As many of you know, the family and I have been in Salt Lake City, Utah the last month while I filmed a Christmas movie for ABC Family that will be out this coming December. We had an amazing experience all around. After work was said and done we took a mini ski vacation in Park City. We stayed at the fabulous family and pet friendly St. Regis in Deer Valley. Here’s a picTORIal of our stay…


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Here we are checking in and Liam is all ready to hit the slopes.

Upon checking in we took the Funicular (a glass box with seats that takes you up on a track like a tram- very fun, like a mini ride) to the hotel, which is high atop the mountain.

Hattie on her first Funicular trip. She became an old pro by the end of our stay.

Ski cozy Liam chillin in our room. Our view was slope side- amazing!

Even when playing the role of ski bunny Stella has to be in head to toe pink!


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The St. Regis Bar’s famous Bloody Mary with wasabi foam and black lava sea salt. Amazeballs!

Mitzi chillin at the bar.

Only my kids would want to go to the pool when it’s freezing out… or so I thought. There were actually lots of families at the pool. I put on a brave face and it was actually amazing- they brought us hot chocolates.

Yep, the kids are still at the pool…

Mitzi wasn’t buying that the pool was enjoyable in freezing temps.

Amazing view from St. Regis ski beach, a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking the slopes.


Hattie Cat cozy in bed in front of the fireplace.

Kids ready to hit the slopes.

Liam felt like a rock star in his shark hat that covered his ski helmet.

Me and the kids skiing.

My husband’s profile never gets old for me. Especially with the beautiful snow capped mountains behind him.

Even Hattie braved the ski lodge and seemed to love the cool fresh mountain air.

Liam walking Mitzi outside the hotel.

Liam says the St. Regis Bar has the best cheeseburger ever! Although it’s as big as his face!


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Needed one pic of Hattie and her faux fur hat in the snow!

We thanked everyone at the St. Regis for truly making our stay memorable, and making it feel like a home away from home. We can’t wait to return during the summer, which we hear is even more amazing for families than winter (if that’s even possible!!).

Liam and Stella give the St. Regis two thumbs up as we sadly say goodbye and head home. To see our complete Ski Trip Photo Album, with more exclusive pictures, click here.

What are your family’s favorite winter activities? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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