This year, my family had a cozy Thanksgiving and Dean got creative in the kitchen! We cooked together and I had a great time crafting our table settings too. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Dean started the protein prep on Thanksgiving eve. Here he was deboning the turkey to make his Trois Layered Turkey.

He’s a culinary over-achiever, so he also made a Turducken of sorts, but with his own spin on it. He created the Turduckridge! He stuffed a turkey with a duck that he stuffed with a partridge (minus the pear tree), and layered with foie gras. Decadent for sure! He joked to Liam that the sewn up turkey looked like a FrankenTurkey.

Here, Frankenbird is ready to cook!
I decided to set my table with a vintage rustic feel. I used antique burlap and a lace line I found at a flea market for the table runner.

I made low arrangements out of ornamental cabbage (planted some too in our yard), berries, and china mums. Then I used seasonal fruit: pomegranate, crab apples, and persimmons, as well as nuts, as table decor. I used the chestnuts after to roast. The vintage-feeling apothecary jars are from our store, available at
Decanting a nice red wine. Love using decanters! Liam took this pic! Nice job, Monkey.

Here’s a look at our full set table. All set for me, Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, Grandma, Patsy, and Uncle Mehran.

Liam’s placemat he made at school and Funky Monkey plastic plate from InvenTORI. He picked this plate line (which comes with matching cup) out himself to carry at our store.
For place cards, I got flat wood disks, painted them with chalkboard paint, and used twine to tie them with. Then with chalk, I wrote everyone’s name. Inexpensive, easy to make, and reusable!
These plates look like fine china but are actually melamine aka plastic and dishwasher- & kid-friendly. Available at
I made a fresh seasonal salad with arugula, goat cheese, candied walnuts, and fresh figs and persimmons from the fruit trees in our yard! Well, all the figs I could find that Totes McGoat hadn’t eaten.
Obsessed with these little antique dishes I found at a flea market. Here I use one for salt for the table, but it can also be used for spices and condiments.

Chef Deano hard at work. Nothing sexier than a man cooking!

Liam said the hand mixer hurts his ears!
We all love cooking together as a family. So happy Patsy is back!

Whipping up sweet potatoes made with brown sugar, butter, heavy cream, cinnamon and nutmeg. A childhood favorite that my mom made every year.
For an appetizer, I made my old faithful: brie wheel, with seedless raspberry jam and jalapeño jelly, and chopped pecans on top. Then I wrap it with pastry dough. Because it’s fall, I carved leaves from dough with a small, sharp knife and placed them on top. Then, I brushed the dough with an egg wash (egg and milk) and baked until golden. Serve with your favorite crackers! Will become a dinner party classic.

Uncle Mehran and our newest rescue Mitzi (in coordinating outfits) wait patiently for dinner!

Dean’s Trois Layered Turkey finishing up in the frying pan.

Ta da! Deans Turduckridge is ready and is perfection!

Love how you can see the many fowl layers. It was so moist and delicious. Kudos babe!

Dean’s finished Trois Layered Turkey dish.
We made mini mac �n cheeses for the kids, who also had breaded turkey tenders.

Stella got adventurous and tried a turkey leg!

Not homemade but my favorite since I was little: chilled, canned, jellied cranberry sauce sliced on top of chilled, sliced oranges.

My sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows and then baked.

Dean’s amazing stuffing made with wild boar sausage and carrots from our garden.
The only war casualty of the night: the monkey bread. Forgot it in the oven and it burnt. But, I think we were all good on the carbs anyway! Plus the chickens and Hank our pig were very grateful for it.

The couple that cooks together stays together!

Here are the pies the kids helped me bake. Although everyone was too full to eat so we ate the next day!

Pumpkin pie that Liam helped with. Proud mama moment… The overlapping star crust! Super easy to make with mini cookie cutters.

Apple Cranberry pie that Stella helped me with. She rolled the dough.

The aftermath! We were all in a food coma. I’d love to say Hattie enjoyed her first Thanksgiving but she slept through the whole meal. Which in hindsight was good for us! Such a fun family dinner! When the kids were asked to say what they were grateful for Stella said “my mommy and daddy” and Liam said “my friends and baby”. So beautiful!
Grandma and Hattie enjoying some QT time (Hattie finally woke up to make a TG guest appearance). PS… Boxes in background cause we just moved!
Crashed out after an amazing Thanksgiving!

Cozy pugs by a roaring fire
Next day leftovers… Pie dish, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas, and turkey.

Covered with pastry dough, brushed with egg wash, and baked.

Served with warm gravy and cranberry sauce. Ahmazing!

Well, that was our Thanksgiving. We had an amazing time and I’m so grateful for my family! Share your Thanksgiving pics and dishes in the comments below!

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