When it comes to décor, sometimes the most fabulous finishing touches are as simple as incorporating everyday objects you already own. A great example is books – there’s nothing like the simple sophistication of well-read décor, so get out your reading glasses because here are some ways to let literature complete your look:

1. Beautify your library



Be honest – how many leather-bound books have you read lately? If you’re like me, your book collection is probably a medley of hard cover tomes mixed with paperback beach reads – no shame in that! But don’t toss aside those paperback books – instead, recover them in a paper that’s more suited to your taste. It’s an easy and fun way to let your bookcase reflect your personality and style and gives your new accent pieces amazing versatility.

2. Color coordinate your shelves

I tend to like pops of color in my home, so if you’re like me, a great way to make your book collection pop is to organize your shelves by the color of their covers. If you don’t have a lot of similarly colored books, use the previous tip and recover them to complete your color scheme.

3. Get stacked

Stacking is a less conventional way to showcase your books and makes great use of smaller spaces like short shelving or coffee tables. For the best effect, either stick to books of the same size or taper the sizing from large on the bottom to small on the top – this will draw the eye and prevent your stacks from looking cluttered or unkempt.

4. Accent your collection with chic bookends

My friends recently gave me these gorgeous antique bookends, and they’re a perfect example of how a fabulous accessory can make even the simplest items look stylish. Here are some other winners:

Jonathan Adler Mod Owl Sculptures

Turquoise Foo Dogs

Dr. Livingston Monogrammed Bookends

Malachite Composite Bookends

Steer Horn Bookends

There is no shortage of fab bookends on the market – just take a look around your favorite décor store and you’ll be sure to find something that fits your taste.

With your household book collection, you have such a wealth of versatile design accents so be sure to put them to good use!

How do you incorporate your library into your interior design? Tell me about it and upload pictures to let me take a look!

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