This all white look is a chic take on holiday décor. But for other festive looks, go for gold, silver or red jars with poinsettias or other winter florals. These work as a centerpiece or simply as a chic addition to your holiday décor.

• Mason jars
• Matte spray paint
• Poinsettia plants, or cut greenery
• Newspaper, or drop-cloth
• Scissors
Lay down your newspaper, or drop cloth to protect the area that you will be painting on. Use the spray paint to coat the inside of the jar as evenly as possible. Try not to spray the outside. Remember to always use spray paint outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
Allow to dry completely, and touch up any spots you may have missed.
Select your plants, and if possible, fit the entire mini pot down into the jar. If the pot doesn’t fit, you can trim off pieces of the plant and fill the jar with water for a more temporary decoration.

There you have it!

What kind of holiday florals are you displaying in your house this year?

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