LilSugar’s Valentine’s Day Cake Pops For Your Lil Sweetheart

We’re excited to bring you another great article from LilSugar, a fantastic source for mamas who want advice and news about everything from packing healthy lunches to mastering the art of stroller chic. This week, we’re featuring their Best Cake Pops for Your Lil Sweetheart.

Get your Valentine’s Day sugar fix with any one of these picture-perfect cake pops. Whether you’re hosting a crowd or just want to surprise the kiddos with a special valentine, we’ve gathered the ultimate indulgent inspiration for Feb. 14.

Conversational Cubs

Your lil loves will be sure to smile when they see these sweet teddy bears!

Sweet Eats

Turn your cake pops into a giftable treat by arranging them in minicupcake liners on a glass or lucite dish.

A Decadent Display

You’ll be the hostess with the mostest when you create a (relatively easy) tiered display to show off your cake creations.

Easy Does It

Since sometimes less is more, simple white cake pops dipped in heart-shaped sprinkles are a time-efficient yet festive option.


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Cute Cakes

Turn your cake pops into cupcake pops for an extra dimension of fun. Bonus points for double dipping the top and bottom to look like the real thing.

Pretty in Pink

What lil one wouldn’t love to receive this sweet pail of goodies as her valentine?

A Bountiful Bouquet

For homemade pops, minus the mess in the kitchen, turn to Etsy seller Boogaboo. For $35, she’ll send you a dozen cake pops just like the ones shown here – or for a bigger bunch, you can set up a custom listing and select from flavors like caramel, lemon, red velvet, and more. Yum!

To Your Heart’s Content

Mold your cake pops into sweet hearts, then drizzle them with chocolate and sprinkle with sugar.

Glittery & Glam

For an elegant adult affair, pink and cream champagne cake pops say Valentine’s Day – but in a subtle way. A dusting of edible gold glitter makes them magical.

Here’s an easy recipe for cake pops. Are you going to whip some up today?

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  • Art Good

    Am I missing something? Is there a recipe somewhere you’d recommend to make cake pops? My son is wanting to take cake pops to school for his birthday in March, and I can’t find a place around us that makes them. Help?

  • Lisa Gerardo

    if you want to make yourself stores like bed bath and beyond or kohls sell the cake pop or aka baby cake machines, or even on amazon. or for fun check your local michaels for a cake class , they teach a great class, i just started and its so fun. recipes can be found on line. i did notice a link in the story to a seller on etsy that will ship an order to you….. good luck

  • Amy Bishop Cole

    The original way to make cake pops and how it was originally started is by baking a cake and then literally mashing it and adding frosting to it to make it pliable. The easiest way to do this is to take pieces of a cake you baked (box is fine and super easy) put it in a stand mixer, then add frosting and mix until a “doughy” consistency. Then you can make balls out of the dough, pop a candy stick in it and freeze for a few hours. Take candy chocolate melts, melt them and then dip the pops into the melt, tap and swirl then place in a piece styrofoam, and decorate with sprinkles (asap before it cools) and let cool. Super easy and fun!

  • kim kooienga

    I bought the cake ball pan as seen on tv, for 20.00 at walgreens, the only problem i had was trying to get them to stand up in styrofoam, they kept fallen all the way through, any ideas how to get them to stand?

  • Brandy Heulitt

    Kim I usually take the candy stick and dip the tip in candy melts and place them half way through the cake ball and lay them on their side and let it dry, or you can pop them in the refrigerater to help cool the candy melt faster. Then dip them in icing or melted candy melts and they stick won’t come through the pop when you stand it to dry. Hope that helps a bit!

  • True Treats Pet Bakery Bakery

    Just adorable! I made cake pops for dogs in my bakery using a non-sweetened Yogurt Royal Icing.

  • Bunny Morton

    Yup Yup! Super fun! I had an oder for those today.. stayed up until 3am 180 later.. I am just now getting out of bed!smiley-tongue-out.gif

  • Monique Leslie

    Love these. I want to try out the new cake pop pan I have been seeing. I want to do cake pops for my daughters birthday in march.

  • Jeanne Tutt

    so coool! Monique you can get the cake pop pan at most places that have as seen on tv products. I just saw one this morning at Walgreens.