As episode three starts, all I gotta say as a viewer watching myself is burn that striped tee or donate it to the 20 year-old that should be wearing it. Ok, moving on. Being eight weeks preggers and having people wanting to tell the world your news before you tell them just plain sucks. As a woman, carrying a baby inside of you is the most incredible thing that one can ever experience. But it’s just that…it’s your experience. So, all I wanted was the same respect that every other woman gets and that’s to share the news when I felt the time was right. But for some reason in Hollywood, you’re expected to pee on a stick and then call the tabloids to tell them it’s positive. As if you owe the media that. It’s just wrong. But I’ll get off my high stroller and switch gears to antiques…

InvenTORI was up and running and customers were loving the look and the products, but for sure we needed some more reasonably priced furniture. So off to Texas we went to one of the biggest antique shows that happens only two times a year. Fields and fields of antiques. Basically my dream come true. We brought the whole family and three outta four of my beloved friends. I mean I couldn’t go shopping without The Guncles and James! Not without my gays.

The first day was a complete bust. Well, shopping-wise a bust, but memory-wise…priceless. Scout riding the mechanical bull was a moment I’ll remember forever. Mainly because James captured it on his iPhone, but seriously it was hilarious. It was one of those moments when I laughed so hard I peed a little and then was so grateful I do a reality show and had it captured on film! He was a really good sport. Then, the second day our luck changed. We found oodles of amazing pieces at awesome prices. Lots of them have sold since, but a few pieces from Texas are still at InvenTORI, so go by and check ’em out! We had a lot of fun, and the buying trip came at the perfect time when I totally needed to get the hell outta dodge!

By the way, how many times was I stuffing my face in this episode? Like every scene practically. Back in the day, I remember 90210 viewers (probably college kids) playing drinking games while watching the show. They said they always had to drink when Donna wore a belly shirt. Like every scene! I can just picture that game played today to HSH. Drink every time that pregger stuffs her face! A lot of wasted dorm rooms.

Next week, we head to NYC to do press and see what happens when I point blank lie to Kathie Lee’s face! Stay tuned…

What did you like best about last night’s episode? Dish in the comments below!

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