This is a cute sewing craft to make for your hubby or little elves to wear on Christmas Eve…or just to wear around the house and slide across the floor in whenever they want (cause you know they will).

  • Felt pieces
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle or sewing machine
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Tiny bells


Trace onto 1/8-inch-thick wool felt, and cut out (you will need 2 sole pieces and 2 upper pieces per slipper; remember to flip the soles over for the opposite foot). Stack the sole pieces. I used grey wool felt for Dean’s slippers, but you could use red or green as well.

Cut the upper pieces out. You will have to estimate the size depending on your foot.

Place the upper pieces together, then sew the heel and the instep with a straight stitch, 3/16 inch from edge. Open, and pin to the sole pieces, first at the heel and toe, then along the sides. Sew all the way around, through all layers, 3/16 inch from the edge.

Add a decorative stitch with embroidery floss. I used hunter green thread for Dean’s, but you could use any color you like. You can also add custom bells and ribbons to the top layer of the sole before sewing the slipper. I kept Dean’s pretty simple, but but added added a little bell on the toe. For the kids, I used little white yarn pom-poms.

Voila, elf slippers! How are you dressing your little (or big) elves for Christmas morning?

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