I have the most creative and amazing fans in the world so when I came up with the “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” Season Finale Scavenger Hunt in February I knew the response would be impressive. Well, the scavenger hunt response not only blew me away, it also resulted in the chance for me to talk with one very talented and awesome lady, Jenny Dixon. As fate would have it, Jenny, the winner of the Skype chat with my family and me, is an awesome craftista and momista- a lady after my own heart! I was so impressed by her work on her crafting blog, Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line, that I asked her to guest blog here on ediTORIal. Here’s her first post!

Move over knitting needles, yarn is entering into new craft territories! It’s trendy, inexpensive, and comes in a plethora of colors and textures. Yarn can be used for all sorts of projects, from party decorations to home decor.

Yarn wrapped initials look super cute in the bathroom and help with organization. (We will need to add another hook at the end soon for Tori and Dean’s little one on the way).

This is a bright and colorful children’s party where I used yarn accents throughout the party, on soda bottles, boxes, and picture frames.


Cardboard (or purchase block letters)
Tape or Hot Glue

How To Make Yarn-Wrapped Letters:
1. Print letters out on standard printer paper (I used AR Essence, font size 750). Cut out the letters.
2. Trace letter on to cardboard. Cut out each cardboard letter using a box cutter or pair of scissors.
3. Cut a small slit in the cardboard letter where you would like to begin wrapping.
4. Insert the end of yarn into the slit, then tape or glue the yarn end to the back of the letter. This will help keep the yarn in place better.
5. Wrap yarn around the letter in the same direction.
6. When you reach corners, start wrapping yarn in the opposite direction to cover the remainder of the letter. Hot glue, tie, or tape any loose ends to the back.
7. Attach letter to the wall with a command hook, picture hanger, or hot glue a 6″ piece of yarn to the back of the letter, then hang from a nail.



Jenny is the official party planner of two energetic boys, ages 4 (Noah) and 6 (Jack). She spends her precious free time crafting, planning parties, and blogging on her site Crossing The Bugger-Dixon Line. Jenny is also a contributing writer for Piggy Bank Parties, Bird’s Party, and Whisker Graphics. Jenny’s favorite things include cake plates, the color navy, ruffles, and spending time on Cape Cod. Her work has been featured on TLC Parentables, Amy Atlas, and Bird’s Party Magazine. You can find Jenny on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Thank you for sharing this adorable crafting tuTORIal Jenny! If you have any other crafts you’d like to learn how to make, let me know in the comments!

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