Remember when NYE was all about squeezing yourself into the tightest, sparkliest dress you could find, teasing your hair to ungodly heights, and making slurred cheers with your BFF’s with glass after glass of cheap bubbly to finding Mr. Right in the upcoming year? Now, I’m usually in sweats, get a migraine if more than half a glass of bubbly is consumed, and am happy if my eyes are still open when the ball drops at midnight on TV.

Whatever New Year’s adventures you may or may not be planning this year, NYE is a great time to reflect and relax. After the frenzy of the holidays, it’s a perfect time to treat yourself to some downtime and assess your goals for the coming year.

Speaking of relaxing, I still find that very thing to be one of my biggest challenges! I tend to hit the hay still thinking about work-related stuff. With three young kids and multiple businesses, there are endless details, decisions, checklists, and little fires to put out at all times. Oh yeah, and checking my phone in the middle of the night probably doesn’t help either…what was I saying? If only I didn’t have to sleep! But like everyone, I do. So one of my goals this year is to schedule a decent amount of regular sleep or simple downtime (not always possible with a baby, but a girl can try!). That way, I can be super focused when I need to be, and refreshed for the time I want to spend just enjoying my family.

Here’s what im excited about for 2012: watching baby Hattie hit all her baby milestones and grow with our family, expanding our backyard farm, continuing “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” (hoping for a season 7!), continuing to grow all my businesses and design partnerships with my BFF Mehran (and start a few new ones wink wink ), the launch of my crafting mompire, the release of my party planning book CelebraTori, and making new memories with my amazing husband and kids.

If you haven’t spent much time considering New Year’s resolutions yet, try to carve out some time for yourself during the week after Christmas to write in your journal, take a bath, go for walk – whatever relaxes you and gets you centered. After you’ve reflected on your own, talk to your significant other about his goals, and have fun planning the next year together. You can even have your kids join in the conversation! Have them journal about their personal goals and share them with you. For example, Liam’s goals in 2012 are to become a tee ball and soccer player, get a Mohawk, and take Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber. Stella wants to become a star, have longer hair, then marry and have babies with her boyfriend Malloy (only if I can plan the wedding haha)!

Whatever your goals may be, figure out how everyone can help each other get where they want to be as a family.

What are your goals for the 2012? Share them in the comments below.

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