• Ashley Hopkins-Walker

    I’m so excited!! :)

  • Madison X

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Paula Tamburro

    :( I’m not able to see the clip from here. (Canada) Will it be airing here also on Nov.29th as in the U.S.? If not, when can we expect to see it premiere?


  • Bonnie Horton

    Ohhh Love it already! Im missing watching Liam and Stella ! Can wait to see Hattie!!!

  • Bonnie Horton

    oh..,sorry…I miss you too Tori ! LOL

  • Natasha Baker

    Yay!! So glad it’s coming back on. Can’t wait!

  • Ashley Berthelot

    Impatiently waiting!!!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    oh tori! I’m so glad to see your reconnecting with your mom! Liam and Stella are as adorable as ever! be proud mama!

  • Debra Whitaker

    I can’t wait. Its been way to long without it! :)

  • Serena Ruiz

    Tori – I can’t wait! This season looks amazing! I miss you guys!

  • kristin shoemaker

    Can’t wait until it airs in Canada! I love your show! Good Luck with the new season!

  • Lemon Meringue

    O NO, talking about a tease!!! The clip is not available from our location! Please, please, make it Europe-friendly! They do air your shows here it here, but sometimes more than a year later!!! Don’t do this to ussmiley-cry.gif

  • Holly Frawley

    YAY super excited to watch. My husband and kids are ready with me YAY.

  • Michelle Wilkerson

    Way to excited to see my favorite “Hollywood” family. You guys really need to be on TV more, love the McDermotts!

  • Kap1289

    I am super excited to watch! Can’t wait!!

  • Karla Fields

    Wow, Liam and Stella have really grown!! I’m so happy to see your Mom with the family again!! Looking forward to watching November 29th!!!

  • Vesna Nixon

    Cant wait to see it. But as i live in NZ it could be ages till its shown. Will it be available on iTunes?

  • Tracey Marion

    So excited!!! smiley-smile.gif

  • Veronica Leirvaag

    Hi, I can’t see it here in Norway. Will that be possible soon? I’d love to see it :-)

  • Tara-Lee Bush

    Unfortunatrly I can never see the sneak peek videos you put up because I am in Australia =( looking so forward to the new season though =)

  • Kristie Visser

    I’m in Australia as well…not sure if I watched the same clip but I just went straight on to youtube and saw a few there!! So fantastic!! I hope we don’t have to wait to long to see the new season here!


    Woo hoo, cant wait!

  • Jessiah Ritch


  • Kelly Libengood

    yea!! my hubby and I love watching!

  • rell

    Im in Autralia too so cant see sneek peek but will keep a eye out for the ads on tv…….

  • Suzanne Brown

    Can. not. wait!

  • Rone Roop

    Cant wait for this!!! So excited!!!

  • Melissa Mellor

    I CANNOT stand how excited I am for this season…….I know it is your life but I wish you didn’t go away for so long!!(not in like a stalker way) just love how you all love each other and are so normal and fun!!

  • doreen porzio

    I can’t wait either!! It seems like it took forever for this season to start up again!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I second that!! Woo Hoo!! So excited to see All of you together again! Of course including your new adddition, precious Hattie to the family! All your little munchkins running around having fun! You are such a warm & down to earth funloving family! That’s what makes you so special!! Your the real deal!! xo… Loved the sneak Peek! smiley-smile.gif

  • nthabiseng moloi

    i can’t see the trailersmiley-frown.gif but i’m so excited and i can’t wait for the show to come to our country! was just watching an episode last week where you and dean renewed your vows-was too precious!

    p.s. you have a beautiful family and life Torismiley-smile.gif

  • Alexa Flowers

    All I can say is I love your family! I even have my fiance watching. LoL.

  • Teri Boudreau

    the trailer wont come up….i will be watching ur show….. i have been since 1990 .. i wont stop now…. love ya tori… keep smiling:):)