Announcing the Tori & Dean: HSH Scavenger Hunt Winner!

I was so impressed by the response to our Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Season Finale Scavenger Hunt! You guys really nailed it and we are so thankful for your support of the show!

I wish we could chat with each one of you, but we had to choose one winner at random and the lucky winner is…. JENNY DIXON!

Jenny, we can’t wait to FaceTime or Skype with you soon!

Here are the correct answers to the Scavenger Hunt clues:

  1. What did I title Simone’s baby shower? Simply Simone
  2. Where is Dean originally from? Toronto
  3. Who did I decide to dedicate my newest book, CelebraTORI to? My mom, Candy Spelling
  4. What was the title of the Funny Or Die video spoof I created? “Hoarders: Untold sTORI”
  5. What new hobby did Dean pick up this season? culinary school/cooking
  6. Which accessory of mine was a big hit at the GLAAD Awards? Coco the chicken
  7. What item of my Dad’s did my mom give me as a gift? Typewriter
  8. Who came up with the name Hattie? Dean and I looked up old fashioned girl names
  9. Why was Liam crying when they first went to look at the Malibu house? He didn’t want to share a room with Stella
  10. Name three celeb moms that were at Tori’s baby shower? Possible Answers: Ali Sweeney, Ali Landry, Brooke Burke, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Denise Richards
  11. What was Stella playing with at the tea party every time I mentioned the baby or moving? Sugar
  12. Name two things the psychic told Mehran in NY about the baby? It would come early AND it would be a boy.
  13. What did Liam spell on Tori’s belly during the final baby bump photo? Tori
  14. Why did Liam and Stella wear masks at the hospital? They were sick/ had runny noses
  15. What does Tori promise Liam in the very last scene before they walk in the house? A brother…


Thanks to all for entering and if you have any questions you think Jenny should ask us in her chat, leave them in the comments below.

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  • Suzanne Brown

    CONGRATS Jenny!!!

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  • Darren Martin

    That’s awesome, Jenny! Congratulations! :)

  • Jenny

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I cannot believe it! So excited, thank you!!!

  • Kaci Harvey

    Congratulations!!!! You are so lucky!!!! Enjoy your chat!!! smiley-cool.gif

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  • stacy wilson

    awesome jenny, enjoy your chat :)

  • Jamie Moore

    lucky jenny!!!!!

  • Andrea Amsalem

    Congratulations Jenny!

  • Gracie Day

    Congrads Jenny !!!!! How awsome for you smiley-cool.gif

  • Lemon Meringue

    Go Jenny, good for you girl!!!!!!!!

    Ask them to start an online, interactive cooking/bakingcommunity! I love their family-orientated, down-to-earth and positive approach of life and combined with Tori’s sense of (vintage yay!) style and Dean’s professional culinary skills, it must become a megahit!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    wow! congrats Jenny!

  • Lesley

    Congrats Jenny!!! How lucky you are!! Enjoy your chat smiley-laughing.gif

  • Jackie Holsten

    Congrats Jenny! Lucky you. Enjoy your chat.

  • Tanya Capeci

    Jenny Congratulations!! I knew all the answers but a few-then realized I had to watch the last episode to get the rest of the answers! UGH you deserve it! Wow I would LOVE to win a chat with their wonderful family, they are so down to earth! Please tell them Tanya and Greta say hello for us!! (please) Thanks :)

  • Carrie Nugent

    YAY Jenny! You lucky Duck! Have a great time!