T&D: sTORIbook Weddings Special Recap

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Especially when you get to mix fashion with cake. This week we took a break from hiding the baby bump on HSH to air a very special sTORIbook Wedding I planned.

I’ve always wanted to plan a Marie Antoinette themed party. So, when I met fashionista and hair maven Ashley and Ryan and they told me that’s exactly what they wanted for their nuptials, I was in heaven! Especially since they wanted Marie Antoinette meets Vogue! So chic!

They were an interesting couple. For the first time I had a groom who seemed to have more interest in the wedding decor than the bride. I welcomed this twist of the sexes. Usually in the planning process the groom loses his voice and doesn’t get his needs met. It becomes all about the bride. I loved that Ryan had a vision. And, I admittedly had an instant girl crush on Ashley a fashion shoe buyer. After all, she had a Gusband too! Their love story was also very unique, showing that fate always wins out in the end. And they wanted me to officiate their ceremony. I was very flattered, but very nervous. But, if they wanted “Donna Martin Officiates!” then that’s exactly what I’d give them.


The inspiration for this wedding was MA with a modern fashion twist. We were all inspired by Sofia Coppola’s movie version of Marie Antoinette. It was all about saturated pastels and decadent yet chic abundance. Loads and loads of roses in mixed pastels, feathers and I draped strands of pearls down the middle of the long banquet table mixed with period shoes as a tribute to Ashley’s love of shoes.


Mixing these elements with antique baroque gold candelabras was uber chic and playful at the same time. Mini paper fans served as place cards, and take home gifts were miscellaneous vintage tea cups I found at the flea market with blooming tea. The stand-outs at the wedding were: the Screaming Queens moving dessert table where a model dressed as Marie Antoinette wore a table around her filled with decadent cakes, the champagne tower that took Ashley and Ryan 11 bottles of champagne to fill, and the models we hired and styled in dresses from the Marie Antoinette period to walk around the reception and strike poses. Very Vogue! This was definitely a wedding not to be missed; no detail was spared. Thanks to Heavenly Blooms for amazing florals and Sweet and Saucy for the unbelievably decadent and enormous dessert table! Wow!


Now let’s talk tattoos! We always ask our bride and groom separately what they’d like to give or do for their soon to be spouse. Ironically both Ashley and Ryan wanted to get tattoos for each other. Ryan chose a lover’s eye (Ashley’s eye) and Ashely, an open locket with Ryan’s face in it. How romantic that unknowingly they each chose an image of each other. Dean took Ryan and I took Ashley. Since Dean and I met he’s gotten numerous “Tori” tattoos. His arms are covered with my name and even my picture. I always knew I wanted a tattoo to represent my love for him, but I could never decide what to get. So, for 6 years I remained unmarked, aside from a tiny red rose I got at 19 because a bad boyfriend dared me to.

But, inspired by Ashley and Ryan’s love story I decided I was ready to get my ode to my love permanently on my body. In a moment of clarity it came to me… I wanted it over my left rib cage. Left side representing my heart and over my ribs/ lungs because he’s every breathe I take. Dean is an amazing poet and writer of love notes. So, I wanted to get the vows he wrote to me for our wedding embedded into my skin forever. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt too bad. Exclaiming in the episode “bladder infections hurt more!” it’s true! And, the shocked look on Dean’s face was priceless and would only be surpassed by the look a month later when I revealed the news of being pregnant. He loved it so much and still kisses it daily.


As for me, no regrets. In fact I’m obsessed with my tattoo. It reminds me of my love for Dean and the family we’ve created, and my continual commitment to our relationship. We’d love to go together now and get tattoos together. I kinda get how they can be addictive. Although Mehran’s comment on my tattoo was: “there go your bikini days, it’s one pieces from now on for you sister!” I’m excited for the summer so I can proudly and chicly, of course, rock my ink.

Well, the wedding was a huge success and my crowning moment as a wedding planner! I’m happy to say that almost a year later that Ashley and Ryan are still in wedded bliss and are expecting their first child together any day now. Ashley already has a beautiful son named Arlo from a previous relationship. Ryan is already a wonderful role model for Arlo and I’m so happy that they’ll be adding to their family. Here’s a pic of them preggers. Happy pushing Ashley, and I can’t wait to meet your baby boy!


It’s couples and happy endings like Ashley and Ryan that makes me want to keep planning weddings. Hear that Oxygen? So many couples in need! Let’s bring our fans a much wanted and needed season two of Tori&Dean: sToribook Weddings.

Next week HSH is back! I tweet and the news goes viral of my pregnancy. Will I wish I hadn’t pushed that send button?? Tune in to find out!



What did you think of this special wedding episode? And, do you think Oxygen should renew this show for another season?



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  • RockinRobs

    If I ever get married, It would be my dream to have you officiate my wedding! I LOVE you and everything you do. You are truly one of a kind. Keep rockin’ on Tori Spelling!

  • Darren Martin

    Tori, you never cease to impress me! I’ve created this Facebook Page to help bring sTORIbook Weddings back for a 2nd season. Almost 200 members already! :)

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    This was my favourite episode, for some reason we got to see it before everyone else it seems because we are in Australia, it was just part of the season over here. And getting that tattoo for Dean, just gorgeous!

  • Samantha Marchetta

    Tori, you are my idol, i’ve read all of your books and have watched every episode of you and dean’s continuous love story. i hope when i get married and have babies i can be as good of a mommy and wife as you! this wedding episode was my favorite and i can not wait to create my own love story. xoxo

  • doreen porzio

    What else can I say that I didn’t Tweet last night!! Lol!! Just absolutely Loved this episode!! All of it from Soup to Nuts!! The Marie Antoinette Theme! The Venue, The Screaming Queens moving dessert table was magnificent!! The gorgeous roses, The champagne tower… You did an excellent job on marrying them! You sounded like you did it every week! So relaxed and like a real professional! It was a very special wedding! Just loved the tatoo you got for Dean to show him how much you love him!…I can’t believe you said what I was thinking!.. Dean’s face lit up like a Christmas Tree when he saw that tatoo! He Loved it! The same look came upon his face, after finding out the news of your pregnancy! You should wear your tatoo proud!! xoxo Of course we want a Second Season of sTORIbookWeddings!! Shouldn’t it just be a GIVEN!!! smiley-wink.gif

  • Stephanie Gorg

    I watched this episode late last night and it was absolutely my favorite wedding you have done yet! It was unbelievable. One day, when it’s my turn to be married, I would love to travel down the same path as Ashley and Ryan and have my storybook wedding.

  • Beth Zarling

    I am hoping that Tori and Dean will do a second season because I want them to plan my 10 year wedding vow renewal. We want to do Vegas and I think Dean may be in heaven with that request! I want the whole cheesy Vegas with Elvis doing the renewal.

    OXYGEN!!! PLEASE DO ANOTHER SEASON!!! I need Dean (and Tori’s) input!

  • Staci Salafia

    The wedding was just beautiful!! Oxygen should really consider it, I think the ratings would be good. I love it that Ryan and Ashley are soul mates. My husband and I are soul mates, I met him a week before his father died of cancer, my father had passed away with cancer 3 months before that. I was there for my husband when we needed each other the most!!

    I LOVED the tattoos!!!!!! Both of the girls what they did and where they put them. My husband likes chinese symbols so I have his name on the back of my neck and want to get another one.

    Does anyone remember the name of the parlor where Tori & Ashley got their tats? smiley-smile.gif

  • Erin

    Tori I really enjoyed watching the episode of the new wedding. You are so creative I loved your tatoo I am to scared to get a tattoo right now, but someday I would like to get one with my kids names.