Episode 10 of RHOBH kicks off with Paul’s Night of Beauty aka Free Fillers Come and Get It! The ladies meet up at Paul’s office after hours for some on-the-house body and facial treatments. Kyle opts for laser on her “muffin top,” Taylor gets face fillers, and Lisa as usual stands by and judges. She then professes utter shock at getting an email from Russell regarding his marital woes or lack thereof, so he writes. I’m not saying Lisa did leak a story to the press but the way she talks to the other housewives’ faces has my mind wandering about how badly she talks about them behind their backs. What do you think? Does Lisa call it like she sees it, making her a Blunt Betty, or is she a Catty Cathy?

Then, last to arrive as always is Kim (at least she came to this event…but then again who could pass up free Botox) – our Secretive Sally. She doesn’t want to tell anyone about hairy-armed Ken or where she’s moving, or apparently, about all the drugs she is on as prescribed by a physician (my disclaimer so I don’t seem like an Accusational Annie like Brandi). My favorite Kim excuse so far is, “It’s against my religion” as to why she can’t attend Kyle’s séance. Well that and “it” might come inside her. I’ll leave that one alone…

We end the beauty night with Kim saying Kyle isn’t her mother, Kyle hitting the road, and Kim getting some new lips. Onto the séance!

Love, love, love Kyle’s new house. Those wood floors are gorgeous. Sorry, lusting after interiors moment! Big girl move on Kyle’s part inviting Brandi to her séance. Either that, or it’s a prelude to Carrie circa 1976, and the housewives all plan to dump pig blood on her in middle of the séance and chant, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

Next, Taylor arrives saying, “There’s a spirit here… it’s early,” insinuating she’s there for the séance, which continuity wise doesn’t make sense because at the end of the scene she says goodbye, leaves Kyle’s house, and then arrives later in a different outfit. Is the producer in me nitpicking or did you notice this as well? But in any case, Taylor is very upset that Lisa is supposedly telling people that she has no friends. OMG she has 146,017 twitter followers! What does Lisa mean she has no friends?? Kyle then passive aggressively or maybe it’s just aggressively, tells Taylor her problem is Lisa preys on weak people. Is that the pot calling the kettle black?

Enter Rebecca, the medium who is dressed for the occasion with a spirit reader machine and all. Love how she suddenly finds “energy” in the room when Mauricio sidles up to her. The séance draws all the series regulars but Kim, plus recurring Brandi, guest star Fay Resnick, and a day player friend of Camille’s. Dana is absent. I’m sure she’ll be devastated when she sees this episode and finds out she wasn’t invited. After all, she desperately wants to change her name to Dana Richards. Rebecca reads the ladies, throwing out that Brandi will have a child (she has 2), a daughter (guess again Becs!); Kyle was Kim’s mom in a past life, Taylor has mob darkness in her marriage, Lisa’s grandmother is around, Adrienne can take the bull by the horns, and Camille’s grandparents are happy about her divorce (well yeah, I’d hope so! Frasier cheated on her).

At the end, Ken stumbles in with Giggy. Probably secretly hoping the spirits can enlighten him as to where his balls went. Do you think Rebecca the psychic is the real deal or no? I have a slight addiction to psychics, so bad or good, I might have to ask Kyle for her number and see for myself.

Episode ending drama… Kyle drives out to Kim’s to find out her big secret. The director places them in a gorgeous 2 shot on Kim’s deck with an amazing view in background, while Kim tells Kyle she is moving further away, and in with her top secret beau of a year. Kyle has a moment of vulnerability and the sisters have a really nice heartfelt and calm discussion. A rarity on this show. Side note… Kim looks really pretty with her hair pulled back in a high pony.

Finally, Kim introduces Kyle to Ken… But no! We have to wait till next week to see it! Strategic move on the producers’ part. Ya got us! What do you make of Kim waiting a year to tell her sister? Seems extreme. Do you think she should be moving in with Ken or is she just lonely, like Kyle says?

Next week, we find out all the details, including why Kim’s beau is wearing a wedding band. And, next week’s episode has a line that is sure to be the quote of the season: a dramatic Taylor saying, “If you can’t be my friend…just please don’t be my enemy.” This might just top the infamous line on The Hills when Lauren said to Heidi “I’m gonna forgive you, and then I’m gonna forget you.” We can’t wait!!

How do you think the meeting between Kyle and Ken will go down next week?

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