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Welcome to our celebraTORI LIVE chat!

I hope you’ve all picked up your copies of the book so we can really dive into all of celebraTORI‘s topics and stories. To get the chat started, leave me your number one entertaining question below in the chat room. At exactly 4 p.m. PST I’ll join the chat room and start answering your questions!

Join the chat below and I’ll be there at 4 on the dot!

*Note: You will be prompted to create a “username” for the chat room. The username will only be used while the chat is live. You will also notice a small delay after you send your text into the chat. That’s normal!

Can’t wait to chat with you soon!

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  • leelee

    I saw on the last season of your show when you were putting the finishing touches on celebraTORI that you were worried about how the dessert table looked for the cover. Now that it is finished and looks so beautiful, are you happy with it?

  • lola

    Im blown away by this chat event thing, it was awesome !!!! Totally made my day!!! Craft on!

  • Melissa Cottom

    TORI—–for the usc book festival signing will we be able to purchase ur book there or should I purchase before hand?


  • lola

    Crap i forgot to have her send our love to Mehran , i love him :) oh well we love you too Mehran!!

  • Angel Elmer

    I love the new book. I have all your books. I am planning a trip to LA to see your store.

  • stacey barnett

    I am in a jam financilally my pup Coconuts is 98% blind and I’ve been on line to the Human Socieity I’m not computer swavay and can’t spell well but my poor dog is a Sch-Noodle one of the smartest dogs you could ever own but I can’t afford her surgery I lost my home my very first home after being fired for hurting my back after 6 1/2 years of being a great employee as soon as the owner heard I had to have rods in my back he fired me made a woman bring my stuff out in a parking lot to give me my stuff and had her call me it’s been over 6 years no settlement yet I just need to know of a charity that help people like me. I can’t work again and the surgery she needs cost at least four thousand dollars but she would be able to see the first day. I watch your show and I really think you are so wonderful with a beautiful family and you make everything look so easy here I am at age 51 and can’t do much of anything but know one beleives I’m 51 because I guess I got good genes! My life is horrible my car got totaled and we rent a small junky home at 750 a month. If you know of any charity please let me know, Thank you so much I hope you get to see this, Stacey

  • Lorrie Moores

    Just got home a couple of hours ago from your book signing at The Grove in L.A. and I was so happy to meet you Tori! I made the blankets for your adorable children and was thrilled to see the whole family there. The book is amazing and the pictures are beautiful throughout the book! It’s so nice to see that you’ve branched off into so many projects in your life! I wish for you and your beautiful family a very blessed life and as I said in my note to you I would love to make a blanket for your new little one when he or she arrives. Take care of yourself throughout the rest of your pregnancy and I hope to see you soon again! Love, Lorrie

  • Mieke De Mulder

    Yes, my copy of your latest book arrived today. After a quick peek, I can say it looks very nice, beautiful pictures and full of good ideas. Can’t wait to start reading ! xoxo, Mieke

  • stacey barnett

    I wish I could afford a book. I’m not able to work I have to live in a moldy meldew home rented lost our 1 and only home to buy because I got fired for geting hurt at work. The owner had a person meet me in the parking lot to pick my stuff up I had to have rods and pins in my back so now I’m bearly living and my poor dog can only see 98% and I can’t afford her surgery to see. So congragulation on all your books and shows. I really respect you a girl that grew up wealthy and is so normal and makeing it on her own. I do try to watch your shows when you are on or in magazines at the Dr.’s offices I’m only 50 but I feel as if I’m just waiting day by day wondering what else is going to happen next. Keep up the good work and your beautiful children and great husband are very lucky. Stacey

  • Gina Watkins

    I am hosting a Baby Shower for my daughter and my First Grand Baby. I am BEYOND EXCITED! This is going to be a Co-Ed Baby shower and right now we are expecting at least 80 people. I was thinking Fingers Foods…any ideas on EASY Finger Foods. Oh and it’s a GIRL!!! :)