Now’s the time to get those holiday cards out if you haven’t yet! This craft adds a nice personal touch to your annual holiday greetings.


  • Patterned/graphic holiday paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Envelopes


Take a sheet of your patterned holiday paper that you want to use as the envelope liner.
Place an enveloped (opened up) on top of the patterned paper and trace an outline of the envelope on the paper.

Cut around the outline of the envelope.

Insert the cut out patterned paper into the envelope. (You may need to adjust the size by cutting around the edge another time in order for it to fit perfectly inside the envelope.

Once the fitting is perfect, glue down only the flap portion of the lining.
Fold the flap over to crease the patterned paper. You may find that you need to trim some of the edges once folded.

Insert your card and send it on its way!

Have you sent your holiday cards yet? What kind are you sending?

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