Episode 2 of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” was all about the party! You guys know I live to plan parties. It’s in my blood. So when my book publisher gave me the opportunity to create my first party planning book, I was over the moon. You guys also know that time management is not in my blood. So, between other work and opening the store, I ended up leaving myself two weeks to produce 140 pictures for my book.

My vision was to create four very different parties and walk the readers through the inception to the fruition of each party. I planned to do a Spa Party, Game Night, Cowboy & Lace, and Caftan & Cocktails. I enlisted one of my best friends, James, with whom I love planning parties and weddings, to help run the show. So that’s the backstory, and last night, you got to see the photo shoot execution. And, the meltdown of a friendship under strained circumstances. If the fight between me and James seemed out of nowhere to you, trust me it had been building. James is used to art directing shoots and keeping the train moving. Me? Well, being that it’s all in the details to me, I wanted things to be perfection before I moved on to another shot. After all, photos live forever. Just ask Dean after he unleashed titty-gate on twitter two weeks ago. But I won’t digress.

James has a habit of always saying things look beautiful and perfect while I tend to want to tweak things until they’re exactly how I envisioned. We’ve been going back and forth with this since our wedding planning days… Well, last year. We have a running joke, but it makes sense: I always say to James “Does it work or is it great?” I always aim to strive for greatness in any situation. We all should on all levels. Anyway, our friendly banter of working vs. greatness finally got the better of us and resulted in a big ole fight. I’m a lover not a fighter, so I have to say this was the biggest fight I’ve ever had with a friend. Well, spoken fight. Radio silence ten years ago for a week when my Gusband said the word “motives” to me, pertaining to a relationship. But sometimes even a Gayrriage isn’t perfect. But again I’m digressing. James and I made up cause we adore each other and he’s an amazing partner, plus we work really well together creatively. He’s the cakepop to my cakeplate!

All fighting aside, you got to see a snippet of each party. Which party was your favorite? I’ll be sharing many more pictures, details, crafts, and recipes when CelebraTORI comes out April 3!
Then, there was Liam’s 4th birthday party. Ghostbusters theme! People often laugh, cause in a day and age of Spongebob, Thomas The Train, and Transformers, my four year old is obsessed with Ghostbusters, an ’80s movie classic! But it’s true he is. He knows every single line! Love how last night he said at the party I’d play the role of Beast aka Zuul from the movie. For those of you who don’t know the movie (a sin!), don’t remember, or simply think my son views me as a beast… Zuul was actually the then young and gorgeous Sigourney Weaver who was turned by Demons into a beast. So pre-beast… Beast was HOT! That’s probably what he meant. Or at least I keep telling myself that. Anyway, the party turned out amazing! Slime green everywhere and my hubby stepped it up and gave James a run for his money as my party planning partner. Actually, Dean gave crafters everywhere a run for their money with those DIY proton packs. They were unbelievable! And functional. I was super impressed. He can be my wingman anytime.

In the episode, we told our friends and three very important family members about the pregnancy. My mom and the kids. My mom was overjoyed, and I think the kids, as much as they can understand, weren’t completely surprised (they may understand more than we suspect, because when I asked them where babies came from, Liam shouted “your balls”. Hmmm…he’s not technically wrong). For weeks, Liam had been telling me my belly was getting bigger. He was more onto me than TMZ! Once the kids knew, it all became even more real. At that moment I couldn’t wait to share the journey of pregnancy with them every step of the way. The growing baby in my belly then became OUR baby. We would go through this as a family.

I might just be a proud mom, but I think my kids are pretty damn funny. Did Liam’s one-liners make you laugh too? There are many more to come throughout this season.

Next week turns into mission impossible as I desperately try to hide my growing first trimester bump. Stay tuned…

What was your favorite moment from last night’s episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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