Valentine’s Day: Creative Kids Crafts

Crafty mamas, you know that store-bought valentines aren’t gonna cut it this year. Here are some creative crafts that are simple, kid-friendly and unique- they’ll make this Valentine’s Day extra sweet!

1.Pencil Hearts

If you don’t want to hand out unhealthy sweets to your kids’ classmates, this is a fun take on a valentine from Disney’s Family Fun. Get creative with the notes as well- these are fun to personalize!

Colored Card Stock
Hole Punch


  1. Make a template for your kids to trace around: cut out a cardboard heart.
  2. Have your child trace the heart onto card stock and cut it out.
  3. Decorate with pens and stickers.
  4. Use the hole punch to make holes on each side of the heart and slide the cool pencil through.


Some other note options: “Pencil me in?” or “Cupid was here.”

2. You’re a Great Catch!


Ziploc Bag
Valentine’s Day Stickers
Goldfish Crackers


  1. Decorate ziploc bags with stickers and sharpie.
  2. Write “You’re a Great Catch (Enter recipients name here)!
  3. Fill with crackers.


3. I Dig You

This is a great option for the really little ones and can be personalized with your kids’ favorite candies or snacks.

Small plastic bag and twist tie
Toy sand shovel
Paint pen or permanent marker


  1. Close a small bag of candy with a twist tie.
  2. With a ribbon, tie it to the handle of a toy sand shovel.
  3. Use a paint pen or permanent marker to write your message at the base of the shovel, just below the candy bag.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day craft ideas to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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  • Allison Waken

    I posted 2 boy Valentines roundups on All for the Boys! Almost all printable/make at home Valentines (hard to do with boys sometimes!) and

  • nora from south

    Pinned this on Pinterest. I love the “great ctach” idea…very cute for preschool and kindergardeners :)

  • Elissa Lerma

    Found this idea on Pinterest and had to do it myself!

  • stacy wilson

    we are totally doing the great catch in dads lunch bag today! and dig it you for the kiddos around, <3 it!!!!

  • Jenny

    I made Peg Doll Valentines for my son’s class! Woody is my fav– Woody be my Valentine?

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg so cute!

  • Lynnee

    These are great ideas! I think they are so doable for classroom valentines. I hope you check out my sister’s blog – she has featured some craft ideas for valentine’s day that blow me away, too

  • Christine Hull

    I made “love notes” for my kids and put one each morning in a little tin mail box.

  • Suzanne Brown

    My son is ALL about mustache’s lately as it seems everyone else is! So he will be passing out Valentines to his friends with a Mustache that says” I mustache you to be mine” and then handing them a heart. His idea believe it or not. He must have seen it some where! Non the less I have been gluing mustaches and hearts all week :)

    I LOVE your ideas think my girls would love the dig you! We did “Bee Mine” last year with pipe cleaner bumble bees on top of pencils I heart Valentines Day with kids so FUN!

  • FavorCakes by Erica

    Great ideas and just in the nick of time to help me make something for both of my daughter’s Valentine’s parties. Thank you for sharing!

  • Marla Bosworth

    Cute! Would love to create a soap project for you next! Check out our Valentine soap project that we did with a class at a local Montessori school.

  • Erin

    super cute ideas thanks for adding them I am going to do the Goldfish Valentine for my sons party.

  • Shannon Tompkins

    I have three little girls and this year we got creative.

    For my daughters preschool, we handed out hand sanitizer in cute little packages with a note that said “Share love not germs” or “Can’t fight the love bug”

    For my daughter in kindergarten, she passed out bubbles in tulle packages with a note that read “You blow me away”

    My oldest daughter is in fifth grade and is not into valentines cards anymore, so her initials are TNT. We wrapped sugar straws in red paper and put a piece of black pipe cleaner at the end to look like dynamite. We wrote TNT on one side, and the other had cute little sayings she made up “You are a blast” “Baby, you’re a firework” “You are dynamite” etc.

    I had so much fun, I didn’t care that I spent all day making valentines after working all night before. We have that in common Tori. I never sleep until the fun is over!!

  • sally jennings

    OMG we have the plaid lunchbox sitting in the garage, i told my husband to bring it in the house!