My celebraTORI Press Tour



In addition to my book signings that start in New Jersey tomorrow night, I’m also hitting the road to do some press and promote my newest book celebraTORI! I’ll be talking about everything you can expect to find in celebraTORI, and also doing some live demonstrations.

Here’s where you can catch me over the next couple of days:


8am EST – Live appearance on “The Today Show” on NBC

9:00-10:00am– Sirius XM Radio Interviews

  • 9:00am Wake up with Taylor
  • 9:20am Broadminded
  • 9:40am Larry Flick
  • 10:00am Jane Pratt

11:00am-12:00pm– Live appearance on “The View” on ABC

7:00 pmBookends Book Signing

11:00pm– Live appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live”


10:00am EST- Live appearance on “The Today Show”

12:30-3pm5th Ave. Barnes & Noble Book Signing

7-10pmEast Northport Barns & Noble Book Signing

Will you be able to tune in or make it to one of my book signings? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Mar

    I can watch you on tv I wish I lived closer where I could come see you though :(

  • Jennifer Bruno

    Ok…first off I am excited that I can actually leave a comment…lol! I read your posts everday and always have trouble trying to respond. But I am a crafty momma with 2 boys and I love, love, love you and your family. I swear, you are so down to earth that I feel like I actaully know you!! I am going to be coming to the B&N signing on Wed. night. Can I buy the book there?? Also, I have something for baby Hattie that I think you might like :-) Can’t wait to meet you!

  • Gerri Page

    Who looks after your home and children when you are on the road promoting your books and businesses?

  • Lynnee

    Wow! What a crazy schedule! I look forward to catching the coverage on the Today Show & Sirius XM

  • Erin

    I will be recording your interviews I have to work all day good luck can’t wait to read the book. Wish I could make it to a book signing I live in Indiana. Maybe someday you can make a stop near Indiana.

  • stacy wilson

    Hey Tori, wish you were coming to sunny Florida, but I know you need to take it easy on your tours, So do just that and take some pics for us tomorrow. Hope it goes great! :)

    You did the Royal Wedding Party and Fashion Police as a prego . You can do anything prego if you can do that. lol!!!

  • Kristyn Wujcik

    How about coming to Chicago??

  • Lucina Victoria

    I can’t come to your book signings because I’m in Germany but I will watch you on ABC and NBC. I’ve found an online stream which works well. YAY!!! Good luck to you with your new book!

  • Kristin

    I will be tuning in to the Today show and The View!! I wish that you were coming to Florida, but it sounds like you will be one busy lady! Have fun!

  • Tamera Rutledge

    So excited you will be on one of my favorite shows tomorrow night, “Watch What Happens Live.” I can’t wait to read your book. Maybe you could come to Indianapolis sometime for a book signing?? Love you and your family. Congrats on the new baby!!

  • Heather Stout

    Wow! How exciting. I can’t wait to get the book!

  • Tara Allen

    I will be watching you on the Today show in the morning..also recording it:) Also, the view! :) Wow, your one busy mama…Your AMAZING…wish you could come to Florida, I saw you and Mehran at your book signing when you were at the Barnes and Nobles here in Tampa,Fl. I couldn’t believe it..I will NEVER forget that moment:) So Excited to get my book tomorrow at B&N..I pre-ordered it…have all your books and LOVE your shows,jewlery, etc… Love you and your family! Congratulations on another angel!!! XOXO

  • Robin Buco

    Yes! So excited for your book signing at Bookends! Hope you get a good nights sleep girl, you gotta long day ahead of you!

  • Sharon Coffini

    Will be catching you on the shows…but PLEASE come to Scottsdale…it’s a very short plane ride or short drive from L.A. and Scottsdale is all about parties and party planning so I know you’d have a great turn out!!

  • Crafty Mom

    Can’t wait to get your new book!

  • Linda Rowe

    I am certainly going to try. As a FT working mom and colledge student, I dont know if I can swing the two n a half hour drive to the city. What a hoot in would be if you could come to the B&N in Wilkes Barre, PA someday! I sure hope we run in to eachother some day. Cant wait for the new book! You are awesome.

  • Sharon Kruschen

    Tivo has been set :)

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    I am so excited for this book Tori! Cannot wait to get it! I just finished a little blog post about your book and craft line actually, have a read if you have the time =) x

  • Nicole Cotugno

    I will be at your East Northport signing! This is my first time coming to see you! I’m very exxxcittteddd!!!

  • Amy Dowell

    Safe travels and best of luck!

  • Amy Husarenko

    I am going to try and make the Ridgewood, NJ signing!

  • Megan Ryan

    See you in Ridgewood tonight Tori! I cannot wait – This is so awesome!! XO

  • Silje

    Come 2 Norway 😉

  • Jeanne Tutt

    thanks for posting this! please continue this so I may have hope of catching you! :)

  • Sharon Curtis

    Too far from Australia to get there – maybe one day! Hope its not too hectic for you and you get some REST!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    Tori, we need a book signing here in Cali but on the weekend please….. I live 2 hours away from the city

  • susan murphy

    I missed The View but DVR’d Today. You looked stunning, as always and i cant believe u said Carnation…we are soul-friends! xx O Take care of yourself and our baby! :)

  • JanMac

    Just got your book in the mail today!! I’ve only been able to flip through it quickly, but I’ve already seen a couple of ideas I can’t wait to try. Congrats on a beautiful book!! :)

  • Danielle Schwerin

    I caught you on The View! I’ll be watching you on Watch What Happens Live and The Today Show as well :)

  • Natalie Arnold

    Tori!! Please come to Texas!!! We love you!!!

  • Melanie Lucky Seven Design

    I LOVED MEETING TORI…she was amazingly sweet and is just like she is on TV…mannerisms and all. So freakin cute!

    I brought my 17 yr old daughter with me and she asked Tori to sign her iPhone….and Tori was like “Seriously…I don’t want to ruin your phone” so sweet.

    We gave her an autism awareness bracelet and she put it right on and told me that her and Dean are big supporters of Autism Awareness orgs.

    Here are some photos from my post…she was gorgeous and glowing!!!

  • Crystal Freeze

    I watch everything you are on…by the way, will Season 3,4 and 5 of Tori and Dean be available at some point? I have Seasons 1 and 2 but I want them all!!!

  • Amy Husarenko

    I totally agree with Melanie. Tori was so personable and genuine. I am so glad I went to the book signing! Tori you complimented my jacket last night it was Etcetera. Our website is I am a recruiter for them it’s all about women helping women. Women with small kids wanting to work with fashion but still be a Mom! It’s a great flexible opportunity. You are an inspiration for moms who still want to work and be busy, but have a family. I respect that of you so much. I hope I can work with you someday, would love to dress you in Etcetera!!! I know you are all about women helping women! We can all dream right?!?

  • Love Lupita

    I forgot to record these episodes but I was able to find them all online today. I love the internet!

  • Megan Ryan

    Loved, LOVED meeting my HGFL Tori! Super sweet – what you see is what you get! Thank you Tori for taking your time to sign my book and talk with me! I mentioned to you InvenTORI – I would love to see more furniture items on your website or even some of your favorite furniture pieces!! You are such a doll! XO

  • carlyspiel

    Coming to meet you tonight!!! Soooo excited!!! :)

  • Amanda

    It was so great meeting you! You’re an inspiration!

  • ronna sklar

    It was wonderful meeting you yesterday! You are so sweet and lovely to talk to! My sister in law loved your personal message to her.It made her day!!!

  • Carmen E

    I cant wait to get your book!!!!

  • Bella Mimi Couture

    So I visited Tori in the city for her Barnes & Noble book signing and I just have so many nice things to say about Tori! First off, she is just stunning in person- so stinkin’ cute with her dress and her braid in the front of her hair! Secondly, how amazing is this book?!! I think if I make one more tulle ball, my husband is going to string me up! Third, Tori was just such a dream. She is just so grounded and personable! I really felt like I knew her forever. Totally made my day and made me an even bigger fan! I could have sat with her all afternoon and was sad when my turn was up. And lastly, gracious and fabulous Tori even posed for a picture with a gift I made her from my company Bella Mimi Couture. I was just so excited that she accepted my gift and couldn’t believe she posed for pictures. Look how cute she looks- Love, love, love Tori Spelling and can’t wait for Craft Wars! Even her sharpie color matched the book cover- always paying attention to details! If you didn’t buy her book yet- go get it now! Worth every penny! Thank you so much Tori for being so wonderful- it meant a lot and was so appreciated!

  • Alissa Pappas


  • Noella Richer

    Tori willl be on Rachael Ray tomorrow, Wednesday April 11th. I set my DVR already. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Maria Korpela

    Hello! Have you visited Finland? If not, would you like to? From Maria, Finland

  • Teresa Wilkerson

    i just love your new book it came out just in time i am planing my daughters baby shower and found it to be so helpful i am pretty crafty but i still got new ideas from your book just wanted to say keep those creative juices flowing and thanks for sharing what you know with us thanks from small town indiana

  • LKm

    I got your book last week and I’m more than 1/2 way through, that coming from a full-time working mom who commutes, with 2 needy kids and 1 needy husband. I NEVER have time to read, yet I’ve been able to read yours and I love it! Planning my daughter’s birthday tea party and have been so inspired by your book. I want to have parties now! You are truly a party-planning goddess. Damn you’re good!

    Love the recipes throughout. Any plans for a recipe book?