At the first photo shoot for CelebraTORI

Tonight’s episode is SUPER exciting to me… It’s all about the PARTY! See the behind the scenes of the making of my party planning book CelebraTORI! The book doesn’t come out till April 3, but see the creation of it tonight on HSH!

I create four parties and pull them off in two weeks…. What? Yep it happened, thanks to my friend and art director James by my side. Although, we do have a HUGE fight. See it tonight. You’ll also get to see amazing desserts for our photo shoots by my friend Jenny Cookies.

Plus on top of that, we throw Liam’s 4th birthday party. See our Ghostbusters theme, and watch as I dodge the pregger questions while trying to hide my growing bump.

Tune in tonight for a totally crafty “Tori & Dean”, and see the method to my party planning madness at 10pm/9c on Oxygen! And stay tuned for my recap of the episode tomorrow!

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