Your kids are never too young to learn the importance of doing good for others and getting involved in their community. The best way to teach them these upstanding qualities is by turning the lesson into an exciting activity.

How would you like to create art with your kids while at the same time raise money for a good cause? Why not throw a fun-draiser? It combines the concept of the classic lemonade stand with an art show and the profits go to a charity of your family’s choice. You can even get kids and parents from the neighborhood involved to really boost relationships and donations.

The Possibility Shop, from the creative minds of Disney and Jim Henson, is stocked full of great ideas that get kids involved while learning and having fun. Check out this video to find out how to throw a fantastic fun-draiser for your budding little artists and philanthropists.

It’s much simpler than you may think! Set aside an afternoon to get your child and his or her friends together to go wild creating some amazing art. They can paint, draw, sculpt, or work in any medium their little hearts desire. As long as the finished product is something they had a great time making and that they’re proud of, then it’s a success.

After the art is all ready, pick a time for your neighborhood charity art show and invite everyone you know! The Possibility Shop has some great suggestions on setting up the event and spreading the word.

While you’re over on the site, be sure to check out some of their other creative and informative video episodes. You’ll never be at a loss for family fun ideas again. They even have detailed activity guides that easily break down how to get the fun started without much effort at all.

We hope you’ll give a fun-draiser a try with your kids. It doesn’t get much better than being creative and giving back all at once.

Do you have any pics of your kids’ art? Post them below. Let’s turn this comments section into our own gallery!

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