Last night was all about “and the truth shall set you free!” well…kinda. When the episode started, we had one major press event to attend before going to my OB/GYN for my 12-week appointment. I was presenting with Lisa Vanderpump at the GLAAD Awards. Since I knew Lisa always brought Giggy, her beloved Pomeranian to all events, I decided to bring Coco my chicken.

I texted Lisa before to make sure Giggy was indeed going and dressing up and then decided to make Coco a dress to match my vintage Moschino gown. As I said in the episode “No one is gonna be asking about a baby bump when I have a dressed up chicken in hand!” And, sure enough, it worked!!
The next day, I went to see Dr. Rothbart and seeing that McDermott Bump looked good, I felt comfortable announcing my pregnancy and getting everyone “off our backs” (did u catch my makeshift pregnancy rap?). I decided to announce it on twitter. It was on my terms, finally, and then I could finally stop sticking my ass way out so my belly would look smaller. I was so nervous pushing that send button on my tweet, but once it was done, it was so freeing. First thought: yes, now I can finally dress normally and ditch the tents trying to shield my bump! Form-fitting belly tops at last. Bring it on!

Everyone seemed so happy about my announcement until I saw the “Today” show the next am! Yikes! Kathie Lee and Hoda pointed out how I bold-faced lied to them a week before my announcement. I was devastated that they were upset. Luckily, they were able to laugh it off when I sent them a dog floral bouquet cause I was “in the doghouse” with them. I’ll actually be seeing them next Monday when Dean and I appear on the “Today” show to promote “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Little nervous to see them after the whole incident…should I just bring Coco to deflect?

Also last night, we saw me come up with the idea of a gay hoarding spoof, film it for Funny or Die, and take my whole family to the premiere of it at Outfest in LA. It was a pretty amazing experience. I’m an idea person. I come up with crazy ideas all day long. Most I never follow through on though. Well, Hoarders: Untold sTori I did! In a big way!! My friend Mario (our DP/cameraman on TDHSH) helped me make a dream into a reality. He gathered crew members and I called a favor into all gays to come film at my house! Thanks to my casting director BF Guncle Scout, we also got Sally Kirkland to star in it with my family, friends, and gays. And, I can’t forget special guest star Clay Aiken who is just as sweet and adorable in person. Liam and Stella were absolute standouts in the spoof. So fun to watch them “act” and shine. I can’t wait to make more short films. I have a few ideas right now I’m sitting on. And, taking my lead from my Hoarders spoof I need to follow through on them!

Last night, we saw Dean take up a new hobby. A much safer one ladies, so we can all stop giving him the gears. He turned in his motorcycles for roasting pans! Dean (B.T. Aka Before Tori) way back when had worked in kitchens in Canada and was a sous chef. He’s always loved cooking and wanted to go back to school. So, we showed him starting at The Art Institute of California. He will be getting his chef papers in the next year! I am so proud of him. His dream is to open his own restaurant and to host a cooking show. I can’t wait to see his dreams and passions come to fruition.

Well, that was a pretty jam-packed episode and it’s just heating up on HSH! Tune in next week for my royal wedding sleepover and a visit to the fashion police…

What were your favorite moments from last night’s episode?

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