Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

Yesterday, I shared my gift guide for the little guys in your life. Today, I’m sharing my picks from Etsy’s handmade mavens, my store InvenTORI, and my fave DIY projects for your baby girls and budding fashionistas. Enjoy!

The Best of Etsy For Girls

Make sure she stays cozy and cute in the house with these red crochet slippers.
This mom and chick makes an adorable stocking stuffer from Mama aka Santa to daughter…

Make sure she doesn’t fling her pacifier to the floor with these adorable pacifier clips.

Burping your babe never looked so chic as with these printed baby burp cloths.6463191669:Yahoo:photo

She’ll play in the snow in style with this sweater swing coat.



InvenTORI Gifts for Girls

Here are some great gifts for girls from my store:


Rich Frog Slippers in Fairy Feet ($20)

Rich Frog Slippers in Piggy Feet ($20)

Wendy the Wide-Mouth Frog puppet book ($12.95)

The Piggy Story Art-to-Go Roll ($12)

The Piggy Story ArtFolio ($22)


Lehla Shop Magneblooms

DIY Gifts for Girls

I love these DIY projects for girls!



Felt-covered barrettes from Angry Chicken
Kyoko dress sewing pattern from Mod Kid Boutique
Festive scented playdough cut into shapes with cookie cutters from Mini Eco.

Woven ribbon bracelet from The Small Object – I’d make it a necklace rather than a bracelet. So cute!

Rosette bracelet tutorial from Tip Junkie.


What are your girls asking for this season? Tell me in the comments below!

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  • Stacie Grissom

    Great tips! I love handmade gifts!

    I made these bows– they would make a great gift! How to make simple bow

  • Becky D

    LOVE the choices… I make AMAZING gifts for EVERYONE in your life, it’s all designed and handmade by just me! :) And EVERYTHING is custom made, and 100% customizable!!

  • Kathie Tinkham

    I love the Piggy Feet! I have a shop on Etsy called wishwithme. It’s about 3 years old and so much fun. I think I’m a girl who never grew up because the items in my shop are the things I would have treasured as a kid like tiny hand stitched animals and tiny hand stitched dolls with tiny bottles and tiny blankets. I even have Pet Rocks! All with googly eyes and glasses and naturally formed funny expressions. Come by and take a look even if it’s just for a giggle 😀

  • doreen porzio

    Well, I Love the burp cloths! They are just adorable!! Piggy slippers are to die for & the Piggy Art-To-Go-Roll is such a cute & purposeful idea!! I also think that red swing sweater is so pretty!! It’s just too bad I don’t have any little ones to buy for!! :( …… You asked what our girls are asking for this holiday season! My girl is 20yrs old and asking for a nice camera & she will get it! I already bought it & other things too! Our family Loves xmas & tends to go a little nuts!…. My mom yells at me now & I tell her it’s her fault! She raised us this way! Lol!! I only have I sister! We were spoiled & got lots of presents at christmas! But raised right!! Not spoiled & rotten!! Ha!!…. My parents were good to us! That’s all I mean! It’s just how it was & is!!…. Anyway, All of you moms out there buy some of those cute little things off of Inventori for your little ones!! Their great!! Happy Holidays!! smiley-smile.gif

  • Brande Wilkerson

    I LOVE all these items, great pics!

  • susan murphy

    Love the swing coat,piggy art and mama/baby chick! xx Happy Holidays everyone! xx

  • BlondeCE

    I prefer gifts that don’t require storage….for long!

  • Ashley Taylor

    Love these suggestions! :) Great piece! I have a couple additional ideas, as well as a giveaway on my site, feel free to check it out!