Stella’s Hello Kitty Dessert Table

Yesterday we got a glimpse at Stella’s Hello Kitty dessert table in my “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” episode 8 recap post, but I also wanted to share some extra images of the sweet set-up done by my friend Jenny Cookies.

I love the way this turned out- feminine and chic, but still youthful enough for a three-year-old’s celebration.

Every detail here was adorable, from the Hello Kitty cake pops, to the petite macaroons and cake-topper bow. The birthday girl was also excited about her spread for those few moments that she took her eyes off her boyfriend Malloy.

Next up: Stella and Malloy’s wedding cake?!

What do you think of Stella’s dessert table? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. To see more images check out my album here!

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  • Christine Bouchard

    I loved the dessert table but I have one HUGE question….how of that cake was left over and what do you possibly do with that much cake?

  • Jenny

    What a fabulous dessert table! I am a huge fan of Jenny’s Cookies. The pink bow details are darling. Her work is amazing! Loved seeing the episode last night. Looks like Stella really enjoyed her party!

  • victoria silva

    Tori… This is beyond adorable…and don’t you know…Stella felt so special!

    Love and kids parties

    Victoria Silva

  • Gina Traversi

    I’m still a Hello Kitty fan! LOVE those pops! Everything looked beautiful, great job!

  • Paula Giles

    It is amazing! Everything was beautiful! Loved the show, I cried and cried. Very touching episode. Can’t believe there is only one episode left. I look forward to Tuesdays just to watch!

  • Teris Butler

    SO darlin’! My son is 4 months and I can’t wait for his first birthday celebration! Of course it won’t be as creative as Liam & Stella’s have been!!!

  • Christina West

    This is so amazing! Like Paula, I cried and cried too. My daughter just turned 5 and she loved Hello Kitty so it was a bit hard to watch because all I was able to get her was a small cake with a plastic Hello Kitty! Tori, you are an amazing mother and these memories are something your kids will carry with them forever and pass down to their children.

  • Tara Allen

    ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS…LOVED EVERYTHING!!!! LOVED the show…VERY Emoitional and LOVE ALL the episodes! LOVED the cake…WOW!!!! I hope to one day have a girl and share those mommy and daughter girly times!!! I have a 4 1/2 yr old son named Noah and I’m so sad he’ll be 5 in March…its happy and sad..feel like you I’m loosing the baby years, but he’ll always be my baby!!! Tori when does your party planning book out…so want to get it!!! Tori you and Dean are GREAT, LOVING parents and LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! XOXO,Tara

  • Amy Dowell

    I think my favorite is the little pink ice cream cones. Adorable.

  • Elizabeth Traub

    A girl is so very precious and you have once again presented a STUNNING display of love, girly fashion and fun. I just pinned to pinterest in my pink rooms. Even if it’s not something you would decorate a room with, you could turn that into a picture in a heartbeat. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  • Susan Abbott

    Wow that looks amazing! smiley-cool.gif

  • Kimberly Gnerre

    I love pink & girlie things. That cake with the bow on it is so pretty.

  • Vicki Adamich

    I am unbelievably jealous of Stella’s dessert table!! This is even a 29 year old’s dream! smiley-smile.gif

  • kari18

    That is fabulous!!I absolutely love everything about this down to that cute shabby chic table!!just the best ever!!

  • kristin shoemaker

    This is gorgeous! Absolutely adorable!

  • Terri Rosall

    Everything looks to good to eat. smiley-kiss.gif


  • Amanda Armstrong-Arguello

    Oh I loved it!! I watch every show you, Dean, and the kiddos do. I just love your precious lil’ family and especially love that I have a lil’ girl that is about to be three and I can’t wait to use some of your ideas for her birthday party, as well. Thank you for all of the great inspirations that you do and joy you bring to my life! :)

  • AFamily

    Maybe I should have you design all of my parties – you do such an amazing job and make it look so easy!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg Hello Kitty overload! I so want! It all looks fabulous!

  • April Gochenour


  • Angela Henson

    Amazing as always :) You do make it look way too easy umm Most of the time LOL..Sometimes I am like where do I get that energy 😉

  • Emelie Dolfe

    Love it!!

  • Andrea Fraga

    SO Gorgeous. I love Hello Kitty. My favorite are the adorable ice cream cones…. =)

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    This is beautiful! My 2 year old daughter LOVES Hello Kitty too, would love to do something like this!

  • Clare Christine

    I love it, its amazing. So precious :) My girls both loved it!

  • Christina Ladd

    My daughter will be 3 in March and also is insanly obsessed with Hello Kitty. I think since the day after her 2nd birthday she too was set on a Hello Kitty birthday party for her next. So we are having a Hello Kitty Ice Cream party. I am so excited to see it all come together!! I am going to try and make the cute Hello Kitty heads you were making in the eposide out of styrofoam balls!

  • Amanda Brooks

    Looks great, i wish i could make half of that stuff.

  • Julie Goodwin

    it looks so decadent!! Very Cute and Very Pink!

  • CATHY ROSE-Stumpf

    I LOVE LOVE this party, I have two daughters graduating High school this year, sorry NO hello kitty , but one loves this pink the other loves leapard so we are doing the pink with splash od animal, can not wait.

  • Suzanne Brown

    Cake stands = OBSESSED <3..

  • Holly Wright

    So glad Hello Kitty has made a comeback. I remember being obsessed with her when I was in Elementary School a long, long time ago.

  • Lena Balak

    I love it! It’s adorable without being too “baby” looking. It looks just the right amount of grown up for the birthday girl.

  • Courtney Guthrie

    What a cute birthday party! I tried to let my 2 yr old, Ella Parker, watch this episode because she loves Hello Kitty so much. But I had to turn it off because she was freaking out about it!

  • Marjory Hatfield

    AMAZING!!! A little girls hello kitty dream come true!

  • M Parker

    AMAZING!! Are the cake pops the original Bakerella cake pops or the new type of cake pops that taste like a round ball of moist cake?

  • Tami Carroll

    I am in AWE of you Tori! You simply amaze me! Every party that I have seen on your show is truly genius!

  • Lisa Campbell

    Tori, these are adorable! You are so creative but I must say that your love of family is what touches my heart the most. it’s wonderful to see your mom with you.

  • Monique Leslie

    Love it. We did Hello Kitty too last year but my family could not make it out to Vegas so it was basically a bust. So we are doing Hello Kitty again this year my little 4 soon to 5 years olds request. Thanks for all the great ideas this season on your show. The party ideas are one of the main reasons I watch.

  • Caryn Terres

    Anyone know how she made the Hello Kitty heads?

  • Jeana Aaron

    I need a tuTORIal on how to make a dessert table awning like that! smiley-wink.gif

  • Brandy Hagler

    How awsome ! I am planning my little Briley Grace’s 2nd bday party and I am so lost right now, we have so much going on and the party is in 2 weeks and I have nothing. We are moving in 3 weeks and I have 35 people invited! ugh!!

  • Denise Fredricks

    I’d like to know where you purchase these candies in bulk? Love the idea, and would love to do this for the upcoming slumber party. Thanks T, you rock!

  • Britt Lande

    so cute!!smiley-smile.gif

  • Caryn Terres

    My little cousin wants a Hello Kitty party this year. I LOVED the Styrofoam heads that you and James made and was wondering if you could post how to make them. We are already making lots of treats on a stick but wanted to use those heads as the holders. Thanks. LOVE LOVE LOVE ths show!

  • inde777

    Love your blog! I am also a blogger, mother of three (we had our boys the same week!) loving wife, designer extroardinaire, entertainer(of the home variety), baker, homemaker, and collector of vintage items. Getting ready to open a local store, similar to Inventori…am raising my daughter in the same way, she has her own blog as well! Am also 38 and my hubby is 45…similarities! Oh, and we have matching dogs….your brown and black dog has a twin up here in Seattle! Best of luck to you, and all your future endeavors! mysugarfly.blogspot.com (my blog) poppyandpatch.blogspot.com (daughter’s blog) Enjoy reading all of your posts!

  • Melissa Newell

    Wow its every little girls dream <3

  • Regina Walden

    Everything look SO beautiful! like all your parties! My twins are coming up on their first birthday and after spending the first 8 months of life living in the NICU of the children’s hospital, I want it to be special. Because of their various medical issues, it will be the first time mot people are meeting them. I know it needs to be amazing, but i’m too sleep deprived to come up with any ideas….. can you help?

  • Kelly Bridgeman

    I love the ideas you have to make you kids’ parties so wonderful. All you inventive ideas!

  • Gerri Page

    Your creativity is excellent but it’s just too much sugar for the little ones, sorry…

  • teetee

    It’s so pretty!

  • Nancy Velez


  • Marla Murasko

    I wanted to share what I did for my son’s Caillou themed 6th birthday party. I loved doing it and I credit a lot of the attention to detail from watching you Tori create the beautiful parties you do. http://www.special-and-determined.com/down-syndrome/jacobs-6th-birthday-party/

  • stephanie dove

    love it!

  • Jodie Arnold

    Regina: I had preemie twins as well, both in the NICU. :) And Tori! Love these photos. I’ve got boys, and I can totally see a lot of these same things just simply done in blues. Adorable!

  • Michelle Ford

    I love how you pick a color scheme for your parties. It makes it all flow together.

  • Tamara Burns

    I was absolutely blown away!!!! You are truly a party planners inspiration and not to mention a phabulous mum :)

  • Diana Bernard

    My daughther love Hello Kitty and your daughter’s dessert table are such an inspiration. Thanks

  • Alanna Teed

    I would love to share a photo on my blog fiesta resistance – Would that be possible?

  • Morgan Ashleigh Mitchell

    So gorgeous! I love the colour scheme your attention to detail. This is what parties should be! Am reading your book, CelebraTORI right now, and I cannot put it down. The best party planning book I have ever read – I am actually planning a few friend’s 30th birthdays right now…your book has become my bible! I even bought a mood board today – thank you for the inspiration :) Love from Australia! x

  • Maria Delistathis

    super cute ideas!!!

  • Amy Gielow

    Any suggestions for activities for a 7 year old girl’s birthday party? She wants a Hello Kitty theme as well!

  • Chen Liu

    This is truely amazing. It inspiried my art booth setup for our art festival. Amazing…

  • Deneen Lotz

    Hi Tori

    Your desert table was nothing but FABULOUS!!! everything looked adorable and I am sure the kids couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into everything. You are so good at throwing a party


  • Erik Ingalls

    gaudy in a innocent way like Willy Wonka would have done it!

  • Swiss Squad Barz

    I was wondering how do I go about ordering this for my daughter birthday party if you can email me back at barzduhboss@yahoo.com thank you