Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Episode 7 Is Tonight

Tonight’s brand new episode of HSH gets a little spooky as I plan a sance party for my 38th birthday!

Tune in to see the surprising info my medium gives me…

Plus some matchmaking fun, as I enlist the hilarious Patti Stanger to help me find a love match for Mehran.

Shopping for my gays was a dream come true!

Of course, we couldn’t let Mehran have all the fun, so Sally and I decided to spy on his date so we could serve up our two cents…

Also in this episode, I throw Sally her surprise baby shower! She’s not a big fan of surprises, so I was so nervous to see how she would receive her soirée.

See it all tonight on “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” on Oxygen at 10pm/9c.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my recap of the episode, so stay tuned for that!

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  • doreen porzio

    Looks like a Real great one!!…. Just in the middle of cleaning out a dresser…. Checked in & there u were!! Can’t wait for the Medium,I Love all of that!! This is going to be funny with Patti Stanger & you trying to get a Love connection for Mehran! Then u go & spy on him with Sally!! This is too Hilarious!!….. I hope it worked for Mehran, he is such a sweet guy!! Gotta love em!! Love my Gays too, Tori! I was a hairdresser, so I had my share of friends that were Gay!! So Much Fun!! Then you give Sally a surprise Baby shower! Wow tonight is filled with all Surprises!!…… Ooops we can’t forget Bill Horn & his Marque Communications Business! He shows off one of his Baby items, I believe! Sounds Like a Real Winner of an episode!! Can Hardly wait to Watch!! Woo Hoo!!! Xoxoxosmiley-wink.gif

  • Amy Read

    I can’t wait to see tonights episode looks like another funny one. Patti S. scares me with how out spoken she is on her show so i can’t wait to see how she is with Mehran & the lucky guys that get to meet him :)

  • nora from south

    OMG, I did not see this episode. I thought I was missing something the other night!