So, last night’s episode was by far my favorite so far! It was jam packed in such a fun way, and really gave an insider’s look at what my life is like. You might think I’m crazy…my hubs and friends do, but I love to work and to constantly push myself beyond my comfort zone. Maybe I’m excessive with my work commitments, but in general, I do think to evolve, we must always strive to push ourselves past what’s comfortable and always challenge ourselves creatively.


Patsy made a great Queen!

In last night’s episode, I planned a royal wedding viewing slumber party. I love throwing parties beyond the norm. Hey, anyone can serve martinis and pass out a few appetizers. I love creating an experience for my guest. I guess I like pushing them out of their party comfort zones as well. When my friends arrived, we handed them PJ’s and slippers and handmade Kate Middleton-esque fascinators for the ladies. They snacked on mini tins of fish and chips and instead of high tea, we served an English Breakfast Martini. I love when my guests get to do something interactive as well, so I created a Royal Wedding trivia game. The winners got fun English paraphernalia. My real estate friend Madison Hildebrand won the grand prize…a British Flag toilet seat! Madison…it best be in your bathroom when I come over! J/k. Hideous but hilarious! Planning aside, I was a little panicked all night. I don’t do something unless I can give it 110%, so I was worried that with all that royal planning and staying up all night, I’d have nothing left to give when I guest co-hosted Fashion Police with the one and only Joan Rivers the next morning.


But, I guess no sleep suits me, because I made a comeback from my narcoleptic state and brought my A game with Joan, George, and Mel B (my fellow pregger). Afterwards, Joan complimented me and it was seriously a moment I’ll never forget. Glad I have it on film wink, wink! Joan Rivers is one of my idols. She’s a woman who has always gone after what she’s wanted. She’s never taken ‘no’ for an answer. And, she has constantly made it happen for herself. She’s a self-professed workaholic (hey, what’s wrong with that?) and such an inspiration! So, when Joan Rivers says “You were wonderful,” you take it to heart!


And, how about my hubby luring me to a fancy restaurant by calling it a date night and then it turns out he’s the chef! Let me tell you…it was truly amazing. Gordon Ramsey, watch out! And, a perfect example of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. He had just started culinary school, yet took on and tackled some super difficult dishes impeccably! Couldn’t be more proud of him.


How adorable were Liam and Stella last night, asks a proud mommy? They broke my heart in the most amazing way. Watching them at their very first dance recital was unbelievable. My babies up on stage doing their thing. Expressing themselves. Did you see Liam freestyle? It’s moments like that when you take a mental picture and want to remember the feeling forever. I know in the blink of an eye they’ll be grown, and I’ll be left with just an amazing memory of their childhood. It’s going so fast. It’s sad and exciting all at the same time. You mommies all know what it’s like! And, I loved my babes being a part of my Parenting magazine cover shoot. The costumes were amazing, and it’s fun to play dress up as a family. The photos turned out unbelievably. Thanks Parenting for the opportunity!


Next week, I decide to add another skill to my resume…matchmaking. Watch, as I, with the help of friend and Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, attempt to set up and find a love match for my best friend and Gusband Mehran. It’s an awesome episode!

What were your favorite moments from last night’s show? Share them in the comments below!

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