We’re excited to bring you another great article from LilSugar, a fantastic source for mamas who want advice and news about everything from packing healthy lunches to mastering the art of stroller chic. This week, we’re featuring their Old School Update: 5 Mod Paper Dolls.

Your little lady might not be as into paper dolls as you were at her age, but introduce her to one of these modern takes – from the hippest paper doll wall decals we’ve ever seen to Dwell Studio’s graphic take on wallpaper featuring the classic doll (we love the whole paper doll collection from the brand) – and she’ll be as doll crazy as you were . . . or are. Is a wall too much of a commitment?

Try a charitable calendar, some cute note cards, or my personal new favorite online game, where you can dress your virtual paper doll in hipster garb and even add accessories like a tattoo sleeve, retro kicks, and tribal leggings. Warning: these dolls are just as appealing to mamas as they are to kids!

Love Mae Dress Up Doll Wall Decals ($70)

Confession: I bought these awesome wall decals from Australian company Love Mae for my 9 month old (her name’s Mae, too! how could I resist?!) for Christmas. She’s gotten hours of enjoyment from the cardboard tube they were shipped in, while I’ve loved picking a new hip look – from hairstyle to outfit to teeny tiny brogues – for “her” doll every day. I’ll try to share them with her in a couple of years . . . maybe.

Tiny-Us Printed Calendar (Free With Donation)

If you don’t fall in love with this 2012 calendar from French site Tiny-Us, you might reconsider when you learn about its background. Tiny-Us sells paper dolls and other printables as a fundraiser for a local school for handicapped children. You donate whatever you can, and you’ll get a PDF of the calendar to print yourself. After each month, your kids get two new paper doll outfits to play with!

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Dwell Studio Paperdolls Wallpaper ($5.95 per Square Foot)

The Paperdolls wallpaper from Dwell Studio is totally customizable. You pick the color and scale of the pattern (you can order a sample before you commit to a whole room). After you order, Dwell will send you 24-inch prepasted paper panels that are printed to the height of your wall along with thorough installation instructions and a panel diagram are for easy installation. The new-technology wallpaper material is easy to remove, safe for your walls, and (obviously) totally adorable.

Dress Shoppe Notecards ($12.95)

Designed by illustrator Brigitte Barrager for Chronicle Books, these sweet, pretty note cards can be folded out like a classic paper doll and dressed up with the included colorful doll accessories stickers. Of course, you can also share the wealth; use them for their original purpose, stamp, and send to a friend.

Hipster Girl Dress Up (Free)

This free online game from Hyptod lets you dress up a female hipster in all the classics: fedoras, tattoos, piercings, granny glasses, skinny jeans, brogues, and so much more. A heart-to-heart about the downsides of body art might be a good idea before you let your little one play!

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