If you’re a mama that happens to have a slight addiction to vintage, you know that sometimes you have to bribe the kids to get them to go to the flea market (or vintage shops).


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I usually promise Stella and Liam that they’ll get a toy when we’re out shopping and most of the time that toy is a vintage lunchbox. So far our growing collection includes Care Bears, The Incredible Hulk and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The kids love them and I’m a fan of anything nostalgic and unique.

I shopped around and found some options for you to satisfy your vintage lunchbox craving…

1. ’80’s watermelon pink Barbie lunchbox available on Etsy for $18


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2. Mid century plaid lunchbox and thermos found on Etsy for $26

3. This Care Bears tin lunchbox is $14 on Etsy

4. Pac-Man lunchbox, $26 on Etsy

I also came across this cute idea for a chalkboard top lunchbox:

All you need to do this yourself is chalkboard paint, which you can find at any home supply store. I love that you can write a different note daily- so sweet.

So what do you think of vintage lunchboxes? Too antiquated, or charming and fun? Let me know in the comments below.

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