From a note passed to your junior high school BFF to the annual holiday update from far-flung relatives to correspondence between long distance lovers, there’s something special about handwritten letters.

It takes time to compose a heartfelt message, and that in and of itself is meaningful. Not only are the words important, there are lots of avenues for being creative with how you present your letter. A spritz of perfume, a pressed flower or wallet sized photograph, your choice of stationary, and your unique handwriting make each letter you send special. So, if you haven’t sent a letter in a while, now’s a great time to reach out and connect with someone you care about.

Be Candid

Let’s assume you’re writing to someone you really miss – no passive aggressive letters here – that’s another topic!

The key to a great letter is being specific as to what you love about the person you’re writing to – the more detailed the better! Jot down a list on scratch paper if you need to jog your emotional memory. And keep in mind, your letter doesn’t have to be lengthy to be poignant. As long as it comes from the heart, it’s a success!

Feeling shy? When in doubt, use humor! If you need help expressing your feelings, think of the last time you laughed together with the person you’re writing to, and begin your letter by recalling that. You may surprise yourself when your funny story turns into a genuinely touching recollection. If you’re still stuck, imagine you are the one receiving a letter from them. What would make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

It’s a good idea to type your first draft then transcribe it by hand once you’re satisfied with it. Here are some ideas for getting started. These can apply to romantic letters or messages to friends and family:

  1. Write about how you met or choose a funny anecdote from the last time you hung out.
  2. Say what you’re looking forward to next time you see this person.
  3. Write about how they’ve influenced you or how you’ve changed since meeting them, or knowing them.
  4. Jot down a favorite quote from a movie that you watched together and both loved.
  5. Remember that the letter should be about them more than it is about you!

Be Creative

Of course writing is only half the fun! Here are some ideas for prettying up your handwritten letters:

This one is ideal for a letter to a new flame. Concise and utterly heartfelt…wouldn’t this make you swoon?


Handmade stationary with pressed daisies…sweet!


Make your letter a work of art with this DIY stationary from Crafty Stylish.

When’s the last time you wrote a letter? Share your letter-writing tips in the comments below!

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