Liam’s World: Harsh Realizations

Last weekend Liam had some observations about my footwear:

“Mama what the heck are you wearing on your feet? Those are tennis shoes. I’ve never seen you wear those. You only wear regular shoes.”

He’s correct. The harsh realization that my 4-year-old is inadvertently pointing out that I haven’t worked out in years. Oh well, ya gotta start someplace.

How do you busy mamas squeeze workouts into your crazy schedules?

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  • Cecilia Hernandez

    Funny not too long a go me and my sis Joined a gym.

    so since we work few min away from it we go before we start work for about an hour. and then to work,

    i found instead of working out in the middle of the day or after work when i have my son it was better for me to leave my son sleeping where we both arent missing much of eachother, then after hours are all ours.!!!!!

  • Christine Bouchard

    Ah my favorite question. I multi-task my workouts in through out the day. When I can actually get up in the morning I run before work and the kid get up. Otherwise I use my lunch break at work to get in a 2.5 mile brisk walk, I put Just Dance on the Wii a few nights a week so that I can get a work out in and my kid (3 1/2) can dance to the music, I use bath time to sit out side the door and do sit ups-this is the best because I can talk to my little man, see whta he is doing and get a work out in. On the weekends we get out as much as possible to play soccer in the park or ride bikes. We have recently started getting out after dinner on a nice night so my son can ride his bike while I jog next to him. would I love to get into the gym for an hour a day like some of my co-workers without babies, sure but for now I am a multi-tasking momma who gets in a few minutes whenever she can.

  • Amy Dowell

    I don’t have the time or desire to go to a gym so I do my work outs at home during nap time or in the evening after the kids go to sleep. I’m not a morning person, so 6am sessions are out of the question. On the weekends, I can get out and run while my hubs plays with the kids.

    It’s difficult to fit in a workout with a busy schedule but the alternative (not working out at all) isn’t very appealing.

  • beth pearson

    I get up st 5am to get my husbands lunch and breakfast ready. He leaves st 5:45. My kids don’t get up until 6:45 so I do my workout then. We live on a small farm so doing farm chores and horseback riding most evenings give me s few extra mini workouts through the day.

  • Sandi U

    I joined the Y. They have child care- which is actually pretty cool for the little ones. They get a chance to socialize and play games and climb on a rock wall with a sliding board while I take an aerobics class or swim or use the eliptical. There are glass walls all around so my little one and I can see eachother at all times. I limit my workouts to about 30-45 minutes a day, and try to take Mommy and Me dance/swimming classes with her whenever they’re offered. It’s SUPER tricky finding time to work out as a working mom. I can TOTALLY understand.

  • Dawn Price

    I actually just allow extra time for my errand time. That way if I go to the mall or somwhere I might make an extra lap around. Also, when you go the grocery store make an effort to go down every isle even if you don’t need anything in that particular isle.

  • Charlotte Savage

    Do you have a Bar Method nearby?? I started it in August here in Dallas when the kids went back to school. It’s so wonderful and low impact. Plus, no shoes, just socks ;)
    So worth trying a class!

  • Margueritte Kim

    I have a four year old and 21 month old identical twins (all boys!) and I struggled to find time to work out. I started going to barre3 classes in the evenings after my husband got home or in the wee hours before the wild animals arose. I was THRILLED when they introduced http://www.mybarre3.com this month! Super effective workouts with amazing instructors (Sadie Lincoln, the founder of barre3 has been flown out to work with the likes of Madonna) and there are different lengths of work outs to fit all the weird time slots I have throughout the day. Sometimes I have 20 minutes, sometimes I have a WHOLE 60. ;) Staying in shape after kids is such a battle but I’m grateful that other moms out there are creating methods for us to do so even with our crazy lives.

    PS – I cried like a baby while watching the most recent episode of T & D!

  • Kiara Ramirez

    we go to they Y as a family

  • Venus Wallis

    You have a FABULOUS pair of running shoes! I lost all my baby weight and then some after I fell in love with… running! My goal was to do a half marathon, while training for that I fell inlove with the high I get, from doing the run. The kids (two girls) love seeing me get me my running gear. My 4.5yo even wants to go with me sometimes(who is total girlie, girl). And the 2.5 yo is my cheerleader… “go faster, mama”.

    I will meet you for a FUN destination half! :o) XOXO

  • Elissa Lerma

    I am struggling with this exact same thing. Trying to find time to workout. I am using my Mom as an inspiration. She has been an exercise lover since I can remember. She has gone through all the phases. Jane Fonda, Reebok Step, Tae-Bo, and now even Zumba. There was a rule in our house. From the moment my Mom came home from work the TV and living room were hers for 1 hour. She got her workout on, then made us dinner. She has always been so dedicated to exercise. Now she has her own work out room in her house and I know not to call her betwen 5:30-6:30 because she is on her spin bike.

  • Katy Collins

    I FORCE myself to go after work…and make time early in the mornings on the weekends! Once I have that out of the way I have the whole day to do what I want and feel amazing because I already have my workout in!

  • Diana Barletta

    That happens often jajjajaj is better early in the morning ,,,,,

  • Leah Camp

    I jump on the treadmill first thing in the morning, I’m done and in the shower before the kids get up. I don’t like it, but I force myself to do it, then I’m done. I watch my DVR shows while jogging my daily 3 miles, one of the shows is Tori & Dean. Later in the day I lift weights while making dinner, odd I know, but it works.

  • K-Lee Kelly

    I Workout At Home to P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity, and many other awesome videos!!! If you or anyone else is interested please let me know, I can definitely and would love love love to share with you this amazing fitness world! I get up a little earlier to workout, or sometimes my boy will even workout with me!

  • ChristaB.

    My baby boy is almost 11 months and I’m still a little over 20 lbs over my pre-preg weight. We JUST bought a treadmill and hopefully that will help. I used to be quite the runner before I got pregnant. I’m SO ready to get out of these double digit sizes! :/

  • Lauren Grandinetti

    I love my wii fit, I’m a night owl so I do it after everyone goes to sleep, havent been able to do it lately but I’m trying to get back into it

  • Kimmy S

    hahaha this is so funny! love this! i always do it before work…

  • Stace

    It’s ok Tori, last week my five year old son told me, “mommy, your belly is getting big.” And no I’m not expecting…just getting fat I suppose! That was my harsh realization. Just find time to workout whenever you can, take the kids for a walk or something. Movement=Exercise. Vigerous cleaning is exercise in my book, and it’s productive!

  • jamie rhoads

    I work out in the morning, right after my one and only cup of coffee. I like to get it done early, that way, I feel awesome the rest o the day. I work out at home and my little one does her thing. Usually, she jumps in and does stretches with me at the end.

  • Janet Franklin

    Hi Tori, working out is always so hard to do for yourself but once you start doing it, it just makes you feel so much better. After I take my 4 year old to preschool in the morning at 9:15, I have until 12:15 to be productive. Besides running errands, cleaning, washing and trying to run my home based gift basket business, I make myself get on the treadmill for 30 mins. Then after dinner and my 4 year old goes to bed, I workout to Jillian Michaels for 30 mins. doing her Ripped tape. It feels great and my goal is to get ready for the swim season!! Once you start and see the smallest results, you are into it and look forward to all the changes you can do to yourself!! It’s very satisfying!! I do this by myself everyday, so it’s a shame you don’t live closer and we could workout together…it would be a blast!! Good Luck!

  • Heather Coville

    I like to turn on music and have a dance off with my 3 year old. Or turning on music when cleaning etc…Gets the booty shakin.

  • Stacie

    I have just started hoola hooping, I am getting the hang of it by watching videos from hoopnotica.com. My two daugthters do it with me…we crank up the music and have fun.

  • Suzanne Brown

    peaceful, dark, quiet, early mornings… I run. I have run many 5k’s, a half marathon and a full marathon training for these races with young children is a commitment. It takes time and dedication but I always say you make “time” for the things that are important there is always time for what you make time for ;) It’s all about living a healthy, fit life mentally and physically exercise does wonders for your body, mind and soul!

  • Karen Dawson

    First thing in the morning or it won’t get done…life takes over. AND if I do get too busy…I just pick it up again. I try and make it fun…like my “get away”…so to me that means adding music to my work out is a must! I love working out if I have my music…if not I do not enjoy it much at all. :)

    Can’t wait to hear how your work out goes! :)

  • Hilary Mouat

    Mowing lawns or just gardening eg weeding and getting up and down, helps a lot. Sometimes you can even get a sweat on! But honestly just going for walks with the family, or you and Dean getting out for works are great!!! Oh and might I add Zumba is fun to do too, because the family can join in if you get the at home ones!!!!

  • Kristie W

    In Jan of 2009 I started a FB group called Hey Fatty Mc Snickerdoodle, whatcha got there? I logged on daily and posted what I ate and how I worked out…I lost 111lbs in 8 months…this year I decided to walk/run or bike 1000 miles by years end…I started Jan 2 and the FB group is called ONE THOUSAND MILES GET TO STEPPIN…I log on what I do during the day…my goal is 30 miles a week…I have done about 160 miles since Jan 2…it is good to put your “resolution” out there for the public to see this way you are kind of held accountable..anyone can log on to the group, like the page and log your mileage…any day is a good day to startsmiley-cool.gif

  • Junebug Ash

    I started doing strollercize with a small group of women. It helps we are there with our kids. One of the women and I are now training for a 5K. Having a group and/or someone to meet up with four days out of the week is actually easier for me than trying to find time at home to hop on the treadmill. My daughter loves the change of scenery and the play time which usually follows our workouts. It is a win/win for us.

  • sara smolen

    do pilates 20 mins per day, detox and eat organic, then you won’t have to exercise as much.

  • Katie Neumann

    The local gym has childcare! I’ve lost weight through tracking my calories on My Fitness Pal app, exercising – zumba, bellyfit and more cardio and cutting out (well, maybe down) the Starbucks and treats!

  • Destiny West

    I run an in home preschool so while the kids are napping I use the tremill and bike that are crammed in the cornor wishing that I used them every day lord knows I need to. Last night I decided to add yoga to my curriculum now I am just waiting on all the supplies that I orderd hurry up UPS…

  • Cia Mansfield

    My last one home (16 y/o) gets on the bus in the morning and I’m right behind him…meeting 2 neighbors for our morning 3 mile walk. It’s lovely and peaceful and we get into some weirdly strange conversations! It gets the heart and brain going!!

  • Kristin

    First thing in the morning after dropping my son off. I say this, however I don’t make it that much these days!!!

  • Jennifer

    I usually wait until my 2-year old goes down for a nap before I can workout (run on the treadmill). When she’s awake, I can do my Moms into Fitness workout dvds — and sometimes, Clara will work out with me!

  • Lauren Hutchinson

    I go to a Mommy Madness Fitness Class….it is exactly what it sounds like…but a great work out :)

  • Amanda Barger

    I just started Zumba and it’s held at a dance studio right after the kids’ dance class, so… all the kids are there and sometimes they join us and other times they sit in the lobby and do homework or play and dance in an adjoining room. You almost always have to find somewhere where the kids are able to hang out and be somewhat occupied. Because of where/when it is, I’ve been able to stay commited to it and I love it!

  • Holly Caroll

    Chasing my one year old active son around helps me burn all my calories !

  • Christine Cannon

    I work out on an elliptical at home while watching your show when it’s on! Can’t wait for the next season, your hour long show helps encourage me to stay on that much longer to finish the show.

  • alisab

    I have a 3 month old at home. Any advice on how to get the body back in shape in between naptimes, breastfeeding, playing w/ baby, and oh yeah – eating!?

  • Teris Butler

    I need motivation— that or a personal trainer and chef! lol

  • Jeanne Tutt

    wow! very observant kid!

  • Tina Isakson

    I have 5 young kids and a husband who travels frequently. Running keeps the crazy away. It is a few moments of sanity/quiet in an otherwise crazy life. I don’t always want to do it, sometimes its hard, sometimes I don’t enjoy it, but I never regret taking the time or making the effort. Try it….you’ll be hooked!

  • Lemon Meringue

    Because we only have one car, which my husband always takes to go to his job, I have to cycle to go to work, do the schoolrun, bringing my 3 kids to playdates or sportingclubs, picking them up again and doing groceries, etc. Mind you, it is -15 degrees Celcius right now (I believe that makes 5 Fahrenheit?). All that cycling gives me a basic stamina. And when my youngest started school in september I joined a local club who teaches kickboxing to mums in my neighbourhood. You would not believe what that workout (called Kick & Fun) 3 times a week does to you: I have rocksolid abs (didn’t know I had them for 38 years!), a nice perky bum, no more bingo wings, and so on! Sometimes it’s quite a challenge with all my family’s busy schedules to attend the lessons, but I rarely miss one: I just MAKE it squeeze in, sometimes even take my brood with me. We watch our kids together during the lessons. So, all you Mummy Balboa’s: UNITE!

  • Alison Clemency

    I am actually starting in a week. I am using this week to prepare a scheduled routine so that I can imbed it into my head as hope for some motivation..LOL! Anyway, I pretty much have to squeeze a work out in early in the morning. I hate the idea because I LOVE sleep too much, but it is the only time during day light hours that I can get out and leave the kids with someone. So that is where I will be fitting it in. However, I was able to get my daughter into the children’s yoga on OnDemand so she and I will also be doing that after I take my son to the bus stop. So that is how I am going to fit it in.

  • Barbara Adams

    I have two hyper dogs that i take on walks a few times a day..plus i do yoga and pilates..my delightful children remind me that i’m old and need to work out…

  • Lonestarcasie

    One time we were on our way out the door to church when my 5-year old daughter said, “Mom, we are all wearing pretty shoes. You can’t wear those.”

  • Laura H

    We recently bought a treadmill. I have 30 minutes that I dedicate to myself while I endulge in my bad soap opera habit! I counter act that habit by using the treadmill for that 30 minutes and trying to beat my time each day! It works and I don’t feel so bad…darn soap!

  • Janice Sauter

    Running is very cheap therapy!

    I am a teacher, and I fit in at least a 20 minute run each day at noon hour.

  • GabiGirl

    I do a boot camp with some friends in a friends garage 4 days a week. We all just completed the Iron Girl in Clearwater. 3 of us did the 5K walk/run and 3 did the half marathon. I love to workout with my friends, it makes it go by faster AND the support system is great!