Since I know a lot of you are foodies like me, I want to tell you about Forkly, a great app that I’ve recently become obsessed with. It’s a foodie app for iPhone and Android that tells you the best dishes at restaurants based on users’ reviews and recommendations.

You can upload pictures of your favorite dishes at restaurants and give reviews for your friends to see and get recommendations based on your likes, dislikes, and your location.

If there is a restaurant that you want to try or a dish that you think sounds delicious, you can “want it,” so that the next time you’re in the neighborhood, Forkly will remind you to swing by for a bite. You can also follow people whose tastes you share.

If you’re as much of a food-lover as I am you will love it! And, if you create an account make sure to follow me – my username is monkeybug50 (my profile’s pictured above).

Are there any food apps or sites that you’ve fallen in love with recently? Let me know about them in the comments below!

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