My family and I got an itch for the desert so this past weekend we packed up the car and headed to Palm Springs to stay at one of our favorite hotels…The Parker. It’s decorated by famed designer Jonathan Adler and is so 60’s mid century modern chic. It makes for a perfect picTORIal…

The famous Palm Springs windmills are always exciting because you know your destination is almost upon you and you can finally answer YES to the zillionth question of “Are we there yet?”

But, before we arrived we made a pit stop at the famous Hadley’s, established in 1931. It’s a dried fruit Mecca and home to the world famous date shake (not to be missed!). I’ve been coming to Hadley’s since I was a little girl. My mom brought me there telling me stories of her trips to Hadley’s as a child. So I was excited to bring Liam and Stella for their 1st date shake. Sorry Hattie! Soon.

Here we are at our weekend destination…The Parker. Stella kicks back with our pup Mitzi (or as the kids call her… Mitzi Mitzi Calamari) while we unload the car.

After we settled into our room for the evening we ordered room service and watched The Goonies on DVD.

Buggy opted to play some games on my iPad.

The next am we hit The Parker’s famed breakfast spot, Norma’s, where the pancakes and waffles are never simple or small and always delicious. They give dehydrated and sugared orange slices with each meal. Love little touches!

Liam made up his own concoction and the kitchen was happy to oblige. A chocolate waffle with peanut butter and drizzled with chocolate. Yum! Wonder if they’ll add The Monkey to the menu?

We then chose to run not walk to their family pool.


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I loved lounging with my Arnold Palmer and reading some cookbooks by the pool.

Liam gives sunning Dad a kiss!

We set up an umbrella to get some shade for the kids.

Daddy enjoying the day with Hattie Cat.

Hattie deep in thought pondering what kaftan she will wear poolside when she visits The Parker next.

The pool’s Slinky Dog. It literally fed our whole family and then entertained the kids for hours. Personally, I think it looks a little obscene.

Stella in pool toy heaven.

I am a big fan of The Parker’s decor. In case you aren’t familiar, here are some shots of it…

Here’s Mitzi lounging inside the ballroom at The Parker.

Had to add this one… Reminds me of the movie The Shining sans the creepy twin girls at the end of the hallway. It’s one of my favorite horror films!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2, with more exclusive family photos!

Have you escaped on a weekend getaway recently? Upload photos to your profile and share the link to the album in the comments below!

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