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Mamas, I want your take on something. Dean and I have been going back and forth on whether or not we should go on a vacation alone- he wants to and I refuse to go on any trips without the kids. I’m wondering, do you always bring the family, or do you ever go on vacations without the kids?

Our conversation made me reflect back to a trip I took to Europe years ago. It seemed like Europeans did everything with their kids and their children were also much more cultured than American children. Unlike American kids, they really engaged in conversations with adults and had no need for game boys, or ipads. In Sardinia I saw two kids playing chess on the beach next to their parents who were reading!

European kids are treated more like little adults: no kids’ menus, no kids’ pools. It makes me wonder, why do we, as Americans, seem to create a separate culture for our kids? Have we made our vacations family-friendly at the cost of being relaxing for the adults?

It seems like Europeans bring their kids everywhere so effortlessly. Is there a way to blend a family vacation while still feeling like you’ve had your adult time?

I’d love to hear your thought on this topic below!

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