dream job in January…the manager of a small boutique. Granted, I don’t own it, but I attend the shows and do everything the owner does except for pay the bills, but I love my job. That one day in January led to me finding my dream and following it. <3

  • Sarah Pittsinger

    My best birthday present was a surprise trip to a casino in Kentucky to see Tom Jones perform!!!! Was only dating my hubby at the time, and he worked so hard to keep it a surprise. I figured it out weeks before the trip, but to this day he thinks I REALLY didn’t see the gigantic Tom Jones poster hanging on the wall after we walked into the casino πŸ˜›

  • Nicole Hutchings

    Happy Birthday Tori. My favorite birthday present was a trip to Hawaii. I was the best present.

  • Laura Willcox

    Best bday gift I ever got was my daughter :) She was late! lol Seems to be her motto now in life, always late, but thats ok with me :) *side note- the hubby, for one bday, asked for my hand in marriage… that was worth at least an honorable mention :) Happy birthday Tori!!! Thanks for always thinking of others before youself…hope the kiddies and hubs have something amazeballs planned for you!

  • Carl Roberson

    I think one of the best gifts I’ve ever received was the Nightmare on Elm Street box set for my 16th birthday. As a horror movie fan, I’m sure you can appreciate how excited I was for that!

  • Kelsey Balch

    The BEST present ever was a shopping spree from my uncle to the Limited Too when I was about 8 …. thats MAJOR for an 8 year old! I will never forget it :)

    ps… happy birthday… you are such a great mom and wife and an inspiration to me :)

  • Erin Booth

    Happy birthday Tori! The best birthday present I ever got was finding out I was pregnant with my second child!

  • Heather Coville

    Definitely finding out that I was pregnant with my second child! Even though I was as nauseous as all get out and couldn’t eat my birthday dinner. It didn’t matter because I was blessed with knowing a little one was on the way!

  • Beth Barbara

    Last year when my daughter was 3 she really “got it” what a birthday meant. Having her wish me and sing happy birthday was the best birthday present. And this year it was just as wonderful to get a hand made card and to hear her sing happy birthday!

  • Carl Roberson

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tori!! I hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful day with your family :)

  • Jennifer Porter

    The best birthday gift I received was my new Canon Rebel camera last year. My hubby bought it so I’d have a nice camera when our! little girl was born a month later and we’ve taken THOUSANDS of pictures and videos of her with it. The pictures are priceless!

  • Ginny Syphax

    Happy Birthday Tori! You look FABulous! My best birthday gift was hugs/kisses from my family, spending the day with all of them.

  • Christina Dabulskis

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best gift was on my 30th birthday last year! My fiance found out his chemotherapy was successful and was cancer free!

  • Erin willman

    Happy Birthday T!!!! Sending lots of love & wishes for a beautiful, blessed day!!

    My best Birthday gift ever finding out my husband & I were having a beautiful baby girl!!! She is truly my greatest gift in life! Thank you so much for sharing you family love with all of us…McDermott’s ROCK!! Love to you all….

  • Lisa Ings

    Happy Birthday! My favorite gift is relaxing and spending time with my children a husband. And cake- lots of cake:)

  • ynahteb306

    Happy Birthday! The best birthday gift I’ve received was when my now-husband proposed on my 25th Birthday!

  • Remlap

    Happy Birthday…The best birthday present I ever received is when my brother told me I was going to be an Aunt. My beautiful niece is now 13 and I cherish her every day. She was my first and now i have a total of 10 nieces and nephews and 11 great neices and nephews..

  • Heather Bon

    My daughter Izzy on my 30th birthday. She nixed my 30th Birthday Paris Trip, but she was worth it.

  • Alyssa Palmeri

    My birthday was last monday and the best part was my gift was a total surprise. I never thought I would own a Nikon camera. But my amazing mother surprised me with a red Nikon D3100. I am so blessed to have a mom who pick such a pricey gift for her daughter Love that woman more than anything in the world.

  • Bev Brdley

    Happy Birthday Tori!.My best birthday gift ever was an engagement ring from the love of my life. It was my 20 th birthday, we went on to have two beautiful girls (one of which i delivered 9 months to the day later!) and 28 years of true happiness until 2000 when he died of cancer caused from agent orange…….

  • Margaret Coyle

    How sad is it that I cannot think of one really great birthday gift to share here? Oh well.

  • HayMcJ

    Happy Birthday Tori! My 21st Birthday is next week and I am looking forward to spending the whole day with my mom and getting a new iPhone!!!

  • Typedink

    Happy Birthday!!!

    The best gift I ever got was more because of the circumstances and who gave me it, was a pair of Rollerblades. I was about 11 when doctors found out I had a sort of mass the size of my fist (at age 11), above my airtube that they found accidentally and that if not removed it would crush my airtube eventually. I for one did not want surgery and since I did not feel it or have anything hurting was very opposed let me tell you to this. My parents on the other hand were not and the very next day from the doctors telling us, I was in surgery, SUCKED BIG TIME. Now I had been given Rollerblades for christmas as this happened during Christmas break, I ended up getting out of the hospital a couple days before Christmas but since I was going to be recovering for a few months as they broke my breast bone to get the mass out, my parents took them back because they knew I’d try to put them on and get hurt while still in recovery… so when my birthday came around in March, about 3 months later my Abuelo (grandpa) took me to Kmart and bought me my rollerblades. I still have them too, full of dust and cobwebs but I still have them. I cant bring myself to get rid of them, because he bought them for me, he passed away just a year after when I was 12.

  • jeanette watson

    My best gift I was ever Birthday Gift was awaiting the arrival of my 1st born he was born 10 days after my birthday and 4 days before Christmas! Happy Birthday Tori!!!!

  • AC

    While I have had many great birthday presents, the best is what I am expecting this year..Our first child, is due on my birthday this year!

  • Nora Lore


    The best present I got, was actually this year. I got surprised by my brother, who just came back from Afghanistan after being deployed for 12 months, and only speaking to him 5 times while he was deployed made things extra hard. No gift can ever top that. :)

  • Melissa Nowak

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best birthday gift has always been quality time with my family. We are all getting older and dont get to spend a lot of quality time together so being with my family is the best gift I can get each year. I dont expect anything except that and of course a cake, cause its bad luck to not eat a piece of birthday cake, but family time is the best gift, and another year at life :)

  • Maressa Shepard

    Happy Birthday!!

    The best birthday present I ever got was on my 21st birthday when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby!

  • Mar

    Happy Birthday Tori I love you and think your one of the best actresses ever! My best birthday present was from my best friend the first year we knew eachother she made me a shirt that said 90210 on it because we are huge fans of BH90210. She also gave me the gift of being my best friend and the big sister I never had. I love her so much and she inspires me everyday to be a better person.

  • Shannon Hagie

    Happy Birthday Tori!!

    The best gift I received was my daughter! She was born a few weeks before my 30th birthday :)

  • inkandart

    My friends know I love monkeys. So for my 25th birthday they took a Curious George coloring book cover and put an edible image on a cake. I got the coloring book too! I may be getting older but I don’t have to grow up if I don’t want to. It means alot to have good friends who get you and that was the best present for me.

  • Margaret Coyle

    Happy Birthday Tori ~ Enjoy your day and that incredible family that you have.

  • MsJillMF

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!!

    It looks like a lot of your fans have received a birthday gift as wonderful as mine. My best birthday gift was a positive pregnancy test!! Her name is Emma and the oldest of my 4 beautiful daughters.

    I love watching your family grow and can’t wait until next season’s Tori and Dean!!!

  • Kellen Helies

    happy happy happy birthday! you are one busy momma!! The best birthday gift I ever got was this past birthday, my big 3-0! I was so depressed and upset by this birthday because of course, life has not worked out as I planned it! So my husband surprised me by taking me on a getaway to Niagra Falls. Mind you it was January and snowed the entire time but it was a fun, relaxing getaway that took my mind off turning 30. As long as you’re with the one’s you love, that is the best gift of all!


    The Best Birthday gift i every received was my grandmother’s old car on my 16th birthday!

  • Elissa Marks

    The best birthday present I ever got was for my 12th birthday. It was my dog Buddy! He is my best friend and I can’t believe he is turning 10 years old in a week! It will be very hard for anyone to ever top him!

  • Hillery Innes

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!

    The best birthday present I ever received was when my husband came home on leave to surprise me!

  • Julie Weller

    The older I get, the less “things” mean to me and the more “time” means. Last year, my friends and family threw a surprise 40th birthday party for me, and it meant SO MUCH to be able to spend time with people who mean so much! β™₯

  • Lori Bennett

    the best gift i ever recieved was from my son he was about to join the army and sold his skateboard to get the money to buy me a blue sapphire ring ( something i wanted forever) so if he did not come back i would have something special to remember him by ( he knew i was having a real hard time with the idea of him going )

  • Missy Reinhard

    My best gift was for my 40th birthday. I got to go to Chicago with my best childhood friend to see Oprah. We had an amazing trip, and then my husband surprised me with my favorite Jo Malone scents!

  • Gina Bukowski

    My best birthday gift was finding out the sex of my identical twins (girls). I already had 2 boys at home. Now they are 9, 7, and 4….such a blessing!

  • Allison Waken

    Happy Birthday!! The best birthday gift I can think of is on my 16th birthday when my parents took me out of school early to take me to lunch and get my drivers license. The best memory!!

  • Cassie Richardson

    Happy Birthday!!! The best birthday gift I recieved was flowers, candy, and a cute little bear wear an Army uniform. Seems pretty simple, right? :) My hubby was on his first tour in Iraq and missed both our birthday’s and our anniversary. They fall on May 24th, 26th, and 27th, so he made sure to make me feel as best he could. It meant a lot getting a gift in the mail all the way from Iraq.

  • HarajukuGirl92

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    My best present would have to be on my 16th birthday I got a hope chest from the 1920’s from my grandparents. And it’s just beautiful! :)

  • Julie McDermott

    My best birthday gift was the first year i met my husband, he bought me a snowboard and all the gear to go with it, i had only met him about 6 months ago and he spent nearly 1000$ on my birthday ( and xmas since they are a week apart). It was awesome, we were able on the day of my birthday go snowboarding together ! It was a great day !!

  • Amy McGarvey

    Happy Birthday Tori!!

    So far my best birthday present was this past year when I turned 27. My boyfriend (ex at the time) asked me on a date to refresh our romance. A few short weeks later, we were back together. He is truly the love of my life.

  • Misty Buchanan

    Happy Birthday! My favorite gift was for my 30th birthday. My best friend took me to Seattle for the weekend. Amazing hotel and restaurants. Amazing.

  • Heather Snipes


    The Best Birthday gift I ever received would be the news that I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, finally my little girl will be here July 2,2012!!!

  • Sharon Stanfield

    My favorite birthday present was a horse that I bought with my own money. He was being abused by his owner and the owner always bragged about how he beat his horse at school. I couldn’t stand it. So that night I asked my mom how much I had in my savings account and she told me. I had a plan in mind. So I went to school the next day and I asked him how much he wanted for his horse. He told me and I agreed to buy his horse. I set up a time for my parents to meet his mom so they can discuss and finalize the sell of the horse. They talked about the transportation to our farm in Kentucky. I saved a horse that was probably the best present that I could give myself.

  • Andy

    Happy Birthday Tori !! Hope you are being pampared today and enjoying your beauitful family !

    Best gift would have to be from my little guy Charlie (5) who made a card for me all by himself and picked me flowers from the yard. Love those homemade gifts.

  • Kellie OShields

    My favorite birthday present was last year when my baby girl was born two days after my birthday! I couldnt have asked for anything better! She was born healthy and so sweet! I wouldnt trade that birthday present for anything!

  • maria xenick

    My best birthday was 10 years ago on my 30th. My father had just passed away and I was surprised by all of my friends and family (most importantly my mother) They all traveled many many hours to surprise me….The moment was even more priceless because my husband had set up a substitute teacher for my first grade class so that I could enjoy the night. It was a amazing and I felt extremely lucky, blessed and loved :)

  • Marie Pike

    Happy Birthday to you…HOpe that your day is as special as you are…My most favorite birthday gift and memory is when my kids and their spouses and grandkids gave me a mothers ring…very dainty and I love it…it stays on my finger always..

  • Jackie Ferrante

    I am breast cancer surviving in a big way so every birthday is the best gift ever! Happy birthday Tori!!

  • Ginger Wilson

    Mine would have to be last year’s belated gift. I found out 5 days after my 31st birthday that I was pregnant after trying for almost 4 years. The best gift ever!!! My miracle boy Jasper is almost 7 months old!!!


    The best birthday gift I have ever received was a trip to the beach which is my favorite place from my now hubby!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

  • Maribeth Llopiz

    Happy “annual 28th” birthday! You have accomplished so much goodness in your life, you should be proud! My best birthday was my 40th a few years ago. My doorbell rang and my friends were all in my driveway and a limo driver was holding a HUGE bouquet of balloons. They put a crown on me and wisked me away in the limo. From there we went to all of my childhood haunts. The fishing village for dinner, the beach for pictures, the ice cream place we all hung out at. It was not just the time we had, but the fact that my friends listened to my boring stories of my childhood enough to know what would mean the most to me. It was a great evening!! I hope you have a great day with many more to come!

  • Caroline Little

    happy birthday! Best present was season premiere of tori and dean!

  • Brenda

    HaPpY bIrThDaY Tori! :) May today bring you as many smiles as you have brought me over the years.

    Hmmmm….The best present I have ever received for my birthday. Words. The words/messages that my children and husband write in the cards they give me. I am unable to place value on that.

    Again, a beautiful day and birthday for you. :)

  • Jennifer Dugan

    Happy Birthday Tori!! Have the best day ever! I hope Dean cooks you up a yummy dinner. Can’t wait to see you again on oxygen. My best birthday present I recieved was Jessica Simpson purple suitcase collection. I am a big fan of hers as well. So my family all pitched in and got me the whole collection. They were so excited they gave it to me early that way I can use it when we go to Florida next month. I am a homebody and don’t like to go places, but I have to go now so I can show off my new luggage. :)

  • Carrie Hamilton

    Happy Birthday! Best gift ever was the birth of my second son, Kellan.

  • nycwildflower

    A birthday night planned by my boyfriend after having a full day of graduate school exams & presentations. He surprised me with a chocolate cake with 32 CANDLES on it, a cheese & cracker platter (all hand-selected by him) with my favorite red wine, a handmade birthday card of my favorite landmark in NYC in charcoal (the Chrystler Building), and a beautiful hand-blown glass ornament for my Christmas tree (my favorite holiday). It was very sweet and a memorable night! Best birthday ever. :)

  • Jessica Fitzgerald

    Happy Birthday Tori. I am sure it will be amazing. My favorite present I ever got for my birthday was a diamond eternity necklace from my husband for my 30th. It was so unexpected and that made all the more special. I love it and him.

  • crandy

    HaPpY BiRtHdAY ToRi! Hope ypu have a “funtabulous” day! The best birthday present I can remember is seeing my new born baby sister on my 16th birthday! (Nov.9) Happy Sweet 16!! Although, she technically missed my birthday by two hours, the first time I saw her was 12:05 am…officially 16! (I am now 41) whoo hoo! she is such a special part of my life and I thank God for her every single day! We have celebrated our birthday together ever since! Enjoy your day!!! :)

  • Lori Davis

    By far best birthday gift was blood and plasma when i hadmy stroke and was in the hospital during my birthday. A special someone did that when I have a rare blood type.

    It honestly still tears me up today!

  • Lauren Murphy

    Hope you have a great birthday! My best birthday present ever was when my daughter (then 3 years old) went outside and picked all the weeds she could find (the ones that look like flowers) and told me she picked all these flowers just for me. She put them in a yogurt containers she found in the recycling bin and put them all over the house for me! For the rest of the day she kept asking me if I loved my speical flowers! And I did!!!!

  • Domonique Flores


  • Danielle Butler


    I have 2 favorite birthday presents…My first was when I was 25, my boyfriend at the time took me on a cruise. The second was when I was turing 28 and starting my life over in a new state, I rescued a dog (my best friend Otis).


  • Katie Supernor

    Happy Birthday Tori! I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year. The best birthday present I ever received was a coffee mug my children painted at the pottery place. My daughter was 3 and my son was 4 at the time and their little faces lit up when I pulled the paper off of it. I use it almost every day just so they know I love it and will love it because they made it.

  • nycwildflower

    p.s. Happy Birthday, Tori! xoxo

  • Frankie Martin

    My best Birthday gift is this years, my sister I haven’t seen or talked to in 10 years is coming to see me on my birthday!
    Happy Birthday Tori

  • Elsie Gream

    Happy Birthday Tori! You certainly don’t look a day older than 25! I think my best B-day would have been last year though the gift was belated. My brother is good friends with a band that has gotten pretty poplular over the last year or two and I have really become a huge fan. Last year was my 40th & I really wanted to have a special b-day to celebrate but ended up being sick and not doing anything. About a month later, my brother came down for the show, got us tickets & back stage passes so I was able to see my new favorite band & meet them.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration in so many lives! I have really enjoyed “getting to know you” over the last few years through your show & your books.

  • GinnyV

    Happy Birthday Tori!! I hope you have been enjoying a great day with your beautiful family.

    My favorite birthday gift was from my high school boyfriend. He saved up money from doing odd jobs and bought me a sweater. It sounds so cheesy but him going to the mall, which he never did, and then picking out clothing on top of that was something for a 15 year old! It has been over 15 years since I got that sweater,and I have no idea what happened to it, but it was a lovely gift.

  • Kira Hartgrove

    My best birthday present so far has been the birth of my daughter 2 years ago and I am due any day with my second! Being a mom is the best birthday gift ever!

  • Christyrom

    h a p p y b i r t h d a y !

    best gift ever came later on in the year when my birthday wish came true with a healthy beautiful baby!! he’s 2 now and a joy (and crazy at times). have a great year!!

  • Cheryl Wards

    Happy Birthday!!!! The best gift I have ever received is having my husband home for my birthday! He is in the Army, and since my birthday is in May, they always start the field exercises right before my special day :( This year he was home and I received your gold tassel necklace to match my new dress that was worn in pictures of just the two of us!! I have the most amazing family and every day my husband is home is a blessing!! :)

  • Theresa Evanger

    Happy Birthday wishes to you!! The BEST birthday gift I have ever received was the news that my Mom was back in remission! Yes! She beat that breast cancer again for a third time!

  • Jennifer

    Happy Birthday! So far, my favorite birthday gift is the picture my kids drew for me:)

  • hotyogima

    awww. The cutest gift I got was from my 11yr old daughter. She didn’t have any substantial amount of money, and I certainly didn’t want any real gifts but she did know my “favorites.” She hopped on her bike and pedaled her way to the corner gas station and came home with my 3 favorites: carmex, a Mountain Dew and Reeses. She made me a card. Gotta love that. She was so sweet & thoughtful.

  • Christiane Elin

    Happy Birthday Tori! My favorite birthday gift I’ve received was when I was living in Georgia and my parents came from California to surprise me for my birthday. I love that my family put so much effort into being with me.

  • Stephanie Paul

    Happy Birthday Tori! You have the same birthday as my dad. The best birthday present I ever got was when my husband bought me Mommywood my favorite all time read and your Simone necklace that I had been wanting forever. It is just so pretty and goes so well with my new baby bump. Hope you have a great birthday!

  • Rita Denley

    First off Happy Birthday!! My favorite birthday presents are the ones my kids make me every year. They are 15 and 9. They make it special by making me gifts instead of buying me things.

  • Heather Leach

    Happy Birthday Tori!! The Best birthday gift I ever got was my sewing machine from my grandma! I love being creative and it meant so much to me that my grandma bought it for me! <3 I have all your books I would love your party book! I am a huge fan!


  • Lisa Cavazos

    Happy Birthday Tori !!!! I just recently celebrated my birthday on May 11th …. The best gift I received on my birthday would be my daughter waking up and making me breakfast in bed … She asked my mom for help a few days before and when I got up she made me mini bagels with cream cheese and bacon on the shape of a smile and a glass of milk in a wine glass … I can’t describe how wonderful it was to see her smiling with excitment next to my smiley face birthday breakfast !!!!!!

  • Christina Eberhardt

    Happy Birthday!! My 32nd B-day was 2 days ago.. I have to say it was what my husband gave me this year. Let me first explain that he always wants to know what I want and I always tell him nothing just a letter from you telling me how you really feel. Well this year he didnt ask me what I wanted and I was totaly surprised that after 14 years of being married I got my letter. The best gift I could of ever got!

  • Anita H B

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Tori ! aka Happy Birthday! I hope U will have an amazing day with your family. All I can say is you are a great inspiration as a person and as a mom for a lot of us. Thank you so much for that! You make this world a better place. Best Birthday present I ever got was a pair of very BLINGY Enzo Angiolini shoes. Hopefully that will be topped by what a lot of other responses above said. Having a baby WOULD BE the best gift I could ever have. Just haven’t been that lucky yet. Hopefully some day tho. Again,all the best to you and have a blast! Anita

  • Kellie Vaughan

    Happy Birthday!!!

    For my 30th birthday, my mom gave me 30 “memories” from my childhood. Each gift was a vintage toy, etc. that held a special meaning and on each gift tag, she told the story/memory that coincided with that gift. It was the most meaningful birthday yet!

  • Sawida Gladney

    My favorite birthday was when I was 5 years old and my parents tricked me into thinking I wasnt going to have a birthday party. I remember sulking around all day until they surprised me! It was a blast. I hope I can make special memeories like that for my girls once they are older!

  • Carrie Ogulnick

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you are always surronded by love :)

    The best gift I ever got was when I turned 30 my 1 year old showed up to my work, wearing a onesie with his pic on it saying “It’s my Mommy’s 30th Birthday”

    Needless to say he was a hit πŸ˜€

  • Michele Brown

    Happy happy birthday!! My favorite present was a new Louis Vuitton bag for my 30t bday :)

  • Christie Crawford

    Happy Birthday Tori! My favorite birthday present was two years ago when my son was born. There was nothing I wanted more. Now, every year, I don’t have to stress about how old I am getting, because I get to celebrate with him :)


    hey sweetheart first of all a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!.. I can think of material things of course that I got on my birthday that would fit but if i’m gonna be honest and this is going to sound cheesy but its the most honset answer: As a teen i had some well alot of bad boyfriends lets just say if you can think of an ass guess what i dated him! I swore off men at 19 a couple of weeks before my 22nd birthday A friend i had had since i was about 17 something clicked and after three years of not dating the sparks flew with my and him by my birthday we were together and now it has been about 7 years tomarrow will be 4 of those yrs married, and now with 2 babies.. My son Rj whos 3 and my daughter Gianna whos 15 months so enough rambling my best birthday gift forever will be the end of the bad guys and the Gift of starting too date my bestfriend on my birthday <3

  • crystal bryan

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday present(s) i have ever received are the hugs and kisses i get from my children. There is nothing better than little arms wrapped around me saying happy birthday.


  • Sara Jameson

    Hey Tori. Happy Birthday. I just had my 37th Bday on May 10th. I would have to say that my Birthdays have been extra special since I had kids. Sometimes the 10th falls on Mother’s day and of course my kids are the best presents ever. Hope that doesn’t sound to corny, but it’s true. Just enjoy the rest of the year “in your thirties.” Hope you have a great year!

  • Rebecca Mcmanus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORY !!!!! the best gift i have ever recived from my crew (kid’s & man ) was my green iguna smuggie he was the size of a new unsharpend pencile when i got him now he’s 6 feet long from head to tail and wonder’s the house and some night he claw’s into be with us that the greatest gift

  • Cheryl Verver

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best gift I have ever recieved was a book my husband made me of all the e-mails we sent each other while we were dating. It was so thought full and I love being able to read all the things we said it is so sweet.

  • Zaheera Hudda

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! Today is not only your birthday but also my dad’s. No wonder I am a fan of yours!!! Hope Dean and the kids make this one of your best birthdays ever!! The best birthday I ever had was my 26th birthday. My son was born 5 days before my birthday. When I left the hosptial and had to go back for his check-up he had Johnsas. We had to spend the night in the hopsital where my little boy was in the Incubator with the glasses on his little face and I wasn’t allowed to hold him. I spent the whole night awake making sure he didn’t remove those glasses, my heart was broken. The next day was my birthday, and whent he Doc came in he said he had a birthday gift for me, my little boy got to go home!! That was the best gift ever!!!

  • Bobbi Bellaire

    HaPpY Birthday Tori!! Best birthday gift ever was my 13th b-day (47 now). My dad gave me 13 roses. The first time I had ever received flowers. It was amazing waking up and going to sleep with flowers from my daddy in my room. They were pink and I had only seen red, so I thought these were exotic. He is gone and every now and then I can see him standing by my door smiling, waiting for me to see them.

    I felt SOOOOO grownup.

  • Kay Holt

    Best birthday gift was getting to spend a long weekend at the Homestead Resort in the mountains of VA with my husband and best friends. With a child now we rarely get to go anywhere alone so it was a nice treat and so beautiful! Happy birthday, I’m a big fan!!

  • Evie

    My daughter arrived 7 weeks early and only 3lbs 9 oz via emergency c-section just 3 days before my birthday. It caught us all by surprise. Needless to say, I wasn’t nearly ready! On the morning of my birthday, my mom arrived from 350 miles away with a cake from my MOST favorite bakery back home and a promise to stay for 8 weeks to help me with baby! The three E’s (we are all named Evelyn, as well as my late grandma) were together and ready to face the challange!

  • tracy maruska

    My birthday was on the 10th, and i found out that I am pregnant with #4. So very excited!! Happy Birthday Tori!

  • Beth Rupp

    My best birthday gift was in 2009. My birthday is Dec 8 and on that day I went into labor. I didn’t have my son until Dec 9, but it was the best birthday ever! My kids telling me “Happy Birthday” and giving me cards they took time to make, is better than anything money can buy.

  • Lesley King

    A big Happy Birthday to you!! My most memoriable birthday gift was for my 21st. My sister and our closest friends took a road trip from SC where we live to Nashville TN. My b-day is in June the same weekend Nashville has the Country Music Festival each year. I had never been to Nashville and it was a great experience. Still one of my favorite memories.

  • Shannon A

    My favorite Birthday Presents are always when I get to spend quality time with my Friends and/or Family. Love me some hang & chill time. I also loved my 21st b-day present from a friend, who gave me a fun basket of 21 awesome items I loved. My birthday is today (5.16) as well! So Happy Birthday to you too Tori! ~Shannon :)

  • Ashlee Brewer

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    The best birthday present I received was a surprise phone call from my fiance, then boyfriend of 12 years, this past year while he was in Iraq – prior to the call, I hadn’t heard from him in a few weeks. We both also love to cook and bake, especially together, but he knew I wasn’t doing it so often with only myself to cook or bake for. So, he also sent an earlier birthday present, stand KitchenAid mixer, to keep me busy while he was away. My co-workers, friends and pups had lots of goodies to eat the following weeks.

  • theatergirl78

    My best birthday gift was when I was around 7 and desperately wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid and was so excited and surprised when I received it.

  • Marlene Filipiuk

    Happy Birthday Tori! My birthday just past on the 8th and my favorite bday gift was a new Kindle Fire plus all the love from my family and friends :) Hope you have a great one!!!

  • Susan Hirschl

    My father took me horseback riding about 15 years ago it was the last time me and my father rode together. He passed away 5 years ago and everytime I go to the same place I think of my father, at 6’3″ it was no easy feat for him to ride a horse, but he always took me when I was a child because it was something I loved to do :)

  • Tamra Miller

    Happy Birthday Tori… May you have a blessed and beautiful day. My best birthday gift was just having my family with me, and my children and husband doing all the cooking, cleaning ….ect!!

  • Pat Bohlen

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady who is a wife, mom, entrepeneur and all around lovely person!! Many more to come Tori!

    Looking forward to my 63rd birthday one of my favoirte gifts was a surprise 50th birthday party put together by my family and friends. I was so surprised!! And got lots of “fun” gifts too!!

    Have a wonderful day with your family!

  • Trish Battaglia

    I was born on my Dad’s 30th birthday and every year, my Dad gives me dollar bills equivalent to my age. It is so sweet! He says that I was HIS best birthday present ever. I can’t imagine spending a birthday without my Dad, so I am blessed to have spent 42…almost 43 birthday’s together. I am planning on celebrating many, many more together!

  • Jaimee D

    Happy Birthday!

    The best birthday gift I have gotten came this year when I found out I was pregnant the day after my birthday! Now just got to make it to Labor Day (literally, my due date is Labor Day) to get to hold my present in my arms!!

  • Jennifer Bachmann

    Happy Birthday Tori!! I hope this is your best year yet! My favorite birthday present was when I turned 13 years old, my parents surprised me with tickets to go see Vince Gill and Pam Tillis in concert. You would have thought that I hit the jackpot! Later that night, I remember getting all dressed up and going to the concert with my mom. It is still one of my favorite birthday memories.

  • Jill Kehoe

    Hope you have an amazing birthday Tori! Every birthday is a great gift!

  • AES

    Happy, happy Tori!!!!!

    The best gift I ever received was confirmation we had closed on our dream lot – now we are planning the house!! It has always been my dream to own a beach house – definitely best gift ever from my guy, who is also the best ever xo

  • Monique Valdespino

    Happy Birthday Tori!! My favorite birthday present that I can remember was for my sweet 16 my mom took my best friend and I to stay at a fancy hotel in San Francisco and see Wicked! It was so much fun!

  • Joanna Caffrey

    Happy birthday to you!

    My favorite gift would have to be the handmade ones that I get from my goddaughter- one year it was a cardboard jewelry box to keep my rings in and another year it was pictures that she colored in so I could keep them on my desk at work. I cherish the ones that she gives to me.

  • stephanie white

    My favorite Birthday present will come this July when I see my little brother Graduate from Marine boot camp! I am so proud of him and seeing in do something he’s talked about since he was little will be the best present in the world!! <3


  • angel wehlage

    Happy Birthday !! I feel like I know you and a great big fan of everthing you and your family does ….hope you have a special day & year…..well my husband isn’t much of a romantic ~believe it or not just this morning I said “this is a special day” and he asked if it was my birthday (i know not so nice) !!….for EVERY occasion he says “I gave you three beautiful children” which is a answer I never like , but it’s very true I do believe I’m blessed with three heatlhy happy children and a funny husband ….gifts don’t matter so much :) ……give your four hugs from us !!



    Happy Birthday, Tori!

    The best birthday gift I ever received was a one-way moving truck to move to FL with my now husband. It was the start of the best years of my life and many more yet to come!

  • Sarah Roberto

    Would it be cheating to say the best present that I ever received was Celebratori?? I got it for my birthday yesterday and I love it!! But it is un-autographed….I swear I will pay my unautographed copy to the runner up of the contest!!!!

  • Tina Larson

    Well, Happy Birthday Tori! First I would like to say that we share a birthday, and I have always thought that to be cool. I don’t really have any one year that was the best birthday, because they all seem to be the best at the time. I just like to be remembered on my birthday with a card or a simple phone call, text or email. I find that everyday is truly a blessing, and I am just grateful for every year that has gone by and I was remebered.

  • Alissa Hacker

    My daughter was born on your birthday last year, and she was the best early birthday present I ever got. I’m much more excited about planning her party than my own birthday!

  • April Thomas

    Happy birthday Tori!! My favorite birthday present was tickets from my husband to see Aerosmith in concert. Amazing!!!!

  • Candace Barnes

    Happy Birthday Tori! The Best birthday gift I have to say I have ever gotten was, not given to be my alone but by my whole family. When I was 12 (turning 31 next week) I asked everyone for money to buy one of those really big trampolines because I knew not just one person could buy it for me but the 14 grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents all chipped in and gave me $20 for me to be able to buy that trampoline and to this day I still like to save up and buy the big stuff not just charge it. Thanks for asking. Have a wonderful day with the family!


  • angel wehlage

    You know I meant soon to b4 !!!!! Congrats

  • Amber Justesen

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! I have to say your such an inspiration! I have learned so much from you, and it has made me a better mom and wife, so Thank You.

    The best birthday present I have reicieved, that’s a hard one as my family tries very hard to make my newest birthday better than the last. I guess it would have to be when my husband asked me to marry him. We had already had a daughter together who was 7 at the time. I woke up to breakfast in bed and a note that my husband gave me which read “Happy Birthday beautiful, hope this is a relaxing day for you and you get everything you want. I know it’s your birthday, but I have a wish I hope you can make come true. Marry Me Please”.

  • Ginny Burtchin Gross

    The best birthday gift I ever received was the year that all 3 of my children each went out and picked out the “perfect” gift for me! They all really spent time thinking about me and what I would like. There is nothing more special than knowing your children love you so much and know enough about you to spend time getting you something special! They are all the best things that could have ever happened to me and I am blessed everyday!

  • Miranda Hatch

    My favorite Birthday gift was when I was pregnant with our 2nd son and on my Birthday I fekt him move for the 1st time. Best Birthday gift Ever!

  • Shelley Rojas

    Happy Bday Tori! I hope you have an amazing day!

    The best birthday gift I ever received was on my 19th when my boyfriend (now my husband of 15 years) surprised me by literally filling my bedroom with balloons, flowers and a gigantic teddy bear. It was so romantic and touching, it made me feel so special…I’ll never forget it.

  • Andrea Mastrobattista

    My favorite birthday present was actually my 40th birthday party itself, which was a gift to my friends and family to honor them for how they have touched my life. I also asked them, in lieu of gifts, to make donations to two of my favorite charities. With celebraTORI, I will be able to create an even more fabulous celebration of life and love on my 50th birthday! Happy Birthday T! XOXOXO

  • DLGH

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best gift I ever got was knowing my wonderful husband was FINISHED with the ARMY<3

  • Hollie Becker

    Happy Happy Birthday, Tori!! You are so blessed! My greatest birthday gift was 2 years ago. My daughter was born on that day. It is amazing to share such a special day with a special little girl! Here’s to many more!

  • Tracy Ruff

    Happy Birthday Tori! I would have to say that the best birthday gift that I have ever received was when my three boys each made me a handmade birthday card–on their own! It still brings a tear to my eye.

  • Lisa Blum

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best Birthday present I ever got…….Well actually we got it right before my daughters 9th b-day. I had a Kidney donated to me from my Friend Melissa. We had the transplant done on August 11 2011 and after a week in the hopsital I made it home in time for My daughters Birthday. Her birthday was on aug. 30th so we were cutting it close. That was the best present I could have gotten last year, not to have to go to dialysis on my daughters birthday.

  • Lindsey

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday present I ever received was right after my divorce in 2007. I was turning 30 and my 3 best girlfriends surprised me with a trip to the Four Seasons Spa for the weekend. We had the best time…truly gave me my smile back.

  • Deanna Impens

    Happy Birthday! :)

    My best birthday gift was finding out I was pregnant with my baby boy, Liam. He was a blessing aftering having lost 2 babies the previous year. I now have a baby girl also and they are my everything.

  • Nicoala Shiflet

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!! I love your outlook on age and just you all together. The best birthday present I was ever given was a necklace picked out and given to me by my then 3 year old son. My husband told my son he was going shopping to pick out a present for me. Justin right away told my hubby the exact store and present he wanted to give me. Apparently, one day when I was shopping he saw me looking at a heart shape necklace with the words “My Heart” engraved on it. The lettering was gold and the heart was a light pink color(my favorite). I never told Justin I wanted it, but I guess he saw how much I liked it.

    So when I opened the present, I was so suprised because I never mentioned to my hubby that I wanted that necklace. When I asked him “How did he know about this”, he told me the story of Justin telling him where to go and what it was. My now four year is truly my heart and it touched me to see his how much he pays attention and his heart.

  • Tracey Charles

    Happy 39th Birthday Tori, my fellow Taurus! Love it! My 40th is this coming Sunday, May 20th. I feel the same way – “yikes, how’d I get this old?” and “wait: I have earned these years!” My favorite gift would be this year’s: I’ve asked for no material items; instead I want friends & family’s gifts to be that they donate to the American Cancer Society in memory of my Dad, who passed, or to the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of my Grandmother who has passed. MUCH more meaningful gifts, if you ask me. (p.s. – oh, and I’m throwing myself a party with those close friends and family using some of the ideas in your book!). Enjoy YOUR day with your family. :)

  • Tanya Capeci

    Happy Birthday Tori! My favorite gift believe it or not was on my 40th birthday, it was and Electrolux Canister Vacume!! I always wanted one and was thrilled to pieces when I got it!! I turn 50 on July 25 of this year and I STILL have it, and still love it! Enjoy your day! (for my 50th I want the Vitamix, hope I get it!!)

  • Christine Maney

    My best birthday gift was my daughter, she was born 4 days before and couldn’t have asked for anything better.

  • Meghan Martin

    Happy birthday Tori! The best birthday preasent I receive every year is a night out with friends and family. I am overwhelmed every year by the love and friendship I get on my birthday. None of the possessions I receive are ever as important to me than that….well, the phyisical gifts are good too! p.s. you’re gorge at 28/39! πŸ˜€

  • Judith Losee

    Happy Birthday Tori, well deserved, and you have earned another year gracefully at that! The best gift I ever got, was my daughter was born on my Birthday!

  • Denise Morales

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best present I ever received in my life was the day my little boy was placed in my arms on my Birthday! My beautiful son was adopted from Guatemala five years ago. Part of the adoption process included an invitation to visit him so he can come home a US citizen. Surprisingly I received the invite, arrived the day earlier and the first time I met my son was on my birthday. The very first moment was absolutely amazing and truly a blessing and a gift all in one.

  • Katie Cline

    First of all Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday present I have received so far is my daughter coming up to me and calling me mama for the first time! :-)

  • Shannon Sampsel

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The best present I have ever received is a surprise party with all of my best girlfriends! They showered me in gifts, cocktails, and dancing! It was the best ever!

  • BB

    Hi Tori,

    Happy birthday!

    My favorite birthday present was when my boyfriend surprised me with a kayaking trip on the Potomac river, right by Georgetown in D.C. My birthday is in the fall, so we got to see the foliage turning colors, and the cool weather was so beautiful and perfect for being outside. It was such a great time, being togther and getting to work as a team to paddle around Roosavelt Island and see some of the DC monuments.

    It wasn’t something tangible but it was hands down one of my favorite gifts I’ve received.


  • Mandy Klasen

    The best birthday gift I EVER got was on my 23rd birthday! We were waiting for my family to come over so we could all go out for supper and before they came over my husband told me to close my eyes and when he said open he was on his knee asking me to marry him! I also got some Jlo Glo perfume! LOL! The night was great and I got everything I ever wanted!

  • Lisibelle

    Happy birthday, Tori! I appreciate your humor and honesty – and your way with words. Congrats on your family – those who came before you and the little ones who will carry on the legacy you create. :)

    My favorite gift was one I just received: the hospital bracelets worn by me and my birthmom from 1969. My half-sister found them cleaning out a drawer and sent them to me as a surprise. I was adopted at age 4 months, and my birthmom kept them all this time. She died during minor surgary last summer, so to learn I meant that much to her, even when she couldn’t keep me? I couldn’t have asked for anything more special from her, even though she is no longer with us.

  • Faranak Ghaemi

    My favorite Birthday gift, was one from my parents…. On the day I turned 18, they gave me a photobook that had pictures of me from every special occasion I had gone to(from my own birthdays, to cousins’ weddings, and prom). The first few pages of the book, were family photos (with my grandparents and my parents) of my first 7 birthdays…. That is the most valuble gift I have ever recieved. I will do the same for my kid when I become a mom.

  • Viviana Marshall

    Honestly the best birthday I have ever spent was the first year I was able to celerate with my daughter, and every birthday since then has been great! Happy bir-tori-day!

  • Lindsay

    Last year was the best birthday I have ever had! There wasn’t a fabulous gift but my sweet husband woke up and took our 3 year old twin girls out for the morning and let me sleep in!! Best present ever! Then they returned with flowers and a super yummy chocolate cake. We all went to lunch together and laughed and relaxed and then came home for cake. It was truly the best day! It is true, the best things in life are free : ) Smiling happy faces and joyous times…

  • Katey Burris

    My best birthday gift was a weekened trip to NYC with my Grandmother when I was 12. I was absolutely obsessed with the Big Apple. We stayed at a very nice hotel in Manhattan, visited the museums, visited FAO Swartz, took a double decker bus tour, saw Titanic on Broadway, walked Times Square & went to Chinatown. It was truly magical since I had never experienced anything like it in Ohio. It certainly gave me big dreams! It is one of my most treasured memories & important lessons. I had to do a report on it since I went during school and that folder is still in my possession :)

  • Susan Morris

    Happy Birthday! well, secondly my own birthday was yesterday:). The best gift I ever received was the 2 year old Beagle my parents adopted for me. China, my beagle, was starving and covered in fleas, and she’d been abandoned with a big pack of dogs at some property. My Mom was strolling around the adoption shelter and looking at all the animals for adoption keeping in mind she knew I had wanted an adopted pet to take care of. We had a beagle when I was a kid and when she passed away when I was devastating and I didn’t think I’d want another beagle because it would remind me of Taffy. Anyway one of the shelter volunteers went walking by with this skin and bones beagle on their way to somewhere, and it caught my Mom’s eye. She asked what had happened to the dog and then said “We’ll adopt her”. Well she wasn’t ready to be adopted yet and they planned to wait until she’d gained more weight and looked more cleaned up. My Mom HAD to save her. She was able to convince them to give her the dog, which would free up space for another dog desperately in need of a safe space in the shelter, and that she would take care of this dog and bring her back to health. It worked and my parents walked into my work with this brand new(2 year old) beagle on a leash and announced that she was my new friend to take care of. She was missing most of her fur, and still skinny and bony but absolutely beautiful. I was elated! Her name was China…she didn’t “smile” or bark for days, in fact three days.

    On the third day that she lived in my house I made a comment about how quiet she was for a beagle who are known for howling and loud barking. Suddently China threw up her head and let out an enormous howl and her expression transformed from melancholy to genuine happyness and she took off into the living room, running in circles and smiling and barking. THAT was the best gift ever, and it was 8 years ago. We are inseperable and China is my best animal friend and I’ll always remember her as my favorite birthday gift ever.

  • trisha tate

    Happy Birthday Tori! Best bday gift….my baby girl that was born just 2 days before my birthday but 6 weeks premature. Everything is fine now as she’s going to be 6 this summer (holy cow) and starting kindergarten this fall =)

  • virginia delman

    Happy Birthday, Tori!!! I would have to say the best birthday gift I received was a handmade card that my daughter made for me two years ago. It was just a bunch of scribbles, but it was something she made for me. I don’t remember any material gifts I have gotten before my daughter was born that meant so much to me. I cherish each little craft she makes for me. Happy Birthday!!

  • Stephanie Karcher

    Happy Birthday Tori!! The best Birthday gift I ever received was all homemade things by my sweet daughter and hubby and Mom. They all knew it’s what I wanted and they did it. Sweet beaded necklace from my Ella, coffee mug designed with pictures from my hubby, and vintage revamped jewels from my Mama! Hope you have a fabulous day and thanks for a fun giveaway!

  • Sasha Reid

    The best Bday gift I ever got was this year- I got to spend the day with my 3 kids, and my mom and grandma (who came to visit me from 2 states away). We went for Ice Cream then I got to go shopping at Home Depot for new flowers for our new house!

  • zarriaza

    there are two best bday gifts I ever received for two different reasons the first is the first of my four boys was born on my 23rd bday on 7/11/97 and I was born on 7/11/74 and I was born on my moms bday and we were born on my mom’s mom’s bday my grandmothers so when he came that made four gens. in one day in July esp that it is 7/11 I thought almost 15 yrs ago that that was extremely special I mean how much more memorable can a person becoming a mom for the first time be on there bday and then after finding out that my fourth son who has high functioning autism who is 10 but we found out when he was 7 which was at first devastating he sat down for an hr which for any autistic child like mine and drew this whole portrait of our family which is six all together me hubby of 16 yrs who by the way for the last ten has Parkinson’s disease from a welding job when he was 28 right after our fourth son was born in 2001 we found out so he drew the most precious portrait which I framed and to this day it is one of the best prized possesions I have I know I am no rich and don’t have much in my pocket being that we live off of SSI and SSA and yes our means of transportation is falling apart little by little and I can’t afford to fix it and yes in AZ for the 10 yrs we lived here has been unbearable heat and after all that I look at that pic and pray to god for help and being that I am the biggest hearted person I think ok at least top ten I am waiting for that karma truck to come my way everyday I put the key in that only means of getting all to these doc appts. I say plzzzzzz lord give me one more day to drive my boys to tuttoring my hubby to docs to get to the grocery store and to get my little son to his therapies I am afraid of the day that even when I pray it won’t make a difference and on top of all that being that my grandmother has cancer, hubby with Parkinson’s disease, mom back in hospital for the 6th time in like five months back home in Chicago and my dad who abandoned me is dying in Maine who will probably die b4 I ever see him again and I am carrying everything on my shoulders a person could go crazy it is hard when u have to decide food or electric, say gas or food or how the heck do I pay for car repair and with poor credit everyone shuts the door on me to get a second chance to get a new minivan which we are in desperate need of! I don’t mean to ramble I have carried so much inside that it seems to keep going no family out here in az. I am sorry don’t have time for friends since I am full time caregiver

  • myoder

    Diamond earrings from my husband. They’re gorgeous!

  • Amber Hubbard

    Happy birthday Tori! I hope you have a great celebration planned!

    My favorite birthday present I recieved was just before my first year of college. My mom arranged a two week trip for me to California. Growing up, my cousins and I were inseperabe. Even today we call eachother our sisters even though they are the blood sisters and I’m a cousin. My cousin Ainsley moved to Cali for college and the following year Lara joined her. I was so lost without my “sisters”. My mom knew that the best gift she could get me was a plan ticket out to spend a couple of weeks with them. Nothing could have made me happier.

  • Brandi Scarborough

    My best birthday was also a sad one. You see Elvis died on my 5th birthday & I remember everyone in my family being sad at my party, BUT, that was also the year I got my Superstar Barbie ! Remember the one with the pink satin gown & the pink boa. I desperately wanted her & you can see me mouthing (because it was a film projector w/o sound) “It’s Superstar Barbie” as I jumped up & down.

  • Christine

    Happies of days! The most important gift was really for someone else at the time. My Mom and I are both October babies and last year I celebrated her birthday by baking her a cake. She said this is the first cake that someone had made for her, I had made her pie all the time! Sadly to say that my Mom pass three days after her 72 birthday….I made my Mother happy and proud….what a blessed gift to have!

  • Christina Williams

    Happy Birthday Tori. 39 was hard for me I am 43 now. For some reason the nines are harder than the Big 0’s.

    The best birthday gift I ever got was this year my kids realized that it was my birthday after the fact. (My daughter turned 16 so that was the big celebration…she is one day before mine) so my 3 little boys ran into the kitchen got 3 post it notes and wrote I love you Happy Birfday Mom…loved it…they are 8 and twins are 6.

    You cant buy this gift…

  • Krista van Schaick

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    The best birthday gift I ever got was a homemade scrapbook from my boyfriend of 7 years. No, he is not crafty at all. It was such a surprise. He set it up like a scavenger hunt. There were no pictures in it because we had to take the pictures as we went through life experiences together. The first couple pages were for things in the past (our first apartment, our first car, our first pet) then I turned the page and the title was “Our Wedding”. And the tears flowed!! The next page “Our First Child”, then “Our first Home”. It ends with a page titled “Growing Old Together”. He proposed a year later (this past Christmas). Receiving this book meant so much to me. He had everyone at the party crying.

  • Rena Baumgras-Dunham

    The BEST gifts I ever got were my boys. My birthday is in March, but my oldest son was born in May ( 3 months early), my youngest son was born in April (2 months early). My oldest wasn’t suppose to live, but he is turning 11 this month and my youngest just turned 5. Even though they came a few months after my birthday, they are the BEST gifts I could have ever gotten, they are alive, healthy and just plain amazing.

  • Eboni Twitty

    My best birthday was my 30th! I rented an Excursion limo for a 4-hour wine tour with 15 of my closest friends. We played lots of trivia games that were questions about me and everyone wore Mari Gras beads that meant something. Different colors depending on if I knew you since elementary, middle, high school, if I was in your wedding, invited to it, etc. Super fun! The only requirement that was everyone show up with a bottle of wine. I got a ton of different wines and we tasted all afternoon long. That was the best birthday ever and one I will never forget!

  • Christina Ponce

    My Favorite bithday gift would have to be my little girl. I was a week late in my pregnancy and on my 30th birthday my dr induced my labor. So even though my daughter was born the next morning I still consider her the best birthday gift I have ever had.

  • Krissy Cannon

    The best birthday present I’ve ever received was my son! When I found out I was pregnant I realized that he was conceived on my birthday. He is such a blessing & I can’t imagine my life without him

  • Sherry Barney

    Happy Birthday Tori,

    The best birthday gift I ever received was a second proposal from my husband, Dean, asking me to marry him again. We never had the second wedding (could never afford it), but him asking me again was the most special gift ever!

    Happy Birthday,

    Sherry XOXOXO

  • Marilyn Kane

    Happy Birthday Tori! I love your blog! The best birthday present I ever received was on my 40th birthday when my daughter was born! It was the most special birthday because not only was I 40 and having a baby, but the most special little girl anyone could ever ask for! I am still thankful every day, and she is almost 2!

  • Misty Josaphat

    The best birthday gift i ever got was my husband…after 12 years of a terrible relationship i though i would never find someone i truly connected with. just as i was about to give up on love i met my husband (on xbox of all places!) and after a whirlwind courtship of only a few months online (as he lived in NY and i live in KS) he flew to ks the weekend of my birthday and we were married….a month later he picked up all of himself and his belongings and moved to kansas to be with me and my son….now four years later we have another beautiful baby boy and i am the happiest i have ever been….Hope ur birthday is as special a day to u as mine always will be! Happy Birthday Tori!

  • Rebecca Fox

    The best birthday present I ever recieved as a call home from my husband while serving in the military. It was bittersweet to say the least :)

    Oh, and Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  • Lori Theobald

    Happy Birthday Tori! We are both in May….go Taurus! The best gifts I have ever received and will ever receive will always be the homemade cards from my kids.

  • Janet Franklin

    Happy Birthday Tori!! Hope you have a great day! You know you have kids and they are with you from the time you get pregnant every single day till that dreaded day when they are old enough and don’t want to do things with ‘their parents’ any longer. At this time I have a 21 year old daughter and 18 year old song and a 4 year old. My 2 older kids, no matter what they have planned always keep June 17th open for me. We all go out to dinner as a family for my birthday and that is all I ever want. I don’t need anything at all. Just want my kids to drop everything on that day and come celebrate with me! It’s great and I love it!

  • Kathy Zaidel

    My best birthday present ever hands down was my camera to take pictures of my beautiful children! I have had the pleasure 3 times of getting a new camera for my birthday. I love Photography and I am glad I have such nice cameras because my daughter Elliana passed away in 2007 right before her 2nd birthday and her photos give me such pleasure to look at. :) Happy Birthday Tori! I hope your day is wonderful and thanks for giving back! :) My birthday is Friday and I will also be 39! :)

  • Whitney

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day full of fun and family. The best birthday present I ever recieved was a kitty cat named Romeo! My parents got him for him for my 14th birthday and he is still kicking! He was there for me when I was sad and going through all of the drama of middle school and high school. He is now 14 years old and he is still the best cat a girl could ever have!

  • Kristine D

    First off, Happy Birthday..I have to say being 40+ is the best and Tori you look amazing!! My best birthday gift was (well I’ll get sappy here..) becoming a mom. My son, Michael, was born right after my 39th birthday…so every year HE is truly my gift. I will be 43 this year and he will be 4, my how time flies. I wouldn’t trade motherhood or even being in my 40’s for the world.

  • Sharon Snyder

    My best birthday gift ever was a homemade Scrapbook from my daughter.

  • Jacque Daniel

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! My best gift was in 1992 I was pregnant with my oldest son (he arrived 10 days later). My co-workers, family and friends celebrated my birthday and the arrival of my first born with parties and showers for two weeks!!! The funny thing is with all of the celebrations, I almost forgot that my driver’s license was about to expire…no worries I remembered on my birthday and spent about 2 hours at DMV with a fat belly and a smile on my face!!!

  • Charla Kirby

    We were very poor growing up. My Dad was a brick mason and didn’t work a lot in the winter. Plus, my birthday is January 9th and close after Christmas. I know now how hard it was for my parents. But one snowy birthday, my Dad brought me home a princess ballerina doll. I loved that doll so much, but most of all, I love my Dad. My Mom died 2 years ago and my Dad still gives of himself and his love is the best gift of all.

  • Meghan Smith

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful insperational woman! ( kissing butt a bit yes lol) But I hope you enjoy your birthday and have a special day with your family.

    I would have to say the best birthday gift Ive recieved would have to be last year. My grandmother, who moved away to WA from AZ several years back now, was able to fly here and celebrate my birthday with me. It is hard not having her here daily anymore. To see my children grow so to have her for even a short week, on my special day, was a joyous thing!


    Happy Birthday Tori!! Love they way your honest and down to earth. And a hands on MOM! Hope it’s a great day for you! My best birthday present ever came from my children. They both pitched in and bought me a necklace that says Mom in a heart, along with the most beautiful card that they made. I cried reading the card because as a single parent I’m constantly worrying did I do enough, did I do it good enough, will they turn out ok and be productive citizens? Well the card said to the best parent in the world with glitter and smiley faces all over it. I’ve not taken that necklace off in 2 yrs and have framed the card.

    May you have many more happy birthdays with your wonderful family!

  • carla delong

    the best gift was when i went to disney land for my 25th birthday with my family it was a blast that i’ll never forget!!

  • Jenny OBrien

    Hey Tori, Happy Birthday!Hope you have a great day. I, too, will be turning 39 in about 5 months. Where did all that time go, right?

    The best birthday gift I received was a card in the mail from my mom. She is a snow-bird & I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. She sent me a card on my 35th birthday that told me how much she loved me & how proud she is of me. That was the best gift I could ever get.

  • Melissa Osborne

    Happy Birthday! today is my niece Isabella’s 7th birthday.

    the best gift I received was from my parents and sister in 2009 they bought me a gift certificate for a massage, mani and pedi. I was 6months pregnant at the time, they couldn’t figure out what to get me. Turned out to be hte best. Couple of months after I had my son Mason I went and had a spa day. It was fabulous!!!

  • carina klunder

    Happy birthday Tori. Hope you have a great day with your loveones.

  • Melissa Gampel

    Happy Birthday Tori! My Birthday is Friday,May 18th. I will be 41 ugh, I know how you feel! I still say I am 29! I have to say the best birthday gifts are the handmade ones I receive from my kids. Last Year I got a construction paper placemat with plastic covering to protect it. It has cut out butterflies, flowers, hearts and stars on it. In the middle it has a piece of paper that says “My Mom” My mom is sweet….beautiful and lovable. She helps me with my homework if it is hard. My mom can help me. I love my mom. Love Jillian. I save every one of them. Those are the best gifts that I will treasure forever! Have a wonderful Birthday!

  • melissa vila

    The best birthday gift I received was a beautiful Sapphire, Blue Topaz, and Diamond Le Vian ring. I saw it in a magazine and showed it to my husband. He then went and found it in a jewlery store and surprised me with it :)

  • Erica Ronzani

    Happy Happy Birthday to you! My best birthday gift was discovering I was pregnant with my daughter on my 27th birthday. I will be celebrating my 36th birthday on Sunday, May 20th (three kids later!) Congratulations to you and your beautiful family and thank you for sharing your life with us! :)

  • Patti Sage

    Hi Tori! The Best Birthday i ever got Was one special doll ,I always wanted , Its was your mom’s , When she used to sell them on tv. Its the Little Scottie Doll, Assembles Madame Alexander’s dress in a red& black dress with a feather hat.She reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara, When wore the outfit. She had her two scotties on least on her. She’s my favorite all time doll. Rhat was the biggest surprise and wonderful gift of my life. Have a wonderful birthday with Dean & the kids and your family. I just had a birthday last month. Don’twant to tell my age, Its embrassing how old i am.

  • Kate Kruuse

    Happy Birthday Tori, you are an inspiration! Rock on Sister!

  • Dana Hess

    Happy Birthday Tori! It’s hard to pick my favorite present, but one of my favorites I ever received was an Omega necklace my husband had secretely been stashing money away for for months. Usually I have a pretty good idea of what he is planning to get me, but he really surprised me that year. It wasn’t the value of the present that meant so much… it was the time and effort it took for him to save for it and keep it hidden for so long! My other favorite was last year I saw on your Twitter a picture you posted of a necklace you had gotten from Little Ella Bug. I loved it so much I told my husband about it and he had one custom made for me with his first initial with the year we were married on the back and my son’s first initial with the year he was born on the back. I will cherish that forever!!

  • Donna Layton

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! I have so many great birthday present, like my husband, my granddaughter, and now my soon to be great-grandchild, can’t wish for much more, plus the doctor just told us my husband cancer is now down to nothing and no more surgeries. Thank God!! Don’t sweat 39 I’ll be 59 my birthday. Happy Happy B-Day!!!

  • Heather Smith

    Happy Birthday Tori!! I have to say my favorite birthday present was the one where my hubby took our silouhette when I was 8 months prego with our first born son.

  • Veronica B

    Joyeux Anniversaire, Tori !

    My best gift ever was a trip to Cuba :)

  • ashley hawke

    Hello Tori and Happy Birthday, My best gift for my birthday was last year, I had just found out that I was expecting my first baby. He is now Six Months old and my whole world.I got to spend my 25th brithday this year as a first time mommy and with my Lil Monkey Man Adian!!

  • Lana Gutierrez

    Happy Birthday Tori! Enjoy every moment today and for the whole year because next comes 40! LOL! Actually last year I turned 40 and that was the best birthday ever. At first I was not looking forward to it but it actually turned over something new for me and I am now embracing my 40’s. My best gift ever was the year I turned 40 when my husband went back to the Disney bakery and had them remake our two flavors of wedding cake(at the wedding 10 years pior I never got to eat my flavor of the cake). One cake said happy 40th and the other said 10 magical years (we had just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary). I know he couldn’t have remember the flavors and colors but Disney did. The flowers on the cakes were just like they were 10 years prior at our Disney Wedding! It was such a surprise to me and made my 40th even better.

  • Gina Wyatt

    Happy Birthday Tori. So happy to see you on your 4th child (5 together with Jack, Dean’s oldest) and to see the love that you and Dean have for each other.

    I think the most precious thing my husband gave me on my birthday was anything and everything. We usually go eat out for our birthdays but when it comes to surprises, we say it is our birthday and christmas presents, early presents. But I think the best was my car. It is a 2008 Toyota Corella CE. I got it with 19 miles on it. It was the best present of all.

  • Kimberly Silvaggio

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! My best birthday gift would have to be my 16th BIrthday when I received a trip to Chicago!! The best part of this trip was that I lucked out on being able to see Oprah Live, even though we didnt have tickets and I was not of age!! This all happened because my wonderful mother and my amazing aunts helped me make signs and persuaded me to stand outside of her studios in hopes that she would drive by and see my signs!! Luckily her producer saw our signs and we got into the show!! I even received a Happy Birthday from Oprah off air, when she told us that the show was going to be aired on my 16th birthday, SEPTEMBER 16th!! It was truly a sweet 16th birthday!!

  • Tricia Castellano

    Happy Birthday Tori! My birthday was Sunday (Mother’s Day) and the best present I got was to spend the day with my Mom!!

  • Gina Wyatt


  • Jennifer Pinkney

    No doubt my 21st was amazing, but I believe the best is yet to come…I’m waiting anyway! Happy Birthday Tori!

  • Elles722

    Since me and my husband are both born in July…we wanted nothing more than to have July babies…so the best Birthday gift I ever received was the gift of my two sons… they are both born in July, two years and 10 days apart and both of them are before my birthday! We celebrate every year with parties the entire month of July.. I try to chose a theme centered around July … and their Birthday pictures are always in some sort of red, white and blue my entire wall is all pictures of them in red, white and blue, with different props! I love the way it looks! P.S. Happy Birthday!

  • Jasmynn Lomax

    HBD Tori!! My birthday is on Friday (May 18) and I’ll be 25! My favorite Birthday so far was last year, when my family gave a me a small party with my close family and friends. The theme was Pink and fabulous. I mostly loved it because everyone made me for so special and I hadn’t felt that way on my birthday in a long time. I will never forget it!

  • Jessica Cote

    Happy birthday Tori

    My best birthday gift was when my Doctor told me i was cancer free! That was 8 years ago and still counting. The funny part of the story is that i tried to resedule the meeting because I did not want bad news. But he was going out of town the next monday. So there i sat in the office waiting and in walks in a cake and ballons and the cake said Jessica its over you are in the clear.

    the second best day of my life. The first best day is my daughter being born 3 years later and they told me that i would never have kids because i had overian cancer so. Kiss your kids every day I know I do.

  • Heather Chase

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have an amazing day!!

    The best birthday present I’ve received was the year my mom and I turned 50 and 30, respectively. We scrimped and saved and decided that we would take a once in a lifetime trip to Europe (Amsterdam, London and Paris). It was a fabulous way to spend our landmark birthdays and made memories that we will cherish forever! <3

  • Bunny Morton

    I’ve had many great birthdays in the 31 years I’ve been on Earth. I was my grandmothers best birthday gift as I was born the day before her birthday and my mother called my grandfather and told him to just bring her to the hospital bright and early for her gift. Mine however, was the 2006 when I realized that I was in love with my now husband. The man that is now the father to our son and my best friend for the rest of our lives. You know that feeling of the “moment” when you realize that “he’s the one” I got that on my 26 birthday! Happy Birthday T, may your day be filled with my hugs and kisses from your adorable family!

  • karen digiovanna

    ters. It was so special to see how they felt and touched me so deeply I cried. I have had plenty of material items for birthdays and holidays but the book and party was truly the best!! We later went away together and spent the weekend in NYC!

  • Becky Lossing

    Happy Birthday! Mine is on the 20th :) This may sound trivial but I remember recieving a pair of roller skates for my 5th birthday and I rolled around for a week straight I believe! I’ve spent birthdays in Europe, at concerts, just hanging out with my daughter and even had my senior prom on my birthday…but that gift will always stick out in my mind! A true moment of childhood joy :)

  • Jamie MorrisPease

    Happy Birthday! Just my dad and I went to NYC for my 13th birthday. It was so great to have one on one time with my dad (I am the youngest of three girls). He took me to Chinatown and Central Park and on a horse & carriage ride to Broadway where we saw Cats. Plus we went to the top fo the Statue of Liberty, even though he is afraid of heights. It was by far the best vacation/birthday I can recall.

  • Stella Martinez

    Happy Birthday Tori :] I’m happy that you are so fulfilled.
    I’m really big on sweets- especially chocolate- and my big sister knows this. So a couple years ago for my birthday she made me a huge fondue station with pink chocolate and milk chocolate, with sides like fruit and nuts. It was delicious and definitely my favorite gift ever!

  • Tricia Meek-Boilore

    I would have to say in my teen years, My two dads took me and my best friend to New York City. It was the best ever. I remember my dad told me I could have what ever I wanted from any store for my birthday. Even though he wanted to buy me a pair of diamond earings, I chose a phone!! I know, I know!! But it was a clear phone that light up when it would ring. It was the greatest gift ever!! Now I enjoy spending all my birthdays with my children. They are the greatest gifts I have now!! Family is everything and my children wear my heart.

    T, I hope your birthday is as wonderful and beautiful as you are!! Hugs.

  • Tammi Lynn

    Happy Birthday, Tori! My son’s birthday is today as well. I hope you have a great day. The best gift I received was 2 years ago, on my birthday I had knee surgery. When I came home after the surgery my close family and friends were at my home to celebrate with me even though I was pretty much out of it. They know how much I enjoying celebrating my birthday as well as their’s so they decided that I should not miss out. I felt so special!

  • Brandy Cockrell

    Happy Birthday Tori! It’s also my son Hunters 5th birthday today. The best birthday gift I have ever received has been a picture made from all 3 of my kids. They took the time to get together, and actually get along, to make it and it is absolutely wonderful!!! I hope today will be your best birthday ever! :)

  • Shelley Flatt-Blevins

    My birthday was in April and the best gift ever was getting to see my Aunt Trisha from Georgia. She flew in to surprise my dad and when she came around the corner, there were many tears flowing. It was the best 4 days I have had in a long time. We hadn’t seen each other in 13 years.

  • Janette Johanson

    Happy Birthday Lil’ Momma! Hope you are celebrated in style and I know you have the best friends and family to make it one to remember!

    My best gift to date….. has yet to come. I am holding out for an amazing trip or maybe getting the chance to meet you some day. Anything personalized and from the heart is ideally my favorite type of gift..

    Hope your day is AMAZEBALLS!

  • Barbara Helton

    Happy Birthday Tori! I didn’t realize we share the same birthday!! Today is my 60th birthday! And this is probably the best year so far…I started celebrating a month ago and have gone to place I never went to before…I decided that this is not ending today…my celebration will continue on til next year….Enjoy your day!! Sending hugs and good wishes!!!!!

  • Eileen Martinez

    Best gift would have been few years ago. Well few months before my birthday my husband is a Marine, he came back from Japan & proposed. Then got sent to 29 palms for training few weeks after that. I didn’t think he was gonna be back for my birthday. But he was!!! Just him being their with me & finally spending some time together was the best!

  • Jessica Martin

    Happy birthday Tori! I’ll be 39 in June and on my 37th birthday, we transferred 2 perfect embryos to our Gestational Surrogate (also our cousin). Our twin girls were born in Feb 2011 and THAT was my best birthday present ever. Hope your day is great!

  • emily DS

    im a december baby… and all i wanted for my birthday was SNOW … but it didnt snow for my birthday, my boyfriend at the time lived up north where there was snow so for my birthday he loaded the back of his truck up with snow drove it down to me!!! was awesome having a snowman on my yard and no other snow anywhere :)


  • Jennifer Kuntz

    Happy Birthday.. This was a tough year for me and my birthday.. but the best gift was when my little boy looked at me and said momma for the first time.. It was to adorable and its the smile that gets me all the time.

  • Elizabeth Grant

    First off Happy Birthday Tori! Hope your birthday is as amazing as you are. Your an amazing inspiration as a women, wife, and mother!!

    One of my best birthday gifts was when my husband took me out to a fabolous dinner, then blind folded me…leading me through one of the nicest hotels in Charlotte, once we get to the door he opens it, takes off my blind fold, and the entire room is lit up with candles and there are rose pedals on the bed. It was very romantic and sweet that he took that time to show me how special I was to him. It was a birthday I will never forget.

  • Erika Birrell

    The best birthday gift I’ve ever received was a flight home to Ontario to see my family!!

  • Kathleen Morearty

    My best birthday gift ever was a ziplining trip that my husband me. It was for my 40th and doing that honestly made me feel like a kid again. So much fun. Happy Birthday, Tori!

  • Jonique Beach

    My favorite gift is when my daughter gave me a friendship bracelet kit for us to make together!!

  • bonnie murphy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI !!!! my birthday is today as well im 32 and i have to say the 30’s are not all that bad !!… i hope you have a good birthday and all your wishes come true XOXO <3


    I think my favorite birthday girft would have to be what my pappaw gave me for my 21st birthday. He gave me a precious moment box with a pin in it. It was beautiful I still have it to this day. Three days after my birthday he passed away so that was the most speical thing I was ever given! Happy birthday!! Enjoy!

  • Kimberly Mauro

    Best wishes to you on such a special occasion and milestone! My best birthday present was the morning of my birthday when my newborn baby grasped my finger for the very first time,at that moment I knew everything was going to be okay. He was born very early and we were told to make every moment count with him because they gave him less than 10% chance of making it through the night. He’s our 4th and last child. We are blessed. He’s now in kindergarten and will always be my precious little miracle birthday bundle of happiness. We celebrate our birthdays together, his choice (he was born 4 days before my birthday).

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of love and joy.

  • Rachael Jones

    Happy Birthday, Tori!

    My best birthday present occured the night of my 16th birthday party. My now-boyfriend-of-4-years took me in front of my house and asked me to be his girlfriend! What made it better is that we were each other’s first loves (and that now I get double presents because my birthday and our anniversay are about the same!). We are still completely in love to this day and hoping to be engaged shortly.

  • Mindi DUlisse

    the best girl i was ever given was giving birth to my baby girl! it was 5 mintues before i turned 29. no gift will ever top the birth of my baby girl. my Husband has tried the past 2 years and nothing has some close.

  • andrea wescott

    Happy Birthday!! Congrats on the pregnancy. My favorite b-day present was one where I got to go see my BFF in San Diego. This is after kids and marriage..

  • melissa rebelo

    Happy Birthday Tori!! You have been and always will be Fabulous at any age!

    Any gift is just as wonderful as the next but I would have to say one of my best birthday gifts would be the yearly birthday trips to New York for a girls weekend with my mom, sister, and aunt. My sister and I are a year and a day apart so we would always celebrate all together! It was great time spent just the 4 of us in a place we all love so much!

  • Melissa Mills

    Happy Birthday Tori!! Wishing you many blessings on a wonderful day!! Love the show and waiting on a new season, I have learned alot from watching all your great designs that you can do on a shoestring budget which I will put to work when I get married for the first time at 43 to the love of mylife whom I had an on again off again relationship for the last 20 yrs. We are doing our wedding at an old Farmhouse that is a ministry retreat and the outside is just breath taking, my mother is a chef along with my southern roots our family will be doing all the catering! So some of your designs will come in handy. My best birthday would be last year when we went to Pittsburg from Ohio to see Bon Jovi in Concert and then the next night saw a Penquins Hockey game, my boyfriend at the time (finance now) smooth talk his way up into the owner and my favoirte hockey play of all time suite so I could meet Mario Lemiuex, the picture we took could tell that it was awesome!! I’m not one to walk up to a celeb to ask for a picture but there are only 3 sports heroes that I would love to meet, one was Mario and the other 2 are Johnny Bench (retired Cincinnati Reds Catcher) and Dale Jarrett (nascar). When my husband (will be then) turns 50 in October we are going to have a late honey moon and going to Las Vegas where he had lived for 17 years and his mother and family is there, hope to surprise him with a great 50!!
    Plan on checking out your website, I’ve looked at a couple jewlery pieces that I intend to buy soon, a couple of coral bracelet & necklace will go perfect with an outfit that my fiance bought me!!

    Happy Birthday!


  • debbie labinski

    I love all my Birthdays since I have had kids. They bring so much joy and true unconditional love. I need love more than any material gifts. However, I love your show and would love to read your book. Happy 39th Birthday! I am sure it will be a great day for you!!!

  • Erika Birrell

    Happy 39th Birthday! I hope Dean and the kids spoil you rotten, you deserve it !!!!

  • Katie Dulle

    First, Happy Birthday Tori!! Birthdays are always a good reason to celcebrate. :-)

    The best birthday/present I’ve ever received was June 1, 2008, my 21st birthday. My now husband and I spend the weekend camping with his family. When we came home we set up for what I thought was a small little party. Getting closer to the time he informed me both my family and his family, immidiate and extended were coming, plus some of our friends. Shortly after everyone arrive he asked me to stand by him, I thought he was just going to make a speech, which totally freaked me out. Then he got down on one knee, OMG I’m getting goose bumps as I type, then he asked me to marry him. Without breaking eye contact, I said “Yes”. 21 may seem young, but we are high school sweethearts, met in 9th grade. Almost finished with our 3rd yr we have 2 Terrific kids, 1 boy & 1 girl. I’m lucky, met my soul mate early in life. (Long I know, but its hard to tell this story quickly.)

    Again, Happy Birthday!!!!

    ♥ Katie

  • Reina Speegle

    Happy, Happy Birthday Tori!!! Wishing you many more blessings & love.

    The BEST birthday gift I have ever received was my Mom’s very first cookbook she ever owed. That cookbook sure has gotten me through so many get together’s & holidays; especially being an Army wife and being so far away from family.


    Happy Birthday Tori..The best gift I’ve ever received was Last year my 2 daughters woke me up saying happy birthday and we are all your today mom they made me breakfast lunch and used there allowence to buy me dinner out..and they made me a cake…was the best birthday ever

  • Sissy Wagner

    Happy Birthday Tori. you don’t look a day over 25. when the money was flowing My husband took me to Hawaii for my 5 0 . It was the best birthday gift. we are no longer in the money but every birthday I have him and my family is gift enough.. Love your Show and your books God Bless you and your family.


  • Didi Miller

    I live in Alabama. A friend of mine packed me up and drove us to Nashville to eat at Cock Of The Walk and a night drive around the city. It was a very unexpected surprise and a very generous gift.

  • Jacqui Jess

    Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy & embrace. my favourite birthday present was from my grown son who gave me the book “Love you Forever” by Robert Munsch. I read it to him when he was little and he remembered it and gave me a brand new copy, I cried – A LOT!!!! :)

  • Cheri Hanley

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best birthday was 2 years ago. I had found out days before that I was pregnant and it was a keeper! The 5+ years of heartache had finally come to an end!! All I’ve ever wanted was to be a mother and I’ve loved every single minute of it!!!!

  • Mystic bluew

    Best Gift Ever is my my kids making me a birthday card, I love and cherish them..and a skype call from my husband in afghanistan, holding down the fort while he was away for 12 months.:) I love my family!

  • Lorabelle

    It was when my son was away at college. I missed him so much, it was his first year and I was still adjusting to him not being at home. My hubby was planning to take me to lunch and a movie for my birthday.

    So, as we’re almost ready to leave, the door opens and my son walked in! My hubby had sent my son a ticket and made the arrangements for him to come home for the weekend.

    It was the best surprise I’ve ever received!

  • Kaleen Shaffar

    Happy Happy Birthday Mama. I wish you a day fillled with your favorite things followed by a year filled with love, laughter, health, wealth and happiness!!

    My favorite birthday present would have to be spending time with my husband and children. Of course everyone loves materialistic presents, but my family is the greatest gift of all. So this last year my husband got a babysitter lined up and took me out for dinner with two of our friends. We got a night out together, alone, and that rarely happens! That to me is as good as it gets, unless he wants to take me on a tropical vacation of course πŸ˜‰

    Happy Birthday Mama T!


  • Enci Joni

    Happy Birthday! My TWO best birthday gifts were: my first child, Patrick at 39 (yes, 39 :-)) and my second child, Kevin at 41 (yes, 41) :-) And I am the happiest Mommy ever!

  • A I

    The best birthday present I ever received is when my husband orchestrated a romantic night on Miami Beach with champagne and music and then got down on one knee and proposed to me!!

    Happy Birthday Tori!

  • Kelly Stern

    Happy Birthday. I celebrated my 40th on May 1st. This was perhaps my worst birthday – my husband forgot to tell me “happy birthday” until 9:30 pm at night. :( I so hope that Dean never does that. Then my best friend past away 3 days later. NOW my best birthday gift was when I turned 16 – I got my driver’s license the next day. I was soo excited to get it.

  • Rocio Hoerz

    Happy Birthday!!! My favorite birthday gift would have to be when I found out I was pregnant with my son. Loving my babies!!!

  • Misty Wilkins

    My best birthday present was in 2010 when my late best friend Katy bought me a plane ticket to Washington to be with my soul mate. She knew I wouldn’t be back. She always supported me in my decisions. It was her last gift to me as she died suddenly in 2011. I will always love and miss her.

  • Heather Bosner

    My best birthday is today! Today I turned thirty four and I am sharing the day with my amazing family. Most imortantly my 2 year old son and my 4 week old baby girl. I was not sure I was going to be able to have children because I have a disease that causes difficulty in pregnany. After 2 miscarrages, one surgery, some wonderful doctors and some modern medicine I have the two most perfect children. So today I am spending the day with the best presents I have ever received!! I hope you are doing the same Tori!

  • Jennifer Jack

    The best birthday gift I ever received was a ring from my dad. He had my birthstone in the middle and diamonds from my grandmas wedding ring. My grandparents had been married 70 years. They both passed away in the last 10 years, and every time I wear that ring, I feel the love they had for each other and me.

    Happy Birthday Tori! Hope it is the best one yet. β™₯β™₯

  • Selena Voelker

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best gift I was ever given for my birthday was last year when my boyfriend (now fiance’!!) surprised me with a 30th birthday party! I was shocked!

  • Karen Price

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it’s a great one. And my thought on turning 39 was it beat the alternative! :) I’ve got 2 best birthday gift stories. As an adult, I don’t think too much about gifts anymore, but 8 years I ago, I got remarried just before my birthday. I had a 3 year old daughter at the time (can’t believe she’s 11 now!). My ex had walked out on us. Still have no idea where he is, but really, he gave me the gift of being able to find the man I was meant to be with and to be the dad to my daughter. She wants to legally change her last name now. Ahh…the joys of family court. :) My other story is just a sweet memory of my 1st grade teacher coming to my birthday party. She gave me the pretties gold bracelet and barrette set with pink roses painted on them. She died a couple years later from a brain tumor, but I’ll never forget her taking the time out of her schedule to come to my party.

  • Jennifer Savage

    The best birthday gift I ever recieved was a letter. My nephew, RJ, is autistic and he’d finally learned to write. It took him a long time to do so as he was very scared of and resistant toward his teachers. He insisted that he wanted to write me a letter for my birthday. All is said was ‘to my aunt Jennifer, you help me be happy’. It was the greatest gift I’d ever gotten, knowing that I meant so much to this beautiful, amazing little boy. I still have the letter all these years later and I will cherish it forever.

  • Kris

    My best birthday present was when I found out I was pregnant with my son (my second child). My husband and I had been trying for awhile and on my birthday we found out we were finally pregnant! No birthday cocktail for me (and you either today:)).

  • samantha Last nameschichtel

    My best birthday was my 30th..It was the last one with my dad( he was here for my 31st but wasn’t in his right mind) He died of lung cancer last July 16th..On my 30th birthday he gave me a locket..and took me out to eat..My birthday is June 12th..and I can’t believe my daddy won’t be here for it but I know he is in heaven and will be watching over me…happy Birthday Tori!

  • Heather Orlo

    hope your day is fabUlous!

    my memories were having a birthday on a school day. that feeling of being a princess for a day was precious. now fast forward to my 40th. My besties and also fellow Aquarians, took me to Vegas. Very fun. Let’s just say my entourage and the attention we caused on this Super Bowl weekend was hilarious. I felt like a Rock Star, LOL

    i am a mom of three, but sure was nice to just be me for a day!

    loved, loved your store i will be back when my hubby let’s me $, LOL

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday! I don’t have a birthday favorite. I do love the birthdya cards my little ones make for me :)

  • Lori Nicholas

    My favorite gift was one I recieved for my 7th birthday in 1984. Peaches and Cream Barbie!! I loved that Barbie. She was so glamorus for a little girl growing up in rural TX. Beautiful peach dress, heels and a wrap. I loved her sooo much!! She is that toy from my childhood that I remember above all others.


    Hi Baby,

    Happy Birthday and I hope it’s the best one ever. My best one was 12 years ago when my 12 year old was born on Mothers Day Week-end. What better gift in the world could a Mom ask for. Then to top it off, when we got home from the hospital my 2 year old had picked me beautiful flowers (weeds) and had the in a cup for me…Times like that can never be topped or forgotten. I always cherrish all the homemade cards and gifts I’ve received over the years from them…

  • Jane Heim

    We lost our 19 year old son Bryan due to a drowning and it devastated our family. For months we were lost in grief! Then on my birthday, I saw renewed hope! Our daughter announced she was going to have a son…and she named him Ryan, after her brother. Hope is a strong emotion, it will carry you through everything. Give the gift of hope to someone…you never know who needs it that day!

  • Lisa Anderson

    Best birthday present for me is my husband and his love of nature. Every year on my birthday he would take me to Mammoth for my birthday. It was filled with a week of camping, fishing, hiking, campfires and taking in all the beauty of California’s High Sierra Mountains have to offer. Some of my best memories are there. So thank you to my husband Chris. Now we look forward to creating new memories there with our children.

  • Suzanne Brown

    Happy Birthday Tori! My favorite Birthday present was on my 8th birthday I got a Barbie camper! It came with the camper and all the accessories and a hottub for her and Ken! I was in love my Dad and I put it together with all the stickers and everything I coudn’t take make hands off of it! Best ever!

  • Sarah Hill

    I’m 39 today, too! The best birthday present I’ve ever gotten was the gift of time. My parents, siblings and I live in different states (Indiana, Illinois and California), and a few years ago, we were all able to be in the same place at the same time. I have no memories of what actual gifts were given, but that day was truly special. It’s not often that we are all under the same roof.

  • Amber

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! I hope you are surrounded by all your loved ones on your special day:)

    My favorite birthday is when my daughter Madison was just learning how to put sentences together and she told me for the first time “happy Birtday Momma” in her sweet little voice!! It was the best<3

  • Shannon Field

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday gift I received was when my daughter, Hannah, was six years old. She played the happy birthday song to me on her violin. She had been taking lessons for one year and she and my grandmother practiced the birthday song after school while I was at work. It took me by complete surprise and brought me to instant tears of joy. Seven years later I have to say that is still the best gift I have ever received. I hope you enjoy an extra special day with your family!

  • michelle galante

    Happy Birthday <3

    when my husband and I first got married we were so broke, it wasn’t funny. Wew had a kid on the way and everything. My birthday came and went with a sweet hug and dinner with family. after our son was born in Aug we were shopping at the mall. My husband took off on me in the food court. He came back about 15 minutes later. We sat had lunch and he gave me a bag, inside it was Disney’s Gummy Bears on DVD. He announced happy birthaversary my love. I had forgotton all about our anniversary but he didin’t. He knows how I adore classic cartoons, I was so happy. I cried in the middle of the food court.

  • Amanda Lee

    Happy Birthday! I’ll never forget the night of my 30th birthday, being in my living room and hearing a knock at the door. My mother had flown her out from the other side of the country for the weekend as my birthday surprise. Definitely the best present I could have ever dreamed of, to be able to celebrate it all together as a family.

  • luvpugs

    Happy Birthday Tori – from one pug mom to another!!

    The best birthday gift was when my (now husband) took me to Anna Maria Island in FL and rented a beautiful beach house. At sunset, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the best present ever. We just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in Ireland.

  • Laura Lyons

    My best birthday gift has been my life, every year. This year I will be 22. I was born with a rare genetic disorder and have a lot of additional health problems with it. Things got really bad after I turned 20. I rely on oxygen, a feeding tube, and a wheelchair for my day to day. I’ve always been a really positive person and when dealing with a disease such as this, every birthday is a gift, not only for me but also for my Mom who is my caregiver. Birthdays are special because the disorder is fatal, and it is usually a sudden event like an anyeurism or a heart attack. Things are really tough, but in the end I still have my life.

    I love your books, Tori. I just love reading about you and your life. I think you are so special and kind. I can’t do much physically, so reading is something that is very fun to me. Please keep making books and know that they make a difference in my life, prize or not.

    (P.S. I’ve always dreamed of meeting you, I really hope to someday! : ) )

  • Michelle Church

    I would say the best gift was a new SUV I got last year. We just had our second baby and my husband knew I really wanted a suv but would never ask for one so he surprised me with it. I was totally shocked and excited.


    Happy Birthday Tori!! Well my favorite birthday gift was the day I had my daughter. She came 9 days after my birthday, but it was the best gift I could ever receive. Almost 4 years later and she is most definitely the greatest joy in my life even with her Diva attitude…LOL

  • First namekelly Last name

    First happy birthday tori,it was my 39th bday i received a elvis plate (teddybear) from a dear friend.This plate was her mothers,who i loved like my own she had recently passed away and knew how much her mom meant to me she wanted me to have it .This plate was her moms favorite,i was floored when i opened it and guard it with my life.


    The best birthday gift I got was the birth of my daughter…she was due on my birthday 12/9/2008 but after no progression I was induced on 12/11/08 and had her the next day on 12/12 so you can say it was a belated birthday gift. lol :-) She was and is the most amazing human being I have ever met. She is 3 now and is my world. She will always be my gift.

  • Haylee Buice

    First of all Happy Birthday to you Tori !!! :o)

    The best Birthday gift first of all was having my husband home from Iraq early enough to be here for my Birthday this year. Since we dont live in our home town with our friends and family I was really down and out about turning 30 this year. A friend of mine had asked me to help out with her sons t-ball game one evening and upon our return I opened the door to about 20+ peoplein my living room yelling Surprise !! All his battle buddies had gone to great lengths to make my surprise party so special it was amazing !!!

  • Robin Brouillard-Bettencourt

    Tori ,Happy Birthday

    my favorite gifts are when your children make you gifts from there heart my daughters are 30,33 now i still treasure all the cards they made for me and still have my daughters pet rock minus half hair is faded one wiggly eye left on it but to me there my treasure

  • rlg84

    My most favorite gift was every year for 24 years. I was born on my grandfathers birthday (also New Years Eve) and so every year I got to celebrate with the greatest man in the world but he passed away when I ws 24 so for the past 4 years I have had to celebrate without him.

  • mommafemali

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I’ve had so many wonderful gifts, but the most recent one is a gift I gave myself. My 40th birthday was spent on the beach with 4 of the best girlfriends a woman could have. We’ve been friends for 20+ years and all turned 40. The only drawback was the absences of the last member of our group. :(

  • Janna Beckmann

    Happy Birthday! The best gift I ever got was from my husband this year for my birthday which was this past Sunday, May 13. He gave me the Willow Tree figure “Promise” which is the husband and wife holding each other. I lost my teaching job a while back and he just got laid off from his job last week. He told me that he wanted me to know that he “promises” to love me no matter what our situation is and also he “promises” that we will get through this. I LOVE HIM!

  • Marcie Lynn Florance

    The best gift I ever received was the surprise party I got when I turned 21. I had absolutely NO clue!! It is hard to trick me, but my mom and all my best girlfriends got together and planned it all in secret!! I cannot remember any of the actual presents, but it was and always will be one of the happiest days of my life!!

    Happy birthday, Tori!! We are exactly ONE month apart! My b-day is June 16th!! Have a wonderful day!

  • Rhonda Davenport

    Happy Birthday Girl, hope it’s an amazing day for you: THE best gift has been the loving arms and a kiss from my children, and nothing can and will never top that:

  • Shoanna Crowell

    I bought myself a new car! (And, it was much needed.)

  • Denisse Kuennen

    3 years ago I decided that the best way to celebrate my birthday would be to go on vacation. My hubby and I have birthdays 3 days apart so we make sure and plan a get away. Florida Keys, New Orleans, Hawaii…It has been the best decision we ever made!!!

  • Erin McSweeney

    My favorite birthday was my 40th when my siblings and bff surprised me with a weekend away at Blue Mountain…awesome time…and like you still feel like I’m in my 20’s haha.

  • Emily Bruce

    The best birthday gift I’ve ever recieved was my first Coach bag from my mom. She knew I always wanted one and it was a real surprise when she gave it to me. I’ve always wanted to buy one myself but it can get really expensive in retail and she bought it through a friend of hers that gets them through the warehouse. I still love the bag and even use it.

    Happy Birthday Tori! Have an awesome day with the people you love <3

  • julie stockton

    This past birthday, my Marine son surprised me and showed up on my Birthday!!! He actually came a day earlier, so he drove all day on his Birthday, which was the day before mine!!! What a wonderful Son I have!

  • Katherine Cuellar

    The best gift I recieved was being able to celebrate the rest of my birthdays with my son, Tory. In 2009 I almost lost him due to a serious injury he had. He fell out of the bed of a truck causing a severe traumatic brain injury. We were told he probably wasnt going to make it thru that first night. Long story short, after 3 mos in hospitals and rehab my son (age 21) walked out of the hospital he was told he would be leaving in a motorized wheel chair. Life events have always been really celebrated in our family, no matter how old my sons are. So by having him with me on my birthdays is the best gift I could ever be given. I wouldnt want to have any more birthdays if he wasnt with me. I and the family were truly blessed. “Happy Birthday Tori. May you have a blessed day and all your goals become reality in the year to come” Katherine

  • Florence Jorgenson

    My best ever birthday present was my son Randy. He was born two days after mine and I couldn’t ask for a more precious gift. He is such a joy in my life and we have so much in common. I am glad he wasn’t born on the exact date as me, so that he has his “own” special day.

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many, many, happy more!

  • emily sanders

    Happy 39th Birthday, Tori!!! I’m not far behind you!!!I’ve been a huge fan of yours since 90210, which I watched RELIGIOUSLY!!!! The best birthday present I got was getting to marry my wonederful hubby 2 days before my birthday and getting to celebrate it ontop of our honeymoon on a curise!!! It was very magical and wonderful and truly felt like a princess!!!

    Have a Blessed Birthday!!!

  • Candace Barnes

    Happy Birthday Tori! The Best birthday gift I have to say I have ever gotten was, not given to be my alone but by my whole family. When I was 12 (turning 31 next week) I asked everyone for money to buy one of those really big trampolines because I knew not just one person could buy it for me but the 14 grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents all chipped in and gave me $20 for me to be able to buy that trampoline and to this day I still like to save up and buy the big stuff not just charge it. Thanks for asking. Have a wonderful day with the family!


  • Kim Conley

    The best birthday present I received (and I have celebrated 50 birthdays) is an extra hour on my 21st birthday. It just so happened that at 2:00 a.m. EST on November 1 (which meant I was still at the club) the clocks were set back an hour — to 1:00 a.m. — and the club didn’t close until 4:00 a.m. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

    Happy Birthday Tori…and you will always feel 29, I know I still do!

  • Heather Passalaqua

    Happy Birthday Tori– 39 is SO Young!!!! My best birthday present ever, was the birth of my second Son Joshua 9 years ago. He was born on my 29th birthday!! He is the sweetest biggest brown eyed boy and I am honored to be his Mom. I am so proud and honored to be a mother to 4 boys. My life is my family and I am so grateful that God blessed me with the best gift ever =) I am also due with our 5th child this October and I could not be be any happier!!!

    God Bless you today and Many Many Many more <3

  • Krista Parma

    Happy Bday and you look great for 39, just like my sister. Well, the best birthday gift i have ever received was a Swarovski heart necklace from my fiance!! Love it!

  • Cory Fortin

    Yeah Happy Birthday Tor! The best present I got was a bead necklace that my son made me. My daughter made one for me 3 years before, and that hangs in my car on the rear view mirror. The new one from my son will hang there too once I have modeled it enough!

  • Lilianne Brooks

    About 6 years ago i lived in Montr

  • Sharon Magner

    Happy Birthday! You are a few months older than me, and you just made me realize that on my next birthday, I’ll be 39! How funny. I sometimes have to remind myself that college was 15 years ago, not just a few. I model, and at a recent casting I was referred to as an “older model” Which I guess I am, but wow! Hello, reality check.

    A wonderful birthday gift was my father renting a Lincoln Continental and driving me and my girlfriends into NYC during Christmas time to see the tree and all of the decorations. We all felt so grown up, even though we were 11 or 12.

  • Teresa

    My favorite birthday gift was the Kindle my college son gave me this year! Why? Because I decided to go back to school and finally finish my degree in English Literature two years ago. I am 47, have 5 kids and my recently widowed mother living with us, I work and attend the University during the day. It’s incredibly busy and wonderful all at the same time. My son knew I’d never get myself a Kindle, so he did it for me! It was a very special gift tailored to my education from a very wonderful son!

  • Jen S

    Happy Birthday Tori! :O)

    The best birthday present I received was my surprise 40th birthday party last year!! i’m a hard person to surprise, so i was completely taken off guard and had the best time seeing old and new friends! Enjoy your special day!!

  • Jenna Hardy

    Happy Birthday, Pretty Woman! I hope you have a wonderful day. My favorite birthday present was a Nook Color from my mom so I could bring all my Tori Spelling books with me in a convient, stylish way.

  • Rebecca Merrill

    I would have to say that the best birthdqay present I have ever gotten was something very simple. My mother passed away in 2006 and I had inherited the engagment ring my fatgher had given to her. Somehow the band broke I dont remember how but it split in two. I was heart broken. The following birthday my wonderful husband spent the money to get the ring fixed for me. They actually added more material to make sure it would not break ever again! I was the happiest girl in the world.

  • Allison Myers

    Well my best birthday present was when my now husband proposed to me at the airport! I am from Massachusetts and my husband is from SK,Canada, so we were long distance for over a year, so on one of my trips which happened to be my birthday he popped the question!! Not only did I get the ring he also had other presents for me like a mani/pedi and a pair of UGGS! Happy Birthday Tori!

  • Lauren Wilson

    First I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a fellow Taurus who I happen to share the same birthday with! My best bday gift is Poris a bear given to me when I was 3 ( he’s in my picture) he’s 30 yrs old today and when ever I feel like the worlds getting a little too crazy I know I can grab him curl up in bed and think of a simpler time.

    Again Have a most Happy Birthday!



  • Eli Lett

    Happy birthday mama!!! I hope the 11th anniversary of your 28 birthday is fabulous!

    I have to say that since having my daughter 2.5 years ago every birthday has been amazing but I think I my 37th birthday (first birthday with my daughter) was the best. I got a homemade gift from her that she “made” at daycare. It was full of pictures and funny little sayings. I keep it on my desk and when I need a smile I can just look at that.

  • Jess

    Happiest Birthday to you!! My best birthday present was tuna fish…that’s right, the plain ol’ canned kind. My husband (boyfriend at the time) knew I was on a low carb diet and wanted to get me a treat, so he drove to the coast, picked up some of this awesome canned tuna fish. When I got it, well…I was confused. He explained the choice and it was so sweet to think he brainstormed what he could do that was relevant to my every day life. The odd thing…I’m not even crazy about tuna lol

  • Maegen Benedetti

    Happy Birthday Tori! I hope you have a great day!

    The best birthday gift I ever received was on my 18th birthday. All my friends got together to throw me a surprise party even though I had to work and it was a school night they planned it for when I got home. It was great!

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Katherine Williams

    My best birthday present was my father. The day before my birthday in 2004, my father was severely burned and electrocuted in an accident at work. He took 440 volts to the head, and my mom had to rush him to the burn center. He lost his eyelashes, eyebrows, and most of his hair. He had to get a skin graft on his forehead, where he sustained third degree burns. He was never able to work again. To this day, my father still has nightmares and a tremor caused by the high level of electricity, but, thankfully, he’s still here.

  • Jay

    Happy Birthday, Tori!! You do not look you age one bit!! The best birthday gift I ever had, was not really a gift at all, but a day spent at Fisherman’s wharf with my boyfriend (pre-baby!) and one of my best friends and her beau! I usually don’t like to do much more than dinner with my parents, but this year, I had two celebrations. On the day of my 28th Birthday, the weather was beauuuuuutiful- warm, no wind, and no fog, (so very rare for San Francisco, especially near the water). But we just spent the day at the Wharf, had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, went on a Bay Cruise, went window shopping, and just enjoyed quality time. The weather was icing on the cake! Maybe it was not the most traditional gift, but he paid for everything! On top of that I had a shopping spree from my boyfriend, and a few weeks later dinner/dessert lounge celebration with friends… Spoiled, i know!

  • Ashley Hopkins-Walker

    First off, Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day with the kiddos and Dean!

    Best birthday present I ever recieved was this past year, for my 26th, I got my engagement ring :) My fiance proposed on October 9th with another ring that belonged to him, because he was having mine special made in Ireland – It’s a claddagh, with a trinity symbol instead of hands – and at midnight he pulled it out (he had hid it in the christmas tree), popped a knee and proposed all over again :) I totally cried like a baby, but it was insanely special to me – the wedding’s October 12, and we’ll be headed to Ireland for the honeymoon :)

  • Sandy Smith

    Happy Birthday, Tori! I hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead! My birthday is 9-11, and since 2001, my birthday has always been a little bittersweet. My favorite birthday present was given to me six years ago on my 30th birthday my husband and I took a weekend trip to New York City. We did some of my favorite things to do when visiting the city – Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3, boat ride in Central Park, dinner at Tavern on the Green and a carriage ride through Central Park. And then we went to visit Ground Zero. There was a memorial ceremony taking place for the families of the victims of 9-11 taking place all that weekend and we were also able to see the plans for and early stages of construction of the new building. It was very moving and very healing, and one of the most memorable birthdays.

  • Silje

    <3 HAppy happy birthday Tori <3 39 is the new 25 ;)

  • Becky and Joshua Doney


    My fave gift was a car when I was 16.

  • Kristianne Justesen

    my most amazing birthday gift was my son, Liam (yes, i got the idea for that name from you, and both our Liams were born in 2007!!!) i gave birth to him on my 26th birthday when my due date was three days later! throughout my pregnancy everyone kept saying “wouldn’t it be funny if you had him on your birthday?” now we celebrate OUR birthday every year, and I am more than happy to let his birthday eclipse mine! i had that day all to myself for enough years.

  • Sarah Martin

    It’s not my birthday present, but my bestie just had twin boys today on your birthday Tori! They’re preme but doing great!!!

  • kma

    Happy Birthday, Tori! I imagine that this will be a birthday you look back on with great happinesss being pregnant with your fourth child, celebrating fantastic success with the launch of your latest and greatest book, your debut into the crafting world, a reality host gig for TLC and so much more. Like you, I like to share in my happiness with others. For my twenty-second birthday, I had a small dinner party and made gifts for all of my friends: a sandcastle bucket decorated for them, my favorite picture of us, a bottle of wine, colorful water ballons, sidewalk chalk, a kids kite, bubbles and glow bracelets for some outdoor/ nighttime fun. The joy of looking around the dinner table with all of my friends and the excitment from playing outside like little kids was the best gift I could have asked for. Happy Birthday and take some time to enjoy with your gorgeous family!

  • Nicole Leggett

    Happy Birthday Tori, today is my daughter’s birthday too. She is two. :) The best gift I have received on my birthday was a dozen stargazer lillies in a custom pink vase. They are my favorite flowers and everytime I get flowers I put them in that vase and think of that special day. Have a wonderful day!!

  • Kourtney Russo


    I’d have to say that my favorite birthday gift was a tie between last year, when my boyfriend and i bought a house together, and the year before when my boyfriend surprised me with a week and a half long disney world vacation! It was so much fun!

    Again Happy birthday! Also, you certainly do NOT look 39! You may as well still be 28! (:

  • Meghan OShaughnessy

    Happy Birthday!! My best birthday present has had to happen yet, my friend decided to take me on a vacation for my birthday with special plans for my actual birthday. Dinner in Toronto, and I will be attending Woofstock there. I am super excited about it and this is honestly the first time anyone has done something for me for my birthday for as long as I can remember.

  • Tina Becker

    Happy Bitrthday, Tori!!!

    The best birthday gift I’ve ever received was a personalized necklace that said “Girlie.” My dad always called me that and he was supposedly going to get me one for Christmas. He passed away on December 1, so needless to say, I never got that necklace. My birthday is January 11, and when I got together with my mother, sister and boyfriend they were excited to give me a group gift. When I opened it I was taken aback at first…it was a Girlie necklace-just like the one I wanted from my dad that he wasn’t able to give me. He has been gone for 7+ years and I still cherish that necklace even though it didn’t come from him. Their gesture was very sweet.

  • Laurie Bardsley

    My best birthday gift is finding out I was pregnant. My dad had just passed away at the end of July and I was so upset losing him. My dad had two daughters and loved us to death, but I believe secretly he would of loved to have a son. Well 2 weeks after my dad died I found out I was pregnant after trying for 2 years and when it came to be born in April my son was born. To this day I believe my dad put a good word in for us so we got a boy, we were so super excited after having a daughter 3 years before that.

  • Janelle Kowaluk

    Happy B Day TORI! This is a vicTORIous Day! One that should be Celebrated with sTORIes of your hisTORIc accomplishments and your greatest acheivements! Not that you are prehisTORIc, but its AMAZBALLS the amount you’ve done in 39 years! You are a menTORIous wife and mother who I and so many others look up to.

    My sTORIe of the best BDay I’ve ever had is this years’ BDay!

    I watched your show on DVR with my daughter, and also had watched you ealier that same day on Rachel Ray. The tables of ordinary items used in extraordinary ways, is something I love to try and do when crafting.

    So I took it upon myself to send out an email to every Wedding company in my city, saying I’m just a stay at home mom but had millions of ideas, I wasn’t looking to work full time not even part time so I didn’t think anyone would hire me but threw an email out saying I’d love to help out with set ups of events. I got so many responses and interviews and settled on working for an excellent dream day event company. I took a risk, and now I’m doing what I love and still crafting at home. ALL THANKS TO YOU, YOU SHOWED ME I CAN FOLLOW MY HEART AND MAKE A CAREER OUT OF SOMETHING I FIND SO MUCH JOY IN DOING! CRAFTING,DECORATING,VINYL LETTERS, CRE-8ING ANYTHING MY MIND CAN DREAM UP.THANKS TORI!!!! AND HAPPY BDAY!

  • Adina Robinson

    Almost 9 years ago I recieved the BEST birthday gift ever! I was 39 weeks pregnant and was scheduled for an induction. Iwent into the hospital (after receiving acupuncture which started my labor)and was given pitocin. 36 very long hours later after not dilating past 5cm I was told I needed a C-section or risk hemorrhage and other complications. I was so scared but wanted what was best for my baby. At 12:15am on June 13th my 9lb 2oz baby boy was born. It was my birthday!! I got one glimpse of his beautiful face, kissed him and then was completely knocked out. I ended up hemorrhaging anyway. 4 hours later I was able to finally meet Porter and hold him in my arms for the first time. My life has never been the same since then! Even though I had many complications I received the BEST birthday present anyone could ask for. I became a first time mother of a beautiful healthy baby boy! Now, every year he and I share our birthday together by doing something special! I always remind him that he is my special birthday present!

  • Hannah Hecht

    The best birthday present I ever received was my now hubby proposing to me! With my birthday being 4 days after Valentine’s Day the guy never has it easy. That year he gave me a present every day from Valentine’s Day to my Birthday with each thing being tied to something you wear. It was a few months after we had our suprise baby and so the proposal just made everything come full circle and with a marriage in sight it just made us feel more like a family! Best Birthday Present EVER!

  • ErinK

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    My favourite birthday memory was last birthday when my husband and boysss delivered to me breakfast in bed. We spent the day together-nothing particularily special, but together. Sometimes the simple things mean more. I received hand-made birthday cards from my four men and they are now in my hopechest. Hope you are spoiled!

  • Wendy Welch

    The best birthday present I have ever received was my beautiful son. It was a hard struggle to get him here with all of the complications I had, it was the most rewarding day of my life!

  • Tiffani Nelson

    The best birthday gift I ever received was a blessing from God. My husband and I had tried for 6 years to get pregnant, I can’t even count the amount of pregnancy tests I have taken in my lifetime it is well over 100. With every test cames tears of saddness and prayers for the next time. Well in 2009 the night before my birthday I decided to just take a test to see if I was pregnant. I told my husband to just go to the corner store and get one of the $1 tests. Clear Blue had already made enough from me :) 30 mins later I took the test. I watched the window and it was an immediate positive. I screamed for my husband and just couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was the best gift ever and I now am a mommie to 2 beautiful little girls Harmony 2 and Melody 1. Nothing on this planet could beat that birthday present. I look at them every day and still can’t believe I am a mom.

  • Anna

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    My favorite birthday gift was a gift that I gave myself for my 26th Birthday. The gift of freedom. I promised myself that I would leave an abusive relationship that I had been in for 5 years, and 3 days before my birthday I did so. I am so fortunate to have done so and was able to spend my birthday with a huge weight lifted and a renewed sense of self!

  • Jenn La Mana

    My husband and I do dog (Newfoundland/Newfmix) and horse rescue. Usually on a birthday, we bring a new rescue in. I swear the animals have good timing because one always seems to need help on a Birthday or Christmas. (We do help allthe rest of the year but seems to always fall at those times) But my Birthday 2 yrs ago was helping a pregnant mare get out of a really horrible situation where many horses had already not made it out. You could not even tell she was pregnant, she was so skinny. Soon, she gained weight, had her foal and we found them a great new home together. Giving back on my Birthday is something that means much more to me than getting any gifts.

  • mallie ellis

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! My favorite birthday/present was in 2005 it was my last birthday that my grandmother was there. My family does birthday dinners on every persons birthday. I miss her dearly so that was a special birthday for me.

  • Jennifer Ramirez

    Happy Birthday Tori! I have been lucky… I have had many moments of surprise. I have wonderful family and friends who like to surprise me. This year for my birthday my hubby decided to have a surprise party for me. It was totally unexpected. I turned 33. In my eyes that is no big milestone. So I did not suspect a thing. The hubby was cleaning the garage which is out of the ordinary. I still did not think anything of it. I thought oh he must be having his friends over to play pool. That is usually the only time he cleans.

    The next day was awkward. My mom was taking me on this wild goose chase all afternoon. Everyone was acting so strange. I still had no idea. Eventually I started to suspect something…However, all I thought was I was getting my IPAD I have been wanting and maybe that was the reason everyone was acting weird.

    Needless to say I did not get my IPad but I was unexpectedly surprised. That was truly the best gift of all. I would have never thought 33 was so special. Then I got to thinking and burst into tears….These are the times we should be surprised. Not when we are 30 or 40 but when we least expect it.

    One last thing… I am highly disappointed…I had plans to see you last night at your book signing in SF. I had signed up for a Bible study on how to pray properly. It is tuesday nights. So naturally I had to miss it. I was very torn. I wanted to come see you so badly. I admire you and all you have done with your life and enjoy all the things you do…Crafting, designing and entertaining. I have seen you before so I made my decision based on that. But I will tell ya it was a real hard choice.

    Have a Fabulous Birthday!!! xoxo

  • Meagan Hollie Newman

    my fovourite birthday memory was my husband and my son surprising me with a picnic outside, very cute and thoughtful. We had a great time and they spoiled me πŸ˜€

  • Niki Maher

    After going through IVF, I found out right around my birthday that we were having a girl. She’s now over 2 years old and every day is something new and amazing.

  • Cin

    Happy Birthday Tori <3
    My birthday is 12/31…as my parents say the whole world celebrates my birthday! An with that I’ve had some great birthdays & gifts. But – the one that stands out was a few years back…I was a nanny for 6 kids and the 2 youngest are twins – a boy & girl. The boy, then about 4 years old, gave me a ying-yang silver ring. Which then he asked me to marry him. I still have the ring. He still has a special place in my heart. So, the best presnt I ever got was not just the ring but being a little boys “first love”!

  • Crystal Freeze

    My 40th birthday is coming up on June 13th, unfortunately I don’t have a best birthday gift I have ever recieved because almost every one of my birthdays have something bad or sad related to them. Its usually the most unlucky day of the year for me and I always dread my birthdays. 2 years ago my dog died on my birthday, I hope this year starts for better birthdays for me! And getting chosen for this giveway would be a great start! I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of yours Tori…I hope your birthday has been fabulous!

  • Dlady66

    Happy Beautiful Birthday ToRi!

    May your day be filled with love and laughter, and every day after.

    Every Birthday is my best, but one sticks out most and that is because I was busy cleaning house, our kids were still young. They were running all around, i felt the Mom stress, trying to get everything done for the week ahead. As I was mopping the floor, my husband called my name and in my frustrating voice I said *what* as I turned around he shoved a cake up my nose *Yes my birthday cake* ..I was in mere shock and laughing as hard as I could. Then he tells me someone was on phone ….nose full of pink icing, the person on the other end of the phone, was an audience of thousands…I was on the Radio ..LIVE!!! I had people calling me to ask if it was me, only because of my laugh that gave me away…LOL Thank God for memories!!!

    Have a Blessed memorable DAY!!…Your an inspiration to all women !

  • Lemon Meringue

    Have a good birthday!!! By the look of all mentioned in your post above I am kind of glad that it’s your birthday too (okay now I sound like that Beatles song ‘Birthday’, but come to think of it, it’s a really appropriate song to play today for yourself! it’s definitely a regular on birthdays in our house!), I mean, WOW look at all the give aways!

    I turned 39 three weeks ago and I find myself in a bit of a pre-midlife-crisis: dreading the upcoming 40! I’ve spent the last weeks contemplating about my life A LOT. What were my dreams, what did I achieve, did I make the right choices, what to do with the next 40 years and to be honest: where will my boobs end up? As an extra extension onto my hips? Or just straight southwards in my calves? So you can imagine my joy when I just read your thoughts about it! Finally someone to relate to, who says (okay, writes) out loud what I have been thinking: oh bugger, it’s not just a number! But in the same time I love, love, love what you wrote about earning them 39 years. I think I rocked them! I love the person I became and I am very happy that I left my insecurities behind me a loooooong time ago, I am extremely happy with the family I created with my husband and with the life-events that didn’t kill me, but just made me stronger. And I still have enough dreams left! So, superthanks Tori for the powertalk!! It may be a belated one, but your words just entered my personal top three favorite birthdaypresents list!

  • megslin

    I would have to say, my 25th birthday will go down in history as one of my all-time favorite. I had started a new job in a new city about two weeks earlier; and as a bit of a social butterfly, I was a little worried my Monday birthday would be a dud.

    Luckily, my new co-workers sprang into action to make sure “my” day was a hit. One of them moonlit as a DJ, so he talked with a local bar to rent out (for free) their big backroom complete with a mini-stage. Pretty much the entire nightside crew I worked with RSVP’d they were coming, and that Sunday night, we had the party of the century.

    It was a couple of days after Michael Jackson passed away (RIP!), so the DJ blasted his songs all night and my new co-workers (and friends!) didn’t leave the dance floor. It was a truly special night that reminded me how kind strangers can be to each other, and while nothing tops a family birthday or one with close friends, you can still make the most of any situation.

  • Lauren Moore

    The best birthday present I ever got was a mandolin this year! I’ve been playing for a few months, and my husband decided to get me a better mandolin to play since my skill were improving!

  • Barb Hooker

    The best Birthday gift I ever recieved was to find out that I was pregnant for my son. After loosing a child the year before, being an older parent, I felt blessed by god to have him.

  • Jo

    Posted May 16, 2012, 11:16 am The best Birthday I have ever had was my 50th. My daughter made me a carousel cake with had made white chocolate horses…and many wonderful homemade goodies. A scrapbook and a Polaroid camera was there for each guest to write a note to me as well as post their photo ….and then there was my 60th…LOL I am a lucky lady…xx avt_small_32x32_17927_1337191746.jpgJo

  • robin kohlhepp

    Happy Birthday Tori…today is my 39th birthday also. My favorite birthday memory was when my mom was still alive. She would always make my favorite pound cake with fudge icing and salmon patties with mash potatoes with sweet peas. It may seem simple to most but my mom made it. And my mom made everything from scratch with complete love. I miss those days. I have carried that tradition on with my son. And I hope he has the same fond memories of me when he gets older. Have a wonderful birthday and congrats on your new baby and new pregnancy.


    happy happy birthday tori!! hope you have an awesome day! my best birthday gift was a couple of years ago, my hubby and spent the weekend in new orleans……..lots of great memories!

  • Nic King

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    My favorite brithday gift ever was this last year, my 40th. My husband and I had our first child in February of last year. Our son was 8 months old but my husband gave me a card where Max had ‘signed’ his name along with a pandora bead. I cried like a baby!

    I am so very blessed! More good times to come and I can’t wait for all of them!

  • Katie Rush

    Happy birthday!!!! Hope its fabulous and full of so so much love! :) My favorite gift would be for my sister to have her baby girl on my birthday {she’s scheduled to!}! But if that doesn’t happen, I would say getting a great DSLR has been the best gift!

  • Amy Gill

    The best birthday present I ever got was tickets to Ozzfest every year for several years until I met my hubby. We’ve only been once in the last 15 years since we got together. I’d like to go again but always put it off even when we had free tickets because I won’t let just anyone watch my precious boys while we go, so if there is not a trusted sitter, we don’t go. I even have Ozzy in a banner I drew myself on my lower back. *I just wanted to say I am a huge fan of yours. I have seen everything you have been in, every episode, every tv show, etc.. and would love to read your book. I also think you have great taste in picking those rings out. They are too die for. Love them, love you. BFF-Biggest fan forever

  • Lara Norman

    Happy birthday Tori! I love you and your family, you aren’t ever allowed to go off the air! The best gift I ever got was last year, my boys (6 &4) hand picked some jewelry and a top for me. They were so excited for me to open them and for me to wear them. They still point it out when I put them on!

  • Tara T

    The best birthday gift was finding out that I was pregnant with my 4th. It was just in time because my husband was scheduled for a vasectomy the following day! Life’s surprises are wonderful gifts.

  • Caitlin Thomas

    For my 23rd Birthday my husband wrapped a simple pink onsie. Best gift ever. Then five months we found out we were having a GIRL!! Our first daughter (we already had a two year old son) :) He knew before I was even pregnant we were going to have a girl. Pretty Cool.


  • Jan McMillan

    Dear Tori,

    ” Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you..happy birthday sweet Tori, Happy Birthday to You!!!” Wish I could have put some music bars with this.

    My best birthday gift comes each year that my husband is still with me fighting his cancer. I don’t mean to make this sound corny but… nothing can top knowing you still have your husband with you. It beats out all the other birthday’s in my life.

    I hope Dean and the kids have many surprises for you.



  • Emilee T

    every birthday spent with my husband is my favorite. i won’t get to spend my birthday with him this year, because he will still be deployed in afghanistan :(

  • Cristi Richardson

    The best birthday present that I ever received was my brother. He was born the day before my 13th birthday and my parents brought him home on my birthday. I couldn’t imagine not sharing a birthday with him every year.

  • Jean Varga

    My stories don’t compare to the wonderful one’s above. But when my husband and I were first married we went to a jewelry store and he had me pick out something I really loved. I picked out a locket and didn’t think much of it. Months later on my birthday he suprised me with the locket. He actually purchased the locket that day and kept it a secret until my birthday. It was VERY sweet! Hope you have a great birthday…

  • Kevin Ogle-Johnson

    The best birthday gift I ever received was this past March. I was turning 30 and had to travel for work to Madison, WI. I was bummed because we had planned this big trip to Disneyworld because I wanted to do something really great to ring in the new decade of my life. Instead I went to one of the coldest places on earth. I had a couple lay overs and spent probably a good 11 hours in the airport, but when I got to Madison I pulled myself together and decided to go out and have a nice dinner even though laying on my hotel bed eating Doritos and candy bars from the vending machine sounded tempting. I called my husband to let him know that I had made it safe, and was going to go out for dinner. I walked about half a mile to a nice, well-reviewed wine bar I had read about on my iPad at the airport. When I arrived at Eno Vinos, the hostess had a table for me already. I was a little baffled that she knew I was coming and followed her anyways. There was wine at the table already with a nice center piece of flowers. As I looked around I realized I was the only table with this. So I took my seat and my waiter came by to introduce himself and bring me this bowl of roasted goat cheese and marinara with bread. At that point I was pretty sure they had me confused with someone else who should be sitting here. The waiter then told me that my husband had called in and taken care of everything already and to order whatever I wanted for dinner. He felt terrible that I was alone, so he wanted to make sure that even all those miles away I knew I was loved and happy. It was a sweet and romantic gesture that will stick as one of my fondest (and cold) birthdays.

  • Emily Cahill

    My best birthday present was a weekend away with my husband… without kids:).

  • Nikki Wilson

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! I hope Dean got you as great of a present as I received from my boyfriend this year. The best person I know gave me the best present I’ve ever recieved by giving me a beautiful promise ring. There is no better feeling than being in love with your best friend and although we both have a lot of obstacles in front of us before we can live happily ever after he gives me all his love everyday and that’s all any person could ever want!

  • crystal conner

    My favorite gift was for my 34th birthday. We were in the midst of moving, which I was very upset about & my Mom gave me a surprise party. My sister made me a gorgeous I Love Lucy cake & one of my best friends made me a polka cake. It was tons of fun!

  • Clare Feltham

    Happy birthday!!

    The best gift i have ever received was a trip to England to see my family. I moved to the US with my mom and stepdad when I was five and, unfortunetly, I had to leave ALL my family behind. My mom surprised me a couple years ago with a trip over Christmas break. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to see my family (some of them I hadn’t seen in 17 years!) for Christmas! It was THE BEST present (and ending to the year) ever!

  • stephanie fuller

    First of all Happy Birthday to you! I know you are enjoying all the things you love.. I am getting ready to turn 39 this July. Is it me or has the time just flown by? I still feel like I am in my 20’s but my energy level has definitely declined these last couple of years. I, like yourself, recently had my third child and we are all enjoying him a lot. He was the best Christmas present of all!! The best birthday present or birthday I have ever had was when we had our family reunion on my 36th birthday. I got to enjoy family near and far. I live in Indiana and we had the family reunion in a small town called Paoli. After that, my mother, my daughter, my son and I went to French Lick and spent quality time together. My mom told my husband it was our mother-daughter trip. We had such a good time taking the kids swimming and enjoying the surroundings. If you have never been to French Lick, Tori, it would be an enjoyable place for you and your family. Very quaint yet stylish. A good place for the whole family. That trip meant a lot to me. My kids, my mom and I really had a good trip and bonded even more :)

  • Anna Knecht

    Tori, the best gift I have ever received is, without a doubt, a sapphire ring. While it may seem small to some (or quite materialistic to others), it was honestly the perfect gift. My mother gave it to me when I turned sixteen. The reason why I love it so much is because of the value it has to me. My mother and I share a lot of things, jewelry included. One of my favorite memories growing up was going through my mother’s jewelry box and trying on all of her beautiful jewelry. As I’ve grown, my mother and I still share jewelry to this day. Jewelry is one thing that my mom and I both really love. It makes me so excited that I was given a beautiful ring to not only share with my mom for the time being, but to also be able to share it with my future daughter.

    Happy birthday, Tori! I hope you have a great day! xx

  • Sarah Ortiz

    Happy Birthday, my dear Victoria!

    Last year I drove to retro-chic Palm Springs with my sister, mom, and cousins (all ladies) the day before my birthday. We had a fabulous time at the Ace Hotel. The next day (my actual birthday) we drove back to LA and I found a surprise party in my back yard! It was truly the most touching gift; even my cousins that I hadn’t seen in several years were there. Best gift ever=family!!

  • carolyn stertz

    Happy birthday Tori! I just turned 38 on the 2nd May :) and this was my favourite birthday ever because I just gave birth to my 4th daughter Emily Grace and she is the best birthday present ever! I found out last year on my birthday i was pregnant but unfortunately I miscarried that one…so to go from a sad memory last year to a fantastic birthday I couldnt be happier! I am a collector of your jewelry (i have over 150 pieces) and having 4 daughters they will definately enjoy playing dress up (when they are older of course, i dont want them ruining my collection!) Have a great day!!!

  • Chelerella

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best birthday ever was my 21st. It was my last birthday before graduating college and even though I was in the middle of finals my parents begged me to take a break to go out to dinner with them. At the end of the night my mom gave me a bunch of mail. When I got back to my dorm I quickly sorted through the mail before heading back to study. In there was a personal letter, so I decided to stop and open it. In high school we had a local cable station and a requirement of the class was to interview people around the school to be aired on the station. I had interviewed the new spanish teacher, she was a young enthusiastic teacher and a great interview. She had passed away unexpectedly a couple of years after I graduated. Her fiancee found the tape of our interview in her basement and was making copies and sending it around to friends and family. It was a wonderful gift to them (this was the early 90s before everyone had a camera phone). His letter was such a great reminder/education to me to always be your nicest and best because you never know when you are having an impact on some one else’s life. Best birthday gift EVER.

  • Brandy Berman

    Happy Birthday!!!! You share a birthday with my brother!! My best birthday gift was a few years ago when my son was two, he gave a beautiful card he handmade with his handprints, it was the first time he really knew he was making it for me, and the hug I got along with card was fabulous.

  • Melissa Martinez

    The best gift that I got was actually spending my mothers day/ birthday with my kids I finally got custody back after 8yrs of fighting for them and!!!! My husband bought us a house found out on 5/13/2012 that our offer was accepted and we are officially HOMEOWNERS!! WHOOOOHOOO Best gift ever!!!

    LUV YA Tori & Dean!!!

  • Angela Litterio

    Happy Birthday Tori! I wish you a fab day with your FAM! I feel blessed to celebrate each birthday, now, as a gift of life. I’m happy to say life in my forties is WAY better – you become more confident, know what you want out of life, are not afraid to go after your dreams and truly treasure life’s small moments. So, enjoy 39 and look forward to what’s to come, as it’s really the begining of some of the best times in your life.

  • Kiara Ramirez

    My best birthday was my most recent one, in August. My children decorated my car so when I went to work I was surprised, then they invited me to lunch, when we got to the restaurant they had already been there and had a table decorated for me with purple balloons and flowers, then they made me call in for the rest of the day and took me to have a pedicure and they also had made me a coca-cola cake, they know that purple and coca-cola are my favorite things. both girls were 18 at the time, one is my little sister whom I raised, and my 7 year old son. It was my first birthday since my mommy passed away and they wanted me to be happy and not think about it. I have the best kids in the world. And so do you Tori. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  • Jaclyn Fischer

    Happy happy birthday too you!! I love birthdays, I always try to make that day extra special for me and my family!! Last year was the most special to me, it was the 1st birthday that my husband and I celebrated as a married couple. We went to a steakhouse for a nice romantic dinner and…9 months later Ella was born:)

  • Earth 2 Oven

    A Happy Birthday to you! The best birthday gift came the year I turned 30. The two weeks prior to my birthday I had lost a child at 20 weeks and my oldest was diagnosed with crohns disease…needless to say, I was exhausted and not in the best mood to enter my 30’s! But, my younger sister flew in from Texas and with the help of my two boys and husband,,,made me the best chocolate cake filled with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups! There is no greater gift than unconditional love of family!! :)

  • tanya thompson

    The best birthday gift I got was holding my daughter for the first time. On july 18th 2011 my daughter Madilynn Christine was born 12 weeks early weight 2 lbs. When babies are born early you are not able to hold them until they are 7 days old with no bradycardia spells. I had her 12 weeks early due to severe preeclampsia and my deteorating status. I left the hospital 3 days later only to be readmitted on July 27th for elevated kidney levels and severly high blood pressure. My mothers birthday is the 28th and she spent it with me in the hospital. On the 30th of July, which is my birthday, I was finally released again from the hospital. While I was waiting to be picked up I visited Maddie and they agreed it was time for me to get to hold her. Words cannot explain how it felt to finally hold my little girl who now weighed under 2lbs. She was the smallest, most delicate little baby in my arms. I loved ever minuted of it and everything I went through to have her was worth every bit.

  • molly murer

    this year – the year i’m in the process of a divorce – my friends surprised me with a birthday party at chik-fil-a so that the kiddos could play and the mama’s could chat.

  • Jessica Green

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday present I received came on the day before my 31st birthday, it was my first baby, a girl–Danica Dorcas on June 5, 2008. I wanted so badly to get pregnant, my husband and I had been married for 7 years and we were having trouble, I was elated when in October of 2007 a pregnancy test came back positive. I always said I wanted to be a mom by the time I was 30–I just made it :)

  • Jennifer Dowdall

    First of all Happy Birthday Mrs. Tori Spelling! Hope you have a GREAT day!

    My favorite birthday was when I turned 25 years old and as a birthday gift I got my engagment ring. And not just any engagment ring it was where it was given to me in NYC at Rockafeller Center in front of a big crowd and it was all recorded on a cam corder which was also another surprise for my birthday! On top of that we were given a free champaign toast. And oh no it doesn’t end there I also got to go to another country for my birthday! I got to go to Canada!!!! And that was the best birthday I have ever had!!!!

  • Adrienne Pitkin

    Happy Birthday, Tori!!! The best gift I received was a gift that my husband gave me when we were engaged. We didn’t have a lot of money at the time because we were planning and paying for our own wedding, however, he still surprised me with a large pretty box with a ribbon bow on top that had a beautiful satin hot pink cocktail dress inside that he bought me for a friend’s wedding we were attending! That moment felt like a scene from Pretty Woman! It was a size too small, but I made it fit (LOL!). It meant so much to me that he went out of his way to the store to find me a pretty dress to wear. I just laugh inside though that he decided to buy a hot pink color instead of a more subtle color because it was a little shocking color to wear at a wedding. :) It was beautiful!

  • Vicki A

    Happy Birthday, Tori!! My favorite gift was when I was 6 years old and my father (who wasn’t around much during my life) actually showed up with all of the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse toys I wanted. Chairry, the talking Pee-Wee Herman doll, the Playhouse with figurines, and Pterri doll. I was in Heaven. I still have all of them and will never forget that excitement. May you feel it today!

  • Jennifer Bugajski

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Mine is the 20th. :) The best birthday was definitely 2003. I met my husband on my birthday and we have been inseparable ever since. Not really a present but still the best birthday ever!

  • Caroline FLynn

    My best birthday gift was something I got in middle school. The boy I had been head over heels in love with was also my best friend. For my birthday, he had a huge photo of us framed and inscribed at the bottom with our names and the date. No one had ever given me such a thoughtful gift before and I was incredibly touched.

  • Cherrish Hankins

    Happy Birthday, Tori!! May your day be filled with family, friends, laughter and love. THe best birthday gift I got was last year when I turned 40. My husband and best friend went on Ebay and bought me a Cher doll like I had growing up in the 70s. It was so touching how they went about getting the doll and hid it from me. That doll was the one piece of childhood I wish I had kept, and they brought it all back wonderfully. To top off the doll they threw an amazing 40th birhtday party. Again enjoy your wonderful birthday and may there be a surprise around every corner today!!

  • Carrie Adam

    I have always had wonderful birthdays and I will be celebrating my 34th this Saturday. I honestly feel that every birthday that I have had since my children were born are my favorite birthdays. Every year I have them both sit on my lap and help me blow out my candles, they are now 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. I love them more than anything in this world and they are my favorite birthday presents every year. I can’t even remember any gifts that I have really gotten for my birthday in years because these days it is all about giftcards and cash which are not really memorable. What is memorable is my children being with me to celebrate. Love you Caden and Rylie!

  • Carrie Adam

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Tori!!!

  • Athena Muir

    My best birthday gift would be to get an offer for the job I am interviewing for tomorrow……a new start at life which I need very much. Wishing you a wonderful birthday and much happiness.

  • Aftan Rehling

    My favorite and best gift ever that I have received is time. Time spent with loved ones and the memories that were made. I live away from my family so it isn’t often that we can all get together and I can see everyone. A couple of years ago my Mom got my entire (huge) family together for a BBQ at the parents house and it was the best gift I could have ever received. I don’t know if I got any presents…I dont’ remember them. What I DO remember is the time I shared with loved ones. You always hear that the best gift to receive is time and I whole-heartedly believe that is true!

  • kpjmom

    My 40th Birthday. My husband gave my frend a list of things she had to take me to do. We went shopping for a new out fit, to get a make over and then to have pictures taken. When we were done she blind folded me and we drove to the place my husband had planned a suprise party for me. I had no ideal he had planned anything.

  • Clare Christine

    Happy birthday Tori :) I moved to America back in 2003 to be with my husband. My mum and brothers still live in England and i dont get to see them. In 2006, my mum suprised me by coming to see me and our newborn daughter (2nd child). She was here for my birthday and we went out to eat and went shopping! I will always remember my 24th birthday as i havnt got to spend one with her since then

  • kpjmom

    Happy Birthday Tori. I hope you have a great day

  • Carrie Carothers

    Hi Tori, I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! You are so sweet first of all. I love your shows, you have a very sweet family, it showes that you are very into them and not this Hollywood pearson. I love that you our a down to earth family, living in Hollywood. God bless you,and Happy Birthday.

  • Mari Havn

    Happy birthday Tori !! My best birthday present must be when i got my dog Bayli. It was the perfect present ever πŸ˜€

  • carla C

    Hi Tori A very very happy B-day to you. I turned 41 but doesn’t look a day older than 35. There’s were my clock stoppend hahaha. I must say I have had some awsom gifts for my birtday’s But what’s really on top high above everything is when I found out I was pregnant of Identical twins. Two girls. I allready had a boy and I was secretly hoping for a girl and god was planning on giving me two. Unfortunatly I ended up with just one. But still this was the greates gift I could wish for.

    Big virtual hug, enjoy your day with your lovedones



  • Sabrina Pryor

    The best birthday present was from my husband on my 30th. He made me a DVD with all these old pictures of me growing up, pictures when we meet, dated, got married, had our son and so on. It was so sweet and cute and he played it at the surprise party he threw for me. Such a sweet birthday!

  • Jennifer McClimans

    Happy Birthday, Tori!! The best birthday presents I have ever had were when I was able to celebrate with all of my friends and family. I absolutely love entertaining or planning little trips so it always mean the world to me when I can gather the people I love in one place.

  • Laura

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best birthdays have been since I had my daughter almost three years ago. It might not be considered a “present,” but the best birthday gift I feel I’ve received was this past December. My daughter wanted to make me a purple birthday cake (it’s her favorite color), and she put on the icing and candles herself. It was so messy, but the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. She also sang her rendition of “Happy Birthday” to me, and those was the best birthday gifts!!!

  • mommyof6

    Today is my birthday too! The best birthday present I received was a big celebration with my family. If I won then that would be the best present ever!!! I’m such a fan of everything tori

  • Rebecca Baker

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday present I ever gotten was a plane ticket to visit my sister, who is in the Army. My birthday is actually coming up soon and she bought me the ticket for this coming weekend. I am very excited to celebrate an early birthday with her!!!

  • Mariana Hernandez

    When I turned 30 my boyfriend bought me a white dress with silver patterns for me. It was the dress I saw and wanted but couldn’t afford at the time. I wear it every year on my birthday now.

  • Stacie Jensen

    Hi Tori – my favorite birthday gift is giving a gift to others on their birthday! Truly, its the giving that means so much, as you know, since you are so giving as well. I LOVE to see the expression on their faces….and I LOVE making the wrapping of the gift part of the gift, so much fun to present the gift in a fun way – it’s not always what’s inside that counts! As you know too : ) Thank You for sharing and giving on your 39th Birthday–wishing you a Toriffic Day!!!! : ) Stacie,

  • Angela Watson

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI! You have so much to celebrate today. So many accomplishments in your life so far should make you very proud. I will be the big 4-0 next month, & sometimes I still feel like I’m in my twenties too. But I have also come to appreciate the important things in life more, & I worry less about the superficial. My friends who have already reached that milestone birthday assure me that forty is fabulous for them so far, so I am going to embrace it wearing a girl’s most important accesory, a smile. Enjoy your day. <3

  • Mariana Hernandez

    !Oh and Happy birthday, you look young and healthy as always.

  • Kayla Sue Wright

    Happy Birthday. I hope you have an AMAZINGLY, AWSOME, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best birthday present I have EVER gotten was 3 years ago. It was my 18th birthday and it was also the day that I found out I was going to be a Mommy to a little angle. I am now turning 22 this June 1st and I have recieved MANY amazing presents in these 22 years of life but nothing will EVER beat that birthday present. It was the best present I could and will ever get in my life.

  • Elizabeth Gorostiza

    My Father was my life & everything to me he passed away in 2006 and it totally broke my heart. He always made a big deal about my Birthday, celebrated all month long and gave me little presents every day to make me feel special. After he passed away I dreaded my first birthday without him and was so depressed. On the day of my Birthday he came to me in my dream and gave me this beautiful wrapped box, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I knew when I woke up he would never leave me. We would always be together.

  • H. Sue Green

    Happy birthday to you, Tori. Hope you had a nice one with your family.

    It was great meeting you once at your store, InvenTORI. Yu are so sweet.

    Hope I win a prize from you! πŸ˜‰

  • Laura S

    Happy Birthday Tori! My birthday is today also. I just turned 33. Hope you have a great day. I got a pretty good ‘present’ this morning. My five year old came out of his room with his sleepy face and before he did anything else, came over to me, gave me a big hug, and very excitedly said, “Happy Birthday Mommy! Now you are 33!” I thought it was so sweet he remembered all by himself and was so excited about it. :)

  • Stephanie Wolfe

    The best birthday present I ever received was on my 34th birthday. My oldest son was 5 months old and we wanted our children close. The first test was very very light. The second test was negative. I ssent my husband to the store for another two pack of tests. The first was positive…the second negative. I sent him again! The next two were very bright positive!! YAY baby on the way. I began to spot and cramp around 8 weeks. On my 34th birthday they took me in for a early ultrasound.

    They took longer than usual….and at last the tech said “weeeeellllll, everything looks fine, BUT…….their are two!!!” I almost fell off the table. I know have a wonderful 9 year old, twin 8 year olds and a 4 year old:0)

    EVERY birthday is a gift now!!

  • Angela Watson

    Ha ha! I got so caught up thinking about turning 40, I forgot to mention my favorite birthday present ever – a stereo turntable my father gave me to play the vinyl records I collect. Now that he is no longer with us it has become even more special to me, & I think of him every time I play an album. 8)

  • Joanne McGraw

    Happy Birthday Mama !! Like you, I have the mind of a 28 year old :) yet somehow I turned 56 back in December. However with that being said, my best birthday was accepting that my life is good, it’s to be admired, it is to be celebrated. I am the Mama to 13 children,……ie, most are adults now. My family built thru birth, four children, six thru adoption and 3 bonus kids. I think my greatest birthday was waking up during those weeks before turning 50 and realizing,….. my life is good. The number doesn’t matter,…its that I’ve lived my life taking care of God’s kids to make Him proud, and to HELL with everyone else who doesn’t get it. I am a large family and people don’t understand it, and I can’t explain it except it feels right for all of us. So the greatest gift, was self acceptance. whew……. and no lie, i could use a treat, so if I win, know it will be to a Mom who appreciates a treat :) Happy Birthday Sweetie

  • Monica Sipes

    Happy birthday Tori! I hope Dean and the kids are treating you like a Queen!! I turned 30 this year and that was a very scary milestone for me. I have a wonderful husband, we got married July 2 and by December 9 we were all married 5 months and he planned a suprise party for me. I have never had a suprise party ever and it was truely a night to remeber. He told me that he could not afford to do something to awesome since we had just gotten married.

  • Carrie Pieszak

    First off, Happy Birthday, Tori and Brightest Blessings for you and your family! β™₯ I fondly remember my 16th birthday as the best gift ever…. it was a surprise party hosted by my folks and my sisters. We were living at the Air Force Base in Loring, Maine and I had made only two friends during the 10 months we lived there… but my surprise birthday party proved me wrong! Many kids from my classes were there to surprise me; I had many friends, I just didn’t realize it!

  • Meredith Foster

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!!! Mines in 13 days and I am going to be 37, shhhhhh I’m still 29 and holding as I tell everyone who asks. πŸ˜‰ I am a lucky woman to have the oportunity to spend everything birthday since becoming a mom with my two amazing children, my wonderful husband as well and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But there is one birthday that comes to mind that I adore so much. It was the year my kids for the first time make me breakfast in bed on their own. They were so determined to make me this big breakfast before I woke up. I remember going to the stairs and hearing them down there trying to pull it all together, so I quickly jumped back into bed before they came up. They came up with with a wonderful breakfast in their jammies and climbed into bed with us and we ate laughed giggled and talked for most of the morning. It’s moments like these I treasure cause my babies are growing up so fast! I do enjoy the social gatherings for my birthday as well but it’s these specil moments with my babies (who aren’t babies anymore as they are both in high school but they will always be my babies)that I enjoy the most. I am truly one blessed momma and I make sure I neer forget that. Tori I hope you have a wonderful 28t πŸ˜‰ birthday with your beautiful family, cause the time spent with them is so much better than any material gift you could possibly receive! Enjoy every moment with them cause before you know it your looking at colleges and will be worrying about empty nest syndrome LOL!! Take care!!!

  • Beth Bodine

    Happy birthday! My favorite birthday gift was a 2-year-old terrier mix named Poppy! I got her on my birthday this year, which was May 10. She wasn’t technically a birthday gift, but I happened to adopt her on that day, so I will just count her as such. :)

  • Allison Tarin

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! My favorite birthday present was being able to take my daughter home from the hospital on my 31st birthday. It was a total whirlwind. A few days before I had gone in for a non stress test and found out I had preclampsia and was being admitted and induced the next day. The kicker was, my husband was at a rehearsal dinner for his sisters wedding, which was taking place in 2 days! After 14 hours of labor, I had an emergency c-section and welcomed my daughter into the world! My husband had his sister’s wedding the next day, so my mother, newborn daughter and I spent the day together in the hospital – three generations together. The next two days were wonderful, my husband and I bonding with our little girl. Then, on my 31st birthday, we were discharged from the hospital and I got to bring home the best present in the world – my precious daughter. Love you Emma Grace!

  • Angela Prescenzi

    happy birthday tori. the best present i ever got was a bunch of potted dafodills last year from my best friend. the best part is that i moved them to the garden and they bloomed again this spring. i will always think of her every time i see them bloom. when we were kids, she always cut one from her moms garden to bring me at school. i guess they keep me feeling forever young. and sorry for the punctuation. my phone will not let me capitalize anything. drives me nuts.

  • Tisha Huffer

    My Favorite birthday gift was a party for my 21st birthday! I will be 38 this July and time has sure flown by…..seems like only 5 years ago I was 21 but I just celebrated by 20 Class reunion this past weekend!

  • sherry green

    First May I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI. May all your birthday dreams come true! The best gift I received besides all the paper ones my children have given me over the years would be the year my husband surprised me with a beautiful Diamond and Sapphire necklace and a romantic dinner. You see, the year before I had turned 30 and we were just scraping by so he was unable to treat me with a fabulous gift so he decided to be a romantic and make it up to me on my 31st. Totally awesome year!


    Tori Love you and your Beautiful family!!! Happy birthday!!

    My best gift was onmy 21st birthday my very best friend andbrother dorve 3 1/2 hours to suprise me inacity that I had no family in. Was totally suprised and had a wonderful weekend with my family. And she brought me a yummy cake with rasberry filing. Was sooo good!


    Ann :-)

  • Jocelyn Mattson

    Happy happy birthday to you!! The best birthday gift I’ve ever received was last year, on my 28th. I had a positive pregnancy test and welcomed my beautiful daughter Ella in November! :) I’m not sure anything can top that.

  • edie Sierra

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! My best present ever has to be from my grandpa I was maybe 5 or 6. He gave me a big yellow teddybear named LEMONDROP!! He loved lemondrops and everytime I eat one I think of him. He was such a kind man. I still have lemondrop to this day.

  • sara lopez

    Happy Birthday!!! πŸ˜€ I love your show and I hope to someday visit your store!! You were definitely an inspiration when I decorated my new condo. The best birthday present I ever got was tickets to a John Mayer concert!

  • jeni

    Best gift ever on my birthday..would be…finding out i was pregnant with my son :)

    happy bday!

    luv ya


  • Tanya Sloane

    My favourite birthday present was when our daughter was two years, I basically hadn’t gone out with my husband for two years. He’s not at all the romantic type – the complete opposite – and he’d secretly arranged for my parents to babysit our daughter, and he’d booked dinner and a stay in a lovely hotel in town. So not like him to do something like that – I really appreciated it :)

  • Jennifer Ingram

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a good one. My favorite birthday present was my Olympus camera my husband got me. I have had it for about 4 years now and it has been everywhere with me. I have even used it to get jobs taking pics. It has been the best thing ever.

  • karol a

    Happy birthday TORI, have the best bday ever!! and my best birthday gift was having my daughter almost on the same date as my birthday(missed by 2 day) but we celebrate at the hospital, with cake, balloons, dinner, friends, family, my was the best of the best!!!

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Hi Tori! :)

    My favorite birthday present was one I received for my sixteenth birthday. My grandparents, whom I am very close to, gave me a beautiful wooden jewelry box which had a plaque that said “Happy 16th Birthday, Jordan! Love Pop and Mimi” on it. I keep all my treasures in there, and I love that they spent the time to inscribe something so memorable on it.

  • KSeholm

    My best present was a surprise party from my girlfriends! It was my 24th birthday and a friend called to say her apartment flooded and could I please go look in on her dog. I frantically raced to her home, opened the door expecting copious amounts of water… yet the aparatment was filled with my friends! All dressed fancy, complete with twinkle lights and incredible food!

  • Hillary Gomez

    Happy Birthday Tori! My favorite birthday present actually arrived the day after my birthday – my second daughter, Leah. My birthday is 10/14 and hers is 10/15. It makes for great celebrations that last more than just a day. As she gets older (she’s 2), I ‘m hoping to turn our birthday celebrations into birthday vacations!

  • Amanda Doerrie


    My BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER… was in 2011, when my boyfriend (at the time, now fiance) – gave me a promise ring, and threw my my 1st birthday party… up until this time, I had thrown all my own Bdays (including my own 30th) – and he threw me my own party :) This year for my Bday he gave me CELEBRATORI – but hey, an autographed copy would always be better!!!

    Wishing you the best Bday EVER… and can’t wait to see how you celebrate your 40th next year (internal clock or not – 40 is pretty awesome) – XoXo – HBD Tori!!!

  • Sandi Evans

    Happy Happy Birthday!! My favorite birthday present was from a few years ago. My two children were given $1.00 each by their Dad to get me a present for my birthday. They were 5 and 6 years old at the time. I got a chicken that holds two eggs, the eggs are salt and pepper shakers. I love that chicken! I still have it and Josh my son got it for me. My daughter, Ariana got me a holder for cotton balls and q tips. I still use it every day. They were so proud and happy with what they got me! Nothing special in some peoples eyes but in my eyes, two of the best presents I ever received.


  • Tigerz

    Happy Birthday! I have two both handmade cards from my daughters. My oldest who has two children thanked me for raising her the way I did as a single mom and said she hoped she could be as good a mom as I was. The other from my youngest 11 who thanked me for playing mom and dad because her dad left. They both melted my heart.

  • sammy sweeet

    My best birthday was my 30th. My BFF (since the 6th grade) and I took a road trip across the border into Canada. We camped (all by ourselves!) and had an absolute blast. I just turned 33 and we are going to renew our “friendaversary!” this summer with a trip to Duluth to see the beautiful North Shores!

  • Aleta

    Happy Birthday Tori! You are such an inspiration and I’ve been a fan for years.

    My favorite birthday gift would have be the gorgeous Tiffany mirror my mom gave me. It hangs in my entryway (some 13 years later) and I just love it!

  • Jamie Simmons

    My best birthday gift would have to be my son, last year!

  • Milly Lopez

    OMG Happy Birthday Tori…I heart you! I hope 39 brings you joy, peace, and lots of happiness. My favorite birthday gift was to myself for my gloden birthday on October 16th 1996 I save some money and I ordered myself a CD all because of the song that were on them…and I remember it as it were yesterday. I was sitting on a ladder in my room about to start painting it and my was like what are you doing and I said I’m going to pain my room and the door bell rang and it was my cd it was delivered on my actual birthday and I was sooooo excited….so I painted my room listening to 16 Candles by the The Crests and my thought I was crazy but I was happy…that was the best gift I’ve recvd. Happy Birthday! Thank Tori!

  • Jodie Arnold

    Happy Birthday, Beautiful!!! My best birthday gift ever? Weekend trip to fan weekend at Solider Field in Chicago!

  • joy carvin

    Happy birthday Tori, my best birthday present was my son being born 27 years ago. My due date was on nmy birthday June 11 and he was born on the 17 but that was the best present ever…

  • Erin Simon

    My best birthday gift ever, was this year, my 35th on December 14, and the birth of my son 3 weeks early, on December 13th. His timing was perfect for everything that was going on in our lives at that moment. (and the chocolate cake and ice cream at the hospital wasn’t so bad either!)

  • Heather Irsik

    Happy B-Day! I was born on Mothers Day, so the best is every year, I get to spend my birthdays with my mom who I love with my whole heart!! She is my best friend and I could not ask for a better gift every year!!!!

  • Tracy Eng

    My favorite birthday was two years ago when Tori was selling a necklace called the” Bullet”. unfortunately my father was in the hospital and I was on the phone with him while watching HSN ( with Tori of course) and I fell in love with the necklace and he told me to call and buy it cause it might be the last gift he could buy me. So I went ahead and called and I was so excited the lady on the phone told me if I wanted to talk to Tori on air And of course I was yes and I waited for her to put me through…. Never in a million years thought that I Would be able to tell the person I admire so much how wonderful her was. So not only was that the best birthday gift I ever received but the best memory I will have as well.

  • Tracy Eng

    My favorite birthday was two years ago when Tori was selling a necklace called the” Bullet”. unfortunately my father was in the hospital and I was on the phone with him while watching HSN ( with Tori of course) and I fell in love with the necklace and he told me to call and buy it cause it might be the last gift he could buy me. So I went ahead and called and I was so excited the lady on the phone told me if I wanted to talk to Tori on air And of course I was yes and I waited for her to put me through…. Never in a million years thought that I Would be able to tell the person I admire so much how wonderful her was. So not only was that the best birthday gift I ever received but the best memory I will have as well. Ps happy bIrthday :)

  • Kena Keaton-Henderson

    My favorite birthday present is a silver jewelry box my brother gave me. I will treasure it forever, I lost my brother in a car accident 2 years ago and every night before I go to sleep I think of him as I am putting my jewerly in my jewelry box. Happy Birthday!

  • Kim Newton

    I got an autographed picture of Hugh Hefner and the Girls Next Door framed! Best present ever!:-)

  • Jasmine

    On June 24th the year I turned 31 years old I had just had my second son, Mason. He was born on May 24th, exactly one month before my birthday. My sons father had helped me through some of the darkest times in my life the previous couple of years as I was going through a horrible divorce. He was there for me always and is truly the love of my life. He took me out to dinner to the Chart House for my birthday and when we got there there were 2 dozen long stem roses on the table arranged in a huge vase and I got very special treatment from the staff. After dinner we went out on the deck to look at the river and he got down on one knee and proposed to me. I said yes and we now have another son and daughter together and have been together for 14 years. That would have to be the best Birthday present ever in my book.

  • Brandy Schneider

    My favortie birthday gift would have to be the homemade card my son made me about 2 years ago. It was on construction paper, had our family picture and was the first time he had written MOM all by himself!!

  • Samantha Ortiz

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!

    Yay I am also a May baby! I just recently celebrated my 23rdbirthday along with a 6 month wedding anniversary! So I was super excited when my hubby surprised me taking me to go see the Avengers!!! It was AWESOME and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present.


    Samantha Suarez

  • Laura Hooper

    The best birthday gift I ever received was my twin sister. She has always been my best friend. Each day with her is a celebration in itself because she loves me for who I am and will always be there for me.

  • Sarah Ward

    Happy birthday Tori! My favorite birthday present was a trip to Europe with my family in high school. Spending my birthday in Venice (any time would have been great though, really!) was the best πŸ˜€

  • Cindy B

    Happy Birthday, Tori! Now, that I have kids, I’m happiest on my birthdays with handmade cards from the kids or spending the day together, just having fun and relaxing – lots of hugs and kisses are great, too! πŸ˜‰

  • Mimi

    I’ve been so fortunate to receive so many wonderful presents for my birthday. I think the best so far was when my husband baked and frosted a birthday cake for me. He seldom cooks, so to bake anything was completely out of his element. He did a wonderful job! Out of the 24 years we’ve been together and all the presents he’s given, my favorites are always the ones he’s made!

    Hope you have the happiest of birthdays with your loves!!!

  • Shandalyn McCloy

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!!! The best gift I remember was 60 roses from my daughters. They loved them just as much as I did. Hope your day is very blessed.

  • Veronica Almonte

    Happy Birthday! :)

    The best gift I ever received was last year on my birthday, Feb 22nd, 2011. My husband surprised me and came home for R&R from his deployment overseas. I cannot describe the overwhelming joy I felt the moment I saw him, I was in heaven :)

  • Heltsuuu K.

    Happy 39th Birthday Tori!!!:) I hope you have a very nice day!:)

    Best wishes from Estonia !:)

  • Joanne Konecky

    My best birthday gift was at age 16. I got my ears pierced and I also received a red panasonic am/fm radio. Is my age showing or what? Hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Maria Batt

    Happy birthday to you Tori! I just received my best birthday present, well…it really was more of an expirience. This year I turned 30 and my husband planned our regular trip to NY. This time, he pakced it with incredible surprises.

    Dinner at Marcus Samuelson’s Red Rooster in Harlem, a 35 Speedy bag, but best of all, he arranged for my parents and sister to meet us in New York and share the weekend with us. Him planning that, and them being there, was the best gift by far.

    I will never forget how he gave me happiness, my family, and the city for my 30th birthday.

  • Jennifer

    Happy Birthday, Tori and thank you for the great discount! I actually just purchased one of the milk glass vases from InvenTORI as “my gift” from you. You truly are an inspiration to moms worldwide. You deserve to feel blessed today and everyday as you have learned to find a way to balance all of your interests with the needs of your children — a skill that I’m also learning to perfect.

    I would have to say that I received the best birthday gift yet last year on the day before my 33rd birthday. The date was August 31, 2011 — the day of my first big prenatal ultrasound, the NT scan. It was my fourth pregnancy (I had lost two previously) and my first high-risk pregnancy. I was just about 12 weeks pregnant and hoping the scan would show me a healthy little bean. Ever since I lost my son at almost 20 weeks pregnant to a non-malignant brain tumor, I feared ultrasounds, so I thought it was rather brave of me to schedule a pretty important one the day before my birthday. Thankfully, the scan showed a happy, healthy and active little baby, who is now almost three months old. I left the ultrasound clinic grinning from ear to ear and with feeling as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Although I couldn’t celebrate with a glass of my favorite wine, I did help myself to an extra slice of birthday cake that year. Thanks for allowing me to share a very happy birthday memory with you.

    Enjoy your day!

  • Christina Brown

    I recieved a pair of diamond earring, while we were vacationing in Vermont. It was the greatest birthday. Happy Birthday to you Tori.

  • Heather Hess

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! the best birthday gift i have received is anything my kids have made for me. i think its always the thought that counts and not how much it cost. they always make me cards,a sign and dinner and spend the day w/me and thats the best gift i could ever ask for.

  • Sara Mac

    These rings are GREAT! My Mother’s birthday was also May 16th and although it’s still a rather difficult day for me (we lost her 3 years ago) I think of all the different things she taught me. My love for Chanel, fashion in general, decorating, etc. Although she and I weren’t close until the end as I was quite the “rebel”, :( I wouldn’t trade ANYTHING for that time. She went out of her way to make each and every birthday EXCEPTIONAL for me – so I would gladly say my BEST birthday present was my Mother! :)

    I’m older than 39 – and I can honestly say “it’s just beginning, Tori!” :)

  • Stacy Odinga

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!! Hope you are enjoying a wonderul day with your kids and hubby. My favorite present was getting an engaged. My hubby proposed to me on my birthday. He wrote me a poem and got down on his knee. We have been together ever since.

  • Marlene Tabor

    Happy Birthday !! My best gift ever was a bracelet made from buttons with the center button being a picture of my baby that she made in kindergarden. That is priceless !!

  • Kathie First name

    Happy Birthday!! My best gift was on my 31st bday. I had my beautiful daughter. My children are my world.

    I hope you have the best birthday with Dean and the kids. I know those are my best birthdays.

  • Terri Maynard

    Happy Birthday Tori, I hope it’s a great one with your family. My Favorite birthday gift was finding out i was pregant with my son, i cried my eyes out with joy. I was turning 20 it was a shock at first but it was the best thing in my life, besides marring my high school sweet heart that went into the we are planning a wedding.

  • Mandy22s

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! My favorite birthday gift was my boyfriend, now Hubby, proposing to me for my 24th Birthday. We have now been married almost 2 years :)

  • LaydeeT

    The best birthday gift I received was a old picture of one of the well rounded respectful women I know, my Grandmother. Is was her in her younger days looking stunning this amazing black summer dress that fit her body beautifully! I carry it around with me everywhere especially since she passed away.

  • Becky Layfield

    Happy Blessed Birthday Tori!! I pray it is filled with lots of love, laughter, peace, cake and presents!! :) The best Birthday I had was my 50th, last year, my adult children, grandchildren and husband surprised me with a party with friends and family!! I was blessed and we had so much fun. They know I love fellowship with the ones I love so this made my day extra special!! I pray you continue to keep up the great job you do Tori and thanks for sharing it all with us!!

    Love in Christ,

    Becky Layfield

  • Kristal

    HaPpY BiRtHdaY to YoU, sweet Tori! :) I hope your day is filled with wonderful moments and JOYs. My favorite birthday gift was a ticket from a great friend to go to a fabulous party hosted by my favorite DJ. Ahhh, the memories… So much fun, sO much dancing. YaY!

  • Misty Star

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! the best gift I received was a handmade picture my 6 year old daughter made of herself for me she made it at school and it is the BEST present ever!!! she is my hero she is in remission from leukemia and I am just so happy that she is here to be able to make me those pictures.

  • Carmel Sanders

    My great-grandmother gave me a pair of diamond earrings for my 25th Birthday. I lost her the next year. She raised me and was like my mother. Those have meant more to me than almost anything. Happy Birthday Tori! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Jeanny Jacobs-Grosset

    Happy Birthday to you Tori !!!!!!
    Looking Good as ever..

    Love to your Whole Little Family to you & Dean

    I am 49 now myself & my Daughter & Hubby both keep telling me that I get better Looking as I get older..
    Makes me wonder hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
    Did I look that bad before at 30 or 40
    have to love the Family (-: (-: LOL LOL LOL

    My Best Birthday Gift ever was…..

    My Mom baking me a Chocolate Triple Decker Cake…I had so many Memories of my Mom baking as a Child..she always had something Baked for US as a Child when we got home after School & especially our Birthdays…..Our Birthdays were always Special with a Cake of our Favorite…..Baking is my Best Memories of my Birthday

    My Mom does not do too much baking anymore (She has Fibromyalgia / Bone Diease) But my daughter who is 23 is the baker in the Family…She has my Mom’s Talent on the Baking..I am the Chef in the Family…

    Best Birthday Memories my Mom using her hands again…..

    I only wished I had spent more time with her baking….

  • Paula

    Happy Birthday, Tori! One of the best gifts ever was a stufffed animal won by friends at the Brighton Beach Pier followed by dinner and flaming hookers (a British drink) in London that night!

  • Kim C.

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    The best birthday present I ever got was my most recent birthday, this past December 18th. Being a “Christmas baby”, I never had a real birthday party b/c ppl are always away w/ the holidays being so close. But this year I got a group of my 10 closest friends together and we had the nicest dinner. The fact that they all took the time to come celebrate my day, THAT was the best present ever :)

  • redenjewelry

    My best birthday gift without a doubt is my 3 wonderful children. Being a mother is the greatest gift I’ve been given.

  • redenjewelry

    Happy Birthday to you Tori!!! Love your show!

  • Jennifer Douglas

    Happy Birthday Tori!! I just love being able to get a sneek peek in on your family life. You have an amazing husband and children. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

    My best birthday gift ever would have to be a tie!

    My birthday is March 11th and on that day 8 years ago my first nephew, Ryan was born. To share your birthday with a little one is amazing!

    On March 11th 1 year ago I found out that I was pregnant with our first baby girl. We had been trying for so long to conceive (5 years since we had our son) to finally have another baby.

    Then this past March 11th my other little nephew, Brandon was born. Another amazing gift!

    So, that’s why I would have to say it’s a tie. I can’t choose between three little babies :) It truly is a blessing and I am so happy to share my birthday with my nephews and the memory of when the doctor told be I was pregnant with our baby girl :)

    I hope you get to enjoy a best birthday gift ever!!

  • Cia Mansfield

    Happy Birthday, darling!! I must say that my favorite birthday gift was at a time when my husband and I did not have a lot of money. We had just moved into a new house and had two small children. As luck would have it, my wonderful mother-in-law was visiting from Mobile, Alabama and offered to babysit so that hubby and I could spend the day together. I knew we did not have the funds for a fancy resturant meal, but that didn’t matter when we drove up to one of the lovely plantation homes near us (we live in south Louisiana). We spent the day touring that plantation and enjoying the beautiful grounds. It was a lovely January day and I will always remember that birthday as one of my favorite.

  • Erin

    Happy Birthday Tori I hope its a great day for you my best birthday gift ever was when I was 5( its not really a gift on my acutally birthday) I wished while blowing my candles out that I would have a baby brother my mom was pregnant at the time and due any day and 2 weeks later I had a baby brother and I was so happy!! We are now all grown up and really close so that is a birthday wish that not only came true but a birthday I won’t forget either. I know its not what you probably expected but it something that always comes to my mind when I think of a good birthday.

  • TMerritt

    Happy Birthday!! My best birthday gift is my daughter. Her due date was the day before my birthday but she was born 10 days late so while she was a bit of a belated gift she has still been the best gift i’ve ever gotten. It’s amazing not only to see the world through a childs eyes (she turns 2 later this month) but it’s amazing to see yourself reflected in a child, the good and the bad, and all the realizations that comes with it.

  • Liana Pasialis

    Happy Birthday Tori!! My best birthday gift would be that I met my husband on my 23rd birthday and knew right then and there he was the one for me. He’s amazing and everything I ever needed….must be something to do with those men from Toronto! Haha! Enjoy your birthday and lots of love to you, your babies, the baby on the way and Dean!!

  • Julie Thinnes

    Happy Birthday Tori, hope you and your family get to celebrate all together! My best birthday present was my 18th birthday, my parents gave me a car after graduation to go away to college. It was a scavenger hunt and I had to find the car (it was in the neighbors garage). It was so fun ;o)

  • CarrieAn13

    Happy Birthday! The best birthday gift I ever recieved was from my husband, who surprised me with a spa day for my 30th birthday – and he set it up with my best friend to boot. So my best friend & I spent the morning being pampered. He follwed it up with a dinner out at my favorite restaurant with our closest friends. It couldn’t have been better, a day with time for family, friends, and myself. Thanks for the chance!

  • Susan I

    Happy Birthday Tori and you own those 39 years! My best birtday gift would probably have to be the gummy bears and other treats that my grandma would send over from Germany when I was little. You couldn’t get them over here at the time and it was just so special to me that she remembered what I liked.

  • Sharon Melton

    The BEST birthday gift I got wasn’t a material item, it was my son getting full custody of his daughter. Her Mom walked out of her life when she was two, she’s now 4. I’m going to be 50 this year and I still say I’m 29 and holding…lol. I’ve raised two boy’s now 29 & 23 and I’m basically raising my granddaughter to give her a bright future. I fit in with all the preschool Mom’s, in fact most think I am her Mom but I will forever be her Mommom! I do everything with her and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. We both wish you a very Happy Birthday Tori!

  • D Hynes

    My best birthday ever was my first as a mommy. Holding my new baby girl while my family sang “happy birthday” was the best gift!

  • Courtney Hayes

    The best gift I have ever received was last year for my 27th birthday. Two days before my actual bday we found out that we were pregnant with my now beautiful (almost) 7 month old daughter, Sienna. She is the light of my life and I could not imagine a greater present. She has blessed me with patience, understanding and love that I never knew could exist!

    Happy birthday, Tori! I’m sure your family has made this a special day for you :)

  • Hallie Eisenhardt

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! I will be 39 too June 22, i know how your feeling. Bless you and your growing family. You are havng your 4th child and I have my first grandbaby due anyday now :)

    Best birthday gift…..hmmmm, that is a hard one. I truly love everythng my loved one’s (esp my kids) give me. Just that they took the time to think of me means so much. I will have to say though, my daughter painted me a picture about 3 yrs ago and its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! It’s not just because she made it (makes it that more special) but it is truly beautiful. Blessed to have such a gifted daughter.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday day :)

  • rashana Wells

    Happy birthday! I guess the best gift is just the fact that we have been given another year of blessings to reflect on and a future to hope for and look forward to with the ones we love

  • Mieke De Mulder

    Happy birthday Tori !

    My birthday I cherish the most was my 30th one. My sister and parents organised an amazing surprise party for me with my family. I was so happy and had no idea. On top of all that, I got this fabulous wooden secretary I love so much as a real Jane Austen fan.

    I would really love to win a copy of your signed book, it would fit great with my secretary :-)

    All the best !

  • Tara nelson

    Happy Birthday hope you have a wonderful day with your family!! My best present ever…… I guess nothing i have ever gotten as a gift could measure up to my familys love and kindness that i get on that special day! I get kindness and love from them all year around but it just seems a little extra more on your one special day of the year!! So My best present is my family, love and kindness!!!

  • Erica Mitchell

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday gift I ever recieved was when I wasn’t feeling quite right after eating a pizza, wings, fries and soda. Perfectly normal right? Well, all that food was sooo tasty going down, but then later that night I was awakened by my belly and the next thing I know; my head was in the toilet. “Did I eat to much?” is what I wonder? Of course,my husband thinks he already knows. I woke up the next day, went to the dollar tree and pied on the stick. Yeah folks, I was pregnant! I took the test right on time. I was so thankful for that years’ gift from GOD and I just celebrated her second birthday yesterday. So that’s my story and Tori I love your family and the fact that you and Dean are finally getting the picket fence, farm family you’ve always wanted. Be blessed.

  • tiffany Basham

    Happy Birthday!!! I would have to say my best birthday gift was last march when i got to hear my baby’s heartbeat. we had some prior heartache and learned a few months later we were pregnant… so going in and not knowing what to expect was not easy. icant even to begin to describe how i felt when i heard the beat of his heart so that would have to be my all time favorite birthday gift.

  • Ellen Sorg

    I definitely have to say the best gift I ever received was when I turned 4. I got a beautiful pink cassette tape player and the Ghostbusters soundtrack. I totally rocked out! It even had a strap so you could carry it with you. Oh, the 80s!

    Enjoy your day, Tori! You deserve to rock out too!

  • Ginny Gallagher LaRowe

    Happy Terrific 39th Birthday Mommie Tori!
    (FYI: They just keep getting better from now on.)
    I agree with many of your readers …
    The best birthdays were love-filled … when I celebrated each year (as my family grew) with each of my angelic newly born 3 sons.
    Now, as a grandmother, you cannot imagine the ultimate joy I experienced this past year with two (almost one year old) princess grand-daughters, on my birthday. It must be a “taste of Heaven.”
    I think I know the best birthday “presents” … are … when you are blessed with family “presence.”

  • leelee

    Happy Birthday T!!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day with your beautiful family! You deserve it! May you have many many more!

    My favorite birthday present was a vintage style pearl ring from my hubby. The pearl was significant because it is the birthstone of our baby girl, Rylie. It is so beautiful and was such a thoughtful gift.

  • Michelle Owens

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Tori…you make 39 look fierce and fabulous! :) My favorite birthday gift of all time was a Mickey Mouse watch from my Grandpa . He gave it to me on my 6th birthday and I remember it like it was yesterday. It is an old-school wind-up one and, even though many years later I over-wound it and broke it, I still wore it all the time. I have it in my jewelry box next to my diamonds and gold because, now that my Grandpa is gone, it is one of the best memories I have of him that keeps him close to me. In a fire, it would be one of those must-save items. :)

  • From Me

    Love you and happy birthday :) My best birthday was when, I was ten years old and my mom and dad took me to see, Hello, Dolly, on Broadway, with Carol Channing. I fell in love with the theatre in a way show soundtracks, which I was brougt up on, cannot do.

    After the show, Ms Channing came out, alllowed me to come up on stage, and talked to me. I saw what the world looked like from the stage, and I can still smell the sent of perfume, sweat, and something else….brilliance.

    It touched me in a way I will never forget and I still experience that awe every timee the curtian goes up!

  • Nina Louise Beck

    Happy birthday or ‘Gratulerer med dagen!’ (in norwegian) :)

    What has been the best birthday present ever???…cake (made by my 3 lovely kids (3, 6 and 14)), birthday song ( I get to choose…either the norwegian one or ‘Happy birthday to you’) and warm hugs :)

    Birthdayhug from me <3

  • CeCe C

    Hi Tori: My best bday was my 45th. I had gotten a cancer diagnosis and planned my surgery for the week before my 45th bday. I learned that my cancer had been removed completely. My Mom had breast cancer surgery the week before (for the 2nd time) and we learned just after my bday that her treatments worked and she was cancer-free. To top it off, we were told that February that Doctors thought my son (a senior in high school) had Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma. They did emergency surgery on him first-thing in the morning and learned that it was not cancer (but a case of Epstein Barre Syndrome, which isn’t a great diagnosis, but is much better than a cancer diagnosis) which caused his lymph nodes to go crazy leaving him a mass that was removed surgically. So it was a great year of faith and healing for my family (since we all got gifts that year).

  • Future Mom

    Happy Birthday Tori! I just had a birthday on May 4. To me, the best birthday gift isn’t an actual gift. I just love being with my family…especially my new born. He is 5 months old and his name is Liam Hunter. Seeing his smiling face and being able to snuggle him was the best birthday gift.

  • Jennifer Zemlin

    Happy Birthday Tori, today is my birthday too, 47 years young!! I would have to say that my best birthday gift was to go back to my homeland, England in 2005 for my 40th, it had been almost 8 years since I had been back. I managed to take my 3 small children and husband with me to visit my family. We had a glorious time and reconnected in more ways than one, parents, brothers, sister, nephews, nieces etc all together again. My wonderful father passed away this past January and I took the trip alone this time to once again be with my family and to say goodbye to him, I have been very lucky over the years that they have been to visit me but on this birthday I miss him deeply and reflect on all the happiness and love that surrounded me 7 years ago.

    Jen Zemlin

  • Kyla

    Happy Birthday Tori

    I turned 40 last year, just 2 months after the birth of my second child. The great gift was being too tired and busy to worry about my age :-) I also love the pendant my husband had made with his and our childrens names stamped on it. I can wear them close to my heart everyday.


  • Mary K

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! You may be turning 38 but you still look like you’re 25!!

    I don’t get presents from my husband / kids as I’m the gift buyer in the family but I don’t mind that at all :). I have to say that the best gift for me personally was taking my Mum to a high tea for the first time and spending an amazing day with her & my daughter (3 generations!). At the end of the day she turned and said “This was the best day of my life!” It still makes me smile remembering that particular day. We strolled around a beautiful homestead enjoyed looking around an 1800’s homestead and then being served champagne on arrival to the High Tea and delicious food and tea.

    I hope you have a lovely birthday with your gorgeous family.


  • Lil momma

    Happy Bday Tori!! My son turns 5 today! My best present would have to b my son. B/c he taught me so much abt myself. There are no words to describe how greatful I am. He’s such a loving, funny, not to mention handsome lil man. No one knows how wonderful of a mom your going to be until your one…..and that’s the my greatest gifts.

  • Monique Leslie

    Oh Happy Birthday! That’s right own it!

    Oh gosh the best present.

    I remember when I was little one of my favorite presents was a radio and one blank tape. I think I was my 12th birthday. I still have the blank tape, of course it was recorded with music and re-recorded on over and over again. I loved it.

  • Angela Schmidt

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday :)

  • Denise Boeck

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!!! My best birthday gift would have to be my first homemade card from my daughter when she was 2. We tried for many years to have a baby, so she is quite our little miracle!! So it was a treasure to say the least.

  • sandra fruechting

    Wow! this is the day God has made for you!

  • Nicole Smith

    Well, hubs has not gotten me anything for my 30th yet, so he may be paying a little visit to InvenTORI later and the following story might change:)

    The best present so far has to be my Nana’s charm bracelet. She has advancing Alzheimer’s disease; we were forced to put her in a memory care facility several years ago. My cousin and Mom came across her charm bracelet in a drawer and both remembered how much I spoke of it. When I was a little girl I would sit on her bed and listen to stories of each charm. My favorite being the pin from the first grenade my grandfather pulled during WWII. He sent it to her in a letter, not knowing if he would ever make it back alive. He left us many years ago, but I feel a little closer to the beautiful couple in their twenties, so deeply in love when the world was turned upside down everytime I run my fingers over this special item.

    I hope for your birthday you receive many things special in your heart. Happy Birthday! XOXO

  • Tammy Hansen

    LONG, BUT SO WORTH THE READ! I just turned 37 on Cinco de Mayo…Happy Birthday Tori! I am a huge fan and have been for years. I must first tell you that I struggled for a long time with being told I would never be a mommy. I was told by several doctors that it would probably never happen. BUT, I am very strong-willed. When someone tells me that I can’t do something, I MUST prove them wrong! I tried for 10 years to get pregnant with my ex-husband. It was very devastating. When the marriage ended, I just gave up hope that I would ever be a mommy. I longed to have a daughter because I struggled with my own relationship with my mother being strained. And then, I met the man of my dreams…again. He was my first junior high boyfriend when we were both 12. After years of not seeing one another, we found each other again. It was like no time had passed. We fell in love instantly, and I just KNEW. After just a few short weeks, he proposed. People thought I was nuts, but I knew it was right. And then, it happened…I found out I was pregnant! So, my best birthday present ever is? For my 32nd birthday, I found out I was finally having my girl! I got to see her on the ultrasound, and the doctors told me she was a healthy baby girl. Best birthday present EVER!

  • Keira-jane Rizk

    The best birthday gift I got was when I was away at Uni. My two bestfriends surprised me by driving the fours hours on a Tuesday to my Uni dorm and taking me out to dinner. I had no idea they were coming but my best friends felt so bad because I was telling them it was the first birthday I’d ever spent away from my friends and family. It meant the world to me and my friends said they had never seen me so excited or happy.

  • Linda morgan

    My birthday is 9-11… since the tragedy of this day my birthday has never felt the same.. I wish you the happiest birthday ever.. 3 beautiiful kiddies and one on the way… You go girl!!!! My best birthday gift was my husband.. I was skating at our local skate rink, and he literally knocked me over/down off my feet… We exchanged numbers and then he proposed to me a month later… We have been married for almost 27 yrs and have 3 kids.. Love ya Tori, Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  • Kerry Krueger

    Tori, My best birthday present just came from my boyfriend of 6 years. I just turned 35 a few weeks ago and my Grandmother just passed last week. He knew how much I have been struggling through school and all my emotions and wanted to do something special. I have a favorite picture of when I was 2 years old. I was so cute and it always makes me smile and laugh when I see myself smiling as a child. He surprised me with the fact that he has sent that picture into a professional to get it sized perfectly for the frame that I have been wanting to use that other pictures just don’t fit. I thought he went over board in spending on cell phones as he told me when I came home from the funeral. But indeed, he took what little money he had and got 2 pictures re-done. Perfect timing, perfect thought, and perfect gift from someone who I love! I just wanted to cry because it was so sweet.

  • Elizabeth Denise

    I was a single gal at the time yet on my 23rd birthday i was five months pregnant and found out i was having a BOY!!! it was the only thing i got for my birthday and it was an amazing thing yet he is a gift that keeps giving. My father had passed Nov 29th 1995 between 10 and 11 pm the reason i tell you this is because my son was Born Nov 29th at 11:05 pm 2003 so everytime i look at him i get a gift. My dad was amazing but God gave me another gift on the same day and time that i lost him so on the anniversory of my dads death every year i celebrate the birth of my son and remember my dads life instead of that day being sad.

  • Denise Pannell

    Happy Birthday! I would say that my best birthday gifts are those that are homemade, like the letters my sons wrote to me or the project they made in art class. Priceless!


  • Andrea Miller

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best gift I have ever recieved for my birthday…. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for MONTHS. I found out that I was pregnant just a few days after my 21st birthday. I think of that as a birthday gift and the best gift I could have ever got from anyone even though it was a few days late… When she was born she stopped breathing and was very sick…. She spent the first month of her life in NICU. I am now a mother of a beautiful almost 5 year old little girl and a hansome 14 month old baby boy. That baby girl was the best birthday gift that was given to me 9 moths after my birthday. I thank god for my children and being alive and being able to share every birthday with them is the greatest gift, they are the only thing I ever need.

    Tori I hope you have an amazing birthday! Thanks for being so great and so giving on your special day!

  • Nich

    Hi and Happy Birthday Tori! My birthday was Sat, 5/12 and my friend gave me a picture frame with a photo of our President and Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek and underneath the picture said “Barak and Nichelle”. I was named after Nichelle Nichols it was so thoughtful and you could tell she put a lot of thought and heart into the gift. I was very surprised and encouraged by this thoughtful gift.

  • Melissa Hazelwood

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! The best birthday gift I have ever received used to happen every year, you see my young cousin was born on my birthday, I was born on my grandmothers birthday, she was born on her uncles birthday, and he was born on his grandmothers birthday. So the best gift I ever received was celebrating these birthdays with my grandmother. I lost her to MS a few years ago and my birthday has never been the same ~yet I treasure the best gift of having her in my life all those years. Most people don’t like to share their birthday but I cherish everyone of those community parties!!!

  • Melinda Bills

    Happy Birthday!! The best birthday present I ever got was actually something I got myself hehe Almost 3 years ago I decided I needed a puppy in my life. My husband didn’t agree so I went out and bought one myself (2 days before my bday) Tucker is the GREATEST thing to ever happen to me. We don’t have kids yet so he is my pride and joy and loves me like there is no tomorrow. My husband even says that I made the right decision ( he loves TUcker too) so Tucker James is my FAVORITE bday present ever!

  • Lisa Broadley

    Happy Birthday!! My favourite gift wasn’t a surprise birthday party for my 16th birthday. It was something totally unexpected and thoughtful of my parents. My friends were all invited and we spend the night with the Karoke machine! I really enjoyed the element of SURPRISE!!

  • Alexandra Curran

    Happy Birthday Tori!! Hope your having a great day =] My favorite birthday gift would have to be when I was 17. I can remember it like it was yesterday. A boyfriend at the time who I am very close with still and we laugh back to this day. At midnight he showed up to my house and had our favorite song playing loud, so I could hear it through my windows. My favorite movie at the time was Say Anything. I was the most memorable and adroable gift I had ever recieved. He also gave me and ring that night, which was equally as special. It was awesome!

  • Anna Alliman

    Happy Birthday Tori! :) We are only 3 days apart…my birthday was on May 13th! Love the Taurus peeps! :) The Best birthday gift I ever got is that this year my 3 year old daughter (Dora) sang happy birthday to me with no help and that my birthday was on Mother’s day this year as well! I don’t need any gifts just as long as I have my family! They are the best gift of ALL!!! :) But we are going to Jamaica this June for all of our birthdays!! :) Hope you have a great day and you look FABULOUS for 39!! You put some 20 somethings to SHAME! πŸ˜‰ Congrats on your new pregnancy!! :)

  • Tonya Taylor

    Happy 39th B-day!!!!! I also turned 39 in March…My best gift was my daughter Kaley. I was due with her on my 30th b-day but like any other girl she needed her own day and was born 3 days later…Even though it wasn”t the same day she has been a joy and a blessing!!!!!!

  • Shauna Harvey

    Happy Birthday!

    I turned 35 in November & my husband took me on my first visit to Disneyland! Even though I am so young at heart Disneyland made me feel like a kid again! It was wonderful.

  • Kimberly Bobadilla

    Happy Birthday Tori! Tomorrow is my 25th birthday! We’re only one day apart!

    The greatest gift my parents gave me was for my 20th birthday, they surprised me me with tickets to see Wicked. It was the most amazing birthday. I loved the play and loved that we went to go see it together as a family! :) <3

  • Shenna Pinkett

    Best wishes to you on this special day of yours! The best birthday gift I ever recieved was a handmade card from my then boyfriend. He knew that I loved handmade gifts and so he actually took the time to draw (in his best way lol) flowers on the front of the card and wrote the most beautiful note inside telling me that he was most greatful for my mom on this day for bringing me into this world bc without her he wouldn’t have me. Needless to say I was beaming from ear to ear for a week straight. He did include a little something elise contained in a Tiffany blue box, but that card meant the world to me.

  • Kitty Manos

    First things, Happy Birthday Tori!!!! I hope u have a beautiful day with love,hugs and of course pressies!

    The best gift I got isnt jewellery or clothes,nor vases or crystal, it is a early bday present and it was my miracle daughter, after having a major stroke at 14 the doctors said that my body cant handle getting pregnant and then at 21 finding that i had 66 cycsts and P.o.c.s that children were only a dream.

    then in 2008, just after my wedding finding that i was pregnant and that i was due around mine and my new husbands birthdays.

    i was scared because still i hAve trouble reading and writing and learning, that that would impacted my daughters life, but at 1yrs old we were told by our doctor that she was smart as a 4yr old, now shes 3, full of life,engery, and loving learning new things every day, she like me loves craft, so we do craft as much as we can!

    Thank you for reading this xxx

  • JenK

    The best thing I ever receive for my birthday are my handmade cards from my daughter. I’ve kept every one of them. I also have a wonderful rock garden (also birthday gifts from my daughter). Children are our cherished gifts, and gifts from their heart are just amazing to behold. <3

  • Kari Pick

    Happy Birthday Tori!! I think my best and most favorite birthday present was when I turned 24 (I am now 33). My awesome parents paid for me to have lazik eye surgery as my bday gift!. I had horrible eye sight and now I can see perfect! The gift of sight was the best gift ever!

  • Pam Rueff

    Hope you are having a wonderful 39th Birthday Tori!

    My son Dylan was born a few days after your Stella was born. A few weeks after his birth, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I had immediate surgery to remove the tumor. One week later, the results came back that the tumor had not spread and I did not need chemo. My birthday was the next day and the best present was knowing that I would be able to watch my baby and my boys grow up.

  • JenK

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Birthday full of love, laughter and dancing!! :)

  • Hazel Ferguson

    Happy Birthday Tori <3 I hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends.

    I would have to say the best birthday surprise/gift I remember was my 12th birthday. My uncle told me he was taking me and my sister shopping for school clothes. School started right about the time of my birthday so it seemed logical to me. We drove for what seemed like forever ( looking back now it was only about 30 minutes lol) and we parked in some strange lot. I asked my uncle where we were. He said we had to park far and walk to the mall. So we get out of the car and we are walking for again what seems like forever. Nothing looks familiar to me, I was only 12. We get to a stop light and we are about to cross the street and my uncle hands me an envelope and tells me to open it. I open it and there were tickets for Knott’s berry farm. I was soooooooooo excited. It was the best birthday any kid could have asked for.

  • Star

    Happy birthday, Tori! Woot! Woot! :) The greatest birthday gift I ever received was one more day with my dear Daddy! He passed away the day AFTER my birthday after a brave and long battle with cancer.

  • Pup Pea

    Feliz cumpleanos, Tori! xoxo

    The best birthday gift I ever received was receiving the news that I was finally pregnant after 3 years of trying. It finally happened and I couldn’t believe it. So, for my birthday and the day after it, I was lucky enough to believe I was finally going to be a mom. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way. I will never be a mom, but since then two beautiful nieces have two been born and my sister lets me spoil them rotten. I guess God gave them to me as belated birthday gifts. :)

  • Darla Vaughan

    I remember when I turned 8 I got pair of white roller skates with pink wheels and a hot pink satin jacket that said “Roller Disco” on the back in glitter. No joke, that was the most wonderful birthday gift when I was a kid!

    Happy Birthday T! My daughter, Callie, shares your birthday. Today she is 5!

  • Warnekeh

    *Happy Birthday Tori* I am now 26, and three years ago I got my English bulldog, Bella as a gift. She is basically my child (that is, until I have an actual child=)) and I love her with all of my heart. She was the best gift I have ever received!

  • Anne C

    First off I would like to say Happy Birthday Tori, hope all your wishes and dreams come true in this upcoming year! :) For me the most memorable Birthday would be my last one, it’s not about the gifts, it was about being able to spend one more special day with my Grandpa before he passed away in Feburary, he was 91. Seeing him singing Happy Birthday to me, then telling his jokes and about when he was over in Pearl Harbor during the war was the best gift a girl could honestly ask for. To me Birthdays are about spending it with the ones you love, and that to me is what makes my birthday so special. I can still see his smiling face among all my family. My Grandpa was more of a Father to me so the memories I have of him I hold dear, so special times as birthdays and holidays I hold dear and are the best gift of all!

  • Jayne Hartley

    When I was 9, my oldest sister had her youngest boy. I’ve always called him my birthday present, from the moment I heard she was going to be scheduled on my birthday, to the day of when I was mad and thought we were going to miss my birthday party! I was the “birthday girl!” after all… Beyond my nephew, I’d say my favorite birthday gift was my couple of shares of Starbucks stock! My ex-boyfriend wanted to give me something that would last more than 5 minutes! :)

  • mary spurrell

    I received the gift of a lifetime for my 40th birthday!! I found out I was pregnant with my son, Nicholas. He will be 11 in December. My birthday is in a few weeks!! Happy Birthday to you~!!!!

  • Kelly B

    My favorite bday gift would definitley have to be my ring my parents gave me for my 18th birthday. I love to wear it all the time because it has special meaning to me! Happy birthday Tori, have a great day and healthy year! (:

  • Jackie C

    Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyy πŸ˜€ My 35th is fast approaching (June 14). I’m not quite sure how I feel about that age. So far 34 has been great, started a new career which I love, got accepted into grad school at Michigan State U, WON A FABULOUS NECKLACE FROM THE FABULOUS TORI SPELLING, I mean things are just looking up!!

    The best birthday gift I ever received?? Probably on my 18th birthday, my dad had engraved on a plaque the song “Isn’t She Lovely” I guess that song was popular when I was born and he would sing it to me. I’m a daddy’s girl. hehe I’m not sure what happened to it, I had it up in my old bedroom and they packed everything away. Now I’m going to have to go on a hunt for it!!

  • Jennifer Parker

    Happy Birthday Tori!! I hope Dean & the kids pampered you today!!! I actually have two favorite birthday gifts that I couldn’t choose between. Neither of them actually arrived on my birthday, but they were the best gifts I ever recieved. The first was my second birthday gift and she grew up to be best friend…my sister, she arrived 9 days after I turned 2. My second favorite gift was my beautiful daughter who arrived 22 days after I turned 30. My husband and I were told we wouldn’t be able to have children so she is our miracle baby. So neither of my favorite birthday gifts were things that were bought in a store, but my family are the best gifts I’ve ever been blessed with. I hope you had a great day with yours!!!

  • Nooshin Baran

    Happy Birthday, Tori! I was so glad to be rid of my 20’s and enter the next chapter of my life so I made sure that my 30th birthday ROCKED!!! I wore a crown & pink boa to school and brought cupcakes to share with my 3rd graders that day. After a decade of horrible relationships, I met a fabulous man on eHarmony just two weeks prior. He surprised me by sending two dozen roses to school. I look back on that day as a turning point in my life! It was the first time I realized that I deserve to be loved unconditionally. Although I am a laid-off teacher now, I am blessed to be married to that fabulous man who continues to show me new levels of unconditional love! 11 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful boy and am experiencing a different kind of love that has my heart bursting at the seams!!! I’ll be 34 in 3 weeks and am still LOVING my 30’s :)

  • Sharon Martinez

    Happy Birthday Tori!!

    Wow, for many of us the best birthday gift was finally being pregnant or becoming a mother. I have to say, it is the same for me… after many years of trying, IUI’s, and finally an IVF, I found out I was finally pregnant 4 days shy of my 39th birthday. Everyday I pinch myself because sometimes I can’t believe I’m actually a mom.

  • Nancy Downey

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best birthday gift was my first child, my daughter Cait. She is now 17 & (along with her brother…lol) the most amazing thing I have ever done. I can’t imagine my life without her, and am thankful every day that I get to be her mom.

  • Lisa Kurzawa

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

    The best birthday gift I received was a made by my daughter Kaitlyn. She made a pretty jewelry box for me. She painted it and decorated it so nice. I use it everyday.

    Congrats on the pregnancy.

    Lisa …

  • chris c

    the best birthday gift i received was in 2008. my niece/goddaughter was born on my birthday

  • emma kensington

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!

    Since I could remember all I’ve ever wanted was to visit Paris. I kept hoping that I would make it there before my 30th birthday. Lo and behold, I turned 30 and well, my husband and I were expecting our first baby and crazy saving for a house so Paris would have to wait. So for my 30th birthday my husband threw me a fabulous French inspired surprise party at his brother’s house. All the guests were dressed in black & white attire, french details everywhere and even a gorgeous lit up Eiffel Tower. I was truly surprised and so moved by all the work put into “taking me to Paris”. That was almost 8 years ago, 3 kiddies later and I have yet to visit Paris. But I will forever treasure that gift!

  • Cinnamon Jent

    Oh Tori..I turn 39 this year too and feel like i’m in my late 20’s still also. Goes by so fast! Anyhoo, my best birthday present was about 5 years ago, when I became a mommy to my little man in July, my birthday month. My little guy is always looking out for me and his little sister and is such an agel. Well, hope to win but am happy that I stubled across your site today.

  • jaime sherman

    My favorite birthday present came a few days before my birthday. It was my son Jack whose birthday is actually today! My birthday is May 20, so that was absolutely the best present ever.

  • Amanda Hansen

    First off Happy Birthday Tori!!! I’m impressed you are admitting an age number!!! I don’t unless my oldest rats me out! My favorite birthday present was on my golden birthday…27 on the 27th of May…I went into labor with son #2!!!! While he wasn’t born on my birthday, we have two separate days, It started on my birthday the expansion of my family!!! There is nothing that can top that!!!!

  • Lindzie Warfield

    Happy Birthday Tori :) My favorite Birthday present so far was when my husband played hookie from work to take me and my then 2 year old to Disneyland :) Best birthday ever :)

  • Teri Gosselin

    Yay, Happy Birthday Tori!!

    I think my favorite birthday gift was my gift 2 years ago, when I turned 29. I was almost 8 months pregnant with our first child, and my husband surprised me with a maternity photo session. It was so special to capture that time in our lives, and some of these pictures are my most favorite.

  • weezyree

    Happy 10th Anniversary of your 29th Birthday!!! I just had the same celebration last month. My fav bday gift was from my grandma. She had my aunt take her shopping. She picked out a Precious Moments “April Showers” figurine and the usual ‘little kid’ card. It was my twentieth bday and I was stationed in South Korea. She passed away on my birthday that year and never got the gift mailed. It was not only my 20th, but also Easter Sunday. When I came home for the funeral, my aunt gave me the gift and it’s the only thing I DO NOT allow the moving company to move. We are a military fam and move tons. All four of my grandparents have a special place in my heart and three of them have passed on or around my birthday and while many people would feel negatively about their bday for that reason, for me it’s a reason to celebrate the memories I shared with them. Memories can’t be taken away and are truly a gift!!! I hope you enjoyed your day!!!

  • Susan DeHaven

    I can’t say it was the best present, however, it was the most memorable. I turned 50 last year and spent my birthday in the hospital with my son who had an emergency appendectomy! To see your child in so much pain, breaks your heart because there is nothing you can do to ease that pain for them except be there and tell them that it is going to be alright. His appendix had ruptured and after 5 days in the hospital, 4 MRIs and a drain tube (he developed an abycess too) I am happy to report that he is fully recovered and except for a few incision scars on his abdomen you would never know that he had gone through such an ordeal.

  • Jennifer H

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! My favorite birthday present was a surprise birthday party from my husband in 2001. We were struggling so hard financially and I didn’t think we could afford anything at all! But when I got home from my night shift job at 11pm, he had a birthday cake, ice cream, pizza and flowers!!! It was a great surprise!!

  • daisy reguero

    first of all happy birthday tori and enjoy your special day with your family. My best birthday gift ever was my three boys i was born on january 26,and my babies were born ,feb,9th then 2 years later feb2nd then 7 years later feb 10. and they all boys and for my fourth year wedding anniversary my gift was my oldest son i was married on august 11 and he was born. on august 23rd. yes i have all 4 boys.and what a blessing it has been im a very proud mama. oh by the way the fourth baby was a surprise to me just like you were lol.

  • Jennifer Wassmann

    Happy Birthday Tori!! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends! My favorite birthday was just this past year my husband and mom threw me a surprise 30th birthday party with my close family and friends. My best friend and I went and saw a well known psychic before and we were just going to have dinner and drinks and when we got there all my close family and friends were there! It was a great night!

  • CraftyIrish

    First Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are having a fantastic time & Dean and the kids are treating you like a princess…

    My best birthday present ever… I must go retro with this one. For my 6th birthday I got the COOLEST bike ever made. In 1976 Huffy Bikes made the Star Spangled Banner Bike commemorating the USA’s Bday. It was white, with red white & blue decals featuring the flag, red white & blue streamers coming from the handle bars, and a basket on the front. But the best feature was the banana seat! Remember those? My cousin had the boys version and we cruised up and down the block all day, every day. I can still remember riding it.

    My story is not the same as the stories above; touching sweet…babies are irresistible…I have 3….but this was one cool bike for a 6 year old. I always make sure to find the coolest bikes for my boys and the girliest for my daughter. Hmmmm she just turned 5 on May 8th, I wonder if I can find one on ebay for next year? Time to hit the thrifts.

    Enjoy your day…. Erin

  • Susan Grayson

    Happy Birthday Tori! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  • Erika Fiserova

    Happy Birthday Tori! You are an inspiration.

    Best birthday present I ever received I actually gave to myself. Five years ago on my 25th birthday I ended a relationship that was going nowhere, and nowhere fast. Amongst other reason, the icing on the cake was when the clock struck midnight, and I still hadn’t heard from him to wish me a happy birthday. As of that moment, we had ended and I’ve never looked back. One of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Megan Mattinson

    My favorite birthday present ever was some amazingly comfy pajamas from my hubby this year. It was exactly what I wanted and he did a GREAT job! Love my hubby!

  • Alisa Marie

    Happy Birthday, Tori!

    I’m 25 now and have had many wonderful birthdays (and some not so wonderful) but one that really stands out is my “Sweet Sixteen”.

    High school for me was far less than ideal. I was miserable. My parents decided to divorce, my grandfather whom I was extremely close to passed away unexpectedly, and I moved into a new house with some major (unwanted) changes in my home life… not to mention those crazy hormones we all have to deal with.

    So unfortuneately, I was very insecure. However, my 16th birthday was so special. I woke up to my mom and brother filling the entire house with orange and pink balloons. When they saw that I had woken up, my mom turned on the song “…now you’re sweet sixteen” and we slow danced in our morning robes.

    After that, I actually spent the whole day crying because everyone left the house while I was in the shower and I was alone all day thinking everyone forgot about my birthday (except for my mom and brother of course). I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    I did have plans to go out to dinner with my friends, so when only two of the 5 showed up I was confused. When I walked out the front door I was greeted with a huge party bus and hugs from all kinds friends and family who came to surprise me. It was amazing! We spent the night on the town in San Francisco, which at 16 made me feel like a super star.

    The final touch for my “Sweet Sixteen” was a gift from my aunt. She had bought me a star… an actual star in our solar system named after me! That was especially moving since I had been feeling distant from that side of the family during the divorce of my parents.

    Everything was a great reminder that even though times were tough (and I was a walking, talking, hormonal monster), everyone was there for me with their unconditional love.

  • Heather LaChapelle

    Happy birthday tori……i’m so happy to be your emerald stone friend. my birthday is next wenesday the 23rd

  • Jennifer Caputo

    My best birthday gift ever was a personalized silver bracelet with my two daughter’s thumbprints in it!! I’ll forever get to remember how small their thumbs were. I wear it and cherish it everyday. I don’t leave home without my “girls”

    Happy Birthday Tori….enjoy it, you deserve it.!!

  • Tyler Ice

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    Best birthday gift I ever received was a big dinner a friend threw for me about 8 years ago. At my favorite restaurant in Atlanta, One Midtown Kitchen. It was about 15 people with lots of cocktails and even more wine. The food was great and the people were fantastic.

  • karenliam

    Happy Birthday Tori. The best birthday present I ever received was actually my son, Liam. When I first found out I was pregnant with my son the due date was Feb 6th, 2002. I told my husband this baby is going to come on my birthday February 11th. I know the doctors say the 6th but I am sure it will be the 11th, Sure enough my water broke at was a long delivery that ended in an emergency c-section at 8:45pm. Liam is 10 now and I can’t imagine my life without him or his 3 year old sister. Liam and I share a special day together. Hope you have a great birthday. I love your new book and look forward to a new season of “Home Sweet Hollywood”…I hope.

  • Carla McCravy

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best Birthday was a surprise weekend in Savannah, GA. My husband got a sitter for the kids, told me to pack a bag and started driving…I had no idea where we were going! It was Halloween weekend and Savannah is a fun town..all the people were in costume and we finished the evening with a haunted hearse ride through historic Savannah! What a blast!

  • LeeLana

    Happy Birthday Tori! My best birthday gift came on my 45th birthday just last week. My 17 year old son asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him that I wanted him to write me a poem. Of course he said he couldn’t do that, because he didn’t know how, etc. (and he’s a 17 year old boy :) But when my birthday came, he had written me the most beautiful, heartfelt poem telling me why he loved me. I’m crying now just thinking about it! As you know with your beautiful children, nothing in life means more than they do, no matter how old they get. Enjoy your special day!

  • Cha

    My best birthday gift ever was watching tv with my daughters and they let me watch my favorite shows and movies all day! Happy Birthday Tori and I hope you can cuddle with your kids and watch your favorite shows!

  • Samantha Singharath

    Happy Birthday Tori!! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with your beautiful family!! My best birthday gift would be my mom surprising me and coming from Dallas. She is my best friend and living away from her is so hard, so seeing her unexpectedly for my birthday was just the ultimate! :)

  • Deanna Petersen


    My favorite birthday present was from my one of my best friends Brandy on my 25th Birthday. We were both living in Hawaii and lived on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Our husbands were both Marines of course :) My huband was currently in Iraq where he had fought in the “Battle of Fallujah” and she did an amazing and thoughtful gesture of making my day so special for me to keep my mind off all the bad. My day started with decorations on my front door. Next she took me to swim with the dolphins, something I had dreamed of doing for so long. Next we went to red lobster for lunch and a birthday drink. I was then totally surprised later that night with surprise birthday party at one of my favorite restaurants “Pinky’s”. Then she had somehow planned with my mom to have a card and beautiful coach watch sent to her “presents from my mom” to surprise me with. I was so homesick for my family and of course my husband this just seemed like such a special surprise. Hawaii just doesn’t seem so grand when you’re lonely but she made this day unbelievable and a day I have never forgot and think about often. She ended the day after you would think what else, with a precious moments figurine (which I’ve always loved) of two girls shopping with their purses wrapped around their arms of course. Purses is one of my weaknesses. Lastly tickets to go see River Dance something we both had wanted to see for so long and then were coming to Hawaii in a few months we couldn’t believe it. Ended up my husband came home a week early after a year deployment and the River Dance tickets were for the day after he returned she gave my husband her ticket so we could go together. I feel so lucky to have found such a special friend and am so blessed that our paths crossed. We both live in different states now but talk and have seen each other 3 times since leaving Hawaii about 6 years ago ( it’s not enough but our friendship remains strong and special) Thank You for the chance to win this awesome Gift!! I shop the inventori site often hope to get the chance to visit the store sometime currently live in Ohio. I’m a huge fan of all things “Tori” HSH, books, Jewelry and patiently awaiting your handbag line. Happy 39th Birthday, Hope your day was special :) you have such a awesome family <3

    Deanna Petersen

  • Cat

    Happiest of birthdays, Tori! I wish you the most exciting year yet! The best birthday gift I ever received was marrying my husband. He is the most amazing blessing to me, and after almost 17 years of marriage, he still treats me like a queen! He writes me love notes, gets up to make me coffee at 5am when he doesn’t need to get up until 7am, and always asks me if there is anything I need. He not only takes care of me, he is the best dad to our three kids. If I never got any other material gift from him for my birthday, I wouldn’t care. He is THE. Best. Gift. Ever. :)

  • Roma Haling

    First, Happy Birthday, Tori! It’s my birthday, too! But, I’ve got two years on you! :) My best birthday present was actually last year on my 40th birthday. My sister and brother in law can’t have children of their own. They had a failed adoption in 2010 and had another couple pick them later that year. The baby was due in early May, but she waited and decided to make her appearance on May 16, 2012. Annie, my niece, is my birthday buddy and the best birthday present I could ever have hoped for!

  • Sarah Callagy

    Happy Birthday Tori!!! The best gift I ever received on my Birthday was my first positive pregnancy test in 2008!! My Daughter Charlotte was born in Feb 2009 and as you know, children are the gifts that keep on giving!! I now have two beautiful toddlers who make EVERY Birthday (and day) spectacular and special <3 xoxo

  • Debbie morris

    Happy Birthday Tori. you are so beautiful inside and out i pray i could be 1/4 the person you are. The Best b-day gift i got was my fur baby dog my best friend my heart and soul if i don’t ever get another gift it is enough that she has been in my life for 13 yrs and pray many more. God knew what he was doing when he gave her to me. my love my pup cheyenne my angel. she is the reason i get up and face the day.

  • Dorothy Rodriguez

    The best gift was a Photo of my son who was 4 months old… why you ask well I’ll tell ya. He was the child that the infertility docotr said I would not have unless I contuined with the treatment. 3 years later I proved him wrong. We are now Blessed with 3 Beautiful children. Happy Birthday Tori your a Great mom, wife, friend and, daughter i wish for you many long and happy years with your family!

  • Celeste Di Martino – Dwarka

    The best gift I received was for my 40th birthday last year – I found out that I was finally pregnant after trying for over 2 years. I was having such a hard time knowing I was turning 40 and then when I found out that I was going to be a mum, everything changed in my mind and now I am due to celebrate my 41st birthday on May 23rd and I will be celebrating my first birthday being a mum! .. Happy Birthday Tori, I hope your day was filled with lots of love and laughter – many happy returns for the next 12 months! Celeste xxx

  • Heather Walker

    Happy 39th Tori. I just celebrated the same, and I am right there with you on feeling like I’m still 28. So, on to my story….on my tenth birthday I got one of the biggest surprises I ever remember. My PaPa brought in this gigantic box. It was extrememly heavy and I could not imagine what it could be. When I pulled away all the bows and paper, I discovered that he had gotten me my very own tv. It was just a little personal tv, black and white only, and from an era with very few channels. That wasn’t the fabulous part though. That little tv was yellow. It was my favorite color…just like the beautiful buttercups that I always picked each year with my PaPa so Grandma could have a bouquet. Luckily, my Daddy snapped a picture right when I saw what it was…I had jumped up and kissed PaPa on the cheek. I don’t know which one of us was smiling more. Such a good memory.

  • Kerri Esten

    I always wanted to know what it was like to be pregnant and to have a baby, but when I met my husband — already a father of 3 adult sons and a 7-year-old-daughter — we decided it was best to not to have kids of our own. Meanwhile, my dear cousin and her husband were going through fertility treatments to try to get pregnant. When she finally got pregnant she said to me, “This is your baby. We’re going through this whole pregnancy together.” I was there for the tests, the kicks, everything. My best birthday present EVER was the day that precious perfect little boy was born. Yup, Tyler James — my baby — was born on my birthday! So every year on June 8 we celebrate HIS birthday and my forever birthday present.

  • Kerri Esten


  • Red Velvet

    Happy Birthday Tori! Wishing you many more to come. My favorite and most precious birthday gift was a second chance at life…a donated kidney! I am now about to celebrate my 33 bday on Friday the 18th. I hope I am blessed enough to see many more as well. Take care.


    Red Velvet

  • Cammy Gollner

    My favorite Birthday present is celebrating it with my Dad. I was his 40th Birthday present. My parents were supposed to see “Fiddler on the Roof” and instead my Mom went into labor, and I was born on his Birthday. Every Birthday we celebrate it together. It never matters what I get or what he gets, the fact we have a great family, and each other means everything. Two years ago we both had a big party – I turned 40 and my Dad turned 80! Love you Daddy!

  • Traci Severson

    My favorite birthday present was a trip to Vegas that my best friend gave me. She took myself and my sister for my 40th birthday. The three of us spent four days in Vegas just exploring and partying. It was the perfect girl time and such a wonderful gift as my sister was able to make it since she doesn’t live local to me. We might not have gotten a lot of sleep but we certainly put on a lot of miles walking and we took in every last thing we possibly could while we were there. We didn’t waste a moment!

  • Michelle Rout

    First–Happy Birthday to you!!! Just like you to give something to others for your birthday! My best present…It was 1983, my 14th birthday…Flashdance was the movie hit…(my birthday is in September)…I was DYING to have the soundtrack on cassette…money was really challenging for my mom…and I didn’t think I would get it. She gave me an old check box and inside was the cassette…I still remember wearing that thing out from listening to it over and over and over and over…thanks for asking the question, nice to think of that memory!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I have 2 favorites! I can’t decide! btw thanks for doing these questions you do because it makes me drum up long forgotten fun memories!

    1. my parents flew my sister and I with them down to all meet up in vegas for my 21st b-day! we spent the weekend going to all the casinos along the strip while staying at the monte carlo. Because my b-day is october 21st I tend to end up doing halloween type things for my b-day. Well, while in vegas the halloween havok (wrestling show) was being taped and we happened to time it when all the wrestlers at the time were all in the bar at the Mirage. We walked up and there were all these gaukers outside the bar. We went to walk up into the bar area and for the first time ever I was carded! The girl was all “21 and over only!” and I bah bammed my newly minted id and got to mingle with the wrestlers! I was standing by the scorpion when I saw rick flair and exclaimed “there’s rick flair!” the scorpion grumbled under his breath at me.

    unforunately we had hit that bar on the way back from walking down and back on the strip so I was tired etc. so we didn’t get to stay long but what memories for that b-day! oh and I won $500 off a scratch off lotto ticket just prior to the trip so I had b-day cash! I was good with it though.

    The other has to be the year my dad took me to see Little Shop of Horrors out in Issaquah, Washington. He was trying to throw me off as to what we were doing so he drove all over and acted like we were going one place, then another, etc. until finally we were out by the theatre. We had ice cream and saw the show together and it was the best time!

    He wasn’t around for a lot of my younger birthdays due to work and traveling for work so it made these birthdays that much more special!

    Speaking of…. Happy Cake and Candles day! Your b-day is the same as my dad’s! He’s 71 years young today!

  • Peony

    The best birthday present I ever got was a birthday cake from my husband. It was my 30th birthday and our first year of marriage. No one had bought or made me a cake since I was 17 years old. It was dark chocolate with raspberry buttercream and chocolate shavings. It was delicous and so thoughtful. It was simple, sweet and a very expensive cake! We are a blended family with his, hers and ours and even though things have been very crazy these past 5.5 years that moment he brought out my cake all lit up made me feel so special and still does. I think it reminded me of being a little girl and my grandfather (who was a professional baker) would make me these beautiful cakes with pale pink whip cream roses.

  • Peony

    Happy birthday Tori!

  • alisa lomax

    My boyfriend of 3 yrs bought me diamond earings as my 21st present. On top of a trip to the goldcoast (QLD AUS) And flowers sent to my office (even though he forgot i wasnt working on my bday!) haha.

    Was all to much at first, but didnt take much till the tears began !

    Afterall turning 21 is a special time.

  • Joy

    So this is the first time ever leaving a comment for a blog. My favorite birthday my best friend had asked my husband, kids and me over for a birthday dinner. We drove over her house and pulled up to the house that had a huge Target (bullseye) symbol on her front window. For the last couple years prior to this birthday I had literally become obsessed with clearance finds at Target. I knew the days they marked things down. I loved 75% days ahhh.. my little piece of heaven. Holiday, seasonal,toys,and clothes nothing better then having my kids and our two cart full of savings walking around Target. Being a stay at home mom of 6 kids for ten years adventures take on a different appearance then before kids. So this was the reason for my friend to throw me a surprise Target party. It included more bullseyes decorations inside along with a bullseye cake and of course what else but a Target gift card for my present. I give my friend mad props for coming up with the idea. It meant so much because it was so personal. Happy Birthday! I have been trying to find a way of buying your 6 seasons of Home Sweet Hollywood would love if anyone could help. Thanks

  • Tinna

    Happy Birthday Tori! Did you get nice presents ? :) My favorite gift is to be with my family. I dont need any presents (of course I love to get presents, but I dont need them). I just enjoy to spend time with my kids, eat good food and do something fun. Thats a perfect gift for me <3

  • Shannon P

    A few years ago I was bumming about my birthday and wanted to sleep thru it. I worked all day and boy was it a long one. When I got home I walked in and around the corner came my mom, she had just flown in to surprise me for my birthday. Her, my hubby had had this planned for a while. My kids and them took me to a. Ice dinner and went shopping that weeken with my mom. One of my favorite presens.

  • Gemlvr25

    Starting when I was 34, I “really” began asking my husband for a baby for my birthday, we’d been married for 13 years by then, it was time :) Well we started trying but it didn’t go well. We were smacked with infertility and recurrent loss (6 angels). By 37, we were about ready to stop trying, I sat down one afternoon, prayed a lot and begged for just one baby by my 39th birthday. I got that unbelievably perfect miracle exactly 8 months before that 39th birthday. Every year from now on, my birthday gift is my amazing son! My 40th is coming fast! Happy Birthday, Tori!

  • D N

    I think that every birthday since I have been a mom has been the best birthdays. Happy Birthday Tori, hope you and your family were able to enjoy your special day together.

  • Destiny West

    Happy Birthday Tori… Have a blessed day…

  • Christina Seals

    I have never had any children of my own but I was married and had two wonderful stepdaughters from that marriage. My daughters are now 19 and 20 and my 19 year old has just gotten married last November 2011 and when my birthday came around in March she had just moved to Alaska. She told me that she was so glad that God had given me to her to be her mother and that she knew that no matter what I would be there for her when her other parents had failed her. She knew that she was loved and she loved me. That is the best gift ever. It healed the broken heart of a childless woman.

  • Tina Ingle

    My son took me out for a nice lunch last year…he is 21 and always makes sure I have a great birthday…but what makes it great is that he spends it with me

  • Sharon Coffini

    I too am 39 and feel the same way you do (28 eternally! πŸ˜‰ My favorite birthay was my 30th. My husband (then boyfriend) and I had just moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona and had no friends or family here. I had never imagined my big 3-0 would not be celebrated with all my close girlfriends partying somewhere till the wee hours, yet I found myself 1800 miles from home and not a friend in site. My bday is near xmas so my work had their holiday party which my bf picked me up directly from (I had a nice little buzz) and said “I’ve packed your bag and am taking you on a surprise road trip!”) I had no idea where we were going. We drove for 2 hours and he said he we are, in SEDONA! It was dark so I didn’t know what the big deal was. He got the cutest bed & breakfast which had recommended a great restaurant for a late dinner and had stocked our room with my favorite wine for afterwards. The B&B was luxurious and had a private deck with a hot tub and we had a fabulous night. The next morning when we awoke I looked out of the huge floor to ceiling windows and saw the most amazing, beautiful and breathtaking views of the red rock mountains. I couldn’t beleive my eyes! I had never seen anything so beautiful. The rest of the weekend got better and better as we enjoyed exploring this new area together, hiking, horse back riding and eating fabulous meals. When I returned home there was a package from all my girlfriends back in PA which contained a bottle of wine, a huge wine glass, tons of “30” paraphernalia and a video tape (hey it was 9 yrs ago!LOL). I popped the tape in to watch a video of all my girls, going out to celebrate my 30th, with me as a decorated balloon which they had strangers wishing “happy birthday” to, kissing, drinking and dancing. I sat on my couch, drinking out of my new giant wine glass, laughing my butt off. It was the sweetest, funniest thing I had ever saw. My husband made that birthday so good that I didn’t even miss not being back home with my friends…which is pretty amazing if you know me! After such an amazing weekend, it made getting that video fun, whereas I think i would have been sad had I not just had the best time, just me and him, exploring our new life together. After 9 years we are still in AZ, married and Sedona is still one of my favorite places in the State. We go as often as we can!! Happy 39th Tori!!! I hope your birthday was as beautiful as you are :-) (sorry this was so long!)

  • Catalina Sandu

    Happy Birthdar Tori! I wish you (and your family) all the love and happiness in the world! Hugs and kisses, Catalina

  • Crafty Mom

    The best birthday present I ever received was last year, because I was able to hold my new born premmie twins for the first time. After spending a week in the hospital, for pregnancy complications, my twins were born (almost 2 months early) on the day before my birthday. Because of the complictaions I wasn’t able to hold my babies right away. On my birthday they wheeled me down to the NICU and I was able to hold my tiny babies for the first time. Seeing their tiny little faces and holding them close was the most amazing birthday gift I have ever received.

  • Dinusik T

    My favorite present was my pug named Peggy. I got her 3 years ago for my birthday from my husband and my parents. She is so funny and loves my 2 boys 2.5 and 10m old. Happy birthday!

  • Sarah Gibson

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best present I ever recieved was for my 18th birthday, my mother planned a beautiful surprise party! Also it was the last birthday I will ever share with my father/grandpa.

  • hurlbyLOVES31

    Happy Birthday Tori…..even w/out a good bonus….I just love watching your family and wish you a blessed year ahead!

    Regarding the giveaway~one of many best birthday presents that always comes to mind was my Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese when I was turning 6 years old…..I was SO excited, and all my lil girlfriends came. It was one of the best!

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    First of all – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI! You are fabulous! Have a wonderful day sweetness!

    Secondly, my best birthday present was one that my partner gave me a few years ago, I was about 13 weeks pregnant with our little girl and he knew how I loved Carebears, he bought me the green one – “Oopsy Bear” (which worked out well because I am kinda clumsy like Oopsy Bear hehe) and he knew my favourite colours were purple and green so he got 2 dog tags on a necklace (one purple, one green) for the Carebear to wear and he got them engraved with “You are my shining star. I love you forever”. So much symbolism and thought went into it (my name, Tara, means “shining star”. It was truly beautiful and I still have it =)

  • Daniela Bauer

    Hi Tori, we are sharing the same birthday, although I am a few years ahead… so Happy birhtday to you! I think one of the best birthday gifts I actually recieved just yesterday. After not speaking to each other for more or less a year (without any real fights before, simply just drifting apart) one of my former best friends called me yesterday to tell me that she also doesnt like the status of our friendship right now and that we should meet and try to reclaim our connection. That was truely a special moment yesterday that made me very happy!

  • Michelle J

    Happy Birthday, love your show! My best birthday present is a familiar one. A positive pregnancy test with my long awaited daughter, 3 sons and 10 years later. We saw Disney’s Tangled that day. Now when I hear the song “I see the Light” I cry! because of the lyrics– *all those days, chasing down a daydream, all those years living in a blur,all that time never truly seeing things the way they were. Now she’s here shining in the starlight,now she’s here suddenly I know,If she’s here it’s crystal clear, I’m where I’m meant to go.And at last I see the light,and it’s like the fog is lifted, and at last I see the light, and it’s like the sky is new.And it’s warm and real and bright.and the world has somehow shifted, all at once, everything is different, now that I see you, now that I see you.* I know it is more of a love song, but it still makes me cry thinking back to that day knowing what I know now. (disclaimer, lol.– I love my amazing boys so much! it’s not a girls are better than boys message at all. I just longed for the daughter mother relationship)

  • Jenel W

    I just got your Statement Stamp Ink set and Memory book kit for my birthday! I can’t wait to put it into use!! Sooo excited! And it’s one of my favorite gifts πŸ˜‰

  • KJ

    Happy Birthday to you! I celebrated my 30th birthday on Monday!!!

    The best birthday present I have ever had is the growing baby man I have in my belly!!!!!!!!

    And my husband topped my day off with an oreo ice cream cake! YUM!!!

    Hope your birthday was wonderful

  • Cheryl Sa

    Happy Birthday Tori. My birthday was May 15- I turned 50 years young. Hard to believe- time flies when you’re having fun!! My best birthday was when my 3 children were little. They made me homemade birthday cards and drew pictures. They are so sweet. I love homemade presents, they are the best. Made from the heart.

  • Shelia Way

    Happy Birthday Tori… 39 is not bad at all… I turned 40 last year and I the best birthday gift i recieved from my loving son and husband was my camera so that i can continue to make perious memory of my family at birthdays and holidays and have the beatuiful keeps sakes to look at for the rest of my life. Being a Mother and a Wife is a perious things. So I hope you have a WONDERFUL WONDERDFUL Day. And enjoy every minute of it with your beautiful family:0)!

  • golden1z

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    My best birthday present was when my husband proposed to me on my birthday while we were vacationing in Virginia Beach, VA. We had an amazing dinner at a romantic italian restaurant and when it was time for dessert, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was just perfect!!! Besides the births of our two children and our wedding day, that was the best day of my life.

  • Suzanne Johnson

    Happy Birthday Tori!
    My best Birthday gift was the birth of my daughter on my birthday. She was born 8 weeks early. Now I get to be reminded that I have the best birthday gift every year. <3

  • Jeanine Merotto

    My best birthday present came on my 28th birthday, two days before my first child was born. (I now have 4!). It was a picture of me as a baby. I have never seen a baby picture of my self . (I was the second child). So my mom had found the one and only baby picture of me. I loved it. My daughter born two days later looked exactly like me as a baby. It was a wonderful gift.

  • DairyFreeMama

    My best birthday present would be when I was a little girl. We decorated the house for my friends party. Then my dad and I ran out for a few things at the store. When we got home my mom had taken everything down and redecorated with Strawberry Shortcake decorations! What a surprise. She was my favorite at the time.

  • Kyra Ayers

    Happy Birthday Tori!!!! Wish you all the best and many more delightful birthdays to come! My favorite birthday gift was from when I was a little girl. I received a neon bubble watch, I was so excited to be able to tell time and it had my favorite color (hot pink). That watch was my favorite birthday gift because it was so simple and meant so much to me, I still have that watch to this day and it helps center me when things get stressful. I look at that watch and a sense of warmth comes over me. I hope your birthday is filled with warmth and love. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and women all over.

  • Amanda

    Happy Birthday Tori! I hope you had a fabulous day!!! The best birthday gift I ever received was when I turned 17. My husband (boyfriend at the time) told me he was going to take me out for my birthday. So, he blindfolded me and put me in the car. I tried to figure out where he was going by the turns he was making, but he quickly had me lost. And of course, he knew I would do this, so he drove all over the place to get me lost. When we finally reached our destination, he guided me out of the car and told me to take off my blindfold. To my surprise, he took me to his parent’s house, where he had gathered all of my family and friends. I was so touched that I started to cry, right there in front of everyone. Hey, it was my birthday, I could cry if I wanted to πŸ˜‰

  • jessica reeves

    Happy Birthday, I love your show and an a big fan. The best birthday present that I have ever received was when I was super pregnant with my first child my husband gave me a size small shirt. I stated to cry saying “this will never fit again”. he said it doesn’t matter if it does or it doesn’t your body will always be a size small to me. I know it’s cheesy but it made me feel great.

    P.S. the shirt fit after I had my son!

  • Tamera Rutledge

    Happy Birthday Tori!! 39 is a great age — enjoy it!! I have 2 favorite birthday gifts. The first was a gift to myself when I turned 40. I did a birthday long weekend with my girlfriends to Vegas. It was so much fun. On my actual birthday, we were at a Beach Boys concert at the Mandalay Bay Beach – standing in the water watching and dancing to the Beach Boys. It doesn’t get much better than that. Except for the next year, when I turned 41 and my little nephew was born on my birthday (2 weeks late BTW). Such a special gift – you can’t top it!!

  • Laura Bongiorno

    I have 30 Birthdays so far, surprise parties, Vegas, girls weekends, romantic dinners with my husband and just simple birthday bashes. All were pretty fun or amazing just having close friends and family members being there for me; but none of those compared to my 16th birthday. My 16th Birthday landed on a week day while I was in high school. I had a birthday party planned for that weekend but that’s about it. I got called into the school office that day and when I got there, I was given 2 dozen pink roses that my dad had sent to me. I read the card and it brought me to tears. It was the sweetest thing my dad had ever done for me and I will never forget it. He had never given me flowers before or done anything remotely like this. My dad never showed a lot of emotion or I love you’s growing up so this meant everything to me. I can’t even remember what gifts I got from my last Birthday but I will always and forever remember this one.

  • Amanda Clegg

    Happy Birthday, Tori! My favorite birthday present was going out dancing one year with my sister. She had moved away and hadn’t kept in touch with the family becuase of an ex-boyfriend, but as she was in the process of leaving him, she made her way back into our lives. We went dancing for my 30th birthday and I can still remember the smile on her face as she busted a move!

  • Katherine Hulsey

    Happy Birthday Tori! The BEST Birthday gift I ever received was my Son, Liam. He is my second child and he is a HUGE blessing to our family. I wasn’t planning on having more children and he was a surprise baby, but he has shown me that I have lots of room in my heart for more children.

  • lynn Collado

    I hope you had a fabulous birthday. One of the best birthday presents I have ever received was a picture my daughter drew of me with a birthday cake and candles. She was 4 and I framed the photos and still have it displayed. She’s 7 now. Home made gifts from the heart are simply the best, especially if they are from the kids!

  • jessica moran

    Happy Birthday!! 39…nice! The Best gift Iv’e ever recived was this year…I am a mom of three(very close in age)…it’s hard for me to get out and my little brother picked up two of my good friends from high school,hot dogs from my favorite hot dog stand, and brought them all out to my house! It was REALLY nice to see my friends,brother and eat good food! Friends and family are the best gift for a birthday…hot dogs too!haha I am VERY blessed to have such an awesome brother!

  • Effie Huddleston

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!!!!! my favorite birthday present was from my late husband,he handed me a box of cracker jacks,i opened them and the prize was a cluster ring.

  • Mary Bee

    Happy Birthday Tori! The best birthday gift I ever recieved was when my boyfriend wanted to take me to Italy so badly, but could not afford something so extravagant. I have family there that I love and it is amazing of course. But he surprised me so amazingly! When I walked in my jaw dropped. He basically gutted his apartment of all furniature and decor, went online and ordered tons of Italian decorations and turned his apartment into a really authentic looking Italian restaurant! It was amazing!! He borrowed a bunch Italian art from a close friend of his, set up a table in the middle of the room with a restaurant table cloth, made a completely real looking menu, went to my favorite restaurant and talked the chef into teaching him how to make a really authentic meal, got my favorite Chianti wine, even borrowed red chairs from a friend to match it all, had Italian flag streamers up, Italian music, an Italian movie with subtitles on silent in the background. It was so beautiful and thoughtful and amazing. After dinner he got his guitar and played me a song that he wrote for me (hes a great songwriter). I honestly cried it was so beautiful. He also gave me a necklace after that that I have not taken off since :) I think that is the best birthday gift I have ever/will ever receive. I’m a lucky girl, I’m not letting him go! :)

  • Rosemary Palmer

    39 is nothing – it’s just the beginning. One of the best gifts I got was my husband had a pencil drawing made of of Shih Tzu Derby. He had found a copy of a great picture of just his face, looking right into the camera as if asking “Why are you taking my picture”. Needless to say, very cute. He’s not one for great surprises like that, but this one definiately is right up there.

  • loliloli

    Happy Birthday Tori! Best gift was from my hubby, he had no clue what to get me our first year together so, he got me all different color roses and Ben and Jerry’s PHISH FOOD and a kit kat bar! Still with him and love him.

  • Janelle Oliver

    Happy Birthday Tori! You are an beautiful person and an amazing person! You deserve all the happiness and success that surrounds you!I would have to say the best birthday gift I’ve received, is a gift I get every year. To be surrounded by my family and my husband and get to have dinner and cake and ice cream. My husband and my mom and dad and brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews are my WORLD! I love spending as much time with them as I can, and it’s just great to know that we are all getting together and having a good time. I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday every year. (except to finally be able to have my own children to share it with :( ….. I wish for that every year that I blow out my candles or see a shooting star… )

  • Gina Zornacki

    Happy Happy Birthday to you! Hope that you are having the most fabulous day spent with your loved ones :) I would have to say this year hands down was the best birthday I have had yet to date! I spent the day with my awesome day with my family, got some awesome homemade gifts and cards from my kiddos. My sweetie got me my Keurig and some other wonderful things, my inlaws sent me flowers, edible arrangement and got my wishlist off pampered chef! It was great! The following day I had an amazing dinner and evening with some of our friends! The best in all my 32 years!!

  • acheree

    Happy Belated Birthday!! The best birthday gift I ever received was my puppy. A maltese I named Simba. I got him 4 years ago and he is seriously my best friend :)

  • sheri burdett

    Happy 39th!! The best gift I ever received was my beautiful daughter!!! How can that ever be topped??

  • Luisa Berggren

    Happy birthday Tori! I have loved you since 90210! That is quite a while. You are an amazing women who can do anything and everything! Your sense work ethic and your drive is amazing! To watch you and your family getting bigger and better is inspiration. My best birthday would be every birthday since I have had my 2 girls. Everyday, hour, minute and second is a blessing that I celebrate to the fullest!

  • laurie lester

    Happy Birthday Tori,39 yrs Old Gurl No,You Are Really Ageless,In Love ,Joy,Kindness And Compassion For Others,And By The Sounds Of It And The Looks Of It A wonderful Mother,And Wife,Very Family Oriented,So I hope You Had A great Birthday Gurl,And I myself Dont Need Anything,Just Keep Up With Your Great Endeavours In Life As A great Human Being,ps.My Favorite Birthdays In Life Was With My Children They Were Little And Baked Me A very Special Cake ,And Lots Of Hugs And Kissess Also,No Money Can Replace That,Have A wonderful Day And Peaceout Diva,Thank You For All You Do,Luv Laurie

  • ladybugz2

    Best birthday gift would be a crocheted blanket my mom made for me. Made with love and brings warmth on chilly nights!

  • Jaclyn430

    Happy birthday! My husband proposed to me on my birthday so that was a pretty great birthday gift. A few years later (and after years of trying) we finally got a positive pregnancy test, best birthday ever!!!

  • Tiffany C.

    my husband surprised my by taking me to see Wicked!! Musicals are my most favorite thing in the world, and this one is tops, so it was the best birthday!

  • carlyspiel

    When I was six my dad gave me my fist piece of “real” jewelry for my birthday- a simple and small gold necklace with a heart on it. I adored it. I wore it everyday! It broke (of course it did, I was only six) When it broke it was around the time of my seventh birthday, so I got it again, fixed! I still have that little gold heart necklace and I always will!!!

  • Amy Jenkins

    My favorite birthday present ever would have to be when I turned 13 yrs. old. My Aunt wrapped up “13” ten dollar bills in gum wrappers and put them back in the gum pack. She took me out to dinner and asked me if I wanted a piece of gum. I said “yes’ and was completely shocked that there was a ten dollar bill in there. She asked if I wanted another piece and I was like, “YES!”

    Happy Birthday, Tori!

  • Connie Bakke

    Happy Birthday Tori!

    I got my favorite birthday present last year when I was an exchange student in AZ! My boyfriend (who I didn’t see for 10 months) sent me a homemade scrapbook with pictures of us and words describing his love for me! It was a perfect gift at the perfect time!

  • Lotta Troublemaker

    Sorry, but better than never – happy belated birthday, Tori!!! The past days have been quite busy where I am (Norway), including your birthday, since it is the day before our “Indepencence Day”/Constitution Day (May 17th). Hmmmm, you almost have your birthday on “Norway’s birthday”, as I just happen to have mine on USA’s (July 4th)… Oh well, just struck me… I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family and friends!

    My best birthday present ever? Well, it’s actually a few – every time somebody made me something! It may be something real simple, like a pair of home knitted socks, booties or something like that, or a picture calendar/scrapbook! My niece sometimes does that, and those presents are priceless for me!

    And, there is one more… I think I was 4 or 5 years old. I had an old grand aunt I loved so much. She came for my birthday party and had bought me a beautiful ruby ring. Sometimes as an adult I have had to find it and put it on my pinky finger, to remember her… She was such a beautiful soul, with such a big, kind heart! She was one of those who back then never married, but had a “(girl)friend” for decades… It makes me sad to think of how I think (pretty sure) she was gay but had no choice but to live in the closet for all her life, but thinking of her makes me so happy, puts such a smile on my face. And I still have that beautiful ring to remember her by (and it makes me smile to think that even if it was too late for the two of them, but today gay people can get married here!!!). In our days, we at least moved forward and work to lessen prejudice discrimination in our societies. Things are getting better, not only for gay/transgender people, but also for other groups that have been (and still are, to some extent) discriminated against!!! Oh well, sorry for the digression, but I’m thinking that you won’t mind this one, as gay issues are close to your heart!!!

    Again, happy birthday!!! :)

  • Ashley Beck

    Happy Belated Birthday Tori! As cheesy as this may sound, the best birthday gift Ive ever received is the fact that every year on my birthday I am extremely blessed and surrounded by loved ones.

  • emilee hicks

    Happy Belated Birthday sessy woman! The best birthday gift I ever received was a picture my bf drew for me of a broken heart, but he made it look like it was sewed up in the middle, because he knew how bad I was treated with my ex. So our first yr we were togother, he made me a picture saying he healed my heart and put it back together again. Ive never had anyone make me something that came from the heart like his picture. To this day it sits on my desk in a frame. <3

  • Sheeba Faqih

    Happy birthday Tori!

    Hmmm…best bday gift ever? That’s a hard one! I think the best recent gift was probably a card that my husband and son made using a picture I had taken of my then 2.5 year old son, watching the Eddie surf competition (in awe) at sunset on the North Shore of Oahu. Because of the angle, his profile was mostly a dark shadow but you could see his puckered lips and his l’il belly sticking out against a beautiful background of orange sunlight and giant waves.

  • Stephanie Berry

    My daugther Jaycee , she was born just 4 days after my 26th birthday , best gift I ever got.

  • Terri Irizarry

    Happy Birthday Tori! Im 39 this year too and I wrote a similar blog on my web site..Too funny :)

    Im a workaholic! I run a busy Doctors office and take care of the patients, I also work for Heartland Hospice (terminal patients) after work and on saturdays and own and operate my business Holistic Massage Center. Im not complaining about it one bit because I truely LOVE my life. My work is very rewarding. This year on my birthday I came to work and my boss had my favorite cake (Strawberry Shortcake) on my desk, birthday cards and note to take the next two days off and really take them off and have fun. He bought me lunch then I went off to enjoy my birthday. I went to the spa for the day, read my magazines and got my hair done! It was the best birthday present! At first I had to force my self to relax but that was short lived cause when I did, I was loving it :)

    thank you for this opportunity. I love you and your family. I have been following you since the 90210 days :) Peace and Love!


  • Brandi Dragoo

    Happy belated birthday! May 16 is special to me, it was the day my husband and I went on our first date, and first met each other as adults (we knew of each other as children, but we don’t remember ever meeting).

    The best birthday present I ever received was when I was 10. It was in 1985 and my parents got me a stereo system. It had dual tape deck, one that recorded, and a turn table on top. I loved it so much and used it so much recording everything onto mix tapes; records, other tapes, the radio. It came at the right time for me to really get into music as I had just started playing in the school band. I am still an avid music fan to this day and I know this gift helped me on that path.

  • Amy Andrews

    Hi Tori, Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is Thursday this week! :-) Not sure if I have a favorite certain gift but the birthday that I remember most was when I turned 30. I was having a little anxiety about now being 30, and I was pregnant, so I felt yucky and could not even have a cocktail to help me get through the day! On top of it, my husband went and traded our sporty SUV in for a minivan. Great, not only am I turing 30, feeling fatter and uglier than ever, but now I have a mini van, life was bad! LOL But you know, I soon loved that van. It was ideal for my precious cargo (my 2 boys) and still was able to take the grandparents or aunts/uncles out along with us. We had some great memories and road trips in that van. We recently traded it in and went back to the “sporty” SUV now that the boys are little older, and I cried my eyes out! I miss my little babies in our first “family” car. The new SUV is nice and all, but for this brithday, I asked my hubby to get me another minvan, LOL!!!!!

  • homemoma

    Happy belated birthday Tori! my son shares your birthday. he turned 11 already! best gift for my birthday?? i guess it was a dog i got for my 11th bithday. he was the smartest dog ever!!

  • Reynalda Alvarado

    Happy Belated Birthday Tori! I love your show, can’t wait till the next season! The best birthday present that I received, was this year My husband took me to Ruidoso, NM for the weekend! It was so much fun, we took our 4 year daughter Frances with us, and had a blast ! I turned 28 this year, and probably plan to stay that age for a while ! LOL

  • Yulia Filin

    Hello Tori. My best present was from my husband. It might seem very trivial but it’s very dear for me. I grew up in Russia and period from 80s to 90s was very hard in our country. My parents lost almost everything and we were quite poor. They couldn’t afford expensive presents. But I dreamt about a handmade doll in a beautiful dress, which was incredibly expensive. Many years later when I grew up I stopped when I saw such dolls in shop windows but I still couldn’t afford buying it. Once I saw a photo from an exhibition where my husband (he’s an artist) was exhibiting his paintings. There was a gorgeous handmade designer doll with long legs and grey silk dress. I told my husband I had dreamt about this doll for all my life. He found the woman who had made the doll and wanted to buy it, but she never sold her dolls. But when she heard about my dream she gave it to me and said “It’s a present to a little girl who still lives in your wife”. It was very touching and I cried like a little girl! )))))

  • Eliza Thomas

    The best birthday gift I ever received was from my Mom. She planned a surprise trip to NYC for my sweet sixteen. It was the first time I had ever been to the city and it was very exciting. We saw a show on Broadway, went sight seeing through time square, and went to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. We shared some amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

    p.s. I never realized our birthday’s were so close. My 20th birthday was yesterday (the 21st). :)

  • Amy Gill

    How will the winner of this be contacted?

  • sjulien

    I know this is going to sound pretty odd but one year in particular I was struggling with my new “number” and asked my husband not to mention my birthday. I didn’t want to celebrate on that day or be reminded about it…and you know what, he did just that. I know it killed him to not acknowledge my birthday but he gave me exactly what I wanted, some time to let it sink in!

  • lasteveian johnson

    Happy belated birthday

    the best i ever recieved on my birthday was a very great but rare blessing, i gave birth to three beautiful little girls. yes three identical triplets that was the best present i have ever gotten


    Hi Tori, I came from a family of 10! Money was very tight and there were many nights we would be hungry or without heat….We learned to never waste and be thankful for hand me downs or the local churches helping us. I can say my best present ever was a watch..It was before my birthday and my mom called me into her bedroom. She opened her dresser drawer and told me that she had been sewing to save money for my present! I cried and hugged her so tight. I think it still may be the most special gift I have ever gotten. This Mother’s Day, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Thankfully, it was caught early. My sister and I took shifts in her hospital room, while she was there. My granddaughter and I wheeled her down for her port-a-cath surgery. I spent the last week each day taking care of her at home. We lost our brother on 10-10-10, and my family is still recovering. This illness is our wake up call to appreciate each day. Be thankful for all the wonderful blessings you have with your family.

  • Jennifer K

    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a day filled with blessings!

    Hmm, I am truly not sure what the best b-day gift ever was…of course sweet home-made things from my daughter, oh and NOT going into labor with my son on my 32nd b-day (he came 9 days later, whew). On my 30th, all my girlfriends pitched in and got me some great things with an Elvis theme. I love Elvis, so it was realy thoughtful. As a kid, I loved my talking Julie doll. OK, last one, I got a pound puppy, Cocoa, for my 7th birthday. I still have this dog. Actually, I can see her right now with my daughters bear from where I am sitting. I know it is lame-o to admit still having, and loving, Cocoa, as an adult, but this pup was my Velvateen rabbit, she was real to me, she is the only thing that kept me feeling safe and helped my anxiety as a kid. She was there for me through many scary nights as a child when no one else was, and something like that is worth way more than feeling silly that I keep her as a grown up. Plus, all my friends and family know her, lol, so it is almost a joke now. OK, it took me a min. to get there, but Cocoa is hands down my best gift ever. She still evokes memories of my childhood and a calming effect on me to this day. OK, now I just sound weird, but its’ out there, and it is true, so I am going with it.

  • Mieke De Mulder

    Who is the lucky winner? :-)

  • doreen porzio