Here’s our billboard, right above our new store InvenTORI in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd

Look who’s back… Yep, finally after a year and a half (thanks for waiting for us!) we are back tonight as season 6 of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” premieres on Oxygen at 10PM/9c, where three babies come into our lives! I’m very proud of this season. I think it’s our best yet. And, I’m not just saying that cause it’s my life. This season was done with a lot of TLC and we filmed it off and on for 18 months! I think that’s a reality show record. So just imagine all the goodies you’ll get to see.

In the premiere tonight, we kick it off with a special baby’s birth and debut episode. It’s The Guncle’s baby Simone! We all waited a long time for The Guncles to become parents, and now you get to see it all happen from the very beginning! Watch Dean and I become Godparents and me throw an uber-chic Simply Simone Shower for her.

Then enter baby 2… InvenTORI! See how the idea for our store came about (some say hoarder, I prefer collector). My infamous storage warehouse from season 1 reprises its role. We take the store from bare bones to opening day on Valentines Day!



Speaking of Valentine’s Day… Watch me surprise Dean with news of baby #3! You might have heard me tell the story, but now you get to see it. His face is priceless! Makes me cry every time. An amazing moment as the crazy ride known as pregnancy begins. And, you’ll be along with us throughout the season. Our final episode will be baby Hattie’s birth!

Tonight, our family and the whole gang… Patsy, Mehran, The Guncles, and Simone are having a special viewing party at our new house (yep, we moved again. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You’ll see!) So join us! Watch with us. I’m making a few bite size apps and serving wine. What about you?

Go to Oxygen.com starting at 6:45PM PST/ 9:45 EST to join all of us for Oxygen Live Online! We’ll be hosting our viewing party online and virtually sharing it with you. Watch the show with all of us and ask us questions! We’ll answer as many as we can.

Then, BIG, BIG News… Make sure you watch all of our premiere episode on TV starting at 10PM, because during the 2nd half hour, Oxygen will do a FIRST in their network’s history and stream LIVE on TV from our new living room so you can meet baby HATTIE! It’ll be her first on-TV appearance! Stella picked out an adorable dress for her.

We can’t wait to bring our family (Liam and Stella steal the show this season!) to your family every week all winter long! Every Wednesday, I’ll do an episode recap here on ediTORIal. Check back tomorrow!

What are you looking forward to seeing this season on T&D? Gonna join our viewing party?

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