Last night’s episode was filled with parties and Bravo stars! We kicked it off with animals galore. You might have noticed that our backyard farm has grown since last week. We welcomed Hank the pig to our family and our baby blackbird hatched. Hank looks so small on screen. We were told he’d be 25 pounds full grown. Well, he’s now over 100! But we love the guy. I also decided to play matchmaker to Mehran and throw myself a “38 is Scary” birthday party.

Then, we see Mehran and I meeting with our crafting manufacturer for my new crafting line that launches on HSN in March. Most peeps have used the line “my dog ate my homework…” Well, in the meeting I got to say, “my goat ate our design board.” NOT normal!

Setting up Mehran was scary yet exciting. Him finding the perfect relationship is one of my biggest dreams, yet one of my biggest fears. Ultimately, I want him to be happy, but we are inseparable and I’m scared to lose him to someone else. But I know he wants to find love, so I enlisted the help of my friend Patti Stanger from Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.”

It was fun interviewing potential suitors for Mehi and Patti is hardcore! It was pretty cool watching her do her thing. It was impressive – she doesn’t miss a beat! Mehran liked two of the guys and wanted to try a date with both of them. I was excited to see the outcome. It was so Mehran to then not want to go on the date alone. He wanted me to watch from afar. It seemed odd yet kinda exciting. I enlisted the help of fellow pregger Sally to be my spying partner in crime. And, we would have pulled it off if it wasn’t for those meddling kids – I mean date number two totally busted me! Oops. Luckily he wasn’t mad and found it endearing. Both guys were nice, but Mehi is still on the market.

What I DID pull off was Sally’s surprise baby shower! We totally fooled her and pulled off a kick-ass vintage bunny baby shower. Thanks to my friends for helping me to set it up while I played matchmaker downstairs.

One party down and one to go… my birthday party! I throw everyone else parties but never myself. So, I decided to finally plan a fun, small sence party with a horror film theme. Spooky! I emailed each of my friends and gave them an iconic horror film character that they had to come to the party dressed as. I, of course, channeled Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. Couldn’t resist. All my friends dressed up except my friend Jeff Lewis from Bravo’s “Flipping Out.” It’s so Jeff, who might be a tad more controlling than me, to not want to look comical dressed up. He did let us put a horror makeup scar on his face. Way to go for it!

The séance went well. Nothing scary, but lots of loved ones did pop in to say hi. The best was Liam and Stella dressed as Chucky and Bride of Chucky. Pretty genius! And, Dean saved the day food-wise when our caterer fell out last minute. I was proud that my birthday party was the first party he catered. Great night!

Next week takes us through the moments everyone remembers, when the paparazzi caused me to have a car accident at the kids’ school and Miss Stella turns three Hello Kitty style!

What were your favorite moments from last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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