Admitting to a wrongdoing is usually the upstanding thing to do in society. Especially in the fashion world. Well, my name is Tori and I missed the 2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet. Can I still call myself a fashionista? At 5PM on the dot, I dashed in the door (drove all the way from Long Beach where I shut down an amazing vintage flea market), flung myself on the couch with Hattie in arm, and turned on the TV just in time to see Ricky Gervais take the stage as host of the Golden Globes – as Liam and Stella exclaimed “Mooom, we want a kids show,” to which I answered in my most mothering way “Oh Hell No.”

So what if I missed a red carpet filled with the same exact question over and over: “What are you wearing?” No one cares about that question except the designer of course, who made the gown for free. As the show started, I was worried about the outcome. I was panicked about experiencing the same thing as last year…some laughs at Ricky Gervais, a few safe gowns, and sheer boredom. I might have muttered into my merlot last year, “Can you get me the last three hours of my life back?” To which the half empty glass sadly had no response. Being a gal that never gives up, and admittedly knew she had a blog to write, I gave the awards another chance this year…and, I was more than pleasantly surprised! And not just because that one glass of merlot turned into two. The show was really entertaining this year! It has a lot to do with the presenters and winners of course. They set the tone. I might have tuned in for the fashion, but that took a backseat to the heart of the night. Here’s my walk through of the highlights, fashion, and more:

Ricky Gervais as host kicked the night off and was delightful. Whereas last year I found him funny, yet thought his humor at times took things too far, this year I found him charming and very funny without being crass. His bit, harassing Johnny Depp about The Tourist was hilarious! Come on…we all wanted our money back after that movie. After all, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie’s looks could only hold our attention for so long. I applauded Johnny Depp for being a very good sport!

While I didn’t love Beginners, I did love Christopher Plummer’s amazing performance, and so thought he deserved the award he won for Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. He’ll always be Captain Von Trapp to me, but he totally transformed in this role, and his speech was just as charming. My first tear of the night fell when he thanked his wife Elaine “Of 43 years whose beauty and bravery haunts me still.” Now, that’s a quote! Take note hubbies everywhere.

For me, the first stunner of the night was Julianne Moore. Here’s a woman who will play a role or be caught with no makeup in US Weekly looking so plain Jane, but when she glams it up, she is just stunning and classy. I loved her look. Would that black gown have been my favorite by itself? No. But paired with those amazing green drop earrings and cascading red locks, I was mesmerized. I’m still dreaming of those Kelly green earrings that totally replaced my obsession for Angelina Jolie’s green earrings worn at the 2009 Oscars.

I love a gal in color. Especially when it’s my favorite color, canary yellow. I thought Paula Patton’s (Tom Cruise’s new leading lady in the latest installment of Mission Impossible) look was flawless. She paired her bright canary form fitting gown with simple jewelry and hair, so all eyes were on the gown. A great, daring combo that screams chicness and confidence!

I have a theory: women dress impeccably pre-award wins and after, but it never fails that their one fashion miss or less than perfection is on the night they win. Prime example: Gwyneth Paltrow. Pink gown memorable? Yes. Perfection? No. And, tonight my theory didn’t fail me with Michelle Williams’s win. I love her style. I think she’s a big fashion player. Tonight, not so much. The burn out velvet dress and distracting headband I felt were a miss, but her speech and graciousness more than made up for it. She started out with “I’m a mom first…” ya had me at mom, sister! Her speech was all about thanking her child. It got me in such a real way. After her speech, when I hit pause on my TV (DVR) to go and draw a bath for my kids, I then sat on the closed toilet with tears streaming down my face as I watched Liam and Stella splash in the tub. Beautiful and touching, Michelle! But let’s see what she wears to the Oscars. If it’s fashion perfection she won’t win. We’ll see if I eat my words or call it!

Once kids were washed, dried, creamed, and dressed in PJs, I ran back to my merlot and TV and was excited to see Madonna. Felt like I hadn’t seen the material girl in so long, and she looked great! Her face and hair were beautiful. She looked fresh and effortless. Very rested, or a subtle doctor. The dress wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but she wore it well. With biceps and English accent at bay, her one black glove brought me back to fond 80s memories.

George Clooney…well, what would an awards show be without him? He makes every woman swoon and every man green with envy. He seems to have it all, and wears a classic tux like no other! I have to tell you, it’s nice to see a mega star that doesn’t just seem down to earth and nice, but is the real deal. I first met George at the Golden Globes when I was on 90210, and he was a big TV star doctor. He came up to me and said, “Hi Tori. I’m George. I think you’re great.” He was so genuine. Was it a fluke? Nope. Ever since then, when he sees me (which isn’t often these days, since I no longer frequent awards shows or jet set to Lake Como), he comes over and hugs me. Once at a sushi restaurant he saw me, and invited me and my BFF Mehran over to his table for drinks. I’m not just tooting my horn that I’ve hung out with George Clooney (oh come on…wouldn’t you too?), but I’m saying he’s as genuine as he seems. He embodies a real star. He’s balanced being true to himself and those around him, while pretty much ruling the world. Plus he loves pigs too!

Now, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the award girl… Miss Golden Globes. We know traditionally, it’s the daughter of a celebrity. This year it was Andie MacDowell’s daughter, Rainey Qualley. Stunning girl, but I started to feel like she was directing traffic rather then merely escorting winners offstage. Talk about taking your job a little too seriously. Her arms flapping everywhere after an acceptance speech did start to wear on me. Not gonna lie.

I was having such a great night, and then Jessica Alba took the stage to present. As I shoved the last chicken nugget from Liam’s Kid Cuisine in my mouth, I was reminded that she had her second baby about a month before I had Hattie. While I still have twenty pounds to lose, she looked…well seriously small and flat! A tummy only a pre-pregger could love, and one that all moms want to stone her for! Why does she always insist on doing this to me? When I had Stella, she had Honor in the same hospital a day before, and rocked a bikini two weeks later in a magazine. Now, she’s on stage at the Golden Globes, clearly taunting me. Three months after baby, can I still list C-Section recovery at the top of my list of excuses to not workout? Thanks, Alba! I’ll be cursing your name on the treadmill tomorrow. Who am I kidding? No I won’t.

This year, my favorite TV show by far has been “American Horror Story.” I’m obsessed with it. Horror and wit. It’s brilliance. And, Jessica Lange makes the show. Her performance and biting one-liners are riveting and hilarious in such a creepily funny way. I’ve been a big Jessica Lange fan since Frances. One of my favorite performances ever by an actress, as she played the disturbed and controversial Frances Farmer. It was her performance in Frances and Natalie Wood’s in Splendor in the Grass that inspired me to be an actress. I remember in recent years seeing Jessica Lange and thinking time hadn’t been on her side. It had saddened me. But, tonight, she once again took her standing as a stunning leading lady! With her win for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television, she looked HOT! Tight black dress showing off her nicely defined curves, yet age appropriate, and perfectly messy, sexy tendrils framing her beauty.

I tend to run a fine line between loving Angelina Jolie’s fashion choices and hating them. I think I’m a little hard on her. But, when a woman is as close to perfect as she is, you tend to have very high expectations. She walked the line with me of looking like a perfectly coiffed and classic brunette Grace Kelly, and a light and bright couture Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. You have to admit, she looked very pale. The light silk gown and very red lips totally washed her out. But, the side of me that quickly reminds myself that I often have dreams where Dean and I are BFFs with Angie and Brad and often double date, thought she looked like a classic movie star. With her hair up, her look was clean and classy, unlike the current trend of stars wearing messy, casual long locks with black tie couture. If I had to do a tie breaker with myself, I think loving her look would win.

What about these beauties that don’t age? Forget about not aging…they seem to get more beautiful and sexier. Yes I’m talking about you, Madeline Stowe, Helen Mirren, and Jane Fonda, who proves that either the vial of beauty forever from Death Becomes Her really does exist, or that 70 is the new 30! Damn girl.

Wasn’t loving Claire Danes’s look, but I did love her speech. She spoke about winning a Golden Globe at fifteen, and crying afterward because she had forgotten to thank her parents. She went on to say she was thrilled to have another opportunity to do that. Not sure why it resonated with me. Maybe because I would give anything to get up on a stage and tell my Dad, who has passed, thank you. He truly inspired me to be the person I am today. His work ethic and over the top support of everything I did gave me the tenacity and confidence I have today. There’s no stage, and I have no clue if you can read this from heaven Daddy, but thank you!

Reese Witherspoon reminded me of Jessica Rabbit (in a good way) and Jessica Biel reminded me of Mary, the blind sister of Laura Ingles from “Little House on the Prairie” (not in a good way). Why go to the effort and make a statement of so completely covering up your body, and then have the front of your dress slit up to your wootle?

I have to admit, I was rooting for Viola Davis to win best actress for The Help. But, who can be disappointed when Meryl Streep takes the stage instead? I have to admit I have not seen Iron Lady and might change my tune after watching her performance as Margaret Thatcher. Meryl Streep truly embodies the word “actor.” She completely transforms herself into each character she plays. Talk about an over achiever! She never chooses a role where she simply plays a woman who loves a man who loves another woman in some light hearted rom com (oh yeah…there was It’s Complicated. But she played the hell out of that)! She throws herself seemingly effortlessly into every character she plays. She literally makes us forget she’s Meryl Streep. Take note Julia Roberts (don’t be mad…big fan of Mystic Pizza). I love watching her speak onstage. She seems so nice, down to earth, and humble. And, no one would blame her if she weren’t. She is the most talented actress of our time! Plus, I think she’s very funny. Almost naughty and goofy. Loves me some Meryl!

And, just like that, the show was over. For once, the three hours flew by. I had been thoroughly entertained, and the fashion wasn’t too shabby either. If I had to pick the best looks of the night, I’d go with Sophia Vergara, Emma Stone, Paula Patton, Angelina Jolie, and Charlize Theron. Next year, I think I’ll take couch viewing to the next level and have a Golden Viewing Party. Imagine an all gold themed dinner party! I see Dean in gold face and champagne flutes filled with floating gold dust. And who said award shows can’t be fun?

What did you think of last night’s Golden Globes? Dish in the comments below!

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