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I love sharing all of the ideas, icons, and trends that inspire me here on ediTORIal, but one of my favorite parts of my site is being able to hear your opinions, thoughts and advice. I hope that this will always be a site that interests and inspires you, so in effort to keep the content centered on my readers, I’m taking questions!

Now’s the time to leave me any burning question you have! Don’t be shy- ask about any topic you’d like, and I’ll choose my favorite questions to answer later this month on ediTORIal.

Just leave your question below in the comments- can’t wait to read them all!

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  • Angi Dudas

    What are your favorite cheap but healty family meal ideas?

  • Jessica Poole

    Do you like my new product I am making? I love your sense of style and would love to see what you think about it.

  • Christine Bouchard

    How do you find time for EVERYTHING? Do you sleep? Workout? Ever have 30 seconds to yourself?

    I work a full time job, have 1 kid (age 3) and a husband. I find my kid doesn’t get the quality or quantity time he deserves because once home at 5pm I have household stuff to get done. We ware talking about having another kid but that requires 2 things: finding more time to be with my husband to work on baby #2 and then spreading myself thinner between 2 kids, a husband, a fulltime job, life outside the home, and home maintenance.

    How do you do it?????

  • Steffie Williams

    Tori, I just LOVE your family’s show on Oxygen. Will it return for a 7th season?

    I can’t wait for Craft Wars!

  • Heather LaFrance

    How do you find balance between your family, your businesses, and your’s and Dean’s careers? I am having a hard time finding balance with my WAHM business, the kids and the hubs.

    Also, what are some of the things that you do to keep the love alive and sparking with your hubs? (always love to see peoples ideas!)

  • Ella McQuillen

    Are you finding out the sex of baby #4? And also could you do more posts about your interior design style? Thanks and hope you had an amazing easter!

  • Jennifer Grajczyk

    What’s the best advise you can give, or that you received, about adding another child to your family?

    I have a 2 year old daughter, Mariella, and we are expecting our second child in October. Just looking for ideas on how to prepare her.

    Thanks! Jen

  • Lady Googoogaga

    Do you ever get sick of living in the spotlight!!

  • Lesley

    You and Dean have 3 children and one on the way! Dean has one child from a previous relationship. How do you give each child your mommy time? Do they each get there own mommy and me day or do u just all spend time with each other?

  • Jenna Brake

    I was wondering since you are now pregnant with number 4 (I’ll be joining you on the baby train I’m due december 4th) will you be moving again since you have so far moved to a different house with every baby????

    BTW I was also wondering if you know of a retailer in canada that sells the DVDs of your show as I’ve looked high and low and can’t seem to locate them?

  • Amanda Doerrie

    Do you plan on writing any more books?? I really enjoyed your 1st 3, and am waiting to get Celebratori for my Birthday (April 18th) – but was wondering if there are any more plans to write… I really enjoy reading about life from your perspective, and would love to hear that more will be on the way.

    Thanks Tori!!!

  • Terre Bagwell

    I made your brie cheese topped with jam and wrapped in crescent rolls appetizer this weekend and it was a huge hit! What other go to recipes or signature recipes are your favorites? Saw you on the Today show-you just look beautiful as usual!

  • dldeshaw

    What’s something you know you do differently than most people?


  • Ottie

    Now that baby number 4 is on the way (congratulations), do you feel your home is big enough for such a large family, or will you need to expand or move again. I am sure you started decorating your new home and now need to make adjustments for another little person. We have 3 little ones ourselves and now that they are get bigger they seem to need more and more space!

  • Anne

    Hi Tori,

    Congratulations on your new little one on the way!! How exciting! My question is actually kinda long, but relates to being a Mom and pregnancy. I have two boys, age four and 3 months. I had to have c-sections with both and I have to say that I have, although, not been diagnosed, with an anxiety disorder. I became such a huge fan of yours watching your show when you were about to give birth to Liam. I was pregnant at the time with my first and watching you ask your Doctor all kinds of questions, I was like, ok, we could totally be best friends! I was on edge with both pregnancies like that, and with the second terrified of having to have another c-section. So, my question, which, I guess is kinda personal, is are you anxious at all about having a fourth c-section, and have your pregnancies as far as worries gotten any easier? I would like to have more children, but am anxious about another c-section. I also wanted to tell you that I am very very much missing your clothing line Little Maven, although, I completely understand you have your hands full! My son has almost everything you designed and I can’t seem to find him clothes anymore that are fun, different, and comfortable. I was always the talk of the preschool with his Christmas outfit, Easter outfit, and anything I put him in that was Little Maven! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and I wish you all the best! Anne

  • Mick

    I’m thinking of getting a few egg laying hen’s, I think my 6 year old son would love it. Any words of wisdom? Thanks, Mick

  • Emily Kohl

    How did you guys come up with all the kids names? I love how they are unique but not crazy celebrity names! They are so timeless and fit them all so well! Do you guys have names in the works for number 4? Do you keep all the kids names in mind when choosing a new name or do you just pick ones you like?

  • Nikki Tonioni

    Tori- LOVE YOU! I read your book in 1 day! It was amaze balls!!!! I am throwing a baby shower for one of my friends and I am totally inspired by your book to make it as great as possible!!! I am thinking of sending a tag inside the invite for her friends to make a wish for her and either set them out on a wish tree or decoupage it for her… not sure!!! I also wanted to do an activity as well instead of baby games..( I dislike baby games) So I was thinking everyone could decoupage but I have no ideas for that!! HELP! Congrats on baby #4!!!!

  • Lady Googoogaga

    Do you want your kids to go into show business????

  • Marla Murasko

    You are a very person woman and someone I admire greatly. I know that you just downsized your house, but with your growing family will you now be looking for a larger house? Does Patsy still help you out?

    I know you have several new business ventures budding but I am really curious to know what happened to your children’s clothing line “Little Maven?” I loved the clothes and have purchased from it. Would love to know if you will be bringing it back?

    Can you talk to us more about planting vegetables and how you get your children involved? I know that fertilizer is not the safest for children to play with so wondering what you use? Do you use green products in your house?

    Do you have a team of people to help you manage your website? I know Mehran is your business partner but I have a hard time keeping up the several websites I have on my own wondering how you handle it all?

    What charities are you involved with?

  • Sharon Martinez

    First, I have to say how much I love and enjoy you, your family and your show.

    I have a 5 month old baby boy and work a full time job. My husband helps a lot with the baby, but I hate that sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time to spend with my baby. You have 3 kids now, one on the way, a store, and other business… how do you handle making time for your kids/husband?

  • Amy Dowell

    Do you know yet if you’re coming back for another season of Tori & Dean? (If not, do you know of a good counselor I can see to deal with my withdrawl pains? :)

    What inspired you to have your own little ‘farm’ in LA and how do you manage all of those critters?

    How is Dean doing with Culinary school? I may have missed this, but has he graduated, and along that line, does he plan on opening a restaurant?

    Out of all of your different jobs (author, actress, business owner) what is your favorite? If you had to pick just one profession for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

  • Katie Ogden

    Have you ever thought of merging your kids clothing lines with Kohl s or Macy`s? So that the everyday women could dress there kiddos as cute as you are able to dress yours with your great clothing ideas?

    If you were not in the famous position you are in , what would have been the job you went after to have the self satisfaction in your work life you are able to achieve with your famous life?

    What is one thing you find highly inspirational about the modern women ?

    With your new home what is your favorite room and will the new baby share a room with Hattie?

  • Stacey Johnson

    Hey Tori! Love the show, I think your family is so beautiful, and your kind spirit is inspiring.

    I’m not the crafty-sort, so my question isn’t about that, and I don’t have kids, so my question isn’t about that…

    My question is related to finding good friends that you can really trust. I know many of your best friends are from your childhood, and that helps to know that they aren’t around to take advantage in any way. But what if you didn’t have them? How do you know when people are really there because they enjoy your company, and they don’t have their own agenda? Or how to do you know when it’s ok to really open up to someone new? I don’t have many friends left from my childhood for a variety of reasons, and I’ve been hurt enough so I’ve started keeping everyone at arms length. That helps for not getting hurt, but I truly am a people person, and I’m starved for community and connectivity.

    What would you suggest? My situation is nothing like yours specifically, but I figure you my have a process for when you know that a new person in your life is around for the right reasons??

    Thanks in advance, and blessings to you and your family. :)

  • Stephanie Wolfe

    I have loved the way you think since I read your first book. I feel your openess and honesty are very refreshing. The way many of us “everyday” people can relate to you is amazing, thats saying something about you as a person!

    My question has to do with your recent interview about how baby #4 came to be. The fact that you were worried that your husband would think the sex was going unless you stepped it up. The fact that you were so honest about that, when so many people are not, was wonderful. Sex is important in a relationship, I think too many mom’s find excuses to put it at the top of the “to do” list. And believe me, I have 4 kids (9, 8, 8, and 4) and I have made my own excuses.

    HOW do you do wife, mom, and entreprenour ..and make it look easy. Im a stay at home mom with a No Bow business and i can’t seem to get it all together…and be ok with that. I realise the camera’s are only on for a few months a year, but I can’t seem to get it together for more than a day or two:0) How do you intermingle the three…and keep everyone happy?? My husband is wonderful, but Im so exhausted, and so not in tune with him by the end of the day……HOW do you handle that??

    Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy trip to #4 :0)

  • abbey marchiano

    Hey Tori! How are you inspired to pick your children’s names? I was reading about editTORIal and how hard it was for you to pick and name and you were inspired by “sleep shopping.” Do you have any fun stores as to how you picked thier names and what you might be planning for baby #4? and maybe a little hint as to when you are due??

  • Clare Christine

    Hi Tori :) Hope you and your family had a wonderful easter! Congrats on your 4th baby :) My question has already been asked, are you going to be doing another Tori and Dean HSH? Also, where do you want to be in 10 years time?

    Love from my family to yours, Clare

  • Jaymes Leonard

    Hello Tori! My question is You do lots of stories and tips for women Can you do some stories and tips ( like cooking and organizing and fashion) for Men? I need help LOL Can’t wait for your book signing and New Shows.. Love all that You do! Jaymes

  • Melanie Lucky Seven Design

    Hi Tori

    I met you last week in New Jersey and it was such a highlight for me, you are a few years younger than me but I basically grew up watching you on TV. Our lives have had some similar paths and Ive been inspired by your determination to continuously try new things.

    I just openend my own shop and Im excited but nervous at the same time. My question to you is….how do you make the ideas in your head a reality. I always write things down and draw them in a book.

    Also would you ever consider stopping by a super fans shop…..I have so many friend and customers that are fans of yours….we would love to have you.

    P.S. Thanks for signing my shop post card it is hanging on the shop wall next to the celebraTORI book jacket


    Lucky 7 Design

  • Christina Brown

    Hi Tori, Congratulations an on your success, and especially on being such an inspiring mother to everyone. I am a first time mother, my son Sam is 14 months old, and he is the light of my life. We are deciding whether to have another baby or not.

    My question to you is, how do you balance your relatuonship with your husband, and your kids. You have a big family now is it tough to keep the spark alive?

    Thanks for being a great role model.

    Christina Brown

  • Lindsay Gellz

    Hey Tori!

    I am planning a Bachelorette party for my best friend in Palm Springs for June. I know that you love Palm Springs and I was wondering if you have any tips for great restaurants or day time activities (besides laying by pool) that we should check out. I of course already have CelebraTORI and am thinking of using some of your spa party activiites into the weekend. But any other ideas or tips for throwing a great desert bachelorette party on a budget would be really helpful!


    p.s. I can’t wait to get my book signed and meet you at the USC book signing in a coupe weeks! So excited!

  • Polly Matin-Dodge

    How do you forgive your mother??

    I’m having a hard time, but it’s especially hard now that I have to take care of her..She’s 84 and we’re living in the same house. You inspire me with all that you do and have accomplished. Your children are grand!! Thanks Tori, sincerly Polly Matin-Dodge

  • Michele T

    HI Tori!

    Mine is a simple question…

    When does the new season of your show begin? :-)


  • Samantha Busam

    Hi Tori!!

    My question for you is: How do you stay in a “good place” and keep happy and positive? I know we all have times when we’re feeling down, but you seem to balance life so well. What do you do to take care of you and your family to make sure you stay grounded, even in the public eye?

    And if you have time for another question, what advice do you have to start writing a book? I’ve been writing all of my life and would love to have some of my work published!

    Thanks so much, Tori!! I too, like many, am a huge fan!!! I didn’t watch 90210 when I was younger (I am 30) but started watching Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. It’s been wonderful watching you and your family grow. Thank you for sharing your life!! You are truly an INSPIRATION. I am a mother of two (a son, Brodie who is 4 and a daughter Delaney who is 5 months). I currently stay at home with the kids (so blessed!) and sell Premier Designs jewelry, but am also an Oncology RN. Been married to my hubby for almost 6 years…we met working at Friendly’s. Well, enough about me. Looking forward to reading the responses to these questions. xoxoxo! ~Samantha

  • Jackie C

    Hi Tori! I pretty much have the same questions as everyone else…of course the main one being HOW do you do it all??? I work full time and at the end of the day I’m exhausted. I have no kids. I live by myself (with two dogs but still). I try to keep up with my writing which is my creative outlet but it is hard. You have three going on four kids. You have multiple businesses. You have a new reality show. AND you are a bestselling author!! I guess if anything I look to you as an inspiration and hope that if I have kids one day I can balance it all!!

    On another note I returned the boring flats that I bought to go with your necklace and bought the shimmery heels!! I wore them (the necklace and the heels) on Friday night to kind of a casual place but I didn’t care. I will take pics of them and post them!! Also, I bought a duster-like sweater over the weekend and the brand was, no joke, Coco La Rue. Thought you would appreciate that :D

  • Kelly Day

    Hi Tori. I have a home business called The Fancy Firefly. I sent you the gift of bows for your precious girls. I sent it to your shop InvenTORI…was wondering if you received it for Hattie and Stella?


  • Tricia

    Hi Tori, I just had my fourth baby in October. Your 3 kids and my youngest 3 are the same ages, it’s crazy!! My son Michael was born 3-7-07, William is 6-5-08, and Patrick is 10/25/11. Our daughter Catherine is 8. I loved watching you on Tori and Dean!! My question is what makeup do you wear and especially what lipsticks do you wear?

  • Anne Maren Velo

    Hi ! Tip to birthday team to a 15 years old girl?

    Thanks for being a great role model :D

  • Camilla Groenhaug

    Hi Tori, you are so sweet I have two questions for you :-) 1. when does the new season start? 2. can you come to norway sometime?

    - Camilla

  • Mar

    Will you ever come to the south so I can meet you? I live in South Carolina?

  • Pamela Dryburgh

    What keeps you motivated and on the go all the time? Do you ever take time to stop and smell the roses? I wish I had half your energy. You are such an inpiration even to us older women! Rock on Mamma!

  • rita bridgeman

    Hi Tori,could you tell me the brand/color of Stella’s room in your last house.My daughter loves and I can’t find the perfect color.Thanks!!!

  • Stephanie S.

    Do Stella and Liam still share a room? Will we see renovations of your home in the next season of Tori and Dean?

  • Patti Riggans

    How do you stay so fit after having your children? I have 4 boys & still trying to lose the weight. Can’t do the programs (Jenny Craig/Weight Watchers) so I have to try & do it on my own. Thanks

  • Robin Powell

    When’s baby #4 due and when will you be finding out the sex?

  • jo

    Dear Tori,

    Congratulations on your 4th child! You must have realised what a gifted and blessed person you are; with such amazing children and husband and numerous talents… I’ve been watching your reality show on digital TV here in The Netherlands. You make everything seem possible; once you’ve got something in your head; you go and act on it. Is there anything you couldn’t do or wasn’t able to achieve or did you ever get a no for an answer? And how did you deal with that if ever? That was one question!!! I recently started my own weblog (with creative stuff I made). Do you have tips for my blog? That was a small side-question!

    Groetjes uit Rotterdam (greetings from Rotterdam), XXX Jo

  • Tisha Huffer

    what would you buy for a 1 year old baby girl for her birthday? I want it to be unique and memorable, it is for my BFF’s little girl Do you have your go to gifts and if so where do you buy them what is the website?

  • Jacki Flanigan

    Hi Tori, I’m the organizer of one of the largest Puppy Mill Awareness Concerts in the nation. Would you join us at this years event and speak to our large audience?

    The special love that you have for precious Mimi larue (that still touches me when I think about it.) You are so sweet and I can’t think of anyone who is better suited to share their stori than you.

    If you are unable to join us please consider mentioning this event on any of your social media or sending us an autographed picture for us to raffle off (preferably with all your babies in it including fur & feathers). You are welcome to promote and sell your book at the event. Your presence would be invaluable for the frail little ones that are made to live their lives confined to our nations puppy mills.

    For more info go to
    Thank you so much.
    JackiPS AnnMarie Lucas from Animal Planet’s Animal Precint will be there. I still need to add her to the website.

  • Lindsay Montross

    Hey Tori.

    I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on how to celebrate my 35th birthday, which is May 18th. In the past, my birthdays have pretty much been a bust, so I’m having a difficult time coming up with something that would be cool, and with it being my 35th, I think I should give it one more try.

    Much love and thanx for being such an inspiration and great role model for young girls.

    xoxo Lindsay

  • Silje

    Ahh so fun ;) I have questions ;) Whats the favorite things you and Deaen like 2 do when at home at night ? Do you have date nights?What is important in a relationship ? when the kids are sick is there somthing special they do, our you do for them ? Whats your favorite traditions ?? ;)

    Big hug from a mommy in Norway ;)

  • Jennifer Bourgoyne

    Hi Tori,

    Your style sense is impeccable! Please tell me you are thinking of doing a home decor line? (In addition to all the fun finds you offer at InvenTori?) If I knew I could get a Tori Spelling wallpaper wall or Tori Spelling approved accents for my home, I’d feel like royalty…or at least super chic! Move over Candace Olson….. ; )

  • Alyssa Palmeri

    How far long are you in your pregnancy? How will you all fit in your small new home. Did the kids end up sharing their bedrooms like show on tv. And will Oxygen keep your show running!?

  • Stacy Lehmann

    Hey Tori! My daughter’s 1st birthday is fast approaching and my husband and I have two different ideas abt the party…I want small intimate family and close friends. He wants big as big can get (make out like bandits w toys/gifts!) What’s your idea of the ideal 1st birthday party?

  • JH

    Where did you get your McDermott Baby Farm sign from?

  • Shaun Eley

    Hi, hope you’re well,

    What are your thoughts on faux stuffed birds as an interior accessory? Kinda weird I know, but some are so beautiful and look really sweet in a spring has sprung sort of way.

    Cheers, Shaun x

  • Risa Baker

    How do I sign up for craft wars so I can meet you??? :)

  • Rachel Reiners

    I am a huge fan of your show! I love how you have a love for all animals..big or small! I was wondering…..How many animals do you guys actually have? My husband would never allow the goats and the pig or even a guinea pig but we do have three small dogs and two fat cats. And I have a huge love for all animals. Thanks for being such an animal lover too!

  • shirley jean terrell bernestine

    Hello Tori:

    Where do you get the strength to be a wife,mother,actress,and business woman? Have you taught your older babies about God?Can you play a musical instrument? Did you ever teach Dean to dance? Are you going to have your mom and siblings on the show? Are you going to have Dean’s siblings on the show?Are you going to write a book about your love for Dean and what makes him happy?Will you ever purchase an oceanfront home?What is your favorite sport?Which 5 actors to you cherish?

    Be blessed..God will do the rest….(smile)

    Dr. S.J.Bernestine

  • Lori Cagle

    First off, know you hear it all the time, but LOVE you and your shows. They are so inspiring and keeps my creative juices flowing every time I see any of them. My question is about starting a business. Since you have been so successful in all your many indevors, I thought I would ask your opinion on my sister and I starting a repurposing business. We love the idea on Pineterst about taking old entertaining units and turning them into kids kitchens and we are both super crafty/creative. I am also an artist that never has time to paint but it is a passion and I want to find a way to use my creativity so we thought this would be a perfect outlet for us. she is a stay at home mom of 2 little girls and we are going to do a few pieces and her husband is going to make us a website to start us off, thought maybe it could turn into a store front at some point if it went well. Any pointers you can give us on start up, keeping books, picking a name…..would be much appreciated.

    thanks again and can’t wait for the new season and baby 4!!

  • Teresa

    As busy as you and Dean are, how to find time DAILY to reconnect as a couple? How do you keep disagreements from blowing out of proportion? You seem to have a very srong relationship in a very public life, and I admire that.

    Thank you for your wonderful craft ideas and your quirky style. It’s refreshing.

  • Yhovanka Martinez Sanchez

    Hello Tori , I am preparing the 1st birthday party for my baby, and I need your advice. Well, want to do Hello Kitty Party because she loves this kitten. The party will be on a playground but I still have no ideas on how to decorate it. Could you please give me an idea please… Thanks

  • Cass Yates

    Tori- Can you talk about how you take care of yourself spritually?

    I remember on your show a long time ago (Tori and Dean) – how you were cleansed with that blood by that woman healer and had someone talk about an antique piece in your home that had negative vibes.

    I found that so interesting and would love to hear more about what has been going on with your spiritual life- any more visits with that healer?

    Thank you for sharing your life- you are so hard working and talented and really inspire me.


  • Gabby Gray

    Tori, I always see you wearing and talking about kaftan dresses on your show and they’re so beautiful! Do you know of a place I can get one or order one reasonably priced?

    P.S can’t wait for the next season of home sweet hollywood!

  • Stephanie Noyes

    Tori, in an effort to be more “green” what are some of your favorite cleaning tips,tricks, and products. I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks


  • Marla Murasko

    Tori, I saw that someone asked you about whether you may be coming out with a Tori Spelling home decor product line. I asked that question a while ago, I think your sense of style is so unique and fabulous. I know you have the InvenTORI store, but it would be so cool to purchase (like at Macy’s or Target) a Tori Spelling comforter, or towels.

    I actually purchased outdoor pillows today for my porch project I have setup for this weekend (spray painting my metal outdoor table to a new color) and honestly I thought of you. I thought now Tori would purchase these pillows and I did. They almost look like one of the yellow patterns from your craft collection. I love your sense of style as I think we all do here at ediTORIal, so you may have a great following if you decide to do a home decor product collection. I would watch out for it.

    Oh and I do have to ask, did Dean graduate from Culinary School, and will he have a cooking show?

  • Sheila Avalos

    Tori, I know this question maybe isn’t something you wouldn’t answer but in regards to your 90210 days. Are you still friends withany of the cast members? Jennie, Luke, Jason, Tiffani, Brian, Ian? This has always been in the back of my mind & always wanted to ask. Also, are you going to have anymore episodes of Tori & Dean Hollywood?


  • Jess Amazing

    I saw your craft bundles and while I liked some of the designs and materials, some of the items wouldn’t be useful for me.

    Have you considered releasing craft/scrapbooking materials a la carte? I would love to see more patterned paper designs!

  • Melissa Liguori

    OK, short and to the point. I want to know when you will do a “Kids Party” book. I would love to see more pics from the fab B-day parties you throw for the kiddies!


  • Carlenesmomma


    I wanted to know if you like digital scrapbooking? I have a wonderful program I use that is really easy and the layouts can be uploaded to any of the popular scrapbook sites to be printed out. Plus you can use any free digital paper or purchased paper with it. And I use the proceeds to help orphans with special needs.

    I know as a mom you are probably like me and can’t stand the thought of any child suffering. So I would love to see if you wanted to help advocate for these beautiful children on Reece’s Rainbow with me.

    You can see more about the digital scrapbook program at my blog. Right now I am using the money earned to help with our adoption cost but I do help other families out on different months too. Plus there is a beautiful adoption kit that a woman is using to raise money for orphan care in Bulgaria on my site too.

    I love all things crafty and love seeing your ideas. But I especially love it when I know it is benefiting the less fortunate :)

  • Janet Franklin

    Ok I have come up with a great question….first I loved watching you in Beverly Hills 90210..I watched that when it started and I watched the last episode. Wednesday nights were all mine for 1 hour so I could watch your show! Anyway, I haven’t seen all episodes of Tori & Dean but once I started watching it, I was hooked on that too! Looking forward to more! So, you have great decorating ideas and you are a great party hostess. I am throwin my son a graduation party in June (from highschool) and then a little after that he is going into the army. He is my 2nd child and hated school, everyday has been a complete hassle so I’m more than excited to know that he is finally graduating and I’m so very proud of him that I wanted to do something really out of this world for him. (he will be my 2nd child that has graduated from high school). So my question is, would you bring your family and help me host his graduation party? !!!!! thanks, Janet (well it never hurts to ask, right?!)

  • Amy Goeckner

    I need HELP!! My husband insists on having his trophy deer head in our {brand new} living room. How in the world do I incorporate it into my vintage style without turning the room into a back-woods country vibe?

  • Melissa Younce

    I asked this before on Twitter but I am going to ask it again because I never got an answer. How do you and Dean handle the step child situation? Like how do you balance when Jack comes and stays with you all?

  • Amanda Feole

    Hi Tori,

    I just have to say I think you and your family are great!

    I am planning my daughter Mia’s First birthday party, it’s not until the end of Aug, But I love having fun picking up things at vintage stores, and yard sales along the way. I have soo many idea’s My theme is going to be Vintage Baby! I have bought some old vintage toys, rattles, and books, I am using lace and ribbions, and hanging them from the trees in my backyard, also I loved mix matched old plates, glassware, chairs, tea pots and cups. also making poms out of tissue paper, My colors I am using are light pink and blue and also I brighter pink. I am doing a dessert table and having lemonde in ball glass containers with straws. I could just go on and on!!! hehe, I was wondering you had an idea on a must have for my Vintage baby theme, also what would you serve for food, I want to keep it light and fresh, also any cute ideas for an invitation?

    I would be so honored to corporate some of your ideas into my daughters 1st birthday, I am also in the middle of reading your new book and loving it!!!

    Thank you soo much,

    Amanda :)

  • Tracy Eng

    Hi “T”
    Thanks for the great new book, love- love it!!! My question is how come you never come to Chicago for signing? I live here and fly to calafornia to see you and it’s getting to be a lot o money lol :) Is there any way that will ever happen? Can Windy City be in your future? :) love Tracy from Chicago :).

  • Misty Star

    First you and your family are Amazing!! but I wanted to know if you would be doing any book signing’s in Salt Lake City Utah at all? I would LOVE to meet you and have my book signed that would be a dream come true. I have a 6 year old daughter Sylvia and my son will be 2 In July and my daughter Also LOVES your show we watch it together all tume. Well thanks soo very much.

    Misty and sylvia Star

  • Kristin

    Ok, so I have a couple of questions to ask even though I could think of a zillion to ask you :)…

    First of all, you are such a hands on mom and I love that your growing your family is so exciting to you. We are contemplating having a third or not, and I have my parents in town but that is our only help. Sometimes I feel tired and stretched with my tow, so my question is, if it weren’t for Dean being flexible with work (not having a 9-5 job), and not having a baby nurse, would you still have wanted and felt up to having a third and fourth child? And do you ever feel exhausted or stressed out because of the children?

    On a lighter note :)…I must know what you do with your clothes, shoes, etc…when you clean out your closet!

    Thanks Tori!

    xx Kristin

  • maria estrerlla

    Hi Tori Hope all is well with you and the family and friends…

    Do you remember your dads Butler “Scott” from scottland very tall scottish guy???

    i sent you a message but you never answered it……

    please let me know …..thanks

  • Mary Katrantzoglou

    Tori hi!

    I have a little boy, Nikolas, who is 3 years old. On September I asked for a divorce.

    it was very diffucult for me. But now I am feeling stronger. The problem is that he is angry with me and that he never came back to see his boy. (only once)

    Am I doing the right thing when I tell him,” of course your father loves you but ….he has a job, he is moving… he doing this, etc”

    How am I supposed to continue? I don’t have a job yet and (of course) he doesn’t give me any money for Nikolas….

    I am so confused.

    Thank you for your time


  • Reese Carri

    Do you have any ideas of what you might name your new baby? :-)

  • Jennifer Dowdall

    Hi tori

    I’m getting married in Aug. and I just wanted some ceramony ideas are colors are eggplant purple and a dark olive indian green if you can get what I’m saying…lol. I just wanted to keep is simple/elegant. Thanks.

  • Marita S Homstvedt

    Hi Tori!

    I would really like to know how you would have planned an outdoor wedding. Here in Norway it’s not a very common thing to do so we have very little to take ideas from. We’re getting married in august and would like to get some inspiration.

  • Lisa Gabriel

    Tori, I know that you are putting out a craft line. Quilling is comming back in. Have you ever thought about putting out a machine so the crafters can make their own paper strips out of 12×12 card stock? Have been looking for one and can’t find one on the market. Would love to not be limited to the colors that come in the packs.

  • Vesna Nixon

    Hi Tori. I have a 10 month old baby and am struggling to lose the last few pounds of baby weight. Any tips? Also am returning to work soon and would love some fashion ideas for a chic working mommy.

  • Kymm O Malley

    Hi Tori! =)

    My whole family loves watching your show! I’d love to know your favorite, last minute (possibly crafty) gift for a hostess gift, or something else that just pops up? =)


    Kymm =)

  • Kiara Ramirez

    Tori, do you read everything we write here or some body else reads it for you?



    Hi Tori!

    I would love to know how you have the patience to do all that you do. How do you find the time and energy to manage everything? The kids, the shows, the store, the books, etc…I struggle most of the time managing Lehla Shop from my home! I find it hard to give quality time to my daughter and my work. Finding the harmony and balance between the two is so difficult at times!

    You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I am blessed for the opportunities that have come my way, one of them selling Magneblooms at InvenTORI. I am eternally grateful for that and excited that it has been a year that they have been at the store! You are a saint and an angel all rolled up into one! If I can someday accomplish 10% of what you have I will be so happy!

    xoxo – Lisa

  • SuzyQ

    Hi Tori,

    I recently was laidoff from my job of almost 10 years…it was a real stressful environment and i find myself not wanting to go back to the Corporate World. I would like to work from home but not sure how to start and i need some ideas. I love everything about crafts and love working with my hands..i am a fan of Card Making and would like any ideas on how i can make it my full time job perhaps my home based career. I guess you can say i need a career change…any Advice would be helpful. Thanks…Love your show and your products and your books :)

  • Amy Husarenko


    I am a stay at home Mommy that is always doing odd jobs, because I am a workaholic, and can never say no! I really would love to start an event planning business for kids parties. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! Amy xx

  • Jordan Yaworski

    Hi Tori!

    I hope you liked the sour skittles I gave you at your book signing in NJ! :)

    My question is, if you weren’t in the spotlight, would you picture your life being any different?


    Hi Tori. LOVE your show and just received your new book today. Can’t wait to sit down and read it. My question is: Now that you have moved into your new house in the country and as it is apparently smaller, how did you decorate it? You have such artistic talent in everything and I am anxious to see how you decorated your little house in the country. I live in the country and we raise cows so my home has that country flair. It makes a real relaxed atmosphere when your decorate country. Would love to see your ideas. Frankly, I love everything TORI!!!

  • Alice Eldridge-Harris

    Just wondering since you downsized house space with the population boom will you be remodeling? Love you and you family. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.


  • Chelsea Smith

    Hey Tori! I just am in love with you and I know you have a great heart! My teacher is trying to raise 10k for dystonia research in honor of her sister who is diagnosed with this disease! She will shave her head if he reaches her goal and will give it to Locks for Love!I tweeted you the link and story! It would be amazing and an honor if you could jut retweet my tweet and help get the word out! Here is the link, thank you so much and love you! #shavedonna

  • daisy reguero

    Hi tori let me start by saying that you are an amazing mom/wife/freind and you are so real.also love your show and love to watch your family as they grow.ok my 25th silver wedding anniversary is in august of this year i never had a real wedding and i was planning to renew my vows but due to financial hardship i can’t actually make my childhood dream a reality. so i was thinking of doing some sort of vow renewal in my home with just my four boys taking part i just want to make it memorable for my kids. do you have any suggestions on how to make it romantic for me and my babe yet fun for my boys. thanks love your #2 fan p.s also any plans on visiting Tampa fl?

  • Coleen West

    Hey Tori how are you doing ? I just want to say that I think you are amazing and you have such a great family and I am happy for you. Your kids are just soo cute can’t wait for baby #4. MY question is in your book. MOMMYWOOD when Mehran said every year on Halloween that Lisa Macey’s is here. What was your reaction when she was actually there ? Was she a really mean person and wanted to come back and say she was sorry for everything. How did she know were you lived at and are you guys still some what friends till this day ??? I hope you really like my question if you do comment back on this please oh please follow me back on Twitter Dean is and I would really love if you did to thanks have a great day!!! (: Coleen West Twitter name is @Coco_11

  • daisy reguero

    hi tori is me again ,forgot to ask any plans on visiting tampa florida?thanks again your #2 fan.

  • Korrine Perez

    Hi Tori, My name is Korrine and I am 20 years old (21 in August :)!!) I have SO many questions but I’ll do my best to keep it to minimum. But first I’d like to say that unfortunately I never watch Beverly Hills 90210 but became hooked to HSH. I’ve only seen last two seasons and would love to be able to purchase previous seasons but no such luck. I am having Tori and Dean withdrawls!!! Please Oxygen bring HSH back!! You and Dean are just the perfect couple. I love your show because it isnt scripted, your life isnt perfect like reality shows try to make it out to be but being able to see how you guys live out your life is inspiring and I too hope to have a wonderful family and group of friends like you do. You and Dean are truly perfect for eachother! I love you guys and your beautiful children. I can’t get enough of Liam. He’s such a goofster but so sweet and Stella is fashionista and just too cute! You are an insipiration for me. I aspire to be a wife and mom like you someday. I hope to have an ounce of your creativity, style, and cooking/baking skills. Thank you for being such a positive role model! I love you!! Wish I could’ve met you in NYC but luckily I met Darren Martin on Twitter and being the wonderful gent he is he got a copy signed on my behalf. He told me you like my name which completely made my day! PLEASE come to Chicago!!! I have to meet you!! (Please follow me on Twitter @KorrinePerez


    1. My 21st is coming up in August–what did you do for your 21st? What would you reccommed I do? What cocktails, mixed drinks, beers, etc. do you like best and would suggest I try?

    2. I tend to be “reserved and shy” when I first meet people and would like to overcome this. You being the goofy, jokester, and outgoing type is there anything you would suggest as good conversation starters or how to overcome being “shy and resevered”?

    3. What type of music do you like? Do you have favorite band or singer(s)?

    4. In terms of marriage when you and Dean got married how did you guys decided how and who handles bills? I am starting to see a lot now that newly married couples keep seperate checking accounts but also maintain one joint checking to pay for joint bills. What is your take on this?

    5. Is there any chance we will get to see you and Dean do another season of STORIbook weddings? Please do my wedding–well it’ll be another few years but I would love to have your help :)

    Take Care and Congrats to you, Dean, and family on baby #4! You two make great parents!

    -Korrine Perez

  • Mari Havn

    Hi Tori :)

    I am a huge fan of you and your beautiful family. This question is strange, but can I come and visit you and your family and mabey stay with you for a week or something. Because I really want to meet you in real life. I am living in norway so it is hard to come to your book signings and i really want to meet you. You are the person I look up to and it would be an honor to meet you :) Hope to hear from you <3



  • Amanda Mora

    Hi Tori! I am hosting a baby shower soon and my girlfriend wants it to be retro/vintage/mid-century themed. Also, it is co-ed. Any tips or websites you can recommend?! I like the style but also want it to be classy and impressive. I’m desperate for advice!!! :)

  • Lady Googoogaga

    I just thought I was pregnant by accident over the weekend ( I have a 5 and 6 year old already)….. I almost threw myself off the nearest bridge, but then I said to my husband…..”you no what? I’m just going to pretend I’m Tori Spelling and do everything I am supposed to do and ignore the fact that I am pregnant. Thankfully I got my period and didn’t have to actually attempt this……don’t you ever get tired??????? I don’t know how you do it.

  • Sarah Long

    Hi Tori

    I know that you are a animal lover! I am too. My dog, Riley James just passed away last weekend. I had him for 13 years! He was a boxer, chow and malamute mutt. He wasn’t just a dog, he was part of the family and best friend! Do you have any advise or suggestions on how I can keep his memory alive?

    Thank You

    Sarah Long

  • Stephanie Last name

    Hi Tori! Can’t wait for your new book! You just seem like one of the “gals” who would fit right in our neighborhood to have margaritas with, play cards, whatever. Congrats on your pending “bundle of joy.” I wish I could go to one of your book signings :( I would be thrilled beyond belief just to have lunch with you :) We have very similar personalities.

    My question: I am a single Mom after my marriage of 25 years came to an end. My little man will be 6 in June. He wants a “Safari-theme” party. Do you have any creative (yet inexpensive) ideas to give him a fantastic party?

    Thanks, “T.” You are such a great Mom and person.

    Stephanie A.

  • Brendon Holck

    hey tori! im brendon. im sure youve probably been asked this b4,but i was wondering,out of all of ur dads tv shows,is there one u wished u couldve been on but werent.also,please come to the dc area for a book signing sometime.take care and love u!

  • Bianca Naylor

    Hi Tori, like everyone here I am a huge fan! I’ve got to ask you, and I know it’s such a general question – but how DO you do it? You have it all so together. The kids (fantastic kids too by the way) the marriage, the businesses, looking fantastic (im not buying it that its all makeup it takes hardwork and discipline to keep in shape) the friendships, filming, appearances, travelling, the lot! How do you do it all? Do you get any sleep? I know you have Patsy to help out but do you have any other tips for the rest of us? I’m wanting to have bub number 2 soon, I’m working full time but am just about to launch a work at home type business (thanks to you- you’ve inspired me) I feel there are not enough hours in the day! I’d love for you to share your tips on balancing it all. Please be brutally honest. Love your work xx

  • From Me

    Dear Tori ~ I was so fortunate to meet you last week at Barnes and Noble in Northport, NY. You were/are just as I thought you would be, and it made my year to be able to connect with you.

    I gave you a letter you promised to read and I want to know if you had a chance to do so? It says many of the things I wanted to say to you and how much you inspire and motivate me each and every day.

    How sadly ironic that my apartment fell through the next day; so here’s my second question: Is there anything I can do for you and your family? I could help with your store, kids, home, crafting, cleaning….taking care of the chickens, goats, pig…I would be the best employee you ever had! Honest, loyal, and love your family :)

    You are the best and I love you bunches ~ Hope you answer my questions!

    With love,

    Margaret :)

  • Hilary Mouat

    To the fun loving Tori!!!!

    Just to fill you in heres a quick blurb about me, I am 15 live in New Zealand (aka where?) I love to craft, look after children and plan parties! I have just recently started a crafting blog called ‘Craft For Life’ here is the link if you want to see it. To start it off I have used a few of you ideas from EdiTORIal.

    I have composed a few questions so here they are:

    1. Just wondering, back in the Donna days, why did you dye your hair blond and now keep your hair blond?

    2. I am currently 15 and am about to get your book tomorrow (I think), My mum is turning 52 in May and I would love to do something crafty and fun but I don’t know what, What would you advise?

    3. With this pregnancy are hoping it to be a boy/girl and what would you do if it was twins?

    4. I have heard you might design a maternity clothing line! But since I am 15, i may be tad odd if I wore it, so would you ever design a clothing line for the typical woman?

    5. Since you have love planning parties and have published CelebraTORI, would you write a fashion/style book? Because you allways wear great clothes pregnant or not!

    6. And lastly I am aiming to become a Nanny when I leave school, so I am just wondering what is your oppinnion on Nannys and what do you look for in someone who would be looking after your children?

    You truly are an insiration! My family don’t really understand why I admire you but to me its your workethic, positive can do attitude and excellent taste in clothing,crafts and your parenting skills in ‘Mommywood’!!!

    Enjoy this pregnancy and continue to amaze us with your skills.

    Thanks so much Tori,

    Hilary :)

  • lindsay rowe

    Hey Tori!

    I haven’t gotten to read all 105 responses so if any of these are repeats, I apologize.

    I’m a bullet point kind of person so I will keep this short and sweet:

    -What is the first craft that had you hooked? Mine, scrapbooking (and now I rarely do it!)

    -Do you and Dean have any routines you do to pour love back into your marriage? My hubby and I try to say one thing every night that we love about each other (some nights are easier than others!)

    -If you could look back at your 21 year old self, what advice would you have for her?

    I hope you will be back on the air for another season, and thank you for sharing your lives with all of us!!!


  • LaydeeT

    Hello Tori,
    I am a 27year old with a mind full of ideas but can’t put them on paper. I have recently been interested in creativity, baking, and writing and I would like to utilize one and possibly start a little business. I work minimal hrs a week and I would love to fill in the gaps when I’m not working. I watch your shows all the time and I am amazed at how many projects you take on at a time. Your determination has inspired me, however I don’t know were to begin…any advice, suggestions, etc are appreciated. Your family is beautiful. I just admire how hands you are with your children.

    Take Care,
    God bless you and your family!!!

  • Jacqueline Braganza

    Hi Tori, My kids (Matt and Charlotte) and I love watching your show. Your skin always looks beautiful how do you keep it looking so nice?

    Thank you Jackie


  • Erin

    Hi Tori, I am a big fan. I am getting ready to have my second child in June and am planning on going back to work full time (unless I hit the lottery or something) How hard or easy is it going from 1 child to 2 children and work and make time for your husband and time for your children and time for yourself. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as the time gets closer. Do u have a suggestion how to do it all?

  • stephanie dove


    I love your blog! Since you are taking questions I can’t help but the question you must get often. I have 3 kids (all girls) how do you not nibble the junk food and stay so wonderfully trim? I tend to eat on the go alot since we practically live in the car! I would love to be able to tap into your daily trim tips!!!!


    Stephanie from Ohio!!

  • Jme


    I absolutley adore you and your family. I miss your show and can’t wait for the next season!!!!

    My question for you is where do you get the inspiration for your party planning?? I love planning and preparing for my kid’s birthday parties. My son’s 5th birthday is a Star Wars theme…..any tips or ideas you can share with me???? Thanks for reading this and congrats on the new little love that will be joining your adorable family! :)

    Jaime from CT

  • Ashley Beck

    Hi Tori! My husband and I recently started talking about trying to have children. I want to be a mom, but I have major fears when it comes to pregnancy and labor. I’m afraid my fears are going to get in the way. Any tips on how to deal with this?

  • Love Lupita


  • Deborah Rothschild

    Hi Tori…

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I have a new and unique baby product that I would like to share with you. Can you please have one of your staff people contact me at

    Thanks! – Deborah

  • DEDE38

    HI Tori!

    I would love to know where you got your kitchen table, what brand? I have admired that table for a few episodes now! I can’t wait for your next season!


  • Annie McKee

    Hey! First off, I love how good you are with your kids. So if you had the time to homeschool them, would you? You’re creative enough that I think you could. Just curious what your thoughts were on that….Thanks! -Annie

  • Luisa saldana

    Hi Tori,

    I just wanted to let you know that I really didnt care for you but seeing your reality show on TV I just think you are AWESOME and down to earth. I recently traveled to LA just to go to your store and im a home body. Im a single mother I took care of 29 foster kids everything. I told my daughter I even want to open up a INVENTORI in Fresno. You are a great mom, wife and you are doing so many things…….You are an absolute doll keep up the good work! I twittered you about opening shop in FRESNO, if you open one all take care of it for you. Your store has everything you need and more………………

  • Codycat

    Hi Tori,

    Hi Tori,

    I love your kids line of clothing. Have you thought about designing clothes for women?

    Thanks, Kathryn

  • Madison Paris

    hey there! HUGE Fan

    so i was wondering what stellas favorite color was?

    also thursday is my 16th birthday and i was wondering if you would tweet me? @TheMadiswan :)

    Thanks for being so inspiring and having the worlds cutest babies!!

  • Dawn Moran

    T0ri! i <3 y0u and would l0ve to meet you h0wever you never c0mme to chicago! Think you can add it t0 your book signing?!

  • bellaalways

    Hi Tori, As a mom of two, I am always thinking of the future and what memories I want to leave behind for my kids. What are the five top things on your “Bucket List”? Love you and your family!


  • Sharon Kruschen

    Hi Tori! I’ve met you a couple of times and was always felt speachless when close. Ever get starstruck? I also have a guncle and gubby (thanks to you, I call them that too) but just curiuous who asked who out? Did you just start calling them guncle/gubby or did they start it off? Love you and look forward to seeing you on your book tour :)

  • Brandi Speight

    I am always curious on how parents came to pick their kids’ names. your children all have such strong names (which is a great thing just wondering what thought process or special meanings they may have

  • tania cerin

    Hi Tori love your show!! I noticed you do or did have a Tower 200 gym on your door. Is it yours and if so how often did/do you use it? Did you end up purchasing the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD? Would you consider making your very own excersise DVD…Mabe a post baby getting back into shape DVD?? DO you read any inspirational/motivational books to inspire you on your enterprise ventures? I really love watching you and your family. Best of luck with your next. Tania from Australia XX

  • Silent Bunnii

    Hey girl,

    So…I was wondering (and I am being serious when I am asking this question) I have a son but through marriage with my husband only. So I adopted him when he was four, since his mother just upped and left.
    I work in Vegas as a Big Cat trainer, and the show is ending there in two weeks, and now I am staying home in California more and I guess you could say I am “nesting”.
    Which is completely different then the other lifestyle, but I am loving it, and watching my son grow has been the best experience and best accomplishment to date.
    So, now I am thinking of having a child of my own with my husband.
    I have never gave birth before, but at twenty-six years old, I am settling down and want to extend our little family.
    Bottom line, my question is…does it hurt worse when the baby comes out your “Hello Kitty” and there is a possibility of them slicing your “Kitty” down to your “other area”…If you get my drift…Literally?
    Or…is it worse getting the tummy sliced open and them placing your organs on a table beside your body while they remove the baby?
    Sorry so graphic, hope I don’t get kicked off your site, but this is some real stuff they do in the hospital. That is the ONLY thing that has stopped me from having a baby is the birth part.
    So C-section or Natural? Both sound horrid.

  • annemarie58

    Hello tori how to lose weight after to have had bebe. I to have 5kg too. But bebe is 6 years old. Lol . merci beaucoup.

  • Lemon Meringue

    For your sake I hope you have some help to wade through all the questions posed before mine and those who will definitely follow! My question is one I struggle with at the moment and already mentioned it in another comment: how do you cope by getting 40 next year? We’re both from the same year (1973) and I wonder: do you like the idea of your 40th birthday? Like wine: getting better over the years? Or are you like the biggest part of me and really freaking out? My friends say I make so much fuss about it now, even before turning 39 (end of this month) that actually becoming forty won’t be any problem. Maybe I must throw a pre-midlife-crisis themed party …

  • Shelby Mcgrath

    I have a craft question, For my moms birthday
    I recently went to the farm where she grew up
    when she was a child. The barn blew down a
    few months ago when we had a bad storm
    and they gave me a barn board and one of
    the door handles. I was thinking a shadow box
    Do you have any ideas???

    Thanks Shelby

  • GabiGirl

    Hi Tori!

    Love your show and all that you have done, you are an inspiration to working moms! I have read your second and third books, somehow missed the first which I still need to get and read. I loved reading them because it was as if I was sitting right there next to you and we were just talking. I was sitting in San Antonio airport when I bought the second one, Mommywood and was laughing so hard at one point that people were staring at me. I would love to be able to just sit and talk one day but I know that isn’t a reality…..

    My first question to you is being on tv and doing movies, you have gotten a taste of different types of professions. Is there anything that is so unlike you that you would like to try? I am a locksmith by trade, I now do the books for the company I work for but I still notice hardware and point out things that aren’t correct. It drives my nephew nuts that I can notice door locks in movies and can tell if it is correct or not.

    My second question is I love looking for bloopers in movies and tv shows that haven’t been caught by the editing people, do you have a crazy or funky habit that you catch yourself doing?

    Sending you and the family all the best….Dana

  • Denise Morales

    What is the status on your children’s clothing line?

  • kelly poopsie lou

    Hi Tori, i have a question about how you got your body back after having beautiful stella, did you use a food system, delivery service, what was the workout or surgery that got rid of the weight and the belly. My son is 3 and i still look like i’m 3 months pregnant, i can’t get rid of mine. Thank you for letting us ask you these questions. Also i’m really happy for you and glad this pregnancy is treating you well. All the best to you and your family.

  • Lynn Tremblay

    Tori I watch your show and seen Liam say the F word, my son is 4 years old. And started to say F***ing and the way he says it like where is my F***ing toys, I was ignoring it but he seems to be saying it more. And I ask were he gets if from and he said a boy at school (nursery school) says it. We don’t say that word at home, it is driving my crazy. Sometimes I have to go into another room, and I laugh I know I shouldn’t but it is really funny when he says it. Anyway what do you suggest?

  • Crystal Howard

    Hi Tori,

    I have been a huge fan of yours since 90210. I admire you for several reasons. Your a a mother of all trades- you are super trendy while still being a mommy but, at the same time able to do dabble in so many things. That’s what I want to be. I am not a celebrity and I wanted to ask you a question. What advice would you give a mother like you of a women who wants to have a career but still be a great mother and have the flexibility but achieve so many great career goals?? I want to be an event planner and still have time for family. Any ideas of where or how I can start?? My dream is to be able to have multi businesses that are successful while still be able to be a great mother as well. Thoughts??? words of wisdom?

  • Sharon Stanfield

    Hi Tori, Congrats on being pregnant again. Are you going to build on to your new house or move again to find a bigger house because your family is growing?

  • Julie Moore

    Tori, do you bring lots of books, crafts, toys, games, etc for the kids when you travel or do you try to keep it to a minimum? With 3 myself ages 6,5, and 3 it tends to get out of control and I feel like a bellman for the babes.

  • Rosanna Briggs

    Tori, My question is on a very serious situation. I have a child that was born with a birth defect. I have such a problem finding things she needs. I want to start a line to help her and other children like her. I don’t know where to start. I cry all the time when she asks for things that other girls her age have and I can’t give it to her. Not because of not being able to afford it, but because I literally can not fullfill her wishes. The items are not available . It breaks my heart so bad. I know you are so busy and I respect that, but from one Momma to another, PLEASE help me!!!!! I can not get help anywhere else I have fought for 6 yrs for help. Thank You

  • princessriley

    Hi Tori, congrats on being Pregnant aging that is so exciteing! Me and my husband are hoping to start are family in the next 2 years. I was wanting to see what is up with you childrens clouthing line. I have my fashion marketing degree and i would love to work for your little maven line. Doing events and marketing would be a joy. Just wanted to tell you that. love you, all your books and love love love the show. it so needs to come on Netflixes. Have a great day and give those little ones a big hug.

  • Mel

    Hi Tori…I hope all is well with you and your family. My question for you is in regards to creating space. We are moving into a three bedroom home and we have three children as of now. How did you go about creating space, choosing who shares a room and how do you make the children that are sharing a room feel like they still have their own personality in regards to decorating and their own “personal” space as well as closet, storage and toys??? Your ideas would be SO greatly appreciated and helpful!!! Currently our 3 yr old daughter sleeps in our bed and our 8 month old baby girl is in a crib in our room. Our 12 1/2 yr old has his own room. Thanks Tori for the consideration :)

  • Megan Ryan

    Hey Tori! How many pets does your family have that live at your house? Do you and Dean feed and care for them all or do you have help? How do you somehow manage to not have so many accidents with Totes McGoat, Juliette and Hank – did you potty train them?

  • Robbie Last name

    With all your decorating skills, I’m looking forward to seeing the rooms in your new Malibu home. Are you going to be posting any pictures? Also, has “Tori & Dean” been renewed for another season with Oxygen? Love, love, love your show!


    Hi Tori! I have loved you since the 90210 days! One of my favorite shows of all time! Your dad had so many great show that I loved, they are to many to mention! Do you find it hard to live in Hollywood with the last name “Spelling”? Since your dad was such a legand there? And also, is it tough to have a family and still have a career in L.A.? How are you and your mom doing? And was it a big shock to find that you were pregnat with your fourth baby? Was it a shock to you? But as I watch your show Tori and Dean, I see what a wonderful, loving mother you have become! Congrats to you!

  • From Me

    Hi Tori ~ one last question: Will Home Sweet Hollywood be coming out on dvd? I miss it terribly.

  • Mindy McGinnis

    hi tori, i was wondering if you played draw something, words w/ friends, hanging w/ friends, or scramble w/ friends, and if so what’s your screen name. I would love to play with ya! Thanks

  • carlyspiel

    Hi Tori, my questions are: What are your favorite stores to shop at? Where do you buy your caftans? and What advice to you recommend for a teen wanting to write her own cookbook?

    Thanks so much! I met you last Wednesday in NY at your book signing and you were so sweet and even prettier in person!!!

  • Jennifer Thompson

    Hi Tori -

    First, this might sound very corny – but the idea of me sitting on my Mac writing a post. Then, you on your Mac reading it is actually pretty exciting! I know, silly, right? Maybe it’s because I live in Vermont and we live a pretty simple life here… Anyhow. Back to the question.

    Thank you so much for sharing some of your personal life with us. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. Of course I was a 90210 watcher (think: 20 floor-mates at Plattsburgh State University meeting in the “tv” lounge every week for a 90210 pizza party! HA! Can you believe those were the days where cable TV was only a luxury in common areas!!?). But what I liked best was your guest spots or interviews where you shared your interests, introduced your friends and often taught us a great craft. Fast forward to now – I’m a wife and mother and I find a lot of support from other moms I meet on the internet. You, included. So much of what you share I can relate to, and a lot of the time I’ll see something on your show or read something on your blog and am so relieved that I’m not the “only one” experiencing these things with my family. And of course, the things I’ve learned are just amazing. I love trying out your recipes and the kids love eating them!

    My question for you is more of an invitation – Have you ever been to Vermont? I think you and your family would have a great time. We have great relaxing spots next to waterfalls, and of course, our state is home to the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory! If you ever do decide to come here, I would love to show you all the fun places just like I do with all of my other out of state friends :)

    Take care, Jen Thompson

    P.S. Congratulations on baby Hattie and also baby #4!

  • Amelia

    Do you shop for kids clothes on-line? Can you share your favorite sites?

  • Lauren Hutchinson

    How do you balance life with your kids? You are busy with books, decorating, new home, shows etc etc and have 3 kids….going on 4. How do you balance that?

  • Amy Chapman

    Whats one of the fondest memories of your dad?

  • Teresa Wilkerson

    hi tori i was just wandering where i can find that book on making your own babyfood my frist grandson is due aug.13th 2012 and i would love for him to have a healthy start in life i already grow my own veggies and i buy fruit local i can vegs and jams and i can make some mean apple butter but not so sure about making baby food if you could let me know when you while carry it agian or where i can buy it i love your store some day im gonna shop there in person would so love that thanks and congrats on baby 4 childern truly are gods gifts

  • Lynnee

    Hi Tori – I am curious how you find your crafty inspiration? You have a great eye for the visually impactful designs and crafts you share.

    Also – are you still looking for contestants for Craft Wars? My sister can craft out of anything and always amazes me. You can find her crafts at I hope you consider her.

    Thank you! Lynnee

  • tania cerin

    Hi there Tori, Ive already asked you a question but I’ve thought of another… well two more…..The first is why cant I seem to buy any of Home Sweet Hollywood DVD’s here in Australia. I have tried looking everywhere but they say they are not released on DVD. I’ve tried looking on US sites but no such luck…If this is correct why so? Will they ever? (Ok I’ve lied about the two question part!!). Also, I have a two year old daughter who is currently going through a testing phase (to put it in a nice way) have Liam and Stella ever gone through this phase? Did you ever feel overwhelmed?? Will you show us pictures of your new home. Would love to see any before and after pictures. Love your interior decorating style. Take care.

  • Jessica Manoy

    Hey Tori, I do have a question for you though what advice can you give to somones whos just writing a book?

  • Amber Poss

    Hi Tori! I just saw you on Rachael Ray and you were fantastic!! I’m running out today to get your book. I’m a huge fan of yours and I love your show and your “craftiness” you are an amazing party planner, designer, etc. (I loved the old frame idea by the way with painting it and using it as a tray!!) I am a stay at home Mom to 3 and I’m working on starting my own jewelry business but with 3 kids at home it is so hard for me to find the time to get my jewelry done. My question to you is…how do you do it all? Even as I’m typing this my kids are all over me. Do you have a nanny that helps with the kids while you do all of these things or are your kids better than mine with entertaining themselves :) Just wondering how you do it all with 3 little ones. I would love to get my business going but just can’t find the time to do it. Thanks! Amber

  • Trish Ohrt

    Hi Tori,

    I have been a huge fan of your since your career started! I am so impressed with all you have done both personally and professionally.

    I have a custom boot company and sometimes hit a wall when thinking of new ideas/designs. My question for you is, how do you come up with all your creative ideas? Your thoughts are appreciated!



  • Kristen Kleiva

    Hi Tori,

    I’ve been searching everywhere for information on a possible season 7. Is there going to be another season of home sweet hollywood?? I sure hope so! Your family is so precious!

  • Kathleen T.

    Hello Tori,

    I know you have so many business avenues you are in (jewelry, own production company with Dean, the home sweet hollywood show, the upcoming craft wars, writing books, etc), what are all of your business’s? Do you still own the store we saw I believe it was 2 seasons ago?

    Do you have someone who cleans your house? If so how often (daily, weekly, monthly).

    How many hours of sleep do you usually get a night?

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your blunt honesty in your books. Your open expression of your insecurities is renewing. It is also so nice to have you readily admit when you blunder especially being a mom. I have 4 children (3 to 16 years) and a stepson myself.

  • homemoma

    your kids always seem to be behaving their best all the time. do they ever have temper tantrums? like screaming at the store or running wild at formal event? do you refuse taking them somewhere because you know it will drive you nuts having them there?

  • BMee

    Hi Tori!! Are you going to find out if baby #4 is a boy or girl? Do you have a feeling that its one or the other? I heard you mention you feel the best during this pregnancy; thats so great! I was so sick the first 3 months I cant imagine going through any level of that with a newborn. You’re a rockstar momma!

  • Nicolette Carriero

    Hi Tori,

    What are your favorite things? Favorite lipstick, perfume, book, CD and movie?

    Love you! xxoo

  • Lindsay Newlove

    How do you design your home? Where do you get your ideas? I love how you incorporate modern and traditional!

  • Kimberly Skoglund

    Last season you had the cutest bath robe ever! It was short and had short sleeves… maybe lavender?? I can’t remember the color but I loved the style. Can you tell me where you bought it or what brand it is?

    Love you!

  • Ashley Beck

    Hi Tori. Sorry if this is a repeat question. I am absolutely OBSESSED with your sense of style. What are some of your favorite stores for clothing, and who are your favorite designers?

    Here’s a suggestion for the website: post photos that are taken care of you in the press and tell us who you have on, everything from apparel to shoes to jewelry. I dont think I am the only fan out there that would love this : )

  • Morgan Peters

    Hi Tori! I won your snakechain necklace by writing about my worst Valentines Day. I am SO excited to receive your jewlery but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve checked the mail EVERY day since Valentines Day. Hopefully it will come soon??

  • Tia Edwards

    Hey T, I was just wondering when are you coming to Australia? Because I would love see you ! But if i have to go to America I will for you :) You are my role model, and if you do see this message and want to respond back, where will I get it, well I’m following you on twitter :) Love you Tori xoxox <3

  • Betsy Manos

    Hi Tori,
    I wanted to know if and when Dean will ever be on Dancing with stars? I would love to him dance! Also, besides Patsy do you have anyone else helping you with the kids? Nannys? You don’t show that on your shows. Love you and your family! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    Hi there! I was wondering if you’d like to help the stop the bullying movement. If you look in my profile there is a pix of a bracelet that is done in memory of someone that took his life due to bullying. If you, Dean, and anyone else would like one please let me know! I can send you the story in your inbox if you’d like.

  • MsJillMF

    Hi Tori!!

    The other day I bought your book Presenting Tallulah for my 3 year old daughter, Lucy (she is 3 days older then Stella). When I was finished reading she looked at me with bright eyes and said “I can’t wait to see the movie!!”

    My question is, do you ever think about making a cartoon or animated movie?

  • Susan Grayson

    Hi Tori, What is your favorite foods, snacks, drinks and dinner? I dont know if this question that you might or not answer to. How did your doctor react when he found out that you are pregnant that soon? Are you going to write another CelebraTORI part 2? I’m glad that I enjoy your book and learned alot from it because it has soo much information. Love, Susan

  • Karri Hughes

    I just wonder how you get all that energy to do all the things you do. I mean i just have 1 kid and 1 job and i dont’ have as near as much energy as you do?

  • Lauren Silver

    Hey Tori!

    im 21 years old and am a university student who is absolutely obsessed with you and your show!! I always watch as study breaks during the day :)

    A question I have for you is when you will be coming to Toronto?? I know that Dean has some family in Canada and I would defintely make the trip home from school if I knew you were coming in!!!

    Hope to hear back from you and btw your kdis are hilarious and Liam’s twitter cracks me up everytime you add new comments!

    xoxo Lauren Silver

  • jeni

    Hi Tori!
    I saw you on your book tour at B&N on Long Island, NY. You are Sooo cute and sweet as could be! My question is, when will Tori and Dean be back on TV? I love to watch your super cute family! Your an inspiration of parenting and patience.
    Thanks so much!

  • stacey barnett

    I have been watching your show I don’t know how you do everything. I’m 51 and have 2 boys 33 and 19 plus a step-daughter and a step-son and two step-grand childrern and I love them all. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding aniversary on March 14 we couldn’t afford to celebrate. I’m dissable I have rods and screws in my back by getting hurt at work and as soon as the owner fournd out I needed surgery he fired me after 6 1/2 years of hard work. I missed my youngest practice some times and games ariveing late. I was hopeing you know of an organization that could help my little 6 rear old dog Coconut’s. She can’t see 2 feet in front of her and the surgery cost four thousand dollars. I e-maild the Human Society and haven’t heard back. We lost our 1st and only home after I got fired I don’t know what to do and you have so many connections I thought you or someone might could lead me in the right direction. Thanks and you have a wonderful show. I couldn’t imageing haveing the things you have and how hard you work. Thanks again, Stacey Barnet

  • leelee

    Hi Tori,

    I just saw you on the Rachel Ray show and you looked fantastic…as always! I have a 9 month old baby girl and she still gets up around once or twice a night and was wondering if your children did the same thing and if you can offer any advice on getting her to sleep through the night?

    Thanks so much. I am a huge fan of yours and I think you are a wonderful mother!

    God Bless, leelee.

  • Amy Fungone

    Our oldest graduates high school in June (she was born October 10th just like Hattie!). We want to have a great graduation party with family and friends. Any suggestions on a great cake, food ideas and decorations? I’m very crafty and want to try and do it all myself. Congrats on the bun in the oven! Wishes and prayers for a healthy, happy baby!

  • Kathy Hopkins

    Congratulations on the new baby, Hattie and the new baby to be! My husband and I LOVE watching you and Dean and the things you come up with. From weddings to birthday parties to redecorating your home. You both are so much fun to watch and you have such beautiful style and taste in everything. So I ask, now that you have done a book about party planning, would you consider doing one on interior decorating?

  • Andrea Bartell

    Hello Tori! Congrats on the new baby to be! My question for you is, how do you and Dean keep your marriage alive? My husband and I struggle with our marriage a lot and I am turning 21 very soon and we have a 6 month baby boy named Trey. We definitely could use some communication tips! Being so young and with a child has it’s challenges but I have always wanted to have a career and provide for myself. How do you handle a career and being a mom?

  • Meghann Wymer

    Where do you find all of your adorable maternity clothes? I’m a petite woman (5’1″ and 100lbs. when not pregnant) and I had a terrible time finding cute clothes to fit my frame during my first two pregnancies. I was pregnant with my oldest daughter when you were pregnant with Stella and my second daughter was born a week after Hattie. I watched you go through your pregnancies looking fabulous, and I wished I could look half as good. Maybe when we get to baby #3 I can find things that fit!

  • Alethea Valentine

    Hey Tori,

    I have been following you and all your adventures since your 90210 days (Which I still watch on SOAPNET) I really enjoy how you and your family open your lives up to your fans as much as you can. You and Dean make such wonderful parents and it’s great how you guys do EVERYTHING together.

    I have so many questions for you…I love to entertain but personally never happy with the outcome. Guests loved the food and decortation but I always thought I could more but lacked the know how. Thanks to you I have some I idea but still learning. So, since I can only ask one question I will go with this one..How do you plan a theme and then decided the lay out, meaning food, drink and decorations? Okay that was I just learned about the triange setup thanks to your apperence on Rachel Ray.

    If I may ask one last question for now…are you and your family heading to the Detroit area anytime soon for a book signing or anything else…would love to meet you and your family.

    thanks for you all you do



  • AES

    Hi Tori! I am a big fan of you and Dean and your family!! I was inspired by you to find my big love, and ended my first marriage and am now madly in love with my soulmate! We watch your show together and are so grateful that we now ‘get it’ – there is nothing like finding your true love (esp at 33…)! We are in the process of building our first house, located 1 mile from the beach… our concept is sand and sea colors (blues and tans), and beachy without being kitshy… we also want a very open layout with smaller bedrooms that encourages participating in the home, versus everyone hiding out in their own bedrooms! My question for you is: what advice would you give when designing a home for two adults and 3-4 children? I noticed you recently put your home on the market again… could you share some learnings about why you are putting this home on the market and how you intend to design your dream home for a 6-person family? Thank you for any advice! Hope you are feeling great and congratulations to the whole family on number #4!

  • doreen porzio

    Hi Tori! I Loved meeting you & all the twitter family! You are truly such a sweetheart & a real inspiration to everyone! I have been a fan of yours since the beginning! I just Love you and your family! You are so TALENTED!! I Love your book celebraTORI! Lots of great ideas!…. I know that you love going to garage & estate sales!! There is nothing better than knowing you just got the best deal! Walking out to your car with that poker face still on, until you can finally jump for joy knowing, Wow what a Bargain!… My question is: I am wondering if you still have the same storage unit that you had years ago with rows & rows of stuff! Actually, when you were looking for things for InvenTORI you still had a large storage unit! A long time ago you came across an old childhood stuffed animal! I can’t remember his name! Long armed & legged?? I was wondering if you still had him?? I hope you kept him!! If you don’t answer this as your question you choose, I hope if I twt you, you will answer it! Dying to know his name! I remember you loved him so much!! I keep things like you do!! Not as much though! LoL! ….. Sorry, But I did have something else that I was going to ask you! It may be a little out there but I’m going to ask it anyway! You know that I have talked about your Dad and my Dad passing away about the same time before! I have also mentioned that I get signs from my Dad quite often letting me know that he is still around and watching over me! My Dad passed away holding my hand & my sisters in the hospital! After we told him it’s ok to go to your Brothers now, that’s when he passed!!.. I know you do believe in this kind of thing! My question is : Has your Dad come to you in any way by showing you any signs at all? Coins showing up in strange places… I know that you went to a medium already, John Edwards, & Farrah Fawcett came through instead! You also had one at your party & that was a little vague on your Dad!.. I hope you went again after that & that your father did get through to you! I know this is a personal matter but it’s just been on my mind! I know your Dad is Soooo Proud of the Talented Woman you have Become!!… Anyone who reads this and has not been lucky enough to have this happen to them, then I only hope that it does! Thank you for your time for reading this, Tori! I hope you don’t get offended by this! I know you do believe!… xoxo :)) I am watching Long Island Medium, Ironically!! She is terrific!! I put in for an appt. 2yr wait!!

  • Julia Kelada

    Ooo, such a lame question but could you let me know where you get those wonderful name tags from that you display on the food and drinks? Thanks for taking the time to read it even if you cant reply. Julia xx

  • Laura

    Hi Tori,

    I’m a big fan! My question is if you are going to be writing another book on Mommyhood? I loved your first book (all your books, actually!), and was hoping for a second. My daughter was born around the same time as Stella, and I was a wreck going into my c-section. My other question is, does is get any easier with baby number two?


  • Jessie Miller

    Hi Tori! I’m a huge fan, I’ve loved you since your 90210 days. I have all your books, watch your shows, and just got my stationery kit! My question is simple and 90210 related (hope that is okay!): Do you have a favorite 90210 episode or a favorite Donna moment? Keep up the good work, happy to continue to support you! Thank you for all you do to support animal rescue, as well!

  • Kathleen Orland

    How on earth do you find time to keep your house clean, or even time to yourself?

  • Laura H

    Hey Tori! How do you do it????? LOL! I am a huge fan and am in awe of all you do and all you have accomplished. You truly have amazed me. You have balance your marriage, parenthood and all of your successful brands. You are an inspiration to us all. My real question is how does one get these businesses going and successful. I have several ideas but no way to back them and my husband isn’t too exicted about a business that isn’t going to yield a good income. What’s a girl to do?????


    Hi Tori, my question is not about entertaining. It’s about your chicken CoCo. I just had to get one after watching your show. Have you taught yours to come when you call her name? I saw the show when you had her dressed in a gown like yours and you were on stage with her. After you were on stage you called her name and it looked like she was following you. Do you have more than one silky bantam? We did get two because we wanted them to have a friend. We have one that looks just like yours and we have a black one that we named CoCo. Love your show and I hope it comes back soon!

  • Crystal Campisi

    Tori, When (or is) Home Sweet Hollywood coming back on TV? I feel like I missed your last 2 kids’ births, and need to catch up. Hattie was just being born. Is the new baby a boy or girl and what is his/her name? Are you done w/the baby making yet? And I’m also missing your new home… why did you sell the old one, I just loved it!

  • prudy rapozo

    I love how you decorate your homes. Looking forward to seeing more. I have a question, would you please decorate my home? Don’t worry, you can bring the whole family and stay here while you do my home :) I have 12 ft. ceilings and have NO CLUE what to do with all the wall space. And have no idea what kind of draperies to use, and don’t really want to take out a loan to purchase how expensive they will be!

  • leelee

    I was wondering If you or Dean had a good receipe for meatloaf! I want to style it up a bit in a different way from the traditional way of cooking it. And mine always looks and tastes like a giant dense mass of meat. Any tips?

  • Mrs.Porfiria

    HEy Tori

    What is the first steps I must take to get more clients for my wedding planning firm?

  • Stacy ODonnell

    Tori- I’m very interested in Health, and wonder how you always manage to look so great. Your whole family is so adorable, and I always love the outfits the kids are in, but I just can’t believe how amazing you always look even after having the kids, whats your secret? My son is 4 yrs old now, and i’m still having to look over my belly a bit to see if my feet are still there, I mean I’ve come a long way and have lost a little, but not nearly as much as I think I should have, any tips from you would be very much appreciated! Thanks! I hope you all are doing well!

  • jessica abito

    hi tori! i just got back from your book signing at The Grove and wanted to say what a dream come true it was to meet you! i have been a huge fan since forever and cannot tell you how amazing it was to meet my idol :) my question to you is have you ever thought of starting your own party planning business? i have done several events in the past year myself which has become a passion of mine and a dream job i would LOVE to pursue, but the ultimate dream would be to work or intern for someone like you! is starting your own business something you’ve thought about? and also i had asked you what’s the one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to start a career in party planning and your response was to build a portfolio for potential clients to look at, what would be your advice on how to make someone’s portfolio stand out from everyone else’s? thanks tori! much love!

  • Sally Pozzobon

    Hi Tori,

    I am a big fan from over in Australia – I too am a busy mum of three kids under 5 – congrats on your 4th by the way!! I just wanted to say how much I love your show – it is my weekly luxury to eat chocolate and see what is going on in the life of Tori – I think you are a great mum and laugh when I hear the things that go on in your household – I feel like I am there with you as our kids seem to be very alike in terms of their little personalities!!!

    It is our 10 year wedding anniversary next year and am desperately trying to talk my husband in to a family trip to America – my dream holiday destination!!!! I am even planning a little vow renewal if possible so the kids can be part of it all this time! So, here’s where I need your help – if there was ANY way of a brief chance to say hello to you at some sort of signing or appearance, I just know I could talk him in to comitting to a family holiday for us then!!!! He knows that it woud be a dream come true for me to meet you and has spent may Friday nights letting me hog the tv to watch your show!!

    Is there ANY way that you would consider helping me out with even a 5 minute hello for a fellow mum????????

    Fingers crossed!!

    Sally (Mum of Jack 5, Lucy Belle 3 and Max 1) xx

  • Melissa Flanagan

    I have a large family, six wonderful kids, but not a great relationship with my mom. We moved from NY to Texas and I was hoping that she would somehow try to get involved in my life like when I was a child. She divorced my dad after 25 years and things have never been the same with us. Could you let me know how you finally reconnected with your mom because I really want to get back to what we used to have and I have tried!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy and can’t wait for another season of Home Sweet Hollywood!!!!!(Hopefully)

  • Emily Goodman

    I find myself to be a lot like you in many ways from crafting, to mommy hood and to family. My main question is how did you know it was time to reconcile and any words of wisdom to someone who has an estranged parent? I’ve admired you on how you are able to forgive, not forget, but manage to maintain a good relationship with your mother for yourself as well as your children. I think there are a lot of people out there in the same shoes trying to raise their children differently from the way they were raised. Congrats on baby #4! I’m currently expecting baby two and don’t know how in the world you’ve done it! My daughter loves watching the show with me. She finds Liam and Stella fascinating. It’s also been a great way to explain what happens when her sister comes home!

  • Jeff Ronnie Neuhalfen

    Help!! :-) LOL….My son wants a “Carnival Themed” Birthday party. I want to make it special (on a very modest budget), but I am struggling with the set up and coming up with cute little ideas for the food. Of course we are doing popcorn (My Husband makes the best homeade popcorn), and Hot dogs…but I don’t know what else to add and how to present it. Your ideas and talent inspire me so much! I was so excited to get your new book. Thank you!! :-)

  • Darren Martin

    Hey Tori!

    I remember reading as a kid in TEEN BEAT Magazine that you wrote a screenplay and had it filmed. Just wondering if the public will ever get the chance to see it? Also, what was it called?

    AND, I remember reading that you did a “Got Milk?” ad but never saw any pics. Did that ever happen?

  • Samantha Malcolm

    Hi Tori,

    Really enjoy the show, as I can relate to being busy (four kids, work full time) and it makes me feel normal that its ok to be constantly on the go :). I have a quick question

    I have always loved parties and love your show even more to get heaps of ideas for my daughters bdays but am wondering my four year old is having a Dora the explorer party, do you have any suggestions.

    - so far all I have done (not until august) is bought a heap of dora the explorer beach umbrellas and am putting them in buckets with sand (bit of a beach theme) around the venue and was thinking of hanging things off them.

    Any thoughts ….

    Anyway thanks again, love the website :)

  • Danielle weiss

    Hi Tori,

    I think you are awesome I watched 90210 back in the day was one of my favorite shows !! I also love watching all of grow in to this amazing family!!As you answered your question what would you tell your 21yr old self you said back then you lacked self confidence and were your biggest obstical was your self! How did you gain confidence my husband says I am my own worse enemy I have alot of goals and start ok then I always talk myself out of it and accomplish nothing!I hate feeling this way any advice you can give would be great Thank you……

  • Erica Tourville

    Hi Tori, First off I want to say I absolutely adore you. I am addicted to your books and shows. You are an inspiration. I admire your go getter attitude in life. Thank you for letting us all in on your life.

    My question is pregnancy related. I know all women are different, but my husband and I are expecting our first baby in November, a girl. I can’t say I have it bad, I have only suffered from headaches here and there, but on top of that, I have little to no motivation. What advise would you give to another expecting Momma-To-Be for staying active and getting things done, including fun stuff such as crafting and having a good time along with keeping up with the must do list?

    Thank you Tori. <3

  • Amanda Viviani

    Hi Tori! I would LOVE to hear a brief rundown of some of your favorite pieces from your past 90210 wardrobe! Babydoll dresses? Belly shirts? Those crazy outfits from Donna Martin’s “French fashion shoot”? I adore reading your fashion posts, so let’s hear it! :)

    Also wanted to mention how much I love the website; it’s sleek and sophisticated, yet exudes a girlfriend-chat type of vibe. Keep it up! :)

  • Roni DeVore

    Tori~What dress are you wearing in your picture with Hattie and your fav. diaper bag? I am entering my 3rd trimester and am in NEED of some chic vintage maternity wear to show off my baby bump! Any suggestions?

  • Kristine Miller

    Hi Tori! I don’t have a question at this moment but I do have something I want to share with you. I have been watching you on tv forever now and I love your crazy life and I shared that love with my best friend Danny, my gay husband and “guncle” to my kiddos, for many many years. We would spend hours on the phone together in silence watching your shows and then we would talk about it….what she was wearing and what happened on the show that is so close to how we live our lives together!! I admire your work in the gay community and the respect you have for people that are a bit different from the “norm”!! Well my Danny died suddenly of a heart attack at 37 and it took me down to a level I never ever knew existed!! I couldn’t eat or breathe, but I had to hold on for my family. One thing that became impossible for me to do was watch you on tv. You were such a huge part of our every day that if I saw you I would break down into tears. I cut you and your shows off completely for 3 years and didnt even want to hear your name….not in hate at all, I just didnt have him to share with anymore and with that connection gone…you needed to be gone too!! Well it has been over 3 years now and I am doing much better and I have started watching your shows again..Craft Wars is my favorite right now and I know Danny would love it too, wish I had enough talent to be on the show but oh well :)..he would of made a great partner and we would of painted the town pink!! I, just recently, got in touch with a past boyfriend that is also gay and he is so much like Danny and so I clung onto him like glue and he was my heart that went missing 3 years ago, we got along so great and I thought this is my chance to heal and share again, but I was hit again as he suddenly died in his sleep this past Fathers Day!! So I have lost all the Guncles and bond I had for me and my kids. Now I am married and I love him deeply but he can’t provide that bond that I had with my gay hubbies!! I know I am dragging this on but my main point is that I unfairly dropped you and resented you and your life because mine was crushed and you may or may not read this and if you don’t, that’s fine but I need to say I’M SORRY anyway!! I am not back on Team Tori and Dean and I will continue to support your shows. Keep them babies safe and love them daily because you really never know when your time is up.

    Thank you,


  • Kristine Miller

    Sorry…I am back on Team Tori and Dean!!!!

  • ErinK

    What Nick Name will you give Finn?

  • Lisa Dittmore

    Hello I have a question for you and you probaly been asked a 1000 times but I thought I would give it a try. I am celebrating my 50th bday next year on Aug 18th and want it to be wonderful, fun glamorous and memorable. Ok as you can see I am not a speller sorry. I was given 6 month in 2004 and well I am here still kicking and screaming and so excited to even see my 50th bday and the 6 granchildren that have come in those years. I really have never had a bday party being a single mom those things kind of get put off for better things then yourself. But no regrets, I love my life and have learned a lot over the years and have also met my real mother a sister and a brother and still waiting to have the funds to met one more sister, yes I know your thinking wow what a wonderful life its ok don’t be jelous hehehe! Yours seems pretty amazing and wow what beautiful children and how wonderfully blessed you must feel. I had to give it a go, I know you doing weddings, but that won’t be happening again in this life time and really have never had a beautiful party with wonderful things the way I want it, to look beautiful with the least amount of money possible. I know my colors would like purple, black and silver. would like to send out save the date cards and invitations. would love it to be formal but it might be a bit hot for that lol yes from Wa State and saying hot lol. but it does get hot. I have 2 goals till then 1 is to lose 50 lbs but that date and to some how finger out how to get my teeth fixed, oh well maybe 1 more a date would be nice lol. but I can have a good time by myself it is not manditory. So what do you think? Are you up to the challenge I know your a very busy woman and well I really don’t have a lot of money, but do believe 2 heads are bigger then one and you have awesome taste and style and think we would blend well together and plan out a awesome party that I will remember always. well thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon, one way or another either way, I hope all is well for you and yours and congrats on the new baby love. my email is plz feel free to contact me anytime. thanks again hun.

  • Coral

    Hello there! I just want to know how you get your silkie to wear clothes? I will be getting a silkie of my own but i have a Golden Polish crested hen. She is just a diva and I love taking her places. but I want to put bows and stuff on her. Btw love how you love your coco <3
    My girl’s is name Mufasha.