• Shelby Powell


  • Lucina Victoria

    I knew it! Congratulations Tori and Dean!!! I’m so happy for you :-)

  • elpete15

    Congratulations! That is amazing and wonderful! :)

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  • stacy wilson

    how exciting! SO happy for you and the family lots of love mama!!!!!!!!

  • carolyn stertz

    So happy for you guys, congrats! Mine is due in 5 weeks, also baby #4!

  • stacy wilson

    how exciting! SO happy for you and the family lots of love mama!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Doerrie

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the McDermott family!!!

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    Congrats! That is exciting news!

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    Awww congratulations!

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    congrats! im so exciting for you and your beautiful family <3

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    Congratulations, Tori and your beautiful family!!! Big fams are the best – so much love to go around!

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    What? Already??? BTW, Congratulations! I am sooo exciting, happy and biggest joy to hear that your beautiful family is expecting. Luv & Hugs!! PS: Cant wait to meet you at the booksigning.

  • Marita S Homstvedt

    Oh my goood, I’m so happy for you, Dean and the kids!!! 😀 Damn, I almost start crying here, you guys are sooo wonderful! <3 Can't wait until I get pregnant with my #4 too :D

    Good luck with the pregnancy <3

  • Lemon Meringue

    O wow, that is some supergood news!!!! I have a friend with seven sons and she always mocks me with my three kids saying that having three children is pretending to have a big family! I am really excited that you and Dean have enough love to go for the real big family. I hope your pregnancy is and will be a healthy and happy one and that your child may arrive in good health. Thank you for sharing!

  • BMee

    OH my goodness, thats amazing!!! What a cute little fam :) Congratulations!!!!!

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    Oh Wow! Congratulations! You all are such a great family. Hope you enjoy your pregnancy. I truly LOVED the way I felt when I was expecting. Stay healthy, and happy.

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    This is wonderfull news. Just the other day I was saying to my friend “how long you would wait for the fourth little McDermott. So happy for you guys. Congrats and lots of love from Holland.

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    Congratulations, Tori and Dean! I wish for you to have a lovely, healthy pregnancy. Your family is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. YAY!! A new baby!

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    So I am guessing “Irish Twins”?

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    I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you and your family!! Congrats! :) You will need an addition on the new place… 😉

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    Congrats!!! So happy for you and Dean and family! The more the merrier!

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    congrats tori ,dean and the babies. you are an awesome mom with an awesome family may godbless you and your family,im very happy for you and the new edition.

    wow thats great news.

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    congrats Im so happy couldnt happend to better people your a great mom and dad.. you say baby 6 so is there more then 1 in oven???

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    Love the pic. Congratulations!

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    Congrats!!! That is so fantastic! Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! You have lots of helpers!!!

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    I am so happy for you! Congrats! Maybe a boy for Liam!

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    Congrats! You are such a great Momma!

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    Beautiful news for a beautiful family.


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    Congratulations to all of you! That photo is absolutely adorable. I love that you have included Hattie’s little squishy baby hand in there too. Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy :) :)

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    I was totally feeling that! LOVE and endless Blessings to you all!

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    Hugs and blessings to all of you!!!


    Victoria Silva

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    Congratulations, Tori you are truly blessed!

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    Congrats I am a big fan and love you so much you got me through my fathers death and kept me going you are such an inspiration xoxo

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    Awwww….yay!! Congrats to you and your lovely little family. So blessed!

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    congrats i got goose bumps……so excited for you all…..hope everybody is great

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    Congrats! I am so excited for you!

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    Woo hoo!! Congratulations!! I really hope they bring back your show! I love seeing how your family interacts with each other.. Not to mention I love that you are so crafty!!

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    Congratulations to you and your family!!!

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    WOW!!!! How exciting!!! Another addition to the “McDermot Farm” Love it!!! You all must be so excited and surprised… Congratulations to all of you!! You all are truley blessed!! Hugs

    ~Lesley xoxox

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    Congratulations!! Very exciting news for you all!!

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    WHAT??!?!!??!!? CONGRATS MCDERMOTTS!!!!!! 😀

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    What exciting news, Tori! Congrats to you and your beautiful family! You all must be thrilled!! All the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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    Tori, congratulations to you and your family. You are truly blessed. I really have enjoyed watching your show. Best wishes!!!!

  • Lynn Thomas

    Congratulations!!!!!! So happy for you and your family!! :)


    CONGRATES I HOPE YOU’RE TV SHOW COMES BACK SO WE CAN ALL EJOY THIS MOMENT WITH YOU ! I have watch you for so long and seen the births of you’re three lovely children I feel like part of you’re family ! love to all of you !

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    Sooo excited for all of you! Congratulations!!!

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    Oh my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS!! What amazing news for an amazing family!

  • Jackie C

    O-M-G I saw part of your HSN show recently and you were wearing something loose and flowy and I thought, I think she is preggers again!!! Congrats to you and your family so exciting!! 😀 Guess Patsy will be staying for awhile!!! lol

  • Hilary Mouat

    Wow thats amazing your must have an amzing body if it can bounce back to another baby so soon!!!!!! You are all so lucky!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congratulations! That is such exciting news! I think we have maxxed out at 3 bambinos!

  • Lou Lou Quatorze

    Gratz Tori this is amazing news! Lots of love for your family from me & my love in The Netherlands <3

  • Elizabeth Apley

    I am so excited for your family Tori.. I know how much you and Dean love your children and want a big family. I love your show and can’t wait to see what else you have coming up in your life. BTW, how are Liam and Stella feeling about this baby???

  • GinnyV

    What great news! Congratulations!!!!

  • Erin

    I am so excited for you and love your show. I am having a baby girl on June 3

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    Congratulations Mc Dermott Family, including Jake. Blessing always to you all. So baby makes 7! =o)

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    congrats! I am so happy for you all! xo

  • Tanya Whichello

    I am so happy for you. I have a son from my first marriage and then my husband and I quit after having two of our own children. Sometimes I want more and then I remember how hard it was for me after each pregnancy. Not only was it harder because you have the other children to take care of, but my pregnancies themselves got harder each time. I wish you all well and lots of love.

  • Shawnee Penkacik

    Congratulations as a mom of 9, Large families are wonderful. Children are such a blessing and gift. Best wishes

  • Maria Marino

    Congrats Liam, Stella, Hattie, Dean and Tori! We need another boy! Right Liam?? :)

  • Heather Harris

    Congratulations! Hope all has been going well with this bundle!

  • Tara Allen

    AWWWW, CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!! I am SO Happy and thrilled for you all and can’t wait to she him/her!!!! Wishing you All Lots of Love, many Blessings and the Best of health!!!! :) LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH :)!!!! XOXOXOXO,Tara

  • Kenesha Kinston- Guillory

    Congratulations! Every child is a blessing, I am a mom of five.

    four girls, one boy! I have had five c-sections. God has truly bless my family,

    and he will do the same for you. Way To Go !!!!!

  • Roberta Kirby

    Congratulations! You make beautiful babies!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg! congratulations! I thought you were gonna say the guncles were adding another one :)

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    Wow, what a shocker – congratulations!! I’m so happy for your family :) God bless.

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    That’s wonderful news!!! Congratulations to an awesome family!

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    Congrats to you and your lovely family!! Have to admit a tad jealous as I would love much much more but being a single mom I am blessed with my one and always happy to hear about little ones coming into the world.

  • Lynnette Gebhardt

    Congratulations Mama! What a lucky baby to have you as a Mommy and Dean as a Daddy. You guys do make pretty babies!

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    Yay!!! I had a feeling when I watched you on QVC debuting your new craft line!!!! Congratulations!

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    Congratulations McDermott Family! You make beautiful babie!

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    Congratulations! Such good news!!!

  • melani sander

    Soooooooooooooo happy BIG familys rock!!! My husband is the youngest of 10 and I am the youngest of 5 so keep going your kids will be better for havin brothers and sisters.

  • Lori Price

    That is so awesome, so happy for you and your family!!!! Congrats…

  • maria kakoulias

    Thats wonderful news…Your a great mom and Dean a great dad ..you guys should have as many babies as you can.. We recentely found out that were having baby no2 …so happy ..may god bless you all..

  • ericka rivera

    Congrats to you and your beautiful family, I knew that you were pregnant when you were on QVC but you said that you still had a few pounds to loose from baby Hattie. It wasn’t even the baby bump it was the glow on your face that gave it away. God Bless you!

  • Dawn Abrams

    Congrats Tori and Dean ! I have 7 kids that are very close in age. They are 18 yrs. to 6 yrs. old. Kids can be trying hang in there. Tori take good care of yourself let people help you with anything they will help with. Not very easy for moms like us. (Control) big problem for me LOL. I know having my 2 daughters very close together was hard on me. Most of my babies are 11 months apart but my 2 daughters are 9 months apart. Eat well and rest. God Bless!

  • Deborah Burley

    Congratulations on this wonderful news! Your family is truly blessed. Have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy. This little angel will have the best brother, sisters and parents. Tori and Dean, you make such beautiful babies (with style built in). God bless.

  • Kristin

    YAY!! Congratulations to you all! You have the sweetest family and you and Dean seem like the most amazing parents…what a blessing!!! :)

  • Tarin Fernandez

    ahh so happy for all of you. I keep thinking I want another but not sure since I have 2 already. Wish you all the best.

  • Darren Martin

    Can’t tell you how excited Drea and I are for you, Dean and the kiddos! You’re an amazing mother! God bless you’re growing family!

  • Yolana S.

    Congratulations!! Can’t wait for the new episodes!! Your energy and creativity inspires me.

  • Meg McCann

    How blessed you are! I have often wondered how many people know how truly blessed they are to have children, when so many of us desperately wished for the same. I can see you are one of the few that really knows the true blessing and miracle it is! Congrats to all of you. Wonderful news!

  • Janet Franklin

    Congratulations to you and your family, that is exciting! Wish you guys the best! Look forward to new episodes and watch the kids grow up!!

  • Jean Varga

    Congrats! I am so excited for you all. I screamed at work when I found out. LOL….


    WOW you are going to have to add on to the new house real quick…..Congrats

  • FinePrincessCJ

    Happy wishes to you and your growing family, Congradulations!

  • Sammantha Lopez

    Big congrats Tori!!! A large family is truly a blessing!! On to the next big question…when are you due??

  • Quarters

    WOW….Congrats to you and your family!!

  • Gracie Day

    Congrads Tori We are so proud for you and Dean !!!!!!! And the cutiest Kids ever are getting a little angel !!!!!!! love you The Days

  • Dawn Clark

    Actually Tori baby would make 7! You,Dean,Liam,Stella,Hattie and Jack! I know he doesn’t live with you but he’s Dean’s son and that’s his new sibling too.

  • Allison Aros

    Aw, that’s such awesome news! A blessing to a family that has been a blessing to so many others!

  • Sheri Warren

    I’m so happy for your family.

  • Scharme Grider

    Congratulations Tori & Dean….So excited for you…I love seeing the pictures of your Liam, Stella, and Hattie….Kids are so wonderful…I wish you the best and hope that the “Paparazz i” will leave you be and let you enjoy your family and pregnancy like every other normal woman can……You are a wonderful mother and I love the ideas you put out there for others….Congrats again!!~~

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  • Lisa Bagnato

    CONGRATS!!! SO happy for you and your beautiful family!!! funny i saw pics of you wearing baggy tops and i thought, surely not already!! LOL good luck & best wishes from australia xxxx

  • Katherine Smith

    Yes Jack and the other little girl Dean walked out on! Nice!

  • Bonnie Horton

    I was hoping you would have one more ! Its so refreshing to see you enjoy a family and not be ashamed to have more than 1.5 children! Your a great mom Tori. You are sooo loved by so many people !! Glad you are bringing more little Toris into this world!


    Tori, I am so happy for you and Dean!! You guys are the cutest family and I wish you all the healthiest & happiest future to come.

  • Ashley Hopkins-Walker

    Got a text from my best friend today – “Tori’s pregnant again!!” – you’ve become such a part of our lives that this was legit the most exciting news of my day, it was like hearing a family member is expecting – couldn’t be happier for you and dean! think hattie needs a little brother, no? 😉

  • Cia Mansfield

    How absolutely wonderful! You are so Blessed and I will forever keep you and your lovely family in my prayers!! Congratulations!!!

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    Congratulations Tori and Dean! I am so happy for you and the family! You have so much love to share that it is exciting to see another bundle of joy will be on its’ way!

  • Maureen W

    Just found this site via your news on People.

    Congrats to you,hubby,and your children for adding to your brood~!

    I read {probably on People} how you have always wanted a big family,so blessings to you all!

    With so much *&^%$ of Hollywood,stars,etc,etc, some positive news is refreshing and your site looks like it will be fun to read!

    I am a grandma {Momo to my grandson Calvin} :) :) who will be two at the end of March so I am experiencing all that of wee ones again!

    I am looking forward to reading this and have nothing but love and blessings for you!xoxo

  • Angel Clifford

    Congrats Tori and Dean!!! So very happy for your family!

  • Tina Melnicoff

    Congratulations to the baby news, that’s is sooo awesome…. you have such a beautiful family…. absolutely wonderful news… GOD Bless you all:)

  • Kimberly Fritz

    Congratulations! Hattie and the new one will be so close in age, they’ll practically be twins! My aunts were 11 months apart and incredibly close! I’ll be praying for a smooth pregnancy and an easy delivery! Blessings to you and your family!

  • Christina Canfield-Russell

    Congrats Tori and Dean. My last 2 children are 9mths and 2 weeks to theb day apart from each other. It was NOT planned. My son was born at 31 wks gestation, so that is why they are that close to each other. They would have been 11mths apart from each other is he would have came on time. So I had 2 babies born in the same year. Feb 1998 and Dec 1998 and both c-sections. So I wish you and your body luck on this wee one and your family also. I myself would have had 7 kiddos if all mine lived. I lost 4, 3 girls and 1 boy. I wanted a big family once I started to have kids. But I had pre-term labor on all my pregnancies starting at 20 weeks each. But in the end I ended up with 7 kids anyways, I raised my 2nd husbands kids he had custody of since his wife did not care about them. So my 3 his 4….4 boys 3 girls. It is GREAT!!! So have fun and I think you and your hubby ARE GREAT PARENTS!!!

  • rebecca bedrin

    I am so happy for you guys. Tori I think you a wonderful mother and god truly blessed you with a wonderful family. Congradulations. Hope to see you back on oxygen very soon….miss the show

  • Colleen Johnson

    Congratulations! Very exciting news!

  • Courtney Baker

    Oh my goodness!! How amazing. Congrads to you and the family :) xoxo

  • Robin Powell

    Congrats to the McDermott family on your new future edition. How far along are you and what’s your due date?

  • Ashley Beck

    Congrats to you, Dean, and the kids!

  • Alissa Pappas

    YAHOO!!! I am so thrilled for you guys! You make such adorable cutey patootie kidlets, and are such down to earth wonderful parents. This baby will be born to such a loving fun fabulous family. I hope you enjoy this pregnancy and dont get too sick, or actually dont get sick at all. You are a beautiful hot mama and you and Dean both have such beautiful souls, and I love how happy and real your family is. It warms my heart to know your precious family is growing, and that your joy and happiness will grow even more. CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3 love & hugs to you all <3

  • Katie Hoeppner

    HOORAY! I have 2 little boys named Lucas and Fox and now I’m starting to feel the baby #3 itch!!!!! Man I would love a little girl!!!!!! I’m so jeal :-) Congrats to you, Dean and the kids! Your family is the best! Man I use a lot of these “!”.

  • Pink Plane


  • Cate Roldan

    What great news! This truly is a happy event. Celebrate the miracle of what love creates! Congratulations!

  • Andrea Gabry-Oliver

    Congratulations that is such wonderful news, your an amazing mother and its wonderful that you are expanding your family. You will truly be blessed. My daughter was six months when we found out we were pregnant again. I am so greaful because they are truly the best of friends. They are joined at the hip nad are best friends. I have four girls with my youngest being 9 months, my two middle ones are 3 and 4 and my oldest is seven. I am looking forward to graduating nad establishing my career to have at least one more. Our children are our best legacy and they bless our lives. Your legacy will be amazing.

  • Libbi Shorts

    Well, you are all belssed and there is nothing finer than a new baby. You have all the blessings I can fit in the whole wide universe!

  • amanda bianca

    Congrats Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella, and Hattie!!! Such an amazing blessing to get the chance yet again to grow your beautiful family!! Wish you guys nothing but the best, you are awesome parents keep up the great work!

  • Sharon Curtis

    I am so very thrilled to hear this exciting news!!! Congratulations to you all!! Here in Australia we are only just watching you pregnant with Hattie so its very exciting to hear this news first hand. Hope you have a troublefree pregnancy. You have a lovely family. Enjoy every day, take lots of photos – they grow all too quickly (mine are now 21 and 17) and take the time to cherish your wonderful husband (who is a great daddy). Best wishes to you all – you are a fabulous mother to those gorgeous children.

  • Angela Fleming Holshouser

    I just heard your news and came straight to the web to read about it and found (and joined) your awesome website. I have watched all of your shows and think you and your family are so sweet. I have to say, I felt like a proud older sister when I heard that you were having another baby to add to your precious family! Congratulations and thank you for being so open and honest with the world and for sharing your amazing talents!

  • Crafty Mom

    Yay! Congrats! So happy for you and your family!

  • Fonda Cade

    Congratulations Tori and Dean! There is nothing better than in life than a close, loving family. Thank you both for keeping it real on your show; I luv it!! Again congratulation to you all!

  • Beth Rolka

    Congratulations to you and your family on the new bundle of joy!!! You have a beautiful family and you guys are such great parents!!!

  • Sherry Doty

    Whoo hoo! Tori that is such great news. I’ve seen every single episode of your show and know that you guys wanted more kids. I’m so happy for all of you. And…another baby that your Mom will be there with you all through it. I thank God for all of the blessings he’s bestowed upon you and your family.


  • Jennifer Hamilton

    Congratulations!!! What if its twins!? haha!

  • Nina Holter

    Wow! Congratulations! That makes an even number. I am so happy for you all, I just hope that I am just as lucky as you this time. That I am pregnant with my number three!

    I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  • Beata Skoczek

    Wszystkiego najlepszego

  • Trude Molvik

    So happy for you :) Best whises from Norway!

  • Courtney McGinnis

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you and Dean. I hope that you have a healthy pregnancy and can manage to get some rest with 3 kids in your household. God Bless! Love you guys…

  • deborah vanderputte

    congrats tori! enjoy the pregnacy just because it’s just such a wonderfull feeling, something so special, greets from the far far away little belgium

    kisses xxx

  • Helena Norman

    Congratulations! babies are a blessing.

  • Belinda Clancy

    Congratulations. Bless you, Dean, Liam, Stella and Hattie. Your love has created another blessing.

  • Liron Vaknin

    Congratulations!!!! you make them so preaty so keep on going :)

  • Carolien Genger

    Congratulations Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella and Hattie! Enjoy and please send some of your fertillity over 😉

  • Mavis Shepherd

    Congratulations !!! A new blessing to soon join the McDermot clan :)

  • Liza M

    Congratulations!!! You are going to have your hands full. Maybe Patsy will be full-time? You are going to need a bigger house! Wishing you all of the happiness and a long happy life together! Prove Hollywood wrong.

  • Kerry Radecki

    Congrats! I am envious of your zest for life and richness of family and friends, but I know you are deserving and grateful.

  • Deb Price

    Congrats!! Children are a blessing!!!

  • Stacie Tippett

    Congratulations to you all! What a lucky little one to be born into such a loving family. Such exciting news for all of us who feel like we know you, as well!

  • Valerie Cantwell

    Congratulations on your new addition. There is nothing better than having children close in age….alot of work but well worth it. I had four babies each a year and nine months apart; spring, summer, winter and fall. I’m a mom with grown children and I just love the way you treat your children…what great parents you both are! Thank you for sharing your family with us.

  • Amanda Stewart

    This is just such amazing news!! Congrats to you and your amazingly growing family:)

  • RaeC

    Congratulations! What wonderful news!

  • Melissa Hazelwood

    CONGRATS!!!! I’m sooo excited for you….. Another addition to your beautiful family ;~)

  • Holly

    Amazing news!! Congratulations!!!!

  • Jen

    Congrats to your family!!!! I hope you guys will have another Oxygen show!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!

  • Katie Ogden

    Tori, Dean and the lovely McDermit Clan . Congratulations on this wonderful addition that you will be adding to your family. You both are such a inspiration for family all along !

  • Sheila Hagen

    I am so happy for you! Also the fact that it appears you had control of telling us this time! You are such a lovely “real” family! Thanks for letting us share a gleams into that life! I even have my 72 year old dad watching! He likes it because amongst the star stuff is real life! My mom died a couple years ago – they were together for 50 years – she had a daycare or nannied so w
    Always little people around! He smiles when he sees the daily adventures you have with your children and how truly involved you are!
    Awesome blessings to you ALL!

  • Lauren Johnson

    Congrats Tori and Dean !!

    I dont think I’ve noticed or even heard of very many celebs that are not only married, but making babies as fast as they can! I’ve watched your reality show many times and you two seem so very normal, which is rare…if not extinct in hollywood. You two arent adopting children, in order to save your figure from being preggers….no no no! You and Dean were made for one another and I’m so glad that you are behaving as such! This speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned, because you two are the celebs that remind me of “Joann and Paul.”

  • Sammy Schneider

    Congrats Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella and Hattie!

  • hwilson55

    Congrats McDermott Family! So very exciting!!!

  • Catherine Ferrara

    OMG this amazing news but not shocking. You guys always talk about having a big family. You are blessed and I am very happy for you. This is awesome. Congrats to all you McDermitts. How many months are you? When will we meet this new Angel of yours.

  • Catherine Ferrara

    OMG does this mean you need to move agian into a bigger house. LOL

  • Ivonne Vega Acevedo

    OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  • week2week

    Congratulations Tori and Dean!

  • Torrie Sessions

    tried to comment yesterday, but couldn’t log in(!)… A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! :)

  • Leyla Taber

    This is very cool news!!! You guys are so blessed…congratulations!!!! and thanks for sharing 😉

  • Gina Keane

    Congrats!!! What awesome news!

  • Jodie Brownfield

    I am so happy for u guys . U have such adorable children . congrats what great news !!!!!!

  • Eliana Landa

    wow, amazing lol =D very happy for you and your family<333333333 and to me, it was very unexpected! let it be a boy to match up =) but most importantly, a healthy baby<3333333333333 congrats<3333

  • Amy Dowell

    Oh my goodness that’s great! Congratulations!!

  • Becky Hardy

    You all must be so stoked. Will you wait until delivery to learn this baby’s sex? My heartfelt Congrats to you all. xoxo’s to you all.

  • Annelisa Christian

    Congratulations Tori and Dean! Babies are always a sweet blessing. I’m sure that Liam, Stella, and Hattie will be thrilled with the little on on the way. Congrats, again.

  • tessa lane

    Wow, congrats! I admire you both so much as a couple and as parents … Huge Blessings to all of you!

  • Judy Goldwater

    So happy for your both!!!! You are both wonderful people, you deserve nothing but happiness!!!

  • Michelle Myny

    Congrats!!!! I’m so happy for you and the family.

  • Kate Hardy

    Yay! Babies!

  • Timberlyn Pycior


    (Though I have been wondering if I was pregnant for a little over a week now… And to be honest we have always been pregnant together very & I didn’t realize that until this last pregnancy)…

    Aedan – June 14th, 2007
    Gage – August 23rd, 2008
    Callum – September 18th, 2011

  • alisab

    FUNNY STORY – So, while i was watching a rerun episode of 90210 (just as Ray hands Tori his guitar during the rave party house fire), I saw on yahoo your wonderful news!!! Congrats!! Your daughter Hattie and my son Josh are the same age and once I had him, I started wanting another. Children are a true blessing.:)

    Best wishes to you and your expanding family :)

  • Andrea Strickland

    Congrats <3

  • susan murphy

    Mazel tov! xx #Love #Prayers

  • Line R

    Congrats with a new little baby!! you are such a wonderful family!!Just visiting from Norway with my best wishes!! Love, Line

  • Lauren H

    Awwww- congratulations to all of you!!!!!!!!

  • Bailey

    Congrats!!! Its amazing being a mom. I love your show and I just started reading mommywood and love it

  • Evie

    What wonderful news! Congratulations!

  • First name Michelle Smith

    Congratulations Tori to you and your family. Keep us posted. Maybe Liam will get a brother to even the odds.

  • Janice Sauter

    I have 3 children, and would have loved to have 4…

    Babies are always a blessing!

  • Carolyn Marshall

    Congratulations! That is super exciting!! So, have you already started some additions at the new place? I can’t wait for next season … and for the new book! XOXO

  • Amy Naylor

    Congratulations, Tori! We at Bashful Bump Maternity Bodysuits hope you are feeling good! You are such a natural at this pregnancy thing… :)

  • Tammy Alaniz

    Congrats! I am so happy for you and your family. Hope you have a healthly pregnancy and delivery!

  • Amber

    Congrats! I love watching you both parent your kiddos, you r both amazing! Couldn’t be happier for your new Blessing:)

  • Jenniek78

    Congrats on baby #4!! but shouldn’t baby #4=7 not 6 if you include Jack?? I know you like even #’s but don’t 4get about him!<3

  • Laura Bailey

    Wow! What an amazing surprise! You must be a fertility goddess – can I rub your belly for some of that fertility luck? Tori, you have always been beautiful and you absolutely glow while you’re pregnant. I’m totally looking forward to seeing you mama another baby and wish you a very healthy and happy pregnancy! Wishing you all well! By the way, I’m from the not terribly hip, but the very family friendly Stevenson Ranch (not too far from your neck of the woods and have two babies) Congratulations! You’re a rockin’ mama :) Laura

  • Gwendolyn Maris

    As we say in Flemish “een dikke proficiat!!!”, which literally translated says “a fat congratulations” :) I finally understand the excitedness mums all over the world share, since right now I’m halfway my first pregnancy. Enjoy!

  • Suzanne Brown

    Congratulations I have been reading this everywhere and I am so glad I can confirm from your words that it’s true! The only thing better than 3 is 4 :) So happy for you and your growing family!!

  • Else Seker

    Here you all have a big big biiiiig CONGRATULATIONS from Norway :) Now you are one in head of me :) I could not have any children and yet I am blessed with 3 wonderful boys!

    I like to see your series because your life, american life, is so very very different from ours here up in the north part of the world :) And I also like to watch because you are in love with your children, like I always have been :)

    You are lucky though, to have a husband that supportive and helpfull. Dont ever think of changing him… you know men are like wine… the elder the smoother and better :)

    I wish you a great pregnancy and I will keep you in my prayers.

    Best wishes for the whole family.


  • Heather Briggs

    You are such a neat family and radiate the love that inspires so many of us! Nothing is more perfect than adding even more!! Congratulations to all of you :)

  • Kristine Blumer

    Congrats To all of you!!! Children R a joyous gift and Im proud to be a mother to 4!! I am so Happy For U all!!

  • Summer DePaul

    congratulations to you all. I hope you have a easy and happy pregnancy.

  • Melissa Weisz

    Hi Tori!

    Oh My Gosh!!! What a surprise!! Congratulations and much love to you and your beautiful family! I am so happy for you, Dean and the kids…..

    Melissa U

  • Carrie Johnson

    I am so so happy for you and your growing family. You are such an amazing mother and they are very lucky to have you as their mother and Dean as a father. Congrats to all of you. I pray that this pregnancy will be as good as the rest of them have been. Can’t wait until your show starts back up. Best wishes always..

    Carrie Johnson

  • doreen porzio

    Hi Tori!!! I was so surprised when I saw your tweet that you had exciting news to share…. So very happy for you all!!! Congratulations to you and your growing beautiful family!!! You are so lucky and blessed!!! You’re what a true loving family is all about!! You and Dean are Fantastic parents!!! You are such a warm and wonderful person Tori and I can’t wait to meet you!! Wishing you a healthy & joyfull pregnancy!!….. (Hope the nauseau is not as bad this time around) Lol!! Love ya!! xoxo

  • April Glifort

    Great news Tori! I am so thrilled for you! Best wishes and I can’t wait for your next season to begin!

  • Angela Kimak

    Really awesome to complete your family! Hope to see another season and see all about it!

  • Gina Keller

    What a lucky mama you are :) congratulations to you all!

  • tjockis mamma

    lovley..congratulations to you Tori..


  • Bre Gage

    Such teriffic news! A big congratulations to you all xx

  • rell

    In Australia the new season of Home sweet hollywood has started and you are trying to hide your pregnancy with Hattie! Your house truley is turning into the Mcdermot Farm! How wonderful!!! Congratulations!

  • Kimberley Walsh

    Tori, we are so far behind in Australia! But rest assured there are plenty of happy, happy baby vibes, headed your way… from way down under!

    How amazing x

  • heather walters

    tori and dean, i cannot begin to explain to you how you and your family have touched myself and my husband. we cannot have children and have made peace with that, but we do have 4 nephews that we love like they were our own. getting to watch you sucessfully raise your beautifly brilliant kids is such a treat. even my husband loves your family and we even quote “liam-isms” quite often. thank you for letting us in your lives. you are an inspiration as people and parents. congrats on #4. we’re selfishly excited for whats to come. good luck and congratulations! you guys are awsome!!! “kisses and donuts”- heather

  • E Smith

    Congrats!!! Very exciting I wish you healthy and happy pregnancy and baby. Is this baby due around Hatties birthday?

  • Kristie Praksti

    Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you and your family and wish you all the best. You both are great parents! I can see the deep love you all share and it touches my heart. Makes me want to be a better mom myself. Thank you for that:)

  • Pookie

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your adorable family!! I’m looking forward to adding another one to my family. I have one daughter and she always says she wants a baby brother. I keep being told that two is harder than one, but then families with multiple children say its easier because they distract each other. I’ve already lost my mind after my first so I’m not too worried about that. Again congrats! Keep us updated on your baby belly!!

  • Emily Combs

    I don’t know if you read these, but I will take the chance and say my piece anyways :) I am so happy for you all! I am a mommy of 4 children all under 6 (Zachary, Lily Rose, Sammy Jo and Levi) and it’s amazing! Everyone acts like I am crazy but I absolutely love it and wouldn’t have it any other way! I wish nothing but the best for your family and truly think that you are blessed BEYOND words! Congrats again, I cannot wait to keep up on you guys in the months to come!

  • Shelley Keenan

    First off, congratulations on the wonderful news. I am interested on your insight given we have (or hopefully will soon) have a similar family dynamic. I am a step mom to two wonderful kids. My partner and I are thinking of having children of our own. I noticed that you announced baby makes 6. How do you balance your family of 6 with the +1 from Dean’s previous marriage so that you can be excited and thrilled for your children without having your step children feel left out?

  • Therase Kennedy Chong

    Tori Dean n Family Congratulations! Bloody hell u just keep putting em out there….. n please keep going :) LOL. My husband n I are trying for our 1st but it just doesnt seem to be happening (the Drs told me this but I figure it was worth a good long try. LOL) but hes a ‘Dean’ (a great guy) so I keep :)ing n if it doesnt happen I love my nieces nephews n all the kids around me. My boys (husband n kitty) keep me very busy. LOL. Take care n all my love is sent ur way. T.xxxx

  • Jacqui Jess

    So happy for you and your family. Sad for me cuz with the birth of Hattie was looking forward to a new season of Wedding STories lol. Congratulations

  • Tiffany Tam

    OMG! That is so exciting! You truly do have a baby farm :) Congrats! Are you going to share the sex of the bambino or is that a secret?

  • Sharon Coffini

    Saw this the other day but had not time to say CONGRATS!! and WOW that was super fast! Probably better than wasting time getting back into shape only to get preggers again;-) Happy for you guys!! Question though…you gonna stay in that smaller house still or will we see another move on your show??

  • Beth Saletta

    Congratulations to the McDermott family! You are so truly blessed now another beautiful baby on the way. Maybe you’ll get another boy and then you’ll be even!

  • joanna Durand

    Hi Tori, I’m Joanna, I’m English but have been living in France for years now with my little family. I just wanted to say congratulations to you both, in a world where we hear mostly bad news hearing you were expecting another little sunbeam really made my day!!! Wonderful news for a wonderful family.xxxxxxx

  • Cristina LaRosa

    Oh WOW! How wonderful for you guys. I too have four kiddies and while I certantly feel challenged at times I know how VERY BLESSED I am as is your family.

  • Kim Pensabene

    Congrats to you and your Family!! So exciting!

  • Tara Price


  • Catalina Sandu

    Now that was fast! :) Congrats on the amazing news! I personally hope it’s a boy so the teams will be equal (wink). Love of hugs and kisses to all of you!

  • Janelle Weems

    omg! congrats congrats congrats!!! im having my second and out of breath lol! how do you do it!! =)

  • Shanna Cook

    Congratulations!!!! Wish you all a healthy pregnancy! xoxo

  • Suzanne Johnson

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  • Linz

    Hello McDermotts – Linz from Toronto, Canada here. A big CONGRATS to you all!

  • Rocio Smith

    Congratulations! I am currently trying for my third baby. I have a 20 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I know what a gap I was a very young mom. Enjoy your pregnancy.

  • Ally Straniere

    Congratulations!!!! I am SO happy for you, Dean, Liam, Stella & Hattie! How exciting!!! You are the most amazing parents & role models for families. Thank you for sharing & allowing us to be a part of this special time in your life!!!! Congrats, Tori! More love to go around!!!

  • Christine Cannon

    Congrats to you all! Wow! :)

  • Gina Watkins

    That is so exciting!! Congrats to you and your family! :)

  • Tracey Charles

    Tori, congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your family. I admire your optimistic and uplifting attitude you portray on your web site and t.v. shows. I always look forward to your next “adventure” whether that be with crafting, travelling, animals, kids, house/decorating, etc. I turn 40 years old in May and I DREAM of having the energy you have. :) Once again, congratulations and good luck with everything!

  • Lucy Christie

    I’m so happy for you!!!Congratulations to you and your family!!!!

  • Kalle C

    Congratulations. How exciting to be expecting again. Baby number 4 is luck to be joining such a loving family.

  • Sheila S. Strickland

    Wow, it must be wonderful to have so much energy! Congratulation, I guess you guys need to keep your larger house instead of moving into the smaller one you were planning on recently.

  • Jessica Hargrove

    CONGRATULATIONS TORI & DEAN, I am very happy & thrilled for you and your family <3

  • Kari McCarthy

    Congratulations, how exciting. So happy for you guys

  • Jennifer Fields

    Congrats to your whole family!

  • Olivia123006

    Congrats, I’m soooo happy for you and your family.

  • Alissa Pappas

    I know I have already commented to congratulate you, and I am still so so soooooo very happy for you all, but i forgot to ask, when is this new precious angel due to join your beustiful family? :)

  • Tomine Nyseth

    Congratulations, Tori! I am so happy for you, Dean, Liam, Stella and Hattie to have another baby, because you and Dean must be the best parents in the United States. I love your show, and I don’t go one day without an episeode. Right now in Norway the show Tori and Dean: Inn Love, and I must say; I have seen the season about five times before, but I’m not tired of watching it.
    Love your webside also, by the way.
    (Please don’t look at me as a creepy stalker, I just love your show so much)

    Tomine, Norway. <3

  • Zaheera Hudda

    Congratulations to you, Dean, Liam, Stella and Baby Hattie!!! You make a wonderful family!!!!

  • Nikki Rogalski

    Yay! Congrats to you all! What a blessing. You have a beautiful family, like the McDermott’s Garden of Love (LOL) … and it is exciting to see it blossom and grow with each addition. May God bless you with many happy memories and adventures to come. 😀

  • Lesley

    Congratulations to Tori and Dean. You guys are the best two people this new baby ever asked for and to Jack, Liam, Stella and Baby Hattie Congrats on being big brother’s and sister’s.. <3

  • Jessica M.

    Congrats, Tori! I look up to you so much. I’m so jealous of your big family, I’m still working on mine…my husband and I have two daughters so far. I think it’s amazing that you work so much and still have your wonderful family. I can’t wait to catch up to you, and maybe even surpass your number of children! Congratulations again!


    congrats, stay healthy & rest!

  • Ricki Vang

    Congrats – you are living my dream of having a houseful of babies. We were blessed with our own angel 2 years ago after 7 years of trying and losing many along the way. Love following you darling family and only wished you were on tv every week to get my T&D fix :)

  • Bobbie OBrien

    I’m a Nana with three Grandchildren of my own …and never EVER miss one episode of your show(s)

    Love your family! And with the news of another little McDermott on the way.. I couldn’t be happier for you and Dean.

    Stay healthy….SLOW DOWN… and God Bless !!!

  • Bebe

    Congratulations, you seem like a wonderful, loving family and it’s very exciting that you’re blessed again. Can’t wait to see the name you choose!

  • Malky Lazarnick

    congrats tori and dean on your new little baby to be love ur books and ur show u r an inspiration wish u cld come to Rockland County where i live wld love to meet u one day am such a fan of u and i love ur kids u shld have much joy from ur kids and u shld live in happiness

  • Alison Jones

    Congratulations! Another little one to love! Love to watch your show, can’t wait until the new season starts!

  • Marla Murasko

    Wow what great news! I’m so happy for your family and look forward to another show so we can all welcome baby 4 with you. Stay healthy!

  • terika forbes

    Congrats to you, Tori, & Dean! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family! I have 4 beautiful daughters of my own, so I know the wonderful, magical feeling it is to have a family! I love you all!

  • Kathy Johnson

    So thrilled for all of you! Congratulations!

  • Silje

    Congratulations Tori, Dean, Liam,Stella and Hattie <3

  • Heather LaFrance

    Congratulations to you all! Every baby is such a blessing. I cabn’t wait to hear this baby’s nickname! I love all the others 😉

  • Laura Laengerer

    Mazel Tov, that is exciting news!!! My sister is expecting in late September and I can not wait, it is going to be an exciting year!

  • Jasmine Allgood

    So excited for you! Blessings to you, your pregnancy, and your family with your new little bundle of sugar. Cheers!

  • Heather Smith

    Congratulations!! Another precious baby is wonderful!! Sending you best of luck on this pregnancy and to your family as you prepare for another miracle!!

  • Sandra van Etten

    Wow that’s such great news! Congratulations!!!!

  • Lee Ryder

    I couldn’t think of a more amazing blessing! Your family is so special to you and you and Dean are amazing parents. How special and beautiful this is. Congratulations, what awesome news. Another little angel to hug snuggle and love Liam, Stella, and Hattie are going to be wonderful big brother and sisters! I enjoy following your family and really admire the mom and person you are. You are a stellar role model for women everywhere.

    Lots of love and blessings!


  • Lydia Williams

    Congrats!! Though I only know your parenting abilities through watching your show, I think you guys make awesome parents. There are things you go through that I see and think “omg, her kids act that way too! She handles it that way too! I’m NOT wierd (or a horrible mom) LOL Thank you!! :)

  • jamielee

    Congrats!! I Love, Love, Love watching you guys and your beautiful family. I got pregnant with my third when my middle one was only three months old. They are exactly one year and a day apart. I always said it was like having twins, but one twin can poke/sit on the other twin. They are 3 and 4 now and I’m still waiting for it to get easier, but I wouldn’t change a thing!! I love finding other mommies whose kids are a year (or less) apart!!

  • Elizabeth M

    CONRATS!!!! I know you wanted 4, Tori. God Bless you and your growing family!:) Now just find some time to rest and put your feet up. You are always on the good.

  • Shelby Mcgrath

    All the best, he (oops, just a hunch) will bring you
    tons of joy . I have two children 13 months apart
    and they do everything together. My son is almost
    as big as my daughter people mistake them
    for twins all the time. CONGRATS

  • shirley jean terrell bernestine

    Tori and Dean:

    Oh how our Lord has blessed you two young people with a beautiful family…and

    now a new addition to your blessed family. Please be advised that you both are love that flows from soul to soul.We love you both. May our Lord bless and keep you in his tender care.God has truly blessed the McDernontt family and you both have repaid God…with the love that you both pour out of your hearts for you children,your families and your fans. Be blessed.God will do the rest.

    Dr. S.J. Bernestine M.D.

  • Alison Clemency

    Congratulations for sure! This is awesome news!

  • Dyan Hunt

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and Dean and the kids. Liam, Stella already know what it is like to be a big brother/sister now it is Hatties turn, Yay She will do great just like her big brother and sister.

  • Shannon Gibson

    Congrats!!! We are a family of 6 and love every minute of having a big family. 2 boys and 2 girls = 2 sets of blessings.

  • Rosie Eder

    congrats guys.

  • Krys Harrer

    Congrats! I just found out I’m expecting baby #3. Arent babies just the best blessings!?! I love watching your sweet family continue to grow :-)

  • Jennifer Kidder

    Congrats Tori and Dean. Im having my baby Sept 14th together with my husband its our 5th. You have a Beautiful family. Love watching your show.

  • Pamela Mayer

    Wow! I am behind. I’ve been working so hard and was looking up Hattie’s photos when I saw this! Congratulations Dean & Tori & kids! love

  • Karla Cardell

    So excited for you and your family! I last heard you were having baby #3 and now she is 7 months?! Wow! How exciting to be welcoming another little one. Congratulations!

  • Tia Edwards

    yay ! :) can’t wait. Congratulations :) This is so exciting!

  • Molly Bowman

    Congrats I think that its a blessing, they are a true blessing to have

  • Jewel.lm61

    Tori, I thought you were announcing a new pregnancy….lol. I just realized that this announcement was for Finn!

  • Hilary

    Oh wow! Congrats. We’ll start “trying” for #2 when our daughter turns 2.

  • Hilary

    Oops… I just realized that this was the announcement for Finn.

  • Jan Boyle

    omg!!! Congratulations!! All the best to your lovely family!!

  • Jan Boyle

    Ok I feel silly. DId not realize it was for Finn!!!

  • Mavis Shepherd

    Congratulations !! All the best to the McDermott family .

  • michele rae chancey

    due date?

  • mommadiamond

    hope that is not a 5th, you want Dean and more kids, you can’t even take
    care of the 4 you have, and you expect Dean to do it all. He does a
    great job at Chopped Canada and you cry and moan he is gone, You
    need to join reality girl, you can’t support the 4 you have already, that
    you have to get money from momma again. Face it Tori, you are a
    has been. not 20 anymore, why not move to Canada and let Dean
    make a living for the family.