Get Stoned: Malachite

Organic, glamorous and colorful- stones are one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to design. I love it all- from lapis, to tiger’s eye to agate; you can’t really go wrong when it comes to gems. Malachite (interpreted above in a stunning rug by one of my favorite designers, Tony Duquette) is my absolute favorite.

The bold appeal of this stone has been reinterpreted in design all across the board- you can find it in fabrics, wallpaper, and china, and of course the real rock is used frequently in jewelry and other home accessories.

Here are a few examples of rooms that make a big malachite statement:

6967737170:Yahoo:photoTony Duquette




Kelly Wearstler


While the rooms above are over-the-top (in the best way), there are also simple ways to bring malachite into your home and wardrobe. Try a pair of bold, vintage malachite lamps, malachite coasters for your tabletop or a statement cocktail ring. I found some crush-worthy items for you below.



Clockwise from top: More is More by Tony Duquette; Vintage lamps- 1stdibs; Cocktail Ring- Buck House; Large Vintage Plates- 1stdibs; End Table- Lamshop; Vintage Rolex- 1stdibs; Vintage Dish- Rummage; Placemats- Dransfield & Ross; Cutout Bronze and Malachite Ring- Pamela Love; Cuff- Max & Chloe; Soap Rock-Scents & Sprays Candles

What do you think of malachite- gorgeous and glam or too much for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Photo Credit:, Design 2 Share, Travel for Design, Coco + Kelley, Made by Girl

  • kelly poopsie lou

    i love this colour, i really liked the braclet and the ring. Thank you for sharing.

  • Faranak Ghaemi

    Gorg.. I love the wallpaper!!!!!!

  • Lisa R.

    I love the color and intricateness of the design. Fabulous!

  • Paula

    It’s gorgeous and I love it! I get to see one of the biggest pieces of malachite daily at work!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Okay, as I come from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) I totally got the wrong end of the stick when I read the subject in my mailbox of this post in your blog. But now I know better and I am happy that my image of you as a wholesome and sensible mother is still intact.

    But I love this shade of green. I have green eyes and I am always on the lookout for matchiong items of jewelry and clothes, so this would definitely fit in my collection. Never realized though that you could decorate your house with it, love that twist on this beautiful stone.

  • Mariana Hernandez

    Just like Candy, you have the eye for design:)

  • Kristin

    Oh I am a malachite lover! The vintage Rolex you posted about threw me over the edge!

  • doreen porzio

    Totally Gorgeous!!! This stone is beautiful!! I love all of them!…. My faves would be the rug, wallpaper, Big square cocktail table, and the cute little end table is adorable! Also cannot exclude that spectacular vintage Ring!! Okay, Kill me, I LOVE them all!!! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing my sweet Tori!!…. I try not to miss any of your Topics!! ;)) I do love the Malachite stone!… For me, however, It would not work in my house since my decor is quite different! I have dark mahogany wood tables in family room! Not Matchy matchy, but a few different types! One I got from an Estate sale! You will appreciate this story! Went for a desk for my daughters room, that didn’t work out!! But I happened to see this carved square end table in the corner of the room! It was a cherry/ mahogany oriental scene carved into the table top, sides, & front! Has a drawer & 2 little cabinet doors! Well this man didn’t know what he had, which is the best way to get a bargain!!! Long story short, which you know I NEVER know how to do!! I got this solid piece for $25!!! Woo Hoo!!! I walked out of that house with a real big SMILE!!!! :)) (Thanks For Listening To ME) No, I did not Need that table!!! LOL!!

  • Rachel

    I love that color!!! So gorgeous!

  • Rita Sunderland

    I love this stone but I never worked with this one. I do belive in power of stones and I bloged about some magic what happend with me and this stone. I seldom purchase jewelry in the thrift stores but that day malachite bracelet calld my name. Since that day it’s always with me and YES malachite can be used to identify step by step ways to achive a goal. Malachite is a perfect aid in building wealth or improving our lot in life both material and spiritually. I’m trully belive that this stone is ment to by mine :) I even considering to add it to my jewery collection )

    Thank you for making this day brighter with this lovely post about gemstones.

    Russain jewelry designer


  • Mehran Farhat

    Could not imagine a life without malachite. Obsessed.

  • Erica Husband

    I LOVE the color of Malachite and use it often in my jewelry. Actually I use many stones in my jewelry creations. It just gives me a sense of using something natural and some stones are said to have a healing power to them which is also why I love to use them. I wish I would’ve known this was your favorite. I would’ve sent you the necklace I made instead of the earrings. PS Hi Rita Sunderland ^^^

  • Jessica Brockman

    You should check out Ocean Jasper…It is found off the coast of Madagascar, and can only be mined during low tide. So beautiful!!! While I love the polished look of these minerals, I am also a huge fan of their raw versions as well, esp. malachite!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg I <3 this! gorgeous!

  • Therase Kennedy Chong

    Stunning. Although in the Kelly Wearstler design all I can see is the pink chair which looks like a vagina to me hopefully Im ovulating. xx


    I love the colour I wish here in Australia I could source it

  • Suzanne Brown

    Too much for my midwest house but I do like it in small doeses! I do however LOVE the pair of chairs in the third pic and suppose I could live with that table ;), if it is easy to wipe little fingerprints off of!

  • Stacie Tippett

    Like Rita, I believe in stone/crystal power. Tori, since you are a nervous flyer, I thought you should know that malachite has been traditionally used to promote safety in travel, particularly over water (whether in the air or on a boat). I bought my first piece of malachite, a beautiful pendant, for my first overseas flight. Stone power works best if the stone is actually touching your skin (not in a setting that prevents direct skin contact). Even if others don’t believe in stone power, malachite is beautiful in its own right, so you can’t lose!

  • Lena Balak

    thank you very much….now I’m obsessively shopping online…….hee hee

  • Hilary Mouat

    Please go and check out my blog, and feel free to comment and follow. Its all about crafting and DIY!!!

  • marissa martz

    I love stones and crystals , I must say these are beautiful, the color is beautiful…

  • Tanya from Dans le Townhouse

    I love stones and rocks and crystals and gems. I had a rock collection as a kid, which I recently started displaying in a pretty glass box.

    I also grabbed a couple of sliced agates from an aquarium gift shop and made two, super affordable, super cute chunky necklaces:

    So I’m a little obsessed.