6551446481:Yahoo:photoIn honor of the New Year, I decided to give away the last two Goldtone Flex Bangles from my HSN collection. Our two winners will be stepping into 2012 in style! Here’s what they had to say:

Alyssa’s colorful closet:

“Tori, I would wear this Vintage Goldtone Flex Bangle with just about anything! It would be a great addition to my accessory collection. This year, I decided to buy less black, gray, and white (a staple in my closet!) and move to more colorful clothing. My new favorite is jewel tones. Bought some fabulous purples and even reds! Definitely not my norm. I love this bangle, and would be delighted to show it off with my new wardrobe! 2012 is a new year, new clothes, and possibly a new bangle to set me in the right direction.

Charlotte’s chic ensemble:

“This gorgeous bangle could be worn with anything, but I would wear it with my black long sweater coat with my leather capelet over it (I designed and made it myself) with slim cut black pants. Funny thing is I was thinking about this outfit last night and thought I wish I had a gold cuff to wear with this’. It’s like you read my mind! Seriously, these giveaways you have are such a nice, generous thing for you to do. I think all your fans realize you certainly don’t have to be this generous, and it is very much appreciated.

Congratulations, ladies! I can’t wait to see pictures of you rocking your new bangles!

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