Announcing Our CupcakeMAG Makeover Winner!


Last week, Casi of CupcakeMAG shared some advice for mompreneurs and offered a free makeover for one lucky ediTORIal reader (valued at $500). I’m excited to announce that we have a winner!

Here’s what our winner Stephanie had to say:

“What a wonderful inspiration you both are Tori and Casi. To know and see the words of other mom entrepreneurs is grounding and motivating. I am an entrepreneur and mother of two. I have hidden in the closet to take on telephone calls while popping open play dough and opening candy through a cracked door. The lines of work and home criss-cross like a racerback bra, and sometimes, I forget to delegate some crucial moments of time and beauty to ME. I am on my way to creating some balance here. I’ve recognized that I could use a little more for myself…just yesterday I allowed a purchase for myself: fuchsia platform heels. What on earth am I going to wear with them, Casi?! They were indulgent…they celebrate me and what I like…that’s important.”

Congrats, Stephanie! Be sure to upload pics of the “new you” to your profile and like them so we can all see!

Do you plan to makeover your look for 2012? Share how in the comments below!

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  • Stephanie Navarro

    Tori and Casi—— Ahhhhhhhh! Fantastic! Ever so appreciative of this opportunity to redesign the new me. You all are the best of FUN! Thank you!

  • Cristina LaRosa

    What a wonderful for choice for a winner. Congrats Stephanie!

  • Suzanne Brown

    I LOVE what she had to say nice choice! Can’t wait to see what her make-over will bring. The only thing I am doing right now in 2012 is growing my hair out. I think long hair can be a great free accessory :)

  • Lauren Grandinetti

    I’m on an odyssey to lose weight again, I had a roller derby injury that prevented me from exercising, and I had to quit derby which was the most amazing workout ever, and i went into a depression not being with mu derby sisters…so now I’m eating right and exercising when I can and I’ve already lost about 12 pounds…I just need to keep a positive attitude about food and keep moving forward:)

  • Robin Romanow

    I recently put my website to rest. It’s just way too hard to compete with the baby super stores. I need to find a way to help my family out financially while being a SAHM. My husband has to take a mandatory Furlough of 14 weeks per year, and after having our “Suprise Miracle Baby” this past August, it has really put a crunch on our finances. I have an idea for 2 baking accessories that are not on the market (One of them being done in fun & funky colors!) but I do not have the means to bring them to fruition. Interested in an endeavor Tori? Wanna be my partner? Let me know, I think it would be a fun adventure!

    You can contact me at:



  • Bananamoo Etsy

    congrats to the winner!

    I’m a mompreneur as well..a polymer clay artist, creating fake food for dolls, props and home decor.

    my etsy shop I’m new here, so I’m hoping to make lots of new friends/

  • Channing Baylard

    QUESTION for all ya’ll entrepenuers out there! How does one become a professional blogger?smiley-kiss.gif

    is it possible?

  • Bananamoo Etsy
  • Bananamoo Etsy

    oh boy

    i post two links but it looks like one.. but they work!

  • Carrie Nugent

    I know you must hear this a million times a day, but here goes nothin. I have the BEST idea for a business right up yours and Dean’s alley!… I would love to chat about it. My brain is just bursting with ideas. Yes, it involves, food, music, property…..hmmmm . Intrigued? Contact me. Let’s meet!

  • Melissa Medley

    Hi Tori,
    I’m a mother of 3 children,two boys and a girl. My boys are a lot older than my daughter and raising them was easy. My daughters 10 and in 4th grade and even though she’s still so young the girl drama is crazy! Faith is such a soft hearted person and is always befriending the girls that seem to not fit in.She can’t stand to see anyone hurt or mistreated. Because of this her life isn’t always easy! She hears all the time why are you hanging out with her she’s gross. If your her friend you cant be mine. She doesn’t understand why everyone can’t be friends. So she came up with and idea to get her point acrossed . She wants to start a program for girls and try to make them all feel good about herself. She wants to make t-shirts with positive sayings on them. He platform is Your Beautiful,Your Important,and Your Loved!
    She wants every girl to feel that way. She also loves you and she would love to get your imput on what you think the best way to get her message out.
    Thanks ,
    Melissa Medley