6 Creative Ways to Display Your Kids’ Artwork

Over the years, Dean and I have curated quite the collection of artwork from our kids, and I know all of my fellow momistas have many of your own mini masterpieces to exhibit. With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s a safe bet that lots of little ones will be adding to their portfolios, and while they might not be ready for the Getty (yet), that’s no reason not to display your kids art with style and creativity. Here are a few ideas how:

1. Collage it



This is a great way to show off all of your little artist’s works and incorporate their talents into your design scheme with style and sophistication. If you’re handy on the computer, you can take the time to scan a number of paintings into the computer, resize them, and have the collage printed and framed. If you’re looking for a speedier solution, hire a designer to put your new poster together.

2. Create a Coffee Table Book

Shutterfly’s award-winning photo books are a great, inexpensive way to showcase your kiddie’s works. Their process guides you toward through a few simple steps, and with just a few clicks, it’s on its way. This is also a great way to remember and save your children’s works for years after they’re grown and the finger paintings have come to an end.

3. Note Cards and Stationary

Your family and friends will love receiving notes adorned with art your kids made. There are a number of online printing services that allow you to upload scanned paintings and print the art on card stock – it’s a great way to amp up thank you notes from the kids!

4. Clipboards

For parents whose little artists are especially prolific, a fun, easy way to exhibit their latest masterpieces is to mount stylish clipboards on the wall and swap out the older paintings with their latest and greatest.

5. Table it

A fabulous hands-on way to immortalize your little one’s artwork is to incorporate it into your actual furniture. With a few simple steps and a little patience, you can transform their paintings into a table top for their playroom or nursery. All you need is:

  • A wooden table (or chair)
  • The masterpieces you’ve chosen to use (or color photocopies if you’d prefer)
  • A ruler
  • Your craft knife
  • A clean foam brush
  • A flat nylon brush
  • Mod podge hard coat

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you’re just a few steps away from an artsy DIY table:

  1. Measure and use your craft knife to trim the paintings to a uniform size.
  2. Position the resized artwork on the tabletop in a grid or other desired pattern. Using the flat prush, apply the mod podge to the back of the artwork and secure in place. Let dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  3. Once the mod podge has dried, use your foam brush to apply the topcoat of mod podge to the entire table. You’ll need to add several top coats; the trick is to let each coat dry completely before adding another. If you follow the directions on the bottle, you can’t go wrong!

And voila – you’ve created the perfect table for your little one to create more works of art.

6. Frame it

For your favorite works, never underestimate the power of a fabulous frame to punch up any picture or painting. Mixed in with your existing décor, your kid’s work will look sophisticated and fun.

How do you show off your kid’s artwork? I want to see your creative ways to exhibit their artwork so be sure to leave a comment and upload photos!

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Photo Sources: Jen Elani, Shutterfly, Design Sponge, I Heart Organizing, PlaidOnline, Fat Wallet

  • Ashley Taylor

    Seriously SUCH great suggestions here! :) LOVE all of them so much!!


  • BuyMyCrap

    OR, encapsulate their pictures inside a bangle and wear it!


    Didn’t this company send you a keepsake bangle with your kids pictures isndie it, Tori?

  • Tomomi Melton

    I have been looking for creative and space-efficient ways to display my daughter’s accumulating art work, and these are fantastic ideas! Thank you so much for sharing, Tori!

  • GabiGirl

    I love the table it idea! Never thought of that. I have my granddaughters art work all over my office. For a year I had a paper flag hanging from my ceiling fan! It was a conversation piece when I had meetings!!! Family owned business, pretty laid back, regular customers love coming in to see what I have hanging up all over.

  • Kiara Ramirez

    I love children’s art! My daughter is now 20 but I have hers from grade school and now my 7 year old son, whom by the way is very artistic. I love it!

  • Kari Pick

    Love these ideas Tori!! Especially the huge collage! Think I’ll be trying this with all the artwork I have so far! (and I have tons, my daughter is only 3!) Thanks so much!!

    Kari Pick – Little Sweetie Clips

  • Kaleen Shaffar

    These are great ideas! My kids have TONS of artwork and they are 4 and 3. Another great idea is to hang them up in a playrooom or other favorite room on a homemade clothesline draped from one corner to another. Use clothespins to hang their master pieces. Here is an example:




  • maribel quesada

    I’m loving the art book idea and collage….what about you Tori. Also would you keep in live pieces…My son is three and we have a ton of stuff.

  • Suzanne Brown

    I have never seen the collage and I think I am in LOVE this is a MUST!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • jamie clarke

    I honestly was just thinking what am I going to do with all of this stuff! It’s like you were reading my mind,now I KNOW you have some psychic ability!! I love the clip board idea and will try the artbook. What a great gift for grandparents too. I sound like an infomercial…

  • Amy Dowell

    Love these ideas! Especially the collage at the top. I’ve never seen that before.

  • Rachel Cronan

    I love all these ideas! I absolutely adore Shutterfly!!! I have many photo books and I also make them and give them as gifts!!!

    A neat, crafty idea I have to display kid’s art is to go to a consignment store or thrift store and buy flat baking pans like cookie sheets and pizza pans (different sizes and shapes is fun!) Then, take them home and wash them, trying to scrub off greese or any other dried on food.

    After they are clean and dried, you drill holes in them to hang them on the wall. Now you are ready to spray paint them fun colors- I did yellow and blue. Once they are dry you hang them anywhere, in any order (I went round, rectangle, round, rectangle, etc) and use magnets to hang your child’s art work or photos of your children!

    Just make sure when you buy the pans that they are a type of metal that holds magnets! I bought 2 neat pans that did not work but I didn’t find out until I got home and spray painted them! I would upload a picture, but I don’t know how =(

  • PackersTX

    Going to have to try the collage one! I feel guilty if I recycle them, but there are just too many to save all of them

  • Jenn O

    We are not nearly as fancy. We hang it in the garage, so we get to look at it all the time. Its a great way to keep everything. Before the start of a new school year, we take it all down, keep a few that we love and then start again. The kids love choosing a place to put it on the walls. Im sure the neighbors drive by and think what the hell is all the stuff on the walls! I love that it keeps the clutter outside, and knowing me I would strive to do these fab projects and the art work would end up in a pile on my desk and I would never get it done!

  • Andi Brunett

    Am starting a box in which to toss all items needing to be scanned, so I can put together some of those collages & picture books. Great ideas!

    In the mean time, I also loved the clipboards — how simple is THAT? Yep, gonna get me some of those this weekend & hang ’em in baby girl’s room so she can enjoy her art work. First graders bring home SO MANY papers, & she doodles on the back of all of them. We have more art than we know what to do with. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Andi-Roo /// @theworld4realz


  • Lori

    I love these ideas that I recognize as taken from other people’s blogs. I’d love them even more if there was a more obvious credit to each original source than the TINY credit at the bottom. There’s nothing wrong with sharing great ideas, but I appreciate when lesser known bloggers make sure to clearly (and rather obviously) credit original sources.

  • Catie Fisher

    When I was little my mom would buy a binder with a cover pocket and she would have us make a cover stating the year or school year and our age. Then at the end of the school year whether we were in school or not she would have us go through a basket of our work that she kept in her closet. We got to pick between 20 and 30 pieces that we liked and then she placed them in clear protective sheets and then they went on a bookshelf in our bedroom so we could look through them and show them to who ever we wanted when ever we wanted. It is something I plan to continue with my children.

  • Heather at Happy Doodles
  • Alison B

    Here is another WONDERFUL and EASY idea to display your kids artwork (and also minimize the amount you eventually will keep – guilt free!!


    Have a great day!


  • Penny Safane

    Cool ideas! Here’s my own, which makes it easy to change the art every time there’s a new picture! http://www.etsy.com/listing/90329406/childrens-art-gallery