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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to give away two Snake Chain Necklaces from my HSN collection. I had a great time reading through all of your heartfelt and hilarious Valentine’s Day stories. Here’s what our two lucky winners had to say about their best and worst Valentine’s Days:

M Claw
– I was never a big V-day girl, but the best Valentine’s Day turned out to be during my last year of college. I had been on one date with this guy who I knew was special. He played college basketball so the next day, he left for a couple days of away games only to return on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t get in touch (this was in the 90’s..no cell phones for us) while he was gone but I was thinking a lot about him. That night, I went to a intramurial basketball game with my roommates and turns out, he was coaching the team! Afterwards, I walked onto the court to flirt. He throws me the ball and says, “make this shot and I’ll take you out tonight” (he was so cocky). So, I throw it from the 3-point line and sink it FULL NET!!!

We went out and had a great night and never looked back. 15 years and 5 kids and one basketball hoop later, we’re still in love!!!

Morgan Peters– Ooooooh, this topic triggers a trip down memory lane. I suppose you could say I got my worst Valentines Day outta the way when I was in middle school. Let’s FACE it (pun intended) I had REALLY bad acne as a young gal going thru puberty. My brother used to call me Pizza Face and I had a healthy fear of putting on a tank or swimsuit due to my backne. One rare day confidence overcame my young soul and I asked out a cute, popular boy (admittedly, “out of my league”) who actually said yes! We were together for 6 days until I opened my Valentines Day present from my “boyfriend” and it was a variety of acne products- noxema, oxy pads, clean & clear!! OMG! I was devestated. Obviously our 6th grade relationship was a joke! WORST VALENTINES DAY EVER. (Update: 15 years later my skin is healthy and beautiful and I have a wonderful man in my life vs. the 6th grade boyfriend who is currently my hometown bar fighting champion)

Congratulations M Claw and Morgan! I can’t wait to see pictures of you rocking your new necklace!

And, I enjoyed all of your stories so much that I thought I’d share some of my other favorites:

The Good:

Brooke Brittell – The best valentines day I ever had was during the 2007 V-day Blizzard. To tell the truth I am not one for winter but I live in VT and winter is just a part of life. Well on this particular V-day we ended up getting 7 feet of snow when all was said and done. The plans I had originally were to get dressed up and go out to eat with all of my “single” friends at our local pub (just imagine 34 of us taking over the joint looking our best) and this pub was small, but the blizzard cancelled all of that.

So, instead since it was a college town and most of us lived near each other we decided to get decked out in our winter gear; pack a few backpacks full of wine, champagne, and beer, plus munchies; we grabbed our shovels and brooms and set off on the 1/2 mile trek to our friends house to have our gathering of “single” gals and boys. We had so much fun digging our way out of our places making snow forts all the while drinking and munching on good food! It was truely a fabulous V-day with amazing friends celebrating how much we loved each other.

Ashley Forestieri– As a young girl, my Mother always tried to make smaller holidays special. It would not seem like much at the time, but red velvet cupcakes with sprinkles wrapped in the little heart papers, special plates and napkins bought just for the occasion, a small box of chocolate or a small little gift, it’s the small things that your heart misses the most when you realize they are not there. The best and the worst Valentine’s Day would perhaps be wrapped into one year. I was away from home at college, these little gifts of love from my Mom and Dad, and was newly single from a guy I really liked. I watched the flowers pour into the college dorm and girls all dressed to go out on their dates, missing what was while trying to feel lucky to be going to a date party with a friend. No expectations, just fun meeting new people, right? As I held my card from my sweet parents, I headed out with these new friends missing wondering where I was headed. Little did I know that the man I would marry had spotted a girl in a red dress in the crowd. Without a word, the evening went on as planned, but the stage was set and a few days later, I heard of this guy at the party whom had mentioned me and our story began in the months that followed. The early days were filled with flowers, gifts, fun, and manners, the stuff Valentine’s Day is made of, only it was just a Thursday in the fall. I was given his best, manners of a gentleman, and he became my best friend. Many years later, I realize that some gifts are not recognized in the moment, but rather come with time. Life happens, it’s ups and downs, the simple things, like special plates and napkins, the effort shown to show someone you care, is what matters. This year our young, daughter has a special surprise date with this mystery man from the party. They will go out to dinner for the night, while I spend time with our three gentlemen-in-training for a special dinner of our own. It seems, not matter what the day, it may be a good one after all.

Kelly Canseco– One Valentines day before my husband and I had kids (and Valentines day was a little more romantic for us) I had a high stress job and had to work late. We had planned on going out to dinner but obviously had missed our reservation because of my job. When I pulled into the driveway the houselooked dark. When I walked in, my husband had turned our dining room into the most romantic room I could imagine. There were candles lit everywhere & rose petals thrown all over. He also had prepared a very impressive dinner complete with dessert. We ate by candle light with “our songs” playing in the background. It was so romantic and made me fall in love with my husband all over again. A Valentines day i will never forget!

Katy Collins– I have to say my best one EVER was when I was 7 months pregnant with my first son. My husband ( at the time bf) took us to the beach because he was coaching a basketball tournament. He and I ate dinner at this little beach side restaurant…I think burgers and fries? He asked if I wanted to go take a walk on the beach..I was responded with “uhhhhh not really..” haha remember..I was 7 months preggers…it was freezing and it was like 8 at night! I saw the look on his face and I quickly changed my mind. He grabbed my hand and we headed down to the water. He told me that since tomorrow was Valentines day..and because of the tournament he was going to give me my Valentine now. He pulled out his cell phone..and a piece of paper. He began to read a poem about us, by the light of his phone. It was the most romantic thing I had ever heard. He ended the poem with..” I thought I would end this with something clever..I want to be with you, now and forever..” He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After I regained my ability to speak..I said “YES!” We were married that following that Oct! =) Have to say..best Valentines EVER!

Shannon Merchant– One of my best Valentine’s memories is from my son Noah. My little man! He was only about 3 years old, and was learning how to count. He was going to preschool and he made a card for me for Valentine’s Day. It said “I love you 10!” because that was as high as he could count. From that day on he would always say “I love you” followed by the highest number he knew! He’s now 5, and it has changed to “I love you 100!”

The Bad:

Marci Day– My first valentines day with my husband (then boyfriend) he said he couldn’t decide whether to get me chocolate or flowers, so he got me a chocolate rose. That’s. it. He’s gotten to be a MUCH better gift giver since then.

Char– My worst Valentine’s memory was when I was 16. I made the guy I was dating a memory box filled with all of his favorite candy and things we did together. He bought me a fabric heart shaped box that should have been filled with chocolates, however, he replaced the chocolates with rocks! Needless to say we didnt date much longer after that…hahaha.

nora from south– My worst Valentine’s Day present was from my hubby a few years back. At that time we had been married for about 3 years, and he was just learning how to be the world’s best husband, lol! Before Valentine’s Day he was really secretive and was dropping hints on what a huge surprise he is working on, that I had never even thought about getting a gift like that, that it is all custom made, and on and on, and on… I was all giddy inside when Valentine ‘s Day finally arrived. I was hoping to get cute diamond studs, or necklace, or charm bracelet, but I was feeling deep disappointment when my hubby gave me a big box. Please, not a waffle maker, I thought. I opened the box, and there was this silver briefcase looking thing. I was pretty sure I was not getting my diamond studs that year :(. When I opened the briefcase I knew that was my worst Valentine’s Day present, ok, worst present EVER. My husband had ordered custom made casino quality clay poker chips!!! WHAT A HECK! His reasoning behind the gift: I had enjoyed playing poker with his parents so much that he was hoping it would become my new thing.

From Me– My worst Valentine’s Day has to be when I was eighteen. I had been dating “Ben” for five weeks and was estatic to have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day; he was my first Valentine, and so I went all out…reservations at a nice rstuarant, four different cards, candy….I dressed up and couldn’t wait for Ben to show up.

When he finally showed up (forty minutes late), he wasn’t even dressed up. (Did I mention I had bought a new dress and shoes for the occasion? Had my hair done?) But then all was forgiven! I saw a square package tucked under his arm. It was beautifully wrapped (by his sister I found out later) and my heart began to pound!

‘Whatcould it be?’ I wondered excitedly. So he was dressed like a slob and didn’t bother to get me a card. Who cared that he had been so late we lost our reservation…he chose a gift FOR ME!

Then he sat down and told me I could open it…I took off the paper and ribbon tenderly, as I wanted to remember this day forever! Then it was open and I saw the ‘gift.’ HIS parent’s bathroom scale! I was flabbergasted! What kind of gift is that to show love? I was mortified.

Needless to say, we broke up that night! Great Valentine’s Day, right? I can laugh about it now, but what a horrible first Valentine’s Day…EVER!

Alyssa Maldonado– My worst Valentine’s day was also my best. I was 20 and I had been going out with my then boyfriend for 2 years. Everything was going great until on Valentine’s day he broke up with. I was heart broken. I was so depressed and in the worst possible mood. When I got home from being dumped, in my room, I found a box of Godiva chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. By the chocolates and flowers, there was a card from my dad. It said that he was proud to have me as his Valentine and that I would always be his little girl. This gesture from my dad made everything seem not that important! To this day my dad is always my favorite and my very first Valentine 🙂

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