Ok, it was a waterworks fest for me from beginning to end on “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” last night. Obviously you are overly emotional when preggers, but last night’s episode was truly an over saturation of family coming together in the best of ways…

First, we kicked it off with The Guncles’ daughter Simone’s first birthday party. I can’t believe she turned one. Seemed like only yesterday I saw her for the first time and was bestowed the great honor of being her Godmother. Now, she’s 19 months, runs everywhere, and says “I Do!” Time really does fly!

Next up… Buggy’s third birthday party… Kitty style. She adores Hello Kitty and had been asking for a Hello Kitty party since she was 2 years and a day old- basically a year in the making. What a difference a year makes. Last year she was eyeing the candy table and this year she only had eyes for her hunky 3-year-old boyfriend Malloy. But, I can’t say I blame her. Malloy is a pretty cute and very cool kid. Since then she now talks marriage. But, she’s pretty definite that if he wants to marry her he’s going to have to buy her a ring and look her in the eyes and ask her. I tell Dean he’s gonna be in trouble with this one! As usual Hansen’s Cakes outdid themselves. The Hello Kitty cake was officially the biggest cake I’d ever seen. Incredible and we are so lucky they do it for us every year. Also, amazing dessert table (as usual) by Jenny Cookies and fab florals by Heavenly Blooms. Both my go-to gals for all parties!

Dean of course was uber excited about his hot pink liquid nitrogen rice krispy squares. Smokin! Literally. Boys and their toys. He likes mixing cooking and science. Whatever will I do when one day (and it will come) Stella or Liam say “Mom, I just want a simple party this year like just a cake and pizza”? Well, I’ll politely agree and then secretly cry into my bag of party tulle.

I’m sure you all remember months ago when I tweeted about a car accident the kids and I had at their school. It was all induced by a persistent paparazzi crossing this mama bear’s comfort level. On last night’s show we showed the aftermath of it. Luckily, Dr. J said the baby was fine but it was all a little too close for comfort. Bottom line… When there are kids involved, back off. Sacred territory. Not only is a strange man photographing children at school verging on pedophile territory but for safety reasons they should NOT be allowed to photograph them in their school environment and show pictures of their school’s name. Not just uncool, it’s disgusting and not acceptable. Sadly, when I called the police they said unless he threatened us physically there was nothing they could do. Shame on there being no laws against this. But, momistas unite! I’ve never felt more a part of a community than I did at that moment. When all the carpool moms charged screaming at the paparazzi with fists held high I felt proud. Moms take it all on. Why? Because they can! Go mama bears everywhere!

As a family we haven’t been back to Dean’s hometown of Toronto, Canada since Liam was 2 months old. In fact we filmed that visit in season two of “Tori & Dean,” way back when we were innkeepers. But with baby McDermott number three on the way it was important that Dean reunited with the two of three sisters he was estranged from. With my mom so entirely back in our lives we realized we needed completion of our Canadian family. But first, on the way we stopped at the Christmas tree farm where Dean asked me to marry him on a snowy Christmas Eve night!

Being back where our lives began with our two babies and baby bump was unbelievable. When he asked me to marry him that night everything changed. Dreams that I never thought possible were set into motion. The hope of a prince became a reality and prospect of becoming a mommy seemed an attainable goal. One, that a year and a bit later would joyfully bring us our first baby… Liam Aaron. Now, here I was back in a moment I’ve kept near and dear in my heart but one I’d never thought I’d experience again. And this time we were sharing it with our whole family. The family that was born out of one moment of a boy asking a girl to marry him and a girl saying yes. I said yes to love. Yes to family. Yes to life all in that one moment. So amazing. Then after we reminisced we headed to Dean’s sister Dana’s house. All of the unknown was answered in a moment of pure love. Family is always family. Even time and distance can’t change that. I’m so happy we are so close again to both sides of our families. We will forever hold them near and dear. I encourage everyone to do so.

As we flew home I knew that would be my last flight before baby. Pretty soon (as in next episode) baby would be here and all our lives would forever be changed. Change is inevitable. Change is growth.

My mom went through change selling her house and moving on, Dean went through change by putting stubborn differences aside and just accepting his family for all they are and all they aren’t, and me… Well I was changing (literally) day to day with my by then end game baby bump. But with each passing moment I accepted the change that was about to happen and opened up my heart to give more love than I ever had before. Because, the best thing about growing your family is that mommy always has enough love for everyone. And, I couldn’t wait to act on that!

Next week is our season finale! The moment that changed all 4 of our lives forever… The arrival of Baby Hattie! A can’t miss episode. Stock up on tissues NOW!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Let me know below!

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