Tonight’s the big night- the season finale of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood!” Tonight’s episode is all about the moment that changed all four of our lives forever: the arrival of Baby Hattie!

As we all get ready for Hattie’s birth there is a lot of speculation about whether we’ll be welcoming a little sister or brother.

Mehran and I even test out an old wives’ tale that’s supposed to predict the baby’s sex…

And the guessing game continues as my friends and gays gather to dine, drink, and craft at my baby shower where Michael’s (the craft Mecca) set up amazing crafting stations!

All of the gifts from the shower were donated to mamas in need and it was really special to visit baby2baby, the charity we donated to.

Right before Hattie’s arrival I make a point to spend quality time with Liam and Stella, as they get ready for a new sibling. I worry about Stella having a hard time being the middle child.

Tune in tonight to see exclusive, yet tasteful, footage from Dean’s iPhone video of Hattie’s birth (not to be missed!) and witness our shock firsthand as we are told for the first time “it’s a girl!” Plus the tearjerker of it all… see Liam and Stella meet their baby sister for the very first time! It’s all tonight on the season finale of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” at 10pm/9c on Oxygen! And Dean and I will be chatting LIVE on Oxygen at 9:30 ET tonight!

Here’s are some ediTORIal exclusive clips I love that didn’t make it into the season finale tonight:

Stay tuned later today for the season finale contest and your chance to win a Skype or FaceTime chat with me and my family!

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